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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [font consolas [b Levi Ackerman]]]

[center [font consolas Everyone sat at the table and stated eating. And as usual Hange was making a commotion as usual. Levi Glared at both Hange and James. Listening, he wondered what they were studying in the green house so intensely.]]

[center [font consolas He knew Hange was a deranged titan fanatic, and even though he didn't know James all that well, he assumed that he wasn't like Hange. Well at least he didn't get on his nerve as the female did. It was rather odd though. Like the book that he was hiding when he followed him out to the green house.]]

[center [font consolas Clearing his throat, Levi stood to get everyone's attention before he spoke.]]

[center [font consolas [b "Okay, everyone. We have been summoned to handle a few titans that are causing mischief at the wall. I was told that there were only three so once we are done, you are all allowed a break."]]]

[center [font consolas With that said he took his empty plate to the sink to wash it.]]

[center [font consolas [b "Oh and before I forget, wash you own plate. We move out in an hour."]]]
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [font consolas [b Levi Ackerman]]]

[center [font consolas [b "They will need something that will be filling. We won't be back here till night."]]]

[center [font consolas He took the pan with the potatoes in it and walked over to the table, putting an equal amount onto each plate. He walked back to the stove and checked the rice. Seeing it was almost done, he got out some eggs, After Twenty minutes rice omelets were on every plate.]]

[center [font consolas He grabbed the ketchup and began to write on each one except James' since he had helped cook. For example he wrote mutt on Eren's omelet and Creepy on Hange's.]]

[center [font consolas [b "Go call everyone down for Breakfast."]]]

[center [font consolas After breakfast he was going to have to explain the mission they had to go on. Apparently there were three Titans lurking near the wall and they were summoned to kill them.]]
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [font consolas [b Levi Ackerman]]]

[center [font consolas [b "You were one of the cleaner people here besides myself that is."]]]

[center [font consolas Levi stated as he walked over to the kitchen counter. He first washed his hands before taking out a large pan that was well worn for all the cooking that had been done with it. He then took out a knife and potatoes. He set the knife on the counter as he dumped five to six potatoes in the sink.]]

[center [font consolas After washing the dirt from the potatoes he began to cut and dice the potatoes into small to medium size squares.]]

[center [font consolas [b "Could you start the rice and then set the table?"]]]

[center [font consolas He started the stove, tossing the potatoes in the pan once it got hot. The sizzling wasn't all that loud as he constantly kept the potatoes moving so they wouldn't burn.]]
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [font consolas [b Levi Ackerman]]]

[center [font consolas Levi's dull blue eyes looked over to James when he knocked on the wall. He listened to all the male had to say. His posture seemed like he didn't really care. He was leaning against the inside frame of the door with his arms crossed over his chest, while he looked off towards the window. His knew was bent as the bottom of his foot was flat against the door frame, aligned with his body.]]

[center [font consolas [b "Did you straightened up your sleeping area before you left this morning?"]]]

[center [font consolas He then stood straight, getting off the door frame. His attention when to the huffing and gruffing Eren that walked by them to get dry and ready for the day before he started to clean up the water.]]

[center [font consolas Levi decided to walk down stairs and gave a motion with one hand for James to follow him. He walked till he got to the dining area.]]

[center [font consolas [b "I am not sure how good you are in the kitchen but you could help with breakfast. I was just about to start it."]]]
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [font consolas [b Levi Ackerman]]]

[center [font consolas [b "Usually when I hear you get up, I see you walk to the green house. This time I didn't see you and I thought you were that damn Hange."]]]

[center [font consolas He stated before crossing his arms. He surveyed the room, looking at all the plants before the book that was slightly tucked behind the male cause his eyes. He looked over what he could see.]]

[center [font consolas [b "Well, carry on soldier."]]]

[center [font consolas He turned and left to head back to the main housing facility. As he returned he noticed that everyone was still asleep, it sorta ticked him off. He grabbed a bucked and filled it with water from the sink. Heading to where Eren was a sleep at, he splashed the male with the cool water. A scream echoed out. [b "What the hell, Captain!]]

[center [font consolas [b "It's time to get up mutt. Oh and clean this water up."]]]

[center [font consolas Satisfied, he walked down the stairs to begin his cleaning. Being a clean freak was an understatement, but it was true enough. Once he was done with down stairs, he went outside to get some training and meditation in.]]
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [font consolas [b Levi Ackerman]]]

[center [font consolas Levi was born to a prostitute name Kuchel Ackerman who worked in the underground. One day, Kenny Ackerman, Kuchel's older brother, went to the city to see her; only to find that she had died and he finds the young and squalid Levi sitting in front of his mother's bed. Kenny decided to take care of him, but he never consider himself a good father, but he raise Levi the best he could: teaching him knife skills, how to get along with people, and violent behavior. Levi also learned to use his own power that he unknowingly obtained from being in the Ackerman clan. As time passed and Kenny Ackerman ended up teaching Levi everything he knew, one day, in the subterranean city, Levi started a fight which he won easily. On that moment, Kenny decided to leave him behind, as he had made sure that he and Levi were not going to die pathetically like Kuchel.]]

[center [font consolas Some time after Kenny left, Levi lived the life of a thug in the underground city below the Capitol, along with his friend Furlan Church and Isabel Magnolia. The three somehow stole and trained themselves to use vertical equipment, using it to commit various crimes to make and save up money to get citizenship on the surface. However, during one job, they were captured by Erwin Smith, Mike Zacharias, and several of their subordinates, after which Erwin blackmailed the "Thug Trio" into joining the Survey Corps. While Furlan and Isabel died on their first expedition, Levi went on to become "Humanity's Strongest Soldier" and head of the Special Operation's Squad.]]

[center ______________________________]

[center [font consolas Levi wasn't once to sleep heavy, his eyes slowly opened when he heard someone moving about. It was easy to tell they were trying not to disturb anyone, he rose to a sitting position and turned his head to look out the window. The sky was dark with a slowly fading light starting to become stronger. He got out of bed, making his bed neatly, figuring once he was up there was no point in laying back down.]]

[center [font consolas He made his way out of the room and after getting dressed in uniform, he always wore it and was never seen without it on. He went on before passing a window and noticing a dim light outside in the green house. He knew it was either Hange or that other kid, James he thinks it was.]]

[center [font consolas He decided to go check it out, Leaving the main living facility, he arrived at the green house and opened the door. He saw the male looming over some plants.]]

[center [font consolas [b "It's a bit early to be up don't you thing?"]]]
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [font consolas [b Elliot Shea]]]

[center [font consolas His face was turned up in a slight scowl. It was no one's fault and he wasn't angry. The light was just a little too bright for him. He closed his eyes for a bit before having a arm swung over him.]]

[center [font consolas [#f0000b "Emira, maybe one of these days I will just have to bite you if you think bringing me out in sunlight is funny."]]]

[center [font consolas The damn Angel was right about the sun but he seemed to be a little harsh about it. He wouldn't have gone that far. Sure the UV rays was deadly, So when Emira apologized, he didn't take it too much in account.]]

[center [font consolas [#f0000b "You don't have to apologize, I will be fine."]]]

[center [font consolas He watched as they all disappeared one at a time till there were just two. He watched Emira as she grumbled over the mess. He was glad that he didn't eat. He could but he would have to evacuate it from his system quickly or he would start to feel a little ill.]]

[center [font consolas [#f0000b "List? What do you mean you need to make a list?"]]]

[center [font consolas He continued to watch her when she turned on the TV and then turned it back off when she heard the story, her reaction made it seem like that story affected her. Like she was hiding something. Shrugging it off he wasn't going to press the issue because he was sure everyone in this house probably had a secret that they kept. He knew he did.]]

[center [font consolas [#f0000b "Don't worry about the curtains. I have already order something for the windows. I am just waiting for it to come in the mail. I had ordered them before I left. It is a special film that goes on the window to stop UV rays. That way you don't need blackout curtains unless you want decoration."]]]

[center [font consolas He walked over to her and grabbed the remote, turning the TV back on he sat on the small couch that he looked ridiculous sitting on because he was too talk. He flipped through the channels he landed on the news. It seemed to be a special segment about Transylvania.]]

[center [font consolas [b Breaking news! The Serial Killer is still at Large. A report that one year ago the bodies that were drained... -] He turned the TV off quickly.]]

[center [font consolas [#f0000b "So much depressing shit on TV, what is wrong with the world. Oh if you need help with ordering stuff I could maybe help."]]]

[center [font consolas He stood from the couch and walked over to where Emira sat, he leaned over, placing his chin on top of her head to see what she was looking at on the computer.]]
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[center [font consolas Other then the one constomer she had that morning, the rest of her day was spent helping in the kitchen, freaking the chef out with how many times her clumsiness got in the way and when he kicked her out the kitchen, she straightened out the back room.]]

[center [font consolas Now she was whiping tables when she heard her boss welcomed a returning customer. She looked over her shoulder to find Takoon had returned, smiling happily, she walked over and bowed.]]

[center [font consolas [#14c8d2 "Welcome back Ouji-sama."]]]

[center [font consolas She took the menu from her apron pocket, escorting him to the booth he was at this morning that was vacant. Her smile faded a little when her boss told her not to screw up again as she walked by leaving her to tend to the silver haired boy.]]

[center [font consolas Chewing on the inside of her cheek a little, she placed the menu in front of him before pulling her note pad out, ready to see what he wanted for his complimentary dessert.]]

[center [font consolas [#14c8d2 "Oh, please let me know what you would like for your dessert Ouji-sama... Oh, and... Did everything turn out okay at work. Well I assume it was work, you had rushed out of here so fast."]]]

[center [font consolas With a small gesture she to tell him to wait, she rushed off to get him a cup of water, returning a moment later. She placed the cup on the table in front of him.]]

[center [font consolas [#14c8d2 "It's always good to stay hydrated."]]]

[center [font consolas She gave a small chuckled as she placed the empty tray against her chest before taking a seat at the other end on the small table as she waited for him to order a dessert.]]

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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8Tpd58E.jpg]]
[center [font consolas [b [#217ad4 Lapis Lazuli.]]]]

[center [font consolas Lapis was sitting in the recliner with her knees drawn to her chest. Her chin rested upon the light blue colored flesh. A soft sigh came from her lips as she looked at the sky, lost in thought. It took a few moment for her to snap out of it. At first all she heard were echos of her own thoughts and then her name. Soft and barely noticeable. All of a sudden it grew louder.]]

[center [font consolas Coming to her senses, she looked about trying to find out who was calling her name. Well she knew who it was but she didn't know where she was. Getting up from the reclining chair, she looked over the banister. There Peridot was, the small green gem that she couldn't understand what motives she may have been hiding. It made Lapis feel frustrated.]]

[center [font consolas Steven was someone she wanted to protect and she couldn't forgive what Peridot and Jasper had done. It was obvious that Peridot was trying to change. Taking yet another deep sigh, she walked away from the banister and walked down to go help Peridot.]]

[center [font consolas [#217ad4 "Peridod? What did you do, buy everything in the store?"]]]

[center [font consolas She noticed how much the little green gem was carrying and was a but surprised that none of it had toppled over on her journey back here. Lapis reached down and grabbed about half the load.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/oAzilGG.jpg]]
[center [font consolas [b [#9a1bda Amethyst.]]]]

[center [font consolas Amethyst was out with Conni and Steven at first but then they just wanted to sit and talk while eating biscuits and jam. She was all up for eating but she was the type of gem that wanted action and excitement. She stated her goodbyes before leaving.]]

[center [font consolas [#9a1bda "Steven, I will see you at home, See ya later Connie."]]]

[center [font consolas They waved there goodbyes, she stopped at different areas before actually going home. She stopped at the donut shop and got a donut with some money Steven had lost earlier in a bet. She continued her walk home, then thought she would stop at Vidalia's house to check up on her.]]

[center [font consolas [#9a1bda "Hey Gurl! What's up today?"]]]

[center [font consolas It was always fun catching up. Though after an hour of going back down memory lane again, they said their goodbyes. After that she headed on home.]]

[center [font consolas When she got home she didn't go busting through the door like normal, when she walked in she could see Pearl concentrating on something in the kitchen. She walked over to see what it was Pearl was doing. The the pale-ish gem turn again all startled, Amethyst let out a little snort.]]

[center [font consolas [#9a1bda "You gotta chill Pearl, so whatcha doing?... Wait is that a Cake? Is that cake for me?!"]]]

[center [font consolas She was getting all excited, making grabby hands at the pastry. From what she could see, it looked so delicious. Made her mouth water just thinking about it.]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/w2rkN0M.jpg]]
[center [font consolas [b [#00dfe0 "Sapphire.]]]]

[center [font consolas Being fused was more intimate than being in a relationship. Their bodies are no longer existent, and there gem's create or gain a power that they couldn't have if on there own. It was also easy to share or hear thoughts of there partner.]]

[center [font consolas Sapphire loved ruby. Truly she did. Her safety and life meant everything to her. She sometimes couldn't help to pry and see what Ruby was thinking most of the time. She felt a little sad seeing that Ruby missed being apart and a little happy for the reason why she wanted to be apart.]]

[center [font consolas Both being distracted cause them to defuse. defusing was always a bit over bored because they are always just one being. They were both tossed to the opposed side of each other. Her one eye closed at impact with the ground.]]

[center [font consolas [#00dfe0 "Tch... Why can't that get any easier."]]]

[center [font consolas All of a sudden she was bombarded with apologies from Ruby. It was really really sweet how she did that.]]

[center [font consolas [#00dfe0 "Ruby it is alright. I understand, you don't have to get so flustered over something so simple. It really is fine."]]]

[center [font PoiretOne ☆
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[center [font consolas [b Elliot Shea]]]

[center [font consolas Being a vampire meant he actually didn't need to sleep and when he did he didn't need to sleep for long unless he was injured. He sat on the love seat in his room as he could clearly hear all the commotion out in the living room. Shoving a hand through his somewhat shaggy brown hair, tousling strands in all direction before falling back into place.]]

[center [font consolas [#f0000b "Gosh that mutt is loud in the morning."]]

[center [font consolas He talked to himself as she stood when he heard Emira call for him. He took a few steps to his bed, grabbing a blanket he tossed it onto himself. It was long enough where the black material pooled on the floor. He was covered from from head to toe, he held the blanket opening with on hand so his bare chest wasn't revealed before he walked over to his door.]]

[center [font consolas Turning the metal knob, a dim light creeped in as he opened the door. It was easy to tell it was day outside. He walked along the hallway and stopped when he his the edge. The light in the open kitchen and living room was bright. He stayed in the dimness of the hallway.]]

[center [font consolas [#f0000b "Now you know I am not a morning person, so why would I join you all in such a bright and dangerous area. Though if you want to hang, you are all welcome to come to my room."]]
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[center [font consolas [size20 [b CRASH!]]]]

[center [font consolas It was loud and multiple dishes. It was rather awful if one would look at it. The cooked was making a few thing and she thought she would help get him a pan that he needed. Luckily for her pots and pans weren't breakable. The kitchen was laid out so no type of dish was near the ground. So the pans were in one of the cupboards that hung from the ceiling.]]

[center [font consolas Stepping on a step stool to reach, she went to grab the handle of the pan, loosing her balance the on the stool. The pan handle that she grabbed was on the bottom with stuff stacked on top. When she fell, landing on her bottom. Kara put her hands up to protect her head as the pans crashed on top of her.]]

[center [font consolas The chef turned around in shock and disbelief. [b "Kara?! Are you alright?"] He walked to her aid with an eventual sigh after a moment realizing that he didn't understand why her clumsiness still shocked him after all this time.]]

[center [font consolas [#14c8d2 "I'm sorry... But here's the pan you were looking for."]]]

[center [font consolas She had a smile on her face as she handed him the pan. He took it a bit worried before turning around to finish up some dishes. Kara rose to her feet, brushing herself off before picking up the post and pans off the floor so they can be washed and dried and put back in the cabinet.]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8Tpd58E.jpg]]
[center [font consolas [b [#217ad4 Lapis Lazuli's Past.]]]]

[center [font consolas Before Steven healed her, she had grayish-blue skin and reflective eyes without pupils. After her gemstone had been healed by Steven, her color palette changed its tone. The color of her skin changed to a deep sky blue, her dress and hair became lighter, and Lapis was found to have navy blue eyes. Lapis Lazuli has a slim figure, cyan skin, and blue chin-length hair, arranged in almost the same as that of Pearl, although her bangs are slightly longer, with a fringe that covers her entire forehead. She wears a flowing, blue skirt, which is knee-length with a downward-facing navy triangle. She also wears a backless, blue halter crop top with an upward-facing navy triangle that ties into a blue sash ribbon on the back of her shoulders. She has a blue lapis lazuli gemstone embedded in her back, in the form of a water droplet, from which she is able to summon and remove wings created out of water at will.]]

[center [font consolas Lapis Lazuli is a Lapis lazuli-type Gem created on the Gem Homeworld thousands of years ago. During its colonization era, Lapis visited the Earth, but was caught in the midst of the Rebellion. While trying to escape the planet, she was poofed by a Bismuth Gem, but was eventually recovered by a Homeworld Gem. However, to Lapis' dismay, the Gem who discovered her believed she was a Crystal Gem and trapped her in a magical mirror in order to find out the secrets of the rebel group, but she was not able to answer. Eventually, the Homeworld Gems lost hope and fled the Earth, leaving behind Lapis at the Galaxy Warp. While the Gems fled in panic, the mirror was trampled over, damaging Lapis' gemstone. She was later discovered by Pearl at the same spot and kept in her possession.]]

[center [font consolas [b [#217ad4 "Do you even wonder who I used to be?!"]] After the mirror is handed over to Steven by Pearl so he can learn about Gem culture. When Pearl is not able to activate it, she assumes that it is broken. However, when away from Pearl, Lapis Lazuli reveals herself to Steven by talking to him through the mirror's recordings. Lapis is then able to communicate with Steven, persuading him to free her. Steven releases her physical form and individual consciousness by removing the gemstone from the back, shattering the mirror. When discovered by the Crystal Gems, she asks Steven to return "home" with her, to which he is not able to respond. Disappointed by his apparent rejection, she escapes into the ocean before she can be recaptured.]]

[center [font consolas Lapis draws all the world's oceans into a spire in an attempt to reach all the way to Homeworld. She fights the Crystal Gems from atop the spire by creating Water Clones to attack them. However, Steven manages to persuade her to talk and uses his saliva to heal her cracked gem. Thanking Steven, she forms wings of water and flies off into space, to return to Homeworld.]]

[center [font consolas Lapis helps the Crystal Gems by sending Steven a message about the upcoming invasion. She sends a video message via the Wailing Stone warning Steven that Peridot is coming to Earth with another Gem. Lapis urges Steven and the Crystal Gems not to put up a fight, as Gem technology has advanced since she has last been to the Homeworld, and a fight will only lead to devastation.]]

[center [font consolas Lapis tries to explain herself to Jasper, she is brought to Earth by Peridot and Jasper aboard the Gem Warship against her will. She is sent to Earth with Peridot as an informant, and it is seen that she has omitted facts from the crew for Steven's sake. Once Jasper takes out the Gem Destabilizer, Lapis stays frozen in place as Jasper poofs Garnet, beats Pearl and Amethyst and knocks out Steven.]]

[center [font consolas Lapis is imprisoned in a ship jail cell after Jasper believes Lapis has withheld information from her. When Steven tries to free her, she believes it is for the best that they do not try to escape and remains in her cell. After the ship is destroyed, she attempts to flee but is caught by Jasper who asks Lapis to fuse with her, saying that the Crystal Gems are traitors and used her. After considering the offer, she seemingly agrees, however after fusing, she reveals that she fused with Jasper into Malachite so she could trap both of them at the bottom of the sea.]]

[center [font consolas Garnet mentions that she has been searching the ocean floor for Lapis and Jasper, but thus far has not found any trace of them. Lapis is shown to be able to communicate with Steven through his dreams. Lapis states that she does not want Steven and the other Crystal Gems to find her because she is committed wholeheartedly to staying fused as Malachite in order to prevent Jasper from escaping or gaining control of Malachite and from hurting Steven.]]

[center [font consolas In the civilization of Watermelon Stevens on Mask Island attempt to sacrifice one of their number to Malachite in an effort to stop the earthquakes that troubled the island. Thanks to Steven's vision of the event, the Crystal Gems track her down, and fuse into Alexandrite to fight her. Malachite is defeated and forcibly defused by the Gems, with aid of the Watermelon Stevens. During the final moments of the fight, a Cluster-related earthquake took place, but the unconscious Lapis is caught by Amethyst. Lapis is carried by Garnet, unconscious, arriving from Mask Island.]]

[center [font consolas She finally awakens and decides to fly back to Homeworld. However, she later returns to the barn after realizing she would not be able to go back to Homeworld for her actions towards Jasper. Steven finds her on top of the silo and decides to help her find a home somewhere on Earth. Together they visit the countryside, Empire City, and Jersey. While enjoying their flight, Lapis eventually sights the Galaxy Warp, awakening tragic memories in her, causing her to nearly drop Steven before she comes to her senses. She uses her memory projecting abilities to show Steven the story of how she got stuck on Earth. That being that she was only meant to visit for a short time, but she got caught in the middle of war, and is poofed by a Bismuth. After finishing her story, she insists they leave the area right away. While flying back to the barn, Lapis says that she thought things had changed, but she was wrong. In response, Steven tells her that, on Earth, things change all the time and that it is not the same world that trapped her. Landing back at the barn, Steven continues, saying that this time she has the choice to stay on the planet or not and Lapis says she wants to stay so she can see more. After making her decision, Peridot suddenly joins their conversation, to Lapis' surprise and dismay. Peridot explains that she is now living on Earth and in the barn, but Lapis responds in denial, claiming that it is her new home, not Peridot's.]]

[center [font consolas Steven and Peridot try to make a compromise with Lapis so Peridot and Lapis can both live together on the barn. However, Lapis turns down every compromise and reveals that she is not listening because she does not like Peridot. Lapis says that Peridot is the reason why she is back on Earth in the first place. Lapis flies on top of the nearby silo and relaxes but is woken up by a screaming Peridot yelling her name. Lapis becomes irritated but only flies down when she hears Steven calling her name. Lapis reads the apology letter written by Peridot outloud and is not thankful of the compliments she receives from her. Later, Lapis is called back down where Steven and Peridot show her the hole from the drill now filled with water with the intention of giving Lapis her own pool. Lapis explains that she is taking a break from water because she has been in the ocean for such a long time and described it as being her "tomb", though Lapis does thank them for their generosity.]]

[center [font consolas Finally, Peridot gives Lapis her tape recorder and she shows her how it works. Lapis turns it on and states that she does not want Peridot's "garbage" and crushes it with her hand and drops it on ground. Peridot becomes frustrated and asks Lapis what she wants to make them be on good terms. Lapis becomes frustrated as well and yells to Peridot that she wants her to leave. Peridot complies and walks away which makes Steven disappointed. Lapis asks Steven why he trusts Peridot and Steven explains that she has truly changed from before. Peridot comes running back and passes the two, into the barn. The Homeworld tracking vessel, the Roaming Eye, follows Peridot, Lapis and Steven run into the barn. Soon, they run back out, and Lapis sees how scared Peridot is. Lapis forms a water hand and makes the Roaming Eye crash into the ground and asks if Peridot is okay, blushing when Peridot responds with a big smile.]]

[center [font consolas When the Crystal Gems are in the barn, Lapis listens to Peridot when she explains why the Ruby soldiers are supposedly after her. When the decision is made to play baseball with the Rubies, Lapis appears nonchalant about it; she laughs to herself and says [b [#217ad4 "this plan sucks"]] but decides to play. The Crystal Gems, except Peridot, all play and disguise themselves as humans. Lapis's human name is Bob, a reference to way earlier when Lapis tells Steven her name is Lapis, not Bob. Throughout the game, Lapis remains unenthusiastic. When a ball flies over her head, she raises her arm after it is well behind her. When Lapis is up at bat, she does not swing. Instead, she holds out her bat, and the ball lightly bounces off of it. Lapis then walks to first base. At the very end of the game, Lapis is on second base, and she walks to home plate when Sapphire gets a home-run. Lapis smiles and gives Ruby a high five.]]

[center [font consolas Steven takes Lapis to a dock to go on a boating trip. Lapis formally meets Greg for the first time, and after Steven convinces her, Lapis agrees to the trip. Throughout the trip, Lapis seems to still be bothered by the fact that that she was underwater as Malachite for so long. When Greg is fishing, Lapis uses her hydrokinesis to take out a large sphere of the ocean water, but Greg says he'd rather fish normally, and teaches Lapis how to fish. Suddenly, something strong pulls on the string and Lapis, reels her in but before the creature could surface the pole snaps. After the ship's engine breaks from an unknown source, Lapis claims that the trip going bad is her fault and not Steven's. Lapis reveals that she misses Jasper after being fused with her for all that time, and that she feels like a bad person.]]

[center [font consolas Suddenly, Jasper climbs the boat's anchor chain and gets onto the ship's deck, surprising Lapis. When Jasper throws Steven out of the way, Lapis runs to his aid, but Jasper pulls her back and starts begging to fuse with her again. Lapis asks why she would want to do that, and tells Jasper that she hated her and used fusion to take her anger out on her. Lapis doesn't listen to Jasper's claims of changing and rejects the offer to fuse once more. Jasper then charges at Steven with the plan to attack and shatter him because she believes that he is the reason Lapis doesn't want to fuse. In reaction to this, Lapis manifests a water fist that sends Jasper flying high in the air and far, far away into the ocean, as well as punches a hole in the ship thus sinking it. She flies off of the boat carrying Greg and Steven.]]

[center [font consolas Lapis has acclimated to living at the barn. Although she is still dour to an extent, she has helped renovate the barn and become comfortable living with Peridot, watching Camp Pining Hearts together, and creating pieces of art they call "meepmorps", hers being a baseball bat from when she played baseball, a leaf Steven gave her, and a TV on a stand with two mirrors sticking out of it, looping a scene from Camp Pining Hearts. Lapis helps the others out after imprisoning the 5 Rubies from the baseball game, while Steven questions them one by one. She and Peridot stay behind on Earth while the others travel to the moon's Diamond base.]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/oAzilGG.jpg]]
[center [font consolas [b [#9a1bda Amethyst's Past]]]]

[center [font consolas Amethyst is shorter than most of the characters, rivaling Steven's height , with an almost stout build. Amethyst's skin is a bright lilac, and her hair is a pale lavender color. She has plump lips, a small, upturned nose, and a large bang which obscures her left eye. She also has dark indigo eyes. Her gemstone is located on her chest.]]

[center [font consolas Amethyst wore a mauve, oversized, off-shoulder tank top with a black bra underneath. She wore black leggings with star-shaped cutouts on the knees. There was also a tear above the left star. But her appearance changes quite often. Like Amethyst's tank top and leggings are reversed. Instead of cut-outs on her leggings, she now has two black stars. On the lower part of her tank top, there are now two small slits on either side. She fixes her shoulder strap, keeping it on her shoulder rather than off a feature Pearl was happy to see changed. Amethyst's color palette remains the same but has been swapped once more: her tank top is now off-white with a jagged hem, and she now has black leggings to her first look with dark mauve stars on them. Her ankle boots are the same dark mauve hue.]]

[center [font consolas Amethyst is fun-loving and carefree. Loud and full of laughter, she is easily amused and very impulsive. Amethyst is often used as comic relief. She is bad-mannered, rude, untidy, but still good-hearted and protective. Her overprotectiveness of her junk marks her as somewhat of a hoarder. These tendencies surface where she is unwilling to let Greg throw anything away in his storage unit.

[center [font consolas Amethyst tends to indulge Steven more than the other Gems and partakes in human activities with him, generally being carefree to a fault while showing concern for his well-being in times of more severe danger. Although she does not have to, Amethyst enjoys eating and sleeping and is frequently seen doing so.]]

[center [font consolas Amethyst loves a good fight, something that manifests itself in her wrestling persona, the "Purple Puma", where she willingly masquerades as a hated wrestler purely for the fun of it and to relieve stress from Pearl and Garnet's constant orders. She often loves watching fights as well and will loudly vocalize and cheer when she sees a conflict in progress, egging the competitors on, including the feuds between Pearl and Greg and between Pearl and Peridot.]]

[center [font consolas Amethyst is very observant of other people's feelings. She tries to reassure Steven when he was worried about her as she fell apart, knows why Pearl kept fixing the Communication Hub, and that Garnet will not forgive Pearl unless the two directly talk it out.]]

[center [font consolas Because of her origins in Kindergarten and its dark legacy, Amethyst harbors a tremendous amount of self-loathing, which is also fueled by her perception that she is inadequate when compared to Garnet or Pearl. This leaves her feeling out of place among the Crystal Gems, thinking that she does not belong with Gems of their caliber when she was created by the very thing they sought to destroy. She thought that when Steven learned of her past, he would think less of her. She worries about Steven's and Garnet's approval, and Amethyst demonstrates that she has difficulty thinking for herself, regenerating multiple times in the episode with new forms that were all rushed or based on what she thinks Garnet and Steven will approve of.]]

[center [font consolas Amethyst has an admittedly low opinion of herself and a strong self loathing that she usually keeps buried under her boisterousness. She gets into a vicious fight with Pearl over the belief that she sees Amethyst as a parasite. She sings due to feeling inferior to Sardonyx and defends Pearl for deceiving Garnet to fuse with her due to both being weaker than her. Focusing on her sense of inferiority as Jasper easily defeats and poofs her and she sees that Steven surpasses her. It was only after a fight with Steven that she begins to feel better, though she shows an obsession in finding and beating Jasper that leads her to recklessly seek to challenge the other gem alone. Amethyst come to terms with herself due to Steven's encouragement, comfort, and stating that they're the same, leading them to fuse into Smoky Quartz. After the battle Amethyst seemingly returns to her usual self, not wanting to do anything for a month.]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/w2rkN0M.jpg]]
[center [font consolas [b [#00dfe0 "Sapphire's Past]]]]

[center [font consolas Sapphire has blue skin and pale blue, wavy hair with bangs that cover the top half of her face. She is slightly taller than Ruby. Her prominent lips and facial structure resemble Garnet's. When her bangs are moved to the side, they reveal a large eye with a dodger blue iris and visible pupil in the center of her face. She, along with Jasper, are the only Gems who lack a nose. However, she is the only Gem not to have anything replacing a nose. Sapphire wears a floor-length gown with white, rounded, puffy sleeves, a navy top, and a blue skirt. Her dress has a blue pinafore over the top. The skirt has several frilly layers in several shades of blue which resemble an open geode. She also wears white elbow-length evening gloves. Sapphire has feet that are usually hidden by her dress. Her gemstone is in the palm of her right hand and has a triangular facet.]]

[center [font consolas Over 5,750 years ago, Sapphire lived on Homeworld, as an aristocratic Gem and part of Blue Diamond's court. She was part of the diplomatic team sent to stop Rose's Rebellion on Earth, along with 3 Rubies assigned to guard her. Sapphire saw a future where the rebels Rose Quartz and Pearl were indeed caught and stopped; however, seven Gems, including herself, were going to be poofed in the process.]]

[center [font consolas Just as she finished reporting her premonition to Blue Diamond, Rose Quartz and Pearl attack, as Sapphire predicted, and destroy the physical forms of six Gems, including two of her Ruby guards. However, before Sapphire was struck down, her remaining Ruby jumped forward and pushed her out of the way of Pearl's sword, accidentally fusing with her and forming Garnet for the first time. This first ever fusion of two different Gem types caused an uproar among the other Gems, during which Rose and Pearl escaped.]]

[center [font consolas Blue Diamond was not pleased, and threatened to shatter Ruby for fusing with a member of her court and changing Sapphire's prophecy. However, Sapphire grabbed Ruby by the hand and ran off the edge of the Cloud Arena, floating down to Earth below. Sapphire was "frozen" because her future vision was wrong for the first time due to Ruby's impulsive nature. They found shelter in a cave, where Sapphire revealed her eye to Ruby and the two talked about their feelings when they were Garnet.]]

[center [font consolas Ruby and Sapphire grew closer and eventually decided to fuse again. Garnet was found by Pearl and Rose shortly after forming. Upon being met with acceptance and not revulsion, she began to bombard Rose with questions about the events and circumstances that allowed her to become Garnet, as well as her own feelings about existing as a fusion. Rose told her to "never question this," and said that she was already the answer to all her questions—love. This would be the beginning of Sapphire's existence as part of Garnet for the next thousand years, fighting Homeworld with the Crystal Gems to protect Earth.]]
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[center [pic http://i464.photobucket.com/albums/rr5/jazzypetvet/Maple_zpsdsi5icpv.png]]
[center [font consolas He didn't mean to intrude on the meeting. First he was playing with his friend Echo and then the next thing he knew he had slipped and fallen. So let's take it back to before the meeting.]]

[center [font consolas [b An Hour Earlier...]]]

[center [font consolas [#d66005 "Echo, wanna play. I am bored and the adults seem to have left. They said we were suppose to stay here which is so boring."]]]

[center [font consolas With a soft huff, he rose from his sitting position and rather boredly pounced on the female, nipping her ear with not much force.]]

[center [font consolas [#d66005 "Come find me Echo!"]]]

[center [font consolas With that being said he ran into the den to hide near the hole at the ground that he lays by at night to smell the outside air. Pressing his small fur covered body against the cool stone of the den wall was a bit too much for the already worn ground. The dirt landslid out causing the hole to grow a bit bigger that Maple fell through it. He stumbled down the steep little hill, landing on his back. He looked towards the sky and and then noticed where he had fallen. He was unsure of what to do so he just paddled around till he found himself at the clearing with Ryka and the others.]]

[center [font consolas [b Back To The Meeting...]]]

[center [font consolas [#d66005 "Echo, I am sorry for disappearing. I didn't mean to, I went to hide then fell...."]]

[center [font consolas He cut him self off as he noticed an extreme uncomfortable tension among all the adults. There was even a smell in the air that was new to him. It was a bit rancid and he was unsure of what it was but when him and Echo were picked up at the same time in Ryka's mouth he then knew something was not right. Him and Echo were swiftly taken back to the safety of the den and were told to stay put.]]
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[center [pic http://i464.photobucket.com/albums/rr5/jazzypetvet/Ryka_zpsbgfjxz4m.png]]
[center [font consolas Ryka was alert as the mood began to change. He could see how the Neelix pack began to tense. Even their Alpha froze with fear for a split second before running off like a wild wolf. He listened to his Alpha as she instructed two of her pack to go with her and asked to rest to go back to the den. He really wished he could go and see what truly was going on. He didn't know that the smell of blood in the air was the cause. It was also a bit odd that it was coming from his pack territory but he did as he was told.]]

[center [font consolas He looked around for the young pup Maple and ended up spotting the Alpha's daughter too. Shaking his head he took a long sigh.]]

[center [font consolas [#9c00fa "Come on you two, We need to get back to the den."]]]

[center [font consolas He scooped both the pups up in his mouth by the nape of their necks. He didn't run but he hastenedly walked back to the den before setting the pup down.]]

[center [font consolas [#9c00fa "Now you two be good and no more running off."]]]

[center [font consolas He stated that firmly as he totted over to the entrance of the den to keep watch. He sat with his tail curled around his feet, ears and eyes alert to his surrounding. All he could do now was wait and watch the pups.]]
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[center [pic http://i464.photobucket.com/albums/rr5/jazzypetvet/Orca_zpsmphrlybu.png]
[center [font consolas [#787878 [i "What is this?"]]]]

[center [font consolas Her ears perked as an intense aroma filled the clearing thanks to the breeze that brought it. Death was hitting everyone in the face at this point. Her Alpha spouted nothing as he bolted, seeing they had no pups to look after she stood and hopped down from the rock she was on. Stretching her shoulders and joints, she did so so she wouldn't cramp up while running.]]

[center [font consolas She followed behind both packs as she ran to keep up. She wasn't much of a runner which is why she stayed close to home and healed her pack mates. She stayed several paces back but she was still had an exquisite attentive nature.]]
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