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"moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars..."
mαrí | lєσ | ínfp | fєmαlє

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" I've faced god and walked backwards into hell once,
and I'll do it again "

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" Won't give you my heart. No one lives there anymore. "

" Dreams are just dreams. But when they turn into nightmares,
it’s good to have someone to pinch your arm and wake you up. "

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☽◯☾ ᴅᴀɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀs ғᴏʀᴍɪɴɢ ʙᴏɴᴅs .

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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather]
[size16 "] [merriweather [size11 Once, there was a gentle angel who came to earth to provide salvation for those in need. Whether it was curing illnesses, offering blessings, or cheering the sad, he was always there when needed.

The angel, however, provided aid to sinners and non-believes as well--an act which was strictly forbidden. Each time he did so, a single white feather would fall away from his glorious wings.

One day, the angel came across a young girl with an illness that pained her deeply. But he could do nothing to help the child, for all his feathers had long since fallen off.]] [size16 "]
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[center [size11 My name is Idesia Quinzel. I'm the daughter of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Or ... More accurately, the daughter of Harley Quinn and Deadshot. I was essentially the product of a one-time fling, during their time in the Suicide Squad. I almost never see my father, and I prefer it that way. I was raised by my mom and Poison Ivy, so I consider both of them my parents. They both taught me everything I know, so I don't bother with giving my father any credit for raising me.

Through a lot of begging, I convinced my second mom to give me some of her powers. The process was painful and grueling, but I think that it hurt her more than it hurt me. Still, I don't regret going through it. I spent much of my childhood wishing I could be close to plants like my second mom was, and through my own persuasion, and my mom's, we finally convinced her.

As for my appearance ... I inherited my mom's blonde hair, although it's been dyed more than it's been blonde. I unfortunately inherited my dad's brown eyes.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/5mmEhjJ.png]]]

[+white xx]— Manipulation of plant life.
[+white xx]— Immune to most toxins and diseases.
[+white xx]— Skilled Gymnast.
[+white xx]— Skilled at hand to hand combat.
[+white xx]— Often uses weapons, such as guns or a bat, for an example.
[+white xx]— Bilingual

[right [http://skullxfashion.tumblr.com/tagged/me [size11 face claim]]]
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[right [size11 - [https://ask.fm/LauraWeilWegenBaum/best [size11 face claim]] -]]

[size10 Name: Cerise Bellerose
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: Freshman
Royalty/Non: Non
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Elements: Water and Life
Schedule: A- Day: Elemental Power, AP English, Art, Lunch, Gym, French
B- Day: Creative Writing, Math, Music, Lunch, Culinary, Human History.
Sports/Clubs: Swimming, Drama Club
Roommate: Will be assigned
Relationship: Single
Short Bio: Cerise is the kind of person that does not give up easily on something she wants. So, when she was finally able to attend Draconis High, she argued with her parents until they finally gave in and let her go. She'd dreamt of going to Draconis ever since she first discovered her abilities. She longed to actually be able to control her abilities, rather than trying her best to conceal them because she had little control over them.

My Face: http://i.imgur.com/TrEv4OZ.jpg

My Name: Cerise Bellerose

My Age: 16

My Gender: Female

My Vampire Type: Elemental

My Schedule: A- Day: Elemental Power, AP English, Art, Lunch, Gym, French, Mythology
B- Day: Creative Writing, Math, Music, Lunch, Home Ec., Human Relations, Vampire History

My Activities: Drama club, Swimming, Gymnastics

My Grade: Sophomore

My Ward: Christine Monterey

My Powers: Elemental control; life & water.

My Sexuality: Pansexual

Short Bio: Cerise was born into a rather calm, loving family. Despite this, she developed a "rebel without a cause" attitude, and has a bit of a rocky relationship with her family as a result. This is part of why she ended up at Lamia academy: she wanted to learn how to use her powers, and her family was getting sick of her attitude. It was a welcome change, and Cerise looked forward to being able to use her powers, even if it meant she had to use them to protect a complete stranger.

My Puppetmaster: {http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=5220 Kindred}

[h3 -]

[center [font "times new roman" Dark eyes gazed across the main yard, avoiding the glaring ball of light that was the sun. It was 4:30 pm, well before dusk, and Cerise was sitting on a bench, admiring the sounds around her. As one that was tied to the element of Life, she enjoyed being in nature and listening to the animals scurry about. Still, this was something she could not do for long once it was dusk, as she had classes and other responsibilities, along with most of the animals themselves returning to their homes to sleep. Sometimes, she felt that it was a curse, being both a vampire and one gifted with the ability that the element Life gave. She always ended up reminding herself that it could be much worse. She could be one of those that were cursed with [b darkness.] Though, this was something she chose not to dwell on for very long.

Cerise always tended to forget those that were cursed with darkness, as she had never known anyone that was. So it was never until she felt a bit down, for never getting enough time to be outside with animals, that she was reminded that things could be far much worse for her. It never really perked up her mood, but it always reminded her to be at least [i somewhat] grateful that she hadn't been dealt a worse hand in life.

The bell signaling that it was almost time for classes rang throughout the yard. With a sigh, the freshman stood up and stretched, just a tad bit disappointed she couldn't spend the "day" relaxing outside in her element. Instead, she had to drag herself to Elemental Power and force herself to listen to the professor drone on and on.

It was all better than being at home, with her parents that just barely let her come to Draconis in the first place. She'd worked hard to get here, and even though she found it boring from time to time, it was a great chance to learn how to control powers. Which Cerise had been so concerned with that she forgot to make friends while she was at Draconis. Her ambition for controlling her powers was so high that she hadn't even bothered with getting to know her roommate, outside of learning the name of her roommate.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/Ekqv7OM.gif]

With a few minutes to spare before the final bell rang, Cerise slipped into class and took a seat wherever she could find one. She immediately opened up her notebook, not so she was ready to take notes, but so she could doodle in the margins, like most students do when they're feeling bored or impatient. It seemed like it was going to be another boring, normal day, with nothing but classes and after school activities to look forward to. But maybe it was better that way, or so Cerise thought.]]
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[http://bakasoseji.tumblr.com/tagged/my+face face claim.]

& [the thespian]

My Name Is: Emil Lindholm.
I am a: Male.
Time Alive: 22.
My species is: Nephilim.
My secret is: I'm the traitor.
I prefer: Anyone, as long as there's an emotional connection.
My Power: Enhanced strength, the ability to control the mind of those with weak wills.

[h3 -]
[center [font "times" Emil had been sitting on the floor of his cell with his eyes closed when the chaos had begun. He'd heard quiet whispers of rumors about a potential plan to break everyone out, but he hadn't bought it when he'd heard them. He'd simply written them off as nothing more than foolish dreams, although he'd been curious. That was the only reason he'd been awake at the time they had begun.

Not that he would've been able to sleep through all the noise that signaled the start of the chaos. Emil wasn't sure who was to initiate the plan, nor did he care. He knew few of the people that were in the prison; he never cared to interact with the other supernatural beings that were there. Even now, as he walked towards the bars of his cell, he ignored all the other supernatural beings that were there. At this point, all he cared about was using this chance to escape his cell.

As the noise increased, Emil spotted the guards. A few of the guards had gone up to the door of the cell, yelling at the being held inside to keep quiet. It was then that the supernatural beings began to break out, which was causing the guards to become more disoriented. Emil was going to use the opportunity to his advantage. Once one of the guards walked by his cell, he used his abilities to coax the guard to come back and let him out.

A smirk was on his face as he was let out of his cell. Finally, he was free. He stepped out of the cell and coaxed the guard into the cell, and made the guard lock the door. Emil walked away from the guard and his former cell, looking around to find a way out of the building itself. His eyes eventually found a door. Without a second thought, he opened the door and slipped inside. Once inside, he realised that the door led up to the roof. He hesitated as he walked out to the roof, glancing over the edge to see that there was nothing but sea for miles. He was starting to think that escape was impossible. That was until he saw the helicopter that just so happened to be on the roof. What a stroke of luck.

He got on the helicopter, not realising that there were others inside. Emil wasn't thrilled about all the extra company, but he wasn't about to say anything. Instead, he simply took a seat where he could and closed his eyes.

{ Two Weeks Later }

Emil let out a cough as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. He brushed sand out of his hair and off his clothes. [b "Great. Just great."] He mumbled to himself. He glanced around, ignoring the few that were moving around, and the others that were still laying in the sand. His attention was more focused on his surroundings.

They'd crashed on an island, and the plane they had taken clearly wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. It infuriated Emil. He'd finally escaped. Finally gotten out of that dreadful place, and now he was stuck on a damn island with people he hardly knew.

After a minute or so of thinking to himself, Emil realized that the others were talking. [b "... I'm fine."]

He spoke to the one that had asked, choosing to ignore the rest. He was still angry that they were stuck on an island, and he could barely remember what happened to cause them to crash.]]
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My Name Is: Lucis Haugen

I am a: Trans*male

Time Alive: 20 years

My species is: Rusalka

My secret is: Died many years ago as a human. Was reborn as a Rusalka.

I prefer: Men

My Power: Can control water; rapid healing, can use water to heal others.

[h3 -]
[center [font "times" The sounds of people beating against steel bars quickly escalated out of what had been silence. These sounds woke up the sleeping Rusalka, Lucis. With a grumble, he got up from the uncomfortable cot in his jail cell and walked over to the opening of his cell, in order to see what all the chaos and noise was for. Screams quickly replaced the previous sounds, and the male couldn't help but feel annoyed, as he now knew that the other prisoners were trying to escape. [i We will never get out of this place,] he thought to himself bitterly.

Much to his surprise, people were now letting themselves out of their cells, after having stolen keys from the guards. Lucis coaxed one of the escapees over to let him out of his cell. In mere seconds, he was free and joining the others that were running to find an exit.

It felt like an eternity before he found the door that led to the roof. He pushed it open and was elated to see the helicopter on the roof. He climbed in, ignoring the others that were already inside.

{ Two Weeks Later }

The helicopter had crash landed, to both the dismay and delight of Lucis. It was both disappointing and wonderful at the same time for him. He had hoped to get farther away from the cursed place they left. He had hoped he would get to go home again, but that was not the case. However, he saw the ocean spread out before him, as he sat on the beach. This made him feel the slightest bit better, due to his connection to water.

The male was distracted from his thoughts and feelings by others around him talking. He begrudgingly tore his eyes from the sea to look at the others. [#1df7d6 "I am .... okay,"] he said after a slight pause. He turned back to look at the ocean and began wondering about this place they had crash landed on. Turning back to the others, he posed the question, [#1df7d6 "What are we going to do now?"]]]
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[http://i.imgur.com/v115RZ9.jpg pic]
[http://imgur.com/u0tgiC5 pic]
[http://imgur.com/pT9ngUl pic]

xxwe came as romans - glad you came
xxdeath cab for cutie - meet me at the equinox
xxmuse - resistance
xxmuse - supermassive black hole
xxmuse - starlight
xxmuse - butterflies and hurricanes
xxphantogram - black out days
xxperma - two of a crime
xxfarewell, my love - portraits
xxisles & glaciers
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