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She sighed as she looked at the ceiling then grabbed her laptop and clicked on her video file where she saved all her videos then coughed into her hand, pkugging the portable charger into it
Humming he looked to the door and said its open. Putting his arms behind his head he laid out on his back.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 10d 4h 26m 23s
"Im 6'4" and in my defense I was literally just walking around the forest", she says as she laughed raspily then heard a knock on the door as she opened her eyes again, the right one still completely bloodshot
[b "Thats your own fault for thinking you could take on a 300 lb grizzly bear. Youre a midget anyways the hell were you thinking eh?"] he said jokingly and poked her cheeks.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 24d 20h 57m 13s
She took them and laid down, the gauze on her body slightly stained with blood, the gauze around Her neck having a large spot of blood on it then smiled as she closed her eyes "dumb nature", she mumbled quietly
Rolls over and grabs some pain medication and hers. Nudges her gently [b "Come on, I know you hate taking them but it does help after a bit."] he said in a soft tone.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 24d 21h 25m 7s
"Watching youtube", she taped as she laid back down then closed her eyes, the pain from the attack now at a throbbing then heard the sound of a car but ignored it as she mumbled something into the pillow
He mumbled something close to morning and put his face into the pillow by her head letting his stubble brush her cheek. Groaning low he got up after a while of laying there and went into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. After he finished he came and laid back down with her. [b "What are you doing anyway?"]
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 24d 21h 48m 4s
She was already awake and watching random videos on her laptop, dont hug me im scared 2 playing and bobbed her head to the music "morning", she rasped out as she coughed, putting her hand on the hole in her throat
Wrapping his arms around her in his sleep holding her slightly tight. Stays asleep well into the morning. By the time he wakes up its about 1130 in the morning, grunts a little and had put his glasses on the nightstand in his sleep.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 24d 22h 25m 42s
She laid there as she was chewed out then started to fall asleep as she cuddled up to mark in a way that didn't cause to much pain, dreaming of nothing for Once in her life which was odd for her
Nodding his agreement he didnt look up as Jack entered the room and chewed them both out, her for leaving and Mark for not going after her. Mark only nodded a bit and spoke his apology that he hadn't seen the note until Felix had come back with her. Jack left them alone after a little while of pestering and badgering. Standing up Mark went and showered then came back and laid down next to her having told Jack and Felix that he'd be staying the night with her.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 27d 20h 48m 2s
She sighed "I should have stayed at the cabin, and maybe this wouldn't have happened", she says as she looked at him, one of her eyes completely bloodshot due to the blood vessels bursting then heard footsteps
[b "She probably thought you were after her cubs."] Turns his head to the window and sighs low. [b "Jack told us from the get go not to go anywhere around here alone. This was probably why.."] He sat on the edge of the bed and kept dabbing her pale skin with the cool cloth.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 27d 20h 55m 21s
With the exception of two identical scarlet patches dusting her cheeks, Amy was positively grey. Her skin was glistening with sweat, dark blonde hair turned brown with saturation. The white medical tape that held the breathing tube in place gleamed starkly against Amy's corpse-like complexion.

Her chest was exposed with the exception of a sports bra and although there was no sign of any of the earlier blood, what was visible of the hunter's torso was black and purple with bruises. The sheets had been left at her waistline, allowing for quick access to her wounds for them. Bandages were holding together Amy's broken ribcage "was just walking and she attacked me", she rasped out as she heard a car pull up

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