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She looked at him again worried as she closed her eyes then itched her neck then tried to stay ale, listening to Jack and Felix talk as she watched the trees pass by the car as they drove.
Jack laughed while Felix gave a choked laugh as he was trying to drink some water. Mark nodded a bit choosing not to give a verbal response for the fear that everything would come up as he spoke. Placing his pillow against the window he leaned his head onto it closing his eyes giving a silent prayer that he doesnt puke.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 2d 5h 57m 19s
"At least it wasnt in the store where that old lady thought I was just gonna fall over and die", she says as she laughed, coughing again "you okay?", she asks Mark as she looked at him worried.
Bites the inside of his cheek hard. Tilts his head back feeling nausea twist his stomach into a harsh knot.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 3d 14h 29m 52s
"I..ill be okay", she rasped as she looked at him and thanked him for the water, her eyes slightly teary then took a shaky drink, some of her fingers locked in odd positions from the torture from the ship sinker.
Lightly pats her back to help ease the coughing fit. Has a few scars of his own but they're more so mental than physical, hands her a water bottle that was by his knees. [B "You alright?"] He didnt take his eyes off her knowing she may try to lie.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 3d 14h 43m 6s
She had scars on her face after being taken by the ship sinker a few months back and opened her eyes as she yawned then Started to have one of her bad coughing fits from her cystic fibrosis, itching where her port is.
Glanced down to her for a moment before putting his arm around her torso. Looks at Jack, [b "Are we there yet?"] Jack only snickered and looked over at Felix [b "Bloody hell, between the two of ya I dunno who the hell is worse with the 'Are we there yet' questions"] Felix laughed and mocked them both.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 3d 14h 52m 8s
She mumbled then coughed from behind the mask from both Her asthma and cystic fibrosis then nuzzled her heaf into his shoulder, feeling his warmth and dozed off again.
Gently running his fingers through her hair knowing it makes her more relaxed. Has his head tilted back listening to Felix and Jack talk about random things. Had taken his glasses off and set them aside, runs his hand over his face feeling tired.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 6d 16h 24m 38s
She had Her bags in the back, wearing a medical face mask with a valve on the side so that she didnt get sick from anybody they came in contact with, sleeping in the backseat with Mark beside her, gauze where her chest port was.
A few days later they had all met up and went to where Jack intended to take them. Had slept a bit of the way allowing her to use him as a pillow when she needed to rest.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 8d 9h 3m 39s
'True, if it's not something paranormal, it's medical', she replied as she grabbed her towel and set her phone on the shelf and went to take a bath, singing Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez
[i When we're together shit naturally hits the fan .-. just saying] Plugging his phone in he went into the bathroom to shower
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 8d 9h 13m 53s
'Its probably not going to be like the hunting trips, hopefully going to be calm and relaxing', she texted as she packed up jet medical stuff she needed for her various medical issues.

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