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I have a few plots that are below I am looking for a partner I am willing to double up on genders if you are like seriously I am will even make yuri and yaoi plots. The three plots below are OCxDraco but don't worry I want to do DracoxHarry Rps as well and even OcxOc after the war. If things get heated I take it to email.

1) Draco has a cousin one that he never knew about. His Father apparently had a sister who was born a squib and they cast her out of the family. While away the Squib got married to another wizard and had a daughter. Now the daughter is an orphan and is running from her magical roots until she is found and taken to the Malfoy Manor to become a Malfoy and attend Hogwarts. Draco is forced to become a brother to her so how will these two siblings react.

2) This one is Basically a father figure Tom Riddle/Voldy where he either gets thrown into another universe or my OC saves Nagini and Nagini tells Tom about how the OC speaks Parseltongue and Tom becomes interested in the girl. Now there is going to be no romance in this just a father daughter thing they will not have that close of a relationship.

3) Draco gets paired with Snape's daughter to bring up his grades even through she hates him he tries to figure out how he has not seen her around even through they are in the same house.

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