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[center In Memory of WOLFofdimensions, My darling friend, my general, my brother. Forever will you be in my heart. The world now grows colder and duller without you warmth and color. You shall forever be remembered and honored, may you finally know peace.]

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I havent been around due to graduating this year. I dont come on here too often anymor3, because i run a discord grouo, where i keep all. My eliteskills friends. I do pop back on to see how everyone ia doing, in juat very bad at keeping in contact, if you ever wanna message me Gabby, you have my facebook :) maybe ill send you a message sometime. See how everything is.

I love you Gabbs.
  Suicide / 10d 16h 40m 28s
We have a smaller family at this point in time, we are still here for one another and still hold eachother dear. Everything might have been torn to shit but that just means we must rebuild once more.
  The Game / Psyk / 122d 12h 43s
Can we all address the elephant in room? This isn't working anymore. This "family" or clan is dead here. Why bother being here if no one is here or cares? Should I kill the garden? Try and give me a reason not to.
  Ultimate cuteness / DeathAngel16 / 122d 12h 4m 13s
We have lost a great man. A brother, a general, a friend as on now the Garden is in mourning.
  Gabrielle the Rose Queen / DeathAngel16 / 213d 10h 22m 50s

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