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[center [font "Hei medium" Hello, beautiful people. ]]
[center [font "Hei medium" I don't think very much needs to be said here, apart from thank you so much for your interest - and most of all, [i WELCOME!]]]]
[center [font "Hei medium" I'm certain that you're all with the basic ettiquite of please get along and play nicely with one another here! Please come in here to keep in contact with one another and use this as a chat! ]]
[center [font "Hei medium" Just a notice that you are not limited to the use of only the realtime chats or roleplay responses - I am certain both will be used! ]]
[center [font "Hei medium" A kind reminder that [i skeletons are to be posted here in the form of links to your character profile, with the skeleton on it.] Please do not post your entire skeleton; simply link the character. Thank you! ]]
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I split it all up, thank you for opinions! <3

Caramia will host roleplays I'm [i creating] as well as OOC.

Daiji will host roleplays I'm [i joining] and will be RP-Only. I do have 1 roleplay, possibly 2 I'm adding on that account that I will be creating though.

Mikaze/this account will host all rules and information for all threads of mine and probably old characters and themes, too.

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148124 here] is the new OOC thread for Treleau.

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148126 here] is the new roleplay thread for Treleau.

I'll be deleting this thread fairly shortly.

I'd like to discuss more opinions on re-starting Treleau , or simply time-skipping and pulling out characters that writers no longer wish to portray.
I think splitting it up between hosting, joining, and OOC is a good idea. But then which of those will storage go onto? The OOC would seem the most appropriate since storage wouldn't serve any other purpose but storage. And OOC would have nothing to do with role-play beyond discussion, so you could combine the two. Then have the others as hosting and joining accounts.
  m o i / Oppa / 2y 88d 5h 32m 8s
[center [font "batang che" Well, that's kind of what I'm currently going on. But I'm still unsure of account names & how much trouble it's going to be, if someone clicks rules then clicks the username of the account it's hosted on and messages there. Which has happened to me before, meaning I don't see the PM. Sometimes it's just "meh someone didn't read the rules properly nevermind you" but sometimes it's an honest mistake that [i really really amazing writers] make and then it's "shit i missed out on thechance to write with you". Since, there's 3 roleplays I'm currently thinking of. But then it's a matter of keeping threads which have been around for a [i long time and are heavily associated with my user Mikaze, stay under the name Mikaze? Since I'm currently like this: ]]

[center [font "batang che" [b Daiji] - roleplay only]]
[center [font "batang che" [b Mikaze] - this account I'm currently on/the one that has been used for like almost 4 years I think? will be changed back to. It will hold all rules/info/etc.]]
[center [font "batang che" [b Saphir] - Will become an OOC account for chatting.]]

[center [font "batang che" I'm testing the name Saphir currently, I might switch that, back to Mikaze. ;; I was also playing around with AiAi, but I just- .. as an actual username instead of a cute nickname it just.. mneh.. i dun like. ;; ]]

[center [font "batang che" But then I'm toying wtih, "What if my inbox gets fixed?" If it does by disassociating cluttered, old, unused accounts from my e-mail address If that's the case, do I need OOC threads - or can we just use realtime chats on those 3 roleplays?]]

[center [font "batang che" So I'm just ]]
[center [font "batang che" playing around ]]
[center [font "batang che" working things out]]

[center [font "batang che" & I'm worried because certain roleplays are heavily associated with the username Mikaze. So, do those go on Daiji or do they stay on Mikaze? Do I use Daiji as a "I'm [i joining] roleplays on this account so i will have 0 threads of my own on this account and characters currently in use and Mikaze will have roleplays I'm [i hosting]"]]

[center [font "batang che" so many things ;;]]
reeps up behind Sol-
urls up by Sol on the Ai blanket pile-
-nuzzles- :3 Chu~

Imho: stripping the code and plugging it into a fresh thread might feel better. Especially if you're going to move it to a new account. It's just a matter of deciding where you want everything. Since the other account is storage, maybe keep the code there and make the active one on the new account? This way all of the active threads won't be mixed with storage or anything, and then you could make that an OOC account if you wish. :0

Just some thoughts. I'm not sure if it helps.
  m o i / Oppa / 2y 88d 9h 39m 18s
I think that's everyone who has as many characters and threads as we do though. I've always wanted to reorganize my stuff because it's so cluttered. Especially with the threads for the kingdoms taking up space, it just adds to the clutter.
But, I know of lot of people who have an rp account and an ooc account separately so that they can control their threads better. I'm not exactly sure what you should do, but don't stress and overthink. It won't help<3

You can do the thing. I believe in you.
Tbh, I'm not sure about restarting OR just time skipping. The decision is ultimately yours to make. Whatever you- or the majority of everyone else- thinks is for the best<3
  |- ✧ -| / -Solaris- / 2y 88d 16h 44m 59s
[center [font "batang che" ; v ; yee<3 /nuzzles soso. ]]

[center [font "batang che" I DID. I'm not sure if restarting would be a better thing, or if a time-skip would be a better thing. I'm also not sure if I want it to remain on that account. I low-key want a "this is an rp account and this account is an ooc" but I also think certain things need to remain on certain accounts. ;; I put way too much thought into everything. ; o ; I just get more and more stressed when I'm disorganized, as of late - so I'm trying to come up for systems for every single little thing in life & over-thinking it just makes it worse so ]]
[center [font "batang che" :') /suffers but is still breathing so]]
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Saphir / 2y 88d 16h 51m 41s
My leo =3=
//covers with blankets

I hope everyone is well o3o
I noticed you remade the thread the other day too.
  |- ✧ -| / -Solaris- / 2y 88d 17h 4m 24s
[center [font "batang che" !!! <3 /wriggles under]]
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Saphir / 2y 88d 17h 9m 47s
Oooo. I want a cat one =^~^=

Leooooo <3
/lays on Leo and uses as a pillow
  |- ✧ -| / -Solaris- / 2y 88d 17h 58m 56s
noes, i doesn't want ; ^ ;


/squishes face more ; v ;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Saphir / 2y 88d 18h 24m 29s
Everybody gets an animal hoodie! XD
-makes happy squish noises at Ai-

  m o i / Oppa / 2y 88d 19h 25m 11s
; u ;

I hope everyone's well~<3

  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / AiAi / 2y 92d 22h 40m 48s
Gotcha! (:

  m o i / PastelTears / 2y 93d 9h 22m 7s
Not a problem, dear! <3

Sorry if this is a problem for anyone ; o ; I know it's silly but if it fixes my inbox and makes me feel better, it's worth it~ I have a lot of clutter that I just can't seem to get a hold on. ;;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 96d 22h 22m 16s
Thank you for the heads up. :)

[s fillerfillerfiller]
  Naomi (OOC) / nomey1 / 2y 96d 22h 24m 50s

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