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She looked at then then heard s girlish shriek from upstairs and ran up the steps with her baseball bat "there's a big ass snake in the closet", Mikku yelled in a high pitched voice as he pointed to the closet, Amy going to grab the duct tape, snake hook and a big plastic container with a lid.
"They'll be alright, Felix knows how to handle things like that" He put his bag away and sat down on the couch. He sat cross legged and began to go through some emails on his phone. After a few hours Felix and Mark came back talking in low tones.
  Jack {Jacksepticeye} / DemonBlooded / 25d 8h 19m 35s
"They need to be careful, theres bears, coyotes and all kinds of snakes in the woods around here",she says as she walked to the kitchen and got a boxed drink from the fridge and sighed slightly.
After they got everything inside he went back outside and walked to the end of the driveway. After some time Felix and Jack pulled in. Felix got out and seemed to vanish with Mark. Jack came inside with his bag and said something about the other two going for a walk.
  DemonBlooded / 25d 15h 16m 26s
She got out and stretched as well and grabbed the keys from Tails as she ran to the huge house and went to unlock the door, the bags and stuff already being loaded out of the van. She got the door unlocked and started to grab some bags and took them inside the house, sweat already forming on her face.
He chuckled a bit at how she sneezed. Once they got there he got out and stretched yawning. Pulling his phone out he sent a few texts then put it back into his pocket. He leaned on the hood of the van waiting for Jack and Felix to show up.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 25d 16h 12m 19s
"I always cough....ill be okay", she says as she smiled as she started to sing to the words of Cut the cord by Shinedown and hummed a bit as they turned unto the road they were supposed to go to then sneezed into the crook of her elbow.
He glanced at her when she coughed. "You sick or something?" He didnt lift his head from its spot and moved his legs to a more comfortable position.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 25d 16h 31m 14s
She was singing along quietly to the music playing on the radio as she yawned and wiped the fake blood from her face and neck then coughed into her hand
He gave a small smile to Amy as he got in and glanced back at his phone screen after pulling the door shut. He chewed his cheek for a moment then typed a reply to whomever he was texting. Making an undecided expression he eventually just shut the screen off and placed the phone in his chest pocket. Tilting his head back against the headrest he felt the fatigue from the last few days catching up to him.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 26d 12h 7m 13s
She scooted over to make room for Mark and had her shirt off showing that she was wearing an under armor sports bra with UFC on the front, her torso, arms and back covered in tattoos and you could see that she was very muscular but not too muscular where it looked wrong or disgusting. She smiled at Mark as Tails started up the van as he waited for Mark to get inside as he turned the radio on and popped in a CD into the CD player.
Jack got in his car with Felix telling Mark he could either go with them or Amy. Felix laughed a bit and sarcastically said that Mark would probably rather go with amy and make googley eyes at her. Rolling his eyes a bit he picked up his laptop bag and put it in Jacks car. "Yeah.. I'll go with Amy.." Jack nodded a bit saying he'd see him later and drove off. Mark glanced at his phone for a minute and walked off.
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 27d 12h 21m 38s
She hit Rikku as she released him then grabbed her things as she Laughed, her hair going to a coral color meaning she was being michevious "shall we head home?", she asks as she started to walk to the van they rented, Rikku running up behind her and whacked her on the head with a newapaper.
Mark eventually caught Jack and whacked him with the chair causing Jack to fake scream like a girl. "Aye! That fuckn hurts like hell!!" Mark laughed at his misery and got off him. "Least I didnt throw you"
  Mark {Markiplier} / DemonBlooded / 31d 17h 35m 19s
She chased after Rikku and tackled him to the ground and held his arms down " say uncle you punk ass bitch", she yelled as Rikku struggled and tried to get away from Amy but she was too strong.

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