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[center [font "batang che" That would be alright with me, Ola! I imagine it would probably be up to each person if they would know their matches already. . v . ]]
[center [font "batang che" N'aw, don't worry about it SoSo. There's no posting rounds, it's just 'post when you can'. <3 ]]
So just in case people decide to post really fast this turn, please just skip me and I'll post when I can ;-;
Being on mobile sucks
  |- ✧ -| / -Solaris- / 21d 20h 3m 27s
Since we are going to the next day, should we start by everyone going to breakfast? and should our characters already know who their royal/servant are?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm working on my post for Treleau, and i was wondering how i should start it off. ^^'
  {♤} / -Cola / 21d 20h 31m 13s
[center [font "batang che" Okay, why don't we go ahead and go for the next day then - is everyone alright with that? . u . ]]
[center [font "batang che" I'm happy to hear you're doing alright, little darlin'. You'd disappeared without very much notice and I didn't know you had a second account- .. I feel like a bad friend now for not shmoseying around and finding out where you were to make sure that you were doing okay. I wouldn't recommend giving your friend the password, but you can always keep your e-mail up to date so you can reset it as needed! I know I need to go through and delete really old accounts on my e-mail that don't get used.. . o . It would be my pleasure, sweetheart. I promised Solaris I would edit photos for a roleplay o' mine first, but I would love to do that for you. Is there anything specific you want on your profile? Photos, information, theme, etc - or links to pre-created profiles or threads of mine you like the best? I want to make sure it's to your style, dearest. [size9 also, stating 'threads' instead of my current profile because someone else made the one I'm currently using. ai greatly approves +15 <3] ]]
Aaaaiii... can you pretty please help me to make a decent looking profile? I feel like mine looks so... ugh. But I'm always really impressed looking at your thread design and stuff. <3
  m o i / PastelTears / 23d 16h 55m 24s
A timeskip totally makes sense. Plus, it would really help to orient things. I feel so... lost. Guess who will be playing catch up~, haha.
  m o i / PastelTears / 24d 14h 49m 24s
I am doing much better!! <3 <3 And I missed you terribly. I'm still very much in, though. :0 I can't get into the old one for hell, though. Once I made this one, it was like.. oh, okay, this'll be fine. And then I lost the credentials for this one, too, but had an email attached! So all was fine in the end. < < A friend has my password... and will guard it because of my broken little memory.
  |V| / PastelTears / 24d 14h 50m 26s
I'm okay with either later in the day or next day. I feel like a month is too far ahead.
  Naomi (OOC) / nomey1 / 25d 2h 47m 24s
[center [font "batang che" I agree, it seems to be the best course of action- .. but to what point should we timeskip? . o . Later in the day, next day, couple months ahead.. ? ]]
There are no objections on my end. I also think a time skip would make sense.
  Naomi (OOC) / nomey1 / 25d 10h 31s
at this point, a timeskip would probably be best, because i doubt everyone remembers exactly what was going on half a year ago XP
  Allen Fleur / kaitoXi / 25d 10h 41m 30s
whatever you guys want is fine. not really in a position to object as neither of my characters have much else to do LOL
  |- ✧ -| / -Solaris- / 25d 10h 49m 47s
[center [font "batang che" Also, a timeskip to where everyone is settled into their rooms was suggested to me. I wanted to run the idea of a timeskip by everyone else first, though? ; w ; ]]
[center [font "batang che" Updated! <3 ]]
[center [font "batang che" ]]
i didn't even know you traded accounts oh my god D: I thogught you'd left. D: I missed you ; ^ ; I thought something serious had happened, sweetie. How're you doing?
  Mikaze / 25d 11h 59m 59s

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