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"Mr. Grumpy pants", she says as she laughed, her face slightly red and hums "what do you guys want for dinner?", she asks as she looked at them as she coughed into her hand.
Huffing low he got up and grabbed his phone leaving the room. Jack hummed low "Well somebody is pissy"
  Felix Adams / DemonBlooded / 135d 7h 49m 16s
"Calm your tits damn", she says as she laughed then looked at him as she yawned slightly then rubbed her eyes slightly as she sneezed again.
"I might have partial hearing loss but Im not deaf you irish bastard" He lifted his head giving him a glare and a wolfish sounding growl. Jack snickered "I am well aware that I am an Irish bastard thank you. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the cave you crawled out of wolfy?" His tone was light and teasing but also sarcastic. Giving an irritated snort Felix dropped his face back into the arm of the couch. "Take that as a yes then" Jack chuckled and left the room to find Mark.
  Felix Adams / DemonBlooded / 135d 7h 58m 48s
"Same dude.... Same", she says as she laughed and grabbed a bag of gummy candy and penned it as she sneezed into the crook of her arm
"I think he did once" He tilted his head and snorted a bit. "Doesnt surprise me though since his hearing is more or less shot."
  Jack {Jacksepticeye} / DemonBlooded / 135d 22h 32m 44s
Laughs slightly as she poured a can of formula into a gravity bag and pressed a few Buttons on the pump, Wiping the formula off of her stomach and gave, putting a grip lock to Hold the tube in place "he would penalties sleep through a earthquake", she says.
He handed her a rag to wipe off with and leaned back against the wall. "I think this kid could sleep through a category 7 hurricane"
  Jack {Jacksepticeye} / DemonBlooded / 138d 21h 40m 45s
"Probably went home to get some sleep", she says as she lifted her shirt to show a J tube button and opened it and squealed a bit as formula exploded everywhere "I..it exploded everywhere. .... Well thank goddess I brought gauze", she says laughing slightly
Jack snorted at his cousins humor as he came from the kitchen. "Wheres your little crew?" Sipping his drink he sat next to her on the couch.
  Jack {Jacksepticeye} / DemonBlooded / 138d 22h 19m 14s
She pulled a tube from inside her sorry and set up the iv antibiotics then gave the thumbs up "one down, 3 more things to go", she says lauding as she started to cough
Mark grabbed Felix and hauled him over his shoulder. Carries him downstairs and plops him onto the chair in the living room. Puts his phone on his stomach and goes outside.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 138d 22h 28m 27s
"I'm sure we all have", she says as she grabbed one of the Tobramycin infusion balls and grabbed some gauze, among with some other things as she sat back down on the couch, wincing in poison slightly.
After she finished her video he poked his head in and saw Felix asleep, raising his eyebrow he looked at her. "He falls asleep in strange places"
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 138d 22h 44m 29s
He listened now and then but other than that he kept his eyes on his phone. At some point he fell asleep and his phone thunked onto the floor. Tucks up onto his side and hes out like a light.
  Felix Adams / DemonBlooded / 138d 22h 45m 18s

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