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In a world, where creatures and beings that belonged in tales of the supernatural and science fiction. There was a God who seemed bored with it all, Tores Cruse, the god of darkness. He decided to host a universal tournament, a battle royale. To determine the next Immortal, the next god.

Arsenal, one of the many fighters who recieved the invitation, relished at the fact he could fight so many strong opponents, a demon like him often found fighting to be too easy. He could make his body become any weapon and have any weapon sprout from his body. He thought that this would be rather interesting.

Will you be the next Immortal?

Most of the rp will be improv and that is why the intro on the description is so short. Any character or species/race is allowed, just do not make them god like or too OP. Tores is not part of the tournament so he gets an exception. I will also be playing one of the fighters and as more people join, I will add their skellies to the list.

The rp will not just involve fighting but bits of possible romance and mystery as well. All the characters will have back stories and some will have deep mysterious secrets

Must PM skelly before requesting


Familiar :


Username: Arya
Name: Kisuna
Age: 388
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Nine tailed fox
Powers: Fox-Fire
Orb of Deception
Spirit Rush
Weapons: single handed swords
Familiar : N/A
Weakness: Fire
Bio: Born in a village, which was burned by creatures. From that moment, Kisuna taught herself how to fight, and fighting against stronger and stronger opponents. Not always winning, she would learn, and come back for more.


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On Earth everything seemed peaceful, it was a normal day with beings of all different races and species, just going about their ordinary daily lives. High in the clouds, there was fissure in time and space, this was a door to the Darkness Dimension, the domain of Tores Cruse, the God of Darkness. He groaned in irritation and boredom as he made the fissure soar through the air, using it as a monitor to survey the world. He had multiple fissures through time and space, but Earth was usually the most acrive. Or at least it used to be. Tores just groaned and furiously searched the planet for something to watch but to no avail.
"There has to be something interesting to watch." He growled as he floated around his empty dimension, shadows enveloping the whole pocket of space. The only light came from the fissure that would follow Tores and stay in front of him as he floated. A small wolf made of shadows with glowing red eyes appeared from the fissure and laid down in the air, at his master's feet.
"Master, why don't we hold another tournament. You haven't had an Immortal for centuries." Proposed one of Tores' familiars, Ripper. Tores smirked and nodded.
"Sounds fun." He growled then made a small black envelope with a red seal that resembled a wolf's face appear, floating in his palm. Suddenly hundreds of fissures littered the dimension, and just as many black envelopes flew through them.
"Only the strongest shall recieve these invitations." He stated as the envelopes scattered across time and space, searching for worthy champions.
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