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[b [size15 OOC: ] ] I was looking for Naruto music and almost started my post with, "Naruto stared..." x'DDD

Mizuki looked over at Hotoka and then back at Lin. She, honestly, didn't see the harm in sending a minion across the field. Especially one that oozed with energy and spunk. She tiresome to be around and once out of the way, the better.
She was just about to voice this opinion, when Lin did the unthinkable; she darted across the field per Mizuki's advice. The white haired girl watched in silence. She neither smiled nor frowned as the black haired ninja was instantly caught in a trap. However, she did shake her head a bit and looked toward Hotoka.

Taro, on the other hand, stared at Lin - his face completely expressionless. He was left with no words for what he had just witnessed. Releasing a heavy, tiresome sigh, he looked at the remaining students.
[i How did I end up with this team of misfits? ]

Mizuki shrugged and stepped out onto the field.
[b "Well, guess that leaves the rest to us." ] Having watched Lin's path, she followed after the black haired ninja at a slow pace. She was careful to move in the exact same line that she did and even more careful not to step on any traps.
Reaching the halfway point, she was suddenly stopped as a nearby smoke bomb exploded from the ground. It surrounded her in the smoke and she coughed heavily, waving her hand in front of her to clear the smoke. She took several unsteady steps back and heard something burst from the ground. She attempted to avoid the trap, but managed to fall directly into another trap. Her foot pulled against her and before she had time to understand what was going on, she was hanging from a tree by a single leg.

Blinking rapidly, she stared at where she had starting. Spotting Hotoka, she shouted, [b "I think I lost." ]

Taro facepalmed himself. Two ninja down in a matter of five minutes.
He turned large, begging eyes toward Hotoka.
[i If at least one of you can pass...please let it be you. Please let me have at least one star pupil! ]
  Taro & Mizuki / SparklingPotato / 3y 23d 12h 21m 54s
Hotoka felt a weight get lifted off his back then heard her say that she was wet. He chuckled softly and scratched the back of his head. "Sorry, guess my clothes were still a little damp." He heard a deep voice coming from a tree above them and smiled when he saw their sensei. "Ah, Taro sensei. When he spoke about the next part of their training he listened intently and watched as Lin was jogging in place while listening as well.

"Oh it's good that we can't use jutsus because that doesn't effect my skills at all. Wah- taaaw!" She punched the air several times before hearing Mizuki speak. "Hmm? Oh! Okay!"

Hotoka sighed then put his arm out. "Wait. Be smart about this. Do we even know where the traps are? We don't even know how many there are. Let's think about this first." Hotoka knelt down and looked at the ground he saw a few small craters in the path but also something shine slightly from the light. "There's more than one type of trap on the path. I'm assuming one traps your feet in the small craters and also the other one ties you up in a tree. That's all I can see from here but there could be more."

Lin grinned. "Don't worry! I got this!" She took a few steps forward then took note at what Hotoka said. "Alright... let's do this..." She put her left leg behind her and took a deep breath before dashing forward and then jumping over a crater onto a nearby tree then pushed off to the next tree then landed on the ground between two craters then she dashed forward again and jumped over a wire but there were two wires in a row and the second wire caused her to activate a trap which made a net come up from the ground and hold her up in a tree. "Wah! YEaaaaa!" She looked at her teammates and smiled. "I'm okay! I messed up though."
  Lin/Hotoka / PotatoPirate / 3y 37d 10h 17m 8s
Mizuki closed her eyes and mumbled a brief, "Okay" before falling asleep against her blonde partner. She honestly couldn't have cared less about dropping the weapon. Pass or fail; it didn't matter to her. Being able to sleep was all that ever really mattered.

Once out of the foods, she peeled herself off of Hotoka's back and dropped to the ground. Yawning loudly, she stretched her arms into the air and stretched. It was a good feeling and relaxed her a bit. Looking back down, Mizuki breathed, [b "Oh. I'm wet." ] She looked down at the front of her shirt and then back at Hotoka. Blinking, she turned to Lin and asked smoothly, [b "Did we pass?" ]

[b "Not quite." ] The voice came from above and in a matter of seconds, Taro hung from a nearby tree. He stared at the students with a warm smile. [b "You did great getting this far and I applaud you for finding a loophole within the rules. But now we've reached the most difficult part of this exercise." ] He pointed to a tree near the entrance of the training field. Laughing gently, he continued, [b "You need to make it to that tree. After that, I'll consider you three victorious. But...careful where you step, alright? The field is littered with all kinds of booby traps." ]

[b "Hehe...he said booby." ] Mizuki murmured, a brief giggle escaping her lips. Her sensei only frowned and sighed at her immaturity. He dropped from the tree, landing on his feet. Standing up, the brunette man said softly, [b "The rules are different for this round. You can take as many steps as you want, but once you've landed on one of your traps, you're officially immobile. If all three of you get hit, you fail. Jutsus are prohibited - use only endurance and skill." ]

The white haired student groaned and looked at the field. She tried to find the supposed booby traps, but could see little. Looking at Lin, she stated, [b "Hey. Run as fast as you can over there. We'll follow behind you once you've set off all the traps." ]
  Taro & Mizuki / SparklingPotato / 3y 37d 10h 36m 43s
Hotoka chuckled when Mizuki immediately agreed with the plan and hopped on his back. He walked over to the kunai then Lin picked it up and handed it to Mizuki.

Hotoka looked back at Mizuki who looked like she was already getting sleepy. "Just make sure you hang on to the kunai alright, Mizuki." He smiled kindly before adjusting his grip on her legs so he wouldn't drop her. "Alright, Lin. Let's go back to Taro sensei."

Lin nodded before darting off before him heading out the way that they had all come in.

Hotoka tried to keep up his pace with her but she was definitely full of energy and his clothes were still a little wet from the swim. [i I forgot that my clothes are still damp... Hopefully it doesn't make Mizuki cold.] He thought to himself upon seeing the exit of the woods.

"WE MADE IT!" Lin grinned widely jumping up and down at the entrance of the woods. She looked around for Taro sensei but couldn't see him.

Hotoka looked back and noticed Mizuki was half asleep already. [i Man, she must really not have gotten much sleep last night.]
  Lin/Hotoka / PotatoPirate / 3y 37d 10h 48m 0s
[b "Ew." ] Mizuki murmured at the sneezing girl. She took several steps back and away from her, hoping her energy wasn't contagious. Her attention then moved to Hotoka. [b "Hm?" ] She looked down at the kunai, over to Hotoka, back to Lin, and then back to Hotoka.

[b "Why would I say no to another piggyback ride? I won't have to run." ] And without another moment's notice, she pulled herself onto the blonde's back. She sighed heavily and added, [b "Bending the rules is great. Especially when I get to sleep." ]
  Mizuki Maki / SparklingPotato / 3y 37d 10h 56m 36s
Hotoka couldn't help but smile when Mizuki said his back was comfy. Then when she nodded and started to pull he kept an eye on the water and the vine to make sure it would hold.

Lin was standing right behind Mizuki trying to not bounce up and down in excitement. But then Mizuki pulled hard and her recoil ended up hitting Lin right in the face.

Hotoka watched as Lin stumbled backwards. "Ah! Lin!"

Lin covered her nose then wobbled a bit. "Ah... Achoo!" She wiped her nose then looked at her new teammates with a smile. "I'm okay. Just bopped my nose so it tickled a bit. But I'll survive." She looked to where the kunai landed and grinned. "So, looks like we got the kunai out. Let's go bring it to sensei!"

Hotoka quickly stopped Lin from picking it up. "Remember the rules. We each only get five steps when we have the kunai in our possession."

Lin nodded. "That seems like a lot of passing a kunai. Oh! Wait! You were carrying Mizuki earlier right? What if Mizuki held the kunai and you carried her back to sensei?! That way she wouldn't be taking steps, but the kunai wouldn't be under your possession so you don't have the five step limit."

Hotoka looked at Mizuki and thought. "Hmm... that does seem more time efficient and you are right. I mean if we're bending any rules technically we are still following them so if Mizuki is okay with being on my back again I don't see why we couldn't go with your plan Lin." He smiled before looking at Mizuki waiting to see her input on this.
  Lin/Hotoka / PotatoPirate / 3y 38d 6h 34m 45s
Mizuki watched the young, bundle of energy sprint away and murmured softly, [b "Ah. Youth." ] She turned back toward Hotoka. In all honesty, this training exercises was getting more and more interesting. She just hoped that she wouldn't have to do much of the work. Thinking up ideas and tactics was a breeze compared to moving around and running everywhere. She didn't know how Lin did it, but she congratulated her silently.

[b "Why?" ] She mused suddenly, turning her attention to Hotoka. She tilted her head to the side and continued, [b "It's only water. It'll dry." ] She nodded like she had just blessed the young blonde with some life changing knowledge. She liked to believe that in her past life, she lived as a peaceful hermit living as high in the mountains as possible. But now wasn't the time for that sort of thinking. She was being spoken to again and so, she replied smoothly, [b "I'm fine. Your back is pretty comfy." ]

In the next instant, everything seemed to flash around in a blur. Before she knew it, she was holding onto a makeshift fishing pole while Hotoka dove around in the water. Watching his head pop out of the water, she nodded and tugged on the stick. Feeling the kunai resist, Mizuki frowned. She placed two hands on the stick, pulled back with all her might, and felt the kunai release its hold. It flew from the water, landing several feet behind her. The backlash from the kunai sent Mizuki's arms flying backward - hitting Lin directly int he face.

Turning around slowly, the white haired girl dropped the stick and blinked rapidly.
[b "Does it hurt?" ]
  Mizuki Maki / SparklingPotato / 3y 38d 15h 3m 5s
Hotoka snapped his fingers then nodded. "Yeah! Mizuki! That's a good idea." He then turned his attention to Lin. "Lin, if you still think I'm your superior wanna help me out?"

Lin smiled with a salute. "Yes sir!"

Hotoka smiled in response. "Go find me a medium sized stick and a really long vine."

Lin nodded. "You got it boss!" And without further adieu she rushed off to complete her mini mission that Hotoka had given her.

Hotoka raised himself out of the pond and sat on the edge of it. "Probably wasn't the smarted choice to jump in with all my clothes still on..." He chuckled softly to himself. "Oh well, I'm going to have to jump in again anyways."

He looked back at Mizuki and smiled. "How you feeling?" He asked curiously to see if she got enough rest while he carried her.

Lin came running back with a stick and some vines from a tree. "I found some!"

Hotoka smiled. "Ah, good. Let me see that for a second." He took the branch and the vine from Lin and tied the vine to the thinner end of the branch then handed it to Mizuki. "Hold that please." He smiled softly before grabbing the other end and diving into the water once again.

He went down to the kunai then carefully tied the other end of the vine to the handle. He swam back to the surface then nodded at Mizuki. "Pull but be very careful. The last thing we need is someone to get hit."
  Lin/Hotoka / PotatoPirate / 3y 43d 3h 56m 30s
Mizuki's eyes fluttered open softly. She watched as her gaze went from Hotoka's shoulder to down on the grass. Blinking away sleep, she rubbed at the corners of her eyes and yawned loudly. The sudden voice of Lin was enough to almost give her a heart attack. Releasing a gentle sigh, she stood up and stepped over to the pond. Setting her hands on her hips, she looked down into the water; spying the kunai almost instantly.

Slowly, her gaze shifted to Hotoka, then to Lin, then back down at the kunai. [b "We could fish for it." ] She looked at both of her teammates. [b "I mean, I don't think we'd get any bites...but one of you could tie a rope around it, right?" ] She looked from Lin to Hotoka. The answer seemed simple enough in her mind. She supposed she could have also mentioned that you didn't really "step" in water, so it was possible to argue that point with their sensei, but she was way too lazy to get into any arguments about a dumb kunai.

She yawned and added, [b "I dunno. Just an idea." ]
  Taro & Mizuki / SparklingPotato / 3y 43d 7h 20m 52s
Hotoka could hear Mizuki's breathing get quieter and he turned to look at her and noticed she was asleep. [i She's so cute... she must not have gotten much sleep last night...]

He heard Lin screaming in the distance and sighed before running in the direction of the scream. Once he saw the familiar black haired girl he slowed his pace. "Any luck Lin?"

Lin turned her attention to the only male teammate of hers and saluted. "Nothing to report sir! I checked every tree and bush in this area and I came up with no results."

Hotoka nodded. "Uh, you don't need to salute... I'm your equal not your superior."

"You are taller though so it makes you seem older." Lin remarked.

Hotoka sighed but didn't respond to her response. "Alright well let's look in the holes in the ground and maybe small ponds it could be anywhere."

Lin nodded then noticed he was carrying their white haired teammate. She gasped loudly then got in a fighting stance. "Oh no! Were you ambushed?! Where's the enemy, male teammate!"

"Male teammate? It's Hotoka, Lin... Jeez... And no we weren't ambushed. Mizuki is just a little tired."

The two continued to search the area then Hotoka noticed something blue coming from the bottom of the pond. "Hmm?" He looked at Mizuki then smiled. "Hey, I have to set you down for a second alright?" He carefully set her down near a tree then dived into the pond it was about seven feet deep. When he saw the familiar blue tag he grinned. He almost grabbed it but then he remembered the rules. [i Shit... I can only take five steps... How do I take steps in water?] He swam back to the surface then called for Lin. "Lin, I found it!"

Lin ran over at the speed of light. "Where?!"

Hotoka gestured to the pond. "Bottom of the pond... We have to figure out how to get it with using the five steps each..."
  Lin/Hotoka / PotatoPirate / 3y 43d 7h 40m 42s
Mizuki nodded her head solemnly. She pulled herself up onto the man's back and held onto him limply. Hearing the blonde speak to her, the white haired girl replied with a yawn, [b "Right..." ] Although, as they ran through the trees, she took this time to nap. She rest her head against his shoulder and slowly caved in to sleep.

Taro watched his students quietly and couldn't help feeling a soft sigh escape his lips. He folded his arms across his chest and murmured, [b "Well...good luck finding it at the bottom of the pond, you guys." ]
  Taro & Mizuki / SparklingPotato / 3y 43d 8h 9m 54s
Lin was jogging in place and kept nodding every time Taro would speak. "Five steps. Got it. Alright! Let's go team! Woo! I love exercise early in the morning!" Without any hesitation Lin darted towards the woods where the kunai was kicked.

Hotoka sighed as he watched Lin dart off. [i So much for teamwork... Well if she finds it I'm sure she'll yell her exact location...] While Hotoka was thinking he saw a small hand reach out to him. "Hmm?"

When he heard Mizuki's voice he couldn't help but smile with a light pink blush forming on his cheeks. "Yeah sure. You look tired. It is pretty early." He crouched down a bit and smiled softly. "Hop on."

Once Mizuki was on his back he held her legs then darted towards the forest as well. "Keep your head down Mizuki and if you can keep an eye out for the kunai okay?" He spoke kindly.

Lin was darting from tree to tree trying to find the kunai first. "Here? No. Here? No. Here? No." She looked under bushed in trees up on tree branches. "Oh kunaiii where are you?!"
  Lin/Hotoka / PotatoPirate / 3y 43d 10h 5m 24s
Taro watched Lin silently. A comical sweat drop fell from his head as he sighed despite himself. It was obvious, painfully obvious, that this girl was the spawn of Rock Lee himself. And although he did not dislike Lee, he was never a fan of the ninja's constant will to train. It was exhausting just looking at him and even more exhausting training with him. Therefore, he could only imagine what he would be in for with Lin being his student.

However, the man understood, more than anyone, that ninjas were all unique creatures. Each one had their own set of strengths and weaknesses and neither of these ever made a person any less of a ninja. He had been taught this from an early age and had the idea drilled into his head at the academy. He had even had the line repeated to him, several times, by his own sensei.

Therefore, the young man smiled and put his hands to his hips. [b "Alright, Lin. Since you're so eager, we'll start with a little exercise that will get the blood boiling and get the body moving." ] He reached into the pouch at his hip and removed a kunai with a blue tag hanging from it. He looked over his students and continued, [b "I'm going to hide this kunai and it'll be your job to find it. I know it seems like an easy task, but there's a condition that you must follow upon finding it." ] He turned his gaze toward Mizuki and finished, [b "Once you pick it up, you can only take five steps forward. So make it count and use those teamwork skills. Understand? Good!" ] Before the students could so much as blink, Taro threw the kunai into the air, followed it, and kicked it toward the woods.

Mizuki stared at the kunai and then turned to Hotoka. She extended both of her arms and asked, [b "Piggyback?" ]
Taro merely sighed in disbelief and hung his head. [i Oh man...what even is this team? ]
  Taro & Mizuki / SparklingPotato / 3y 43d 10h 24m 50s
Hotoka smiled hearing Mizuki's voice. It was so calm and soothing and it made his cheeks go pink again. But when Taro asked Lin about her fighting style Mizuki answered bluntly and it caused Hotoka to sigh as a sweat drop formed on his head. [i These girls are something else...]

Lin laughed then nodded. "Well it's not that I suck at them more as I am incapable of using them." She smiled and continued punching the air. "Sparring sounds great! WHAT BETTER WAY TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR TEAMMATES THEN IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE!" Hearing about sparring fired her up even more.

Hotoka sighed as he saw the blunt, quiet Mizuki staring at their sensei and then the energetic, spunky Lin punching the air to death. [i I can't even imagine how Taro Sensei feels about his team... he seems pretty calm about it... he must be used to dealing with all kinds of students probably.] Hotoka thought to himself.
  Lin/Hotoka / PirateNinja / 3y 45d 14h 48m 25s
Mizuki looked up at the sky and murmured softly, [b "It's not hot out." ] She looked back at the blonde and then, slowly, toward the new figure that approached them.

Taro stood a good distance away from them, but eventually made his way over. He smiled warmly at all three students and began analyzing each one. He was glad to see them all already introducing themselves, but one look was all it took for him to reach his conclusion; he had been handed a team full of misfits.

Internally, he found himself crouching deep into a corner with heavy, black storm clouds raining over him. Externally, he smiled kindly towards each of them. It was no wonder, now, that upon receiving his team, he had been laughed at by several people.
[i Geez... ]

Mizuki blinked and looked to Hotoka curiously. Nodding her head, she turned toward the older ninja and breathed, [b "Mizuki maki." ]

[i A ghost?! Wait, no...that's a girl. ] Taro chuckled nervously and silently asked himself why. Why had this been his fate? He put a hand on his hip and, at last, said, [b "It's nice to meet you all. Hotoka, Rock Lin, and Mizuki. My name is Taro Inuzuka and as of today, I'll be your new sensei. You can call me Taro Sensei." ] He looked toward the dark haired girl. [b "We can get some training in today, sure, but why don't we get to know each other a little more, alright? Rock Lin, since you're so...lively, tell us about your fighting style." ]

[b "She sucks at ninjutsu and and genjutsu, so she only uses taijutsu." ] Mizuki was quick to intercept, blinking toward her sensei.

The older man stared at her, unsure how to process this, until she added, [b "We already introduced ourselves." ]
[i I see. Guess I was a little later than I thought... ] Taro rubbed the back of his neck. [i Now what do I do? Just start training? ] He sighed and said, [b "Alright, well, if that's the case - we'll get some sparring done. That way I can see your fighting style. Does that sound like a plan to everyone?" ]
  Taro & Mizuki / SparklingPotato / 3y 45d 15h 4m 7s

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