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Today was the start of the new school year. Hiro Kirigiya was pretty excited about the year ahead. He loved teaching. He actually has his doctorites in teaching and masters in substituting. He was a new teacher this year at Miroko High. When he woke it was about four in the morning. He showered, his build wasn't very muscular but he wasn't out of shape. He jogged most morning but this morning was special due too school starting and he needed to prep for the opening ceremony. He dressed in a semi-dark grey suit with a white button up and a sterling silver-blue tie accented with a wrist watch, black dress shoes, and of course his this black rimmed glasses. He arrived at the school in his car arround five making him the first person there, the priciple wanted him there early to prep for the opening ceremony. He opened the school but not the front gate. The other teachers when they arrived at six would open it. He however prepped the staff room and lounge, all the classrooms and auditorium in an hour. He met all his colleagues as they arrived and by eight the opening ceremony went underway. Everything was going smoothly, he was now in his very own classroom with his own set of kids. By this time his suit jacket was hung on the back of his chair in the staffroom at his desk with his brief case. He just carried folders for every subject he taught. And he taught five different subjects but what was really off was they were all for the same room. So the only time the kids left the room were for lunch and P.E. He welcomed each student as they walked in and sat down in which ever seat they wanted. He sat behind the desk till the first bell ring and then started attendance. Each student stood and said who they were and he marked it on a roster type sheet so he knew who sat where. There was still an empty seat but he didn't worry as he then began to introduce hims self. He wrote his name on the board and had started homeroom when a male student walked him. He looked the male over, they stood about the same height. "Name please if you will?" He stated towards the student so he could mark it on the roster.
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[#8eadcd "Of course you only do it for work, so who was the company's target this time?"] Fawn spoke softly as she got to work on his shirt. She set the shirt down and grabbed a bucket that was sitting on the floor next to a small table. Placing the bucket onto the table, she leaned down and grabbed the two water bottles and the three unmarked chemical bottles.

She proceeded with pouring the two waters into the bucket, then she opened each chemical and sniffed them. Putting one to the side and pour the other two in the water. She walked over to the shirt, grabbed it and retreated back to the table. Spraying the shirt with the bottle she didn't pour into the water, before walking away to let it sit.

Fawn listened to Robert and heard something about food. She was pretty hungry, though Robert couldn't season anything to save his life, but was she took lazy to make something. She looked over the vampire. [#8eadcd "Just go get cleaned, I will cook this time, you must be tired. Just rest or do whatever it is you do."] Saying as she walked past him. [#8eadcd "Oh before I forget, do you need anything? Or want anything? I may go out while the sun is up to pick up a few things that are needed. So make a list. Okay?"]
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[center [font PoiretOne ..::True Cross Academy::..
[#ffadc2 "Rose Sidonai"]
[i [#bd8aff P R O T E C T]]

Rose watched as the scene exploded in front of her. Even though the summoning was very interesting but do to the lack of emotional stability. She could hear large wolf's thoughts when it attacked the female. It seemed almost mad to be summoned by her.

She didn't stand at the commotion, just sat their and listened. [#bd8aff " He was mad and confused was he not?"] The soft chimes of the little demon rang in her ear from still being hidden behind her pink hair. All she did was nod in response before the teacher asked a question.

[i [#ffadc2 " A healing herb... I know this, my church has an herb garden... Aloe... no that is for burns...H.."]] She thought as she opened her mouth to speak. [#ffadc2 "Halia, I think.."] She stated not really sure if the teacher heard her or not.

She looked back down at her book and began to re-read the information about summoning a familiar. She couldn't help but wonder why instead of nothing, her paper just ignited into flames. She read over the same chapter at least five times. It didn't take her long because she was a quick reader.

She reached for a small square and her pencil to start recreating the summoning circle.
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[i "You don't want to be friend with her, trust. She maybe you new here but I heard she was kicked out of her pack for killing her mate to be before she even felt the bond..." She could easily hear the rumors that spread like a wild fire to every new town she moved too. It was rally annoying. The Alpha from another pack... Well his death wasn't even her fault. Did she knew that was suppose to be her mate? No because she wasn't old enough. As for his death, it was a complete accident. Rogues broke into her family home and killed her parents. She had grabbed the gun from her father's study. She was no master at firing a weapon. How was she suppose to know that when she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger, the person she hit was Alpha Grey and not the rogue that the alpha knocked out of the way.]

[i Sure she knew the gun had silver bullets in it. She also knew that she couldn't shift to take the rogue on. Sadly ever since then no pack would accept her. Who would accept an Alpha killing, mate murdering she-wolf. She had no family, unless you count her wolf, Lyra. She was the only one that kept her company. Lucky for her, she could easily blend into human society. Werewolves looked and could act like normal humans. Some will give up their wolf or let their wolf die off to live as humans. When that happens then they begin to age and turn old and eventually die as well.]

[i Fawn never thought of giving up Lyra, she would go insane with out her. She was marked a traitor to all werewolf kind when she was just fifteen. So she lived on the streets. In and out of foster homes up until she was eighteen. When she turned nineteen she tried looking for work. It seemed almost impossible. One day on a cold September day, she was looking threw the classified section on the news paper that she stole from in front of someone's house and saw a job ad... Well not really a job, it was more of an internship. She had seen it in the paper for like two months in a row. For once in her life she wanted to make something of herself. She hated being on the streets and letting her wolf free only once in a while. So she decided for her and Lyra's sake to give then a call.]

[center _Present_]

Darkness was all she could see, but that was to be expected since her eyes were closed. She wasn't asleep, though she was tired. This was a her new assignment. Some Vampire that needed a babysitter. It was all too trivial is anyone asked her.... Taking a deep breath and letting out a meaningful sigh, her eye drooped open as she looked to the side at the clock on the wall. As usual he was sneaking back into the house, she could hear him quietly closing the door and making him way through the rickety old house.

She sat up from the floor, her mid-back length black wavy hair, tossled about, spilling into her face and over her shoulders as her peircing steel blue eyes that always had a fire lit in the center looked over the Vampire. [#8eadcd "And where have you been, Robert?"] The smell of blood answered her question. [#8eadcd "Was it another job or was it for fun?"] She then asked to make sure he wasn't killing for fun or just because he needed blood. Thought it would be nice if he let her know, she is suppose to be watching him after all.

With a heavy sigh and a few grunts as she rose from the floor, acting way too human for her own good. She made her way over to him and reached her hand out to take the bloody shirt out of his hand. [#8eadcd "Want me to attempt to get the blood out of this..."] Stating it rather then actually asking as she made her way across the room holding the button shirt up to asses the damage.
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#00a893 "Anastasia"]

She hadn't walked far before the username Sughoi dinged in front of her, letting her know that she has a Private Message from that person. She stepped to the side and off of the walkway before motioning with her hand to drop her menu down. She clicked on messages and clicked on Sughoi. Reading the message, she then clicked reply:

[i [#00a893 :Sure, I am stocked for a few quests. Are you still on Tera? If so we could start with a new quest that just came out for beginners.:]]

She hit send after that before closing her menu out all together. She thought she would wait around a little for the person to reply, so she decided to turn around and walk back to the teleporting pod. It took her about ten to fifteen minutes to walk there, however she wasn't there to teleport, she walked off to the side next to them and stood in front of bulletin boards. These boards were not ordinary, they were holographic in a way.

She searched the countless tasks and quests until her eyes found what they were looking for. She new it was a new quest her brother just released. She looked over the map at where the dungeons were located and decided to start heading there. Where she ran into the girl from before or not wouldn't matter. If she got to the dungeon before her or without her then she could easily just accept a player to play transport.

As she walked and made it to the outskirts of the capital there was a stable barn. She was going to have to buy a horse to make the journey. The caves where the quest is held was really far, at least three days by foot.

A little while later she walked out of the stables with a pretty grey spotted horse with a white colored mane and tail.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/MWh8M76.jpg]]
[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#fcd3cf "Warby Parker"]

[i Past]

[b SMACK!!] That sound echoed through the house. He clutched his cheek with one hand as the other was balled up by his side. [#fcd3cf "That's it... I want you out. When I get back I want you and the guy out of my house... NOW!!!"] Warby said before leaving. He couldn't believe he found his fiance in their bed with some guy. They were about to get married in a few weeks. Why did this have to happen now?

Warby walked around aimlessly till he found himself at the local bar. At first he was just ordering soda and started making phone calls to cancel everything for the wedding. He spent an hour making cancellations, the bartender over heard a few of the conversations. The male walked over and offered his something a bit stronger. Warby contemplated the question for a little bit. [b "Come on, it'll help."] The bartender said as he was already pouring a golden liquid over some ice.

He stared at the glass before taking it into his hand, lifting the glass up off the counter and too his nose, he took a sniff. It smelled sweet, bring it down to his lips, he parted them to let the golden flow into his mouth. Swallowing he could feel the liquid burn down his throat.

He sat there and sipped steadily at every alcohol that the bartender sent his way. He slowly began to get woozy and it felt really weird to him like his drinks might have been spiked, only reason he would think that is it happened to him once before by his cheating fiance when they first met in collage.

Feeling really dizzy like this made him want to stand and get some fresh air. Standing wasn't a good option, he only fell off the stool. To anyone he looked like a guy who might have had too much to drink, the bartender rushed to him acting as if he was concerned.

[#fcd3cf "What did you do to me?"] Warby's voice was barely above a whisper. [b "Trust, I'll make you feel really good, I promise."] There was a bit of humor in the male's voice as he helped Warby stand and escorted him to the back.


[i Present]
[b "Warby you have been doing really well, you are almost done with the twelve step program, you should be proud of yourself. I know I am."] Said his drug counselor who also happens to be his boss. He nodded in appreciation, he was a little happy that he was going to finally be released and be able to go home.

He had a small one bedroom apartment that he hadn't even seen yet. His boss helped him get it for when he was released.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/8JLky98.jpg]]
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[#ecab79 "Katheen Powel"]
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/vEVQ2PX.jpg]]
[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#8cdbee "Wynston Shannon"]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/RBKuxjr.jpg]]
[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#cda8f5 "Jaquleen Deveroux"]
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[#ffadc2 "Rose Sidonai"]
[i [#bd8aff P R O T E C T]]

It was shortly after the bell rang when a male that she assumed was the teacher walked in. She automatically assessed him. He gave off a nonchalant attitude, like he didn't really want to be here. Even the way he spoke seemed a bit emotion lacking... what was the word... [i [#bd8aff "Monotoned"]] Chimed the little fluff from underneath her hair. She bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing as the lesser demon's accurate description.

[b "just do what that says and leave me alone."] His voice was low and almost monotone as he spoke. She sighed and looked at the board, it read: [i "Read pages 45-89. Then attempt to summon a familiar with the summoning paper that is on your desk. If you can summon a familiar, then whatever. If not, sucks to be you."] Was he serious?.... With yet another soft sigh escaping her lips, she pulled out her book and flipped to the pages and began to read in silence.She was a pretty fast reader, she sorta zoned out missing the commotion between two of the other students.

She was pulled out of thought by a female asking if she needed help. She contemplated the question a bit. She wanted to at least try before having to ask for help. Rose gently shook her head and looked up at the female with a small smile. [#ffadc2 "Not at the moment. I would like to give it a try first."] Her voice was soft as she spoke.

Rose took a deep breath as she picked up her sword and unsheathed it but only by a little so she could cut her finger. The blood dripped onto the charm paper and she closed her eyes and mumbled a chant that just came to mind. She opened her eyes and noticed a soft glow before it caught fire. The fire was unique, almost silver like and a bit blinding. the flame grew and was dangerously hot before disappearing.

Rose blinked in confusion and looked down to try again but the charm paper was reduced to ashes in front of her. That was strange. She never saw something like that happen before.
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#61a4e5 "Emil Anders"]

[i [#61a4e5 "No, stay!"]] He thought as he watched her leave. Why didn't she not want to hear what he had to say. He glared at the twins and they backed away. The way she looked back made Emil wonder if she actually wanted to stay. It took him a little bit before he decided to chase after her.

When he exit side room they were sitting in, he looked around and didn't see her. She seemed to be quite fast. He rolled his shoulders before taking off the button shirt and pulling his pants down, he took a running start and once pass the door entrance, he transformed. His skin became fur, his human figure dissipated to the wolf form that was left.

He stood on four paws and looked around, visible he couldn't see anyone, but he could hear the sounds of someone running through the forest. Twigs and leaves were crunching underneath their shoes. He could also hear their faint breath. Even though he could hear it, he was unsure of which direction. Emil tilted his head up and fill his lungs with the surrounding air. And there it was, Peppermint, Lavender and Pine. He could smell her and she hadn't gotten far.

He jolted as he took off in a run, jumping over shrubs and dodging trees left and right until he spotted her. He ran past her before stopping and turning to face her. He sits with his tail wrapped in front of his paws. He stared at her and was a bit intrigued at what she would do next.

He found himself loving the scent he was breathing in. Peppermint, Lavender, and Pine. It was a bit intoxicating in a way. [i [#61a4e5 "I wonder if she doesn't like packs, but surely she must have belonged to one before.... Or perhaps it was the earlier event that made her uneasy around me. Though I did apologize... I wished she would have just listened to my proposition. Maybe I can convince her to come back."]] He thought to himself as he just sat there looking at her.

[b _Back at the main house_]

[#7ccade "Ha ha ha ha! Papa Roku that tickles. Please stop with the bubbles, ha ha ha ha!"] Emily laughed as she was in the bath washing up. Roku kept picking up the bubbles and blowing them at Emily. [#9a424b "I will only stop if you say you are squeaky clean."] He stated with a chuckle in his soothing low voice. [#7ccade "I am squeak clean, I promise."] She said she pulled the tub stopper. She stood and he wrapped her in a large towel. [#7ccade "I can do it myself, you know. I am not a little kid anymore."] She playfully pouted. He looked at her as he continued the drying. [#9a424b "If you can shift without problem then you are an adult, but don't rush to grow up. Adult lives aren't all that fun."] He winked at her as he stood and walked out the bathroom, leaving her there to finish drying and getting her night gown on.

Gwen and the twins were in the kitchen when Roku walked in. [#ff999c "Oh Roku dear, is Emily done with her bath already?"] Gwen stated as she prepped a plate with cookies and a glass of milk on the counter for the little Emily. [#9a424b "Yes, she is just getting dressed, Oh and what's wrong with the Twins?"] He said noticing the two sulking over a plate of cookies they were sharing. [#4b8150 "We are not sulking!"] Touka said pouting more. [#87cf88 "Yeah, what my brother said, it's just that that strange wolf that happened to be there with Emily was so rude. Pissed me off really."] Tahoe said as she gritting her teeth. [#ff999c "Well you two did pull that stunt that Emil find uncomfortable."] Gwen sighed as she finished the cleaning of the dishes. [#9a424b "Don't tell me it was that whole scene that looks like it from the Godfather or some type of Mafia movie."] Roku said looking a bit disturbed as His darling wife nodded.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/0VlJWvv.jpg]]
[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#509ce7 "Ossia Shika|Deer"]

Turbulence. Bumps and rough movement had Ossia clenching the armrest with a death grip. She was so afraid to fly but it was the only way to get from Japan to Greenland. Once the plane came to a stop, and they began to unboard she was so happy. Grabbing her backpack from the over head she headed off the plane and too the luggage claim for her suitcase that had to be checked in and put under the plane.

Once her Luggage was claimed she took a taxi from the airport to the school. She arrived just an hour before the entrance ceremony and that was including the hike to get to she school itself. With just an hour left, she found her way to the entrance hall and looked around just a little bit lost. Noticing a the sounds of a pair of heels clicking and echoing off the walls, she turned to see what looked to be a staff or teacher. It didn't matter to her as she hurriedly walked after her. [#509ce7 "Ma'am, Ma'am."] It took a good second before the female had stopped and turned towards Ossia. The teacher greeted Ossia with a smile and and welcomed her to the Academy. Ossia took a second to catch up with her luggage behind her as she pulled. The wheels making noise against the tile floor.

[#509ce7 "Hello, I am Ossia Shika. I am here for the orientation. It is my first day and I am unsure of where to go. If you point me in the direction I need to go, I would much appreciate it."] The teacher actually walked her to the hall herself since she was the one going on stage to introduce the Dean. The hall was empty when they arrived. She chose to sit in a chair on the end and in the black. she left her luggage and backpack against the wall before sitting down on the cold hard plastic of the chair. Her platinum blonde hair toppled every which way, even in her face there were a few strands. She never bothered to moved them because it never really bothered her anymore, before it used too but when she moved them they just moved back.

She watched as students flooded in and when it actually started, the Dean had everyone's attention. The speech he had given didn't take long though some students looked as if they were sitting in the chairs forever. Once it was over she looked down at her folder to find her room number. She knew she was going to be rooming with someone thought she wasn't sure on the who part. She looked for room two A once she had got to the dorms. From the name plate under the 2A sign on the door read her's and her new roommate's name.

Opening the door, she stepped inside and saw that her roommate had not shown up yet. She rolled her suitcase in before closing the door behind her. She looked around the somewhat normal sized room. It was an amazingly clean looking room at that. Almost smelled like they had just painted. She looked at the two unclaimed beds and chose the one farthest from the door. She set both her backpack and suitcase on top of the bed and started to unpack. She wondered what her new roommate was like.
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#6a0e0c "Ezra Kanturn"]

Ezra hadn't noticed the commotion that went on behind her as she ate. Between the sound of music blasting in her ears to the sound of hearing herself eat, it was as if she was in her own little world. Even though she thought she was eating slow or at least that is what it felt like, naturally she was a fast eater. She was done with her sandwich and fruit in like five minutes. She gathered her trash, which wasn't much and stood before walking over to the trash to toss her garbage. She then stopped the music and pulled the earbuds from her ears as she went in search to find her locker. She needed to put her earbuds up so she wouldn't loose them.

It wasn't hard to find her locker this time around, though it did take her a couple of tries at her combination before it would finally unlock. With a sigh of relief as she opened her locker she put her earbuds in the locker just on the side pouch of her backpack. Grabbing the binder that resided in the locker from before lunch, she looked at her class schedule. It looked as if she had P.E next and them Math, and then her Elective as her final class which was Music.

Closing her locker she thought she would head to the library, first she needed the restroom. She search the hallways for one, it took a second but she found it. As she headed in a group of girls were leaving, being the type to walk with her head down she accidentally bumped into one of them. She stumbled back a little as the blonde haired female fell. [#6a0e0c "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to knock you over."] Ezra immediately held out her hand to the blonde. The blonde smacked her hand away as her friends helped her up. [b "What are you, a pervert? A guy like you shouldn't be heading into the ...."] a friend whispered into her ear and she busted out laughing. [b So you're a dike, explains the way you're dressed. I don't need your disease and cooties. Let's get out of here Sarah, Penelope."] The blonde laughed as she walked away. Ezra just looked down and continued into the restroom.

A few minutes later she walked out after washing her hand and decided to go to the library for the remainder of the lunch period. She sat in the deepest corner of the library with some fictional romance involving Vampires. She read a good couple of chapters before bell rang to let everyone that lunch has ended and you have five minutes to get to the next class. With a long sigh, she placed a bookmark in the book and his it behind the dictionaries that were covered in so much dust that she knew no one ever used them.

Leaving the library, she headed for the gymnasium. It seemed like P.E was co-ed even though there was a female coach and a male coach. They had it that way because there was a locker room for bother genders. You couldn't a full grown man entering the female's locker room and vice versa. The coaches immediately had both males and females go into the locker room and change into P.E clothes, which consisted of a pair of black shorts and a black t-shirt with the school name and mascot.

Upon entering the girl's locker room there were three boxes with three different sizes: S-small, M-Medium, L-Large. Ezra chose a medium bottom and a small top. She chose the medium shorts so they would be a little loose. The draw string helped so they weren't falling down. A medium top would have swamped her. Even the small was a little loose. Ezra was a slender girl with pale porcelain like skin. Once dressed she put her regular clothes in a locker and resumed in the gymnasium. Once everyone was there the coaches begin to speak. They stated how the students were in charge of cleaning and maintaining their gym clothes.

Exra was get sick and tired of introducing herself. She did what was required of her but nothing more. Most of her classes she was forced to sit up front. That was one think that sucked about being new or a transfer student, she was stuck with whatever seat was left. Though it didn't help that she was always thought of last in her so called family. Her father had pre-registered her brother's pretty early and sorta forgot about her.
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[left [pic http://s28.postimg.org/5e4pe7not/Emu_Cain.png]]
[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#167892 "Emu Cain"]
[#167892 [b <<ThunderBird>>]]

Death and Tragedy

She looked at her brother, whom sat right across from her but only for a moment. She looked out the window as her pet feline laid across her lap. Lucky for her that her precious little pet was behaving himself and purring. With a sigh she watched as as the train began to move. It must have been time take off. Internally she smiled and was jumping with excitement.

Her outer demeanor gave off a cool, never emotional, though that is not how she felt. Her inner personality was totally different. She acted like any normal girl. She laughed, cried, got angry. Then again she and her brother really got emotionless after the death of their parents.

She kept petting Astral. It was funny how animals know how we feel without saying anything She received Astral from her family in the First Years of her going to school. At first Astral didn't like her. He would always claw and try to bite Emu. It took them a whole year to bond and now they are inseparable.

She felt and heard as the train was coming to a stop, looking out the widow she was excited to see they were finally back. It was a bit eerie looking with it being night time and all. The Train ride always took awhile but it was the only way to get to school. She could hear chatter and commotion as students were leaving their cabins and chatting while getting off the train. She got up after Astral jumped from her lap and tapped her Brother on his shoulders to wake him up. [#167892 "Wake up Horus, we have arrived. Time to get off the train."] She stated before leaving the train compartment.

[right [pic http://s23.postimg.org/6fwjpa3uz/Horus_Cain.png]]
[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#762d2e "Horus Cain"]
[#762d2e [b <<Wampus>>]]

Tragedy and Death

He didn't bother looking at his sister. He was wondering how his only friend seemed to be doing stuck in her cage with all the other caged animal in the luggage department. He knew it was going to be a long train ride. He made him self comfortable against the window and closed his eyes. He was still pretty tired, but going back to school beat living at home alone with his sister. Not that he disliked her or anything. It was just really lonely sometimes. Especially since the rest of their family never visited.

Horus was awoken by taps on his shoulder and his sister saying something, he yawned and stretched his arms over his head. He looked out the window. He could see his sister walking with Astral right on her tail. Getting up, he arched his back, feeling it crack slightly as he walked from the train compartment.

Leaving the train , Horus walked over to the cart which most people didn't think were pulled by anything or perhaps it was just all magic. But these wretched looking beasts pulled them. They always seemed so call and docile. Sorta cute in a dead looking way. He shrugged and hopped in the cart that his sister sat in. He sometimes wondered if people thought it was odd that he was always seen with his sister even though they were in different houses...
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#61a4e5 "Emil Anders"]

When they got to the main house, the pack that had followed them changed and dispersed. Most seem to relax a bit once they were home. there was still one or two that wanted to keep an eye on things. Roku and Gwen were the first to welcome Emily and Emil home. Roku eyes the stranger and Gwen just smiled. [#ff999c "Oh thank heavens' you are safe Emily."] Gwen stated, kneeling down to hug the little girl. [#ff999c "Go with Roku and take a bath. Then you can have a cookie, plus you are in luck. I just baked them this morning."] Emily's face lit up like Christmas at the thought of Elder Gwen's cookies. Roku held out his hand and Emily took it happily and left. Gwen looked the half naked Alpha and the rogue wolf. [#ff999c "Why don't I go fetch some tea and a shirt."] Gwen said as she shifted an almost parenting look at Emil before leaving. The woman wasn't gone for long but maybe a minute. [#ff999c "Here you go."] She brought in a tray with everything to make tea and a clean shirt. Setting them both on the table that was surrounded by a couple of chairs. [#61a4e5 " Thank you Gwen."] Emil smiled as the Elder left the room. He moved his hand motioning the stray to take a seat.

[#61a4e5 "Here, take a seat. I just want to talk and no one will hurt you here. Would you care for some tea?"] He stated as he walked past her to the table, scooping up the clean button up. It was white with black buttons, he put it on and skipped the first two from the top as he buttoned it. With a gentle sigh, he sat in one of the chairs and leaned forward pouring two cups of tea. He added two drops of honey before settling back in the chair with his cup. [#61a4e5 "So first and foremost, I really appreciate you going out of your way to to protect my little sister. I am also sorry that you achieved injuries from doing that. I was wondering if you would be interested in a little proposition?"] He said as he took a sip of his Earl Grey tea. [#61a4e5 "Pardon my rudeness, my name is Emil. As you may already know or have concluded I am the Alpha of this pack. I am sorry to have startled you with us surrounding you like we did."]

The Main house ran almost like clock work when it came to certain people. There was a set of newly twin rogue pups that used their dead mother's body for warmth during the winter. It was a snowy day when Emil had found them some years ago. This what before Emily was born and their parents weren't dead yet. Emil had begged his Father to take them in. They were so fragile looking and his father decided to accept them under one condition. That condition was that Emil would have to look after them. And of course Emil was only too happy too. Now the twins were loyal and still a bit dependent. When they heard the news that the Alpha was back they sniffed him out and burst into the room not really paying attention to who was in there with them.

[#4b8150 "Lord Emil you have returned. We are so glad to see you back in one piece. We are sorry that we missed going with you. We were trying to do that human fitting in thing that you have us do."] Touka said as him and his twin sister moved identically and simultaneously to his side. [#87cf88 "Yes, we are forever grateful of your returning Lord Emil."] Tahoe stated as they both knelt on each side of him and placed their heads on each of his knees. His somebody had just walked in, it would have looked like a scene from a mafia story or something. Plus the twins spoke rather strangely and way too formal.

Emil could do nothing but sigh and look slightly uncomfortable. He sorta got used to them calling him Lord but the whole devoted attitude was still uncomfortable. The twins even looked alike. Their voices were a bit different so you could tell if you were talking to Touka the brother or Tahoe the sister. They both had shoulder length jet black hair and green eyes. They were even the same height and dressed identically. Though the dressing part was his mistake. When he was a bit younger he would dress them in matching outfits because he thought they were so adorable.

[#61a4e5 "Don't be rude you two, I know you know that I have company. Touka and Tahoe this is... is, um, where have my manners gone I never asked you your name"] Emil looked at the female as he was petting the top of bother the Twin's head so they would stop nuzzling his legs. That motion was sending shivers up his spine. Very creepy.
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#61a4e5 "Emil Anders"]

[#61a4e5 "Look, I know you want to spend the night over your so called friend's house, but I don't even know them and I usually know all of them. So who are these people you are trying to visit? Why won't you let me meet them? What are you hiding Emily?"] Emil spoke with real concern i his voice for his little sister. She was precious to him and really the only blood family he had left. Sure he had the pack and they were like a family in some way, but that didn't make missing his mother and father any less. He just wants his sister safe.

[#7ccade "You don't need to control every aspect of my life! God, you are so annoying and over barring! You aren't my Dad or my Mom so just leave me alone!"] Emily yelled at her brother. She loved her brother but hated that he was so over protective. It was like he went from being sweet and lovable to serious and over barring. She didn't understand why he wouldn't let her try and be normal. She already had to keep the biggest secret of her life, being a werewolf wasn't normal. Even though she was born like this, and she didn't mind. She was scared of being rejected by humans.

[#61a4e5 "I know I am not Mom or Dad, but I am trying. I am trying to protect everyone because that is what an Alpha does. You just need to stop being difficult and work with me here. You are acting like a brat."] He raised his voice just a little as he was getting a bit angry with his little sister. He couldn't believe she used their parents against him. Their views were a bit different and they were having a hard time seeing eye to eye on a lot of thing after their Mother and Father died.

[#7ccade "I'm being a brat?! UGH! I hate you! I wish Mom and Dad were here, and that I was an only child!"] Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes, but she wasn't about to cry in front of him so she ran. She dashed off. She ran through the entrance of the forest and slowly began to shift forms. It took a good five or so minutes to shift. But once she had shifted, her pristine white fur looked as if it glowed when the light his it. She was a pure white wolf, just a smaller version of her brother. She ran for a bit and she had to stop and catch her break. She weeps a bit and howled until she shifted back into her human form. She was a blond hair, about nine or ten year old girl. Her eyes were a light pale blue. Her skin was a little pale, so it is easy to tell when she is cold or blushing.

She was lucky that were she stopped was a place with clothes. It was her's because she also didn't realize she was near the border. She had never actually run out this far before. She found a bag and it was her bother's.... With a long sigh she pulled out the shirt, the pants would be too long and big. At least with the she, sure it would be long so it would go down to her knees.

Looking around she wondered where she was. She had never seen this part of the forest before. She sniffed the air and knew she was still within the territory, just didn't know where to be exact. She suddenly heard some rustling, she looked around but didn't see anything. [#7ccade "H-Hello... I-i-is anyone there?"] She stuttered a bit as the fear in her grew. She was all alone with one to protect her. When she heard nothing else she turned around to see which way to go.

[b [i SNAP!]]

The sound made her jump, she turned to see snarling teeth emerge from the bushes. Three adult wolves crept towards her. Instantly she could tell they weren't anyone from her Brother's pack. They tried to block her in and surround her but she took off along the border. [#7ccade "AAAAaaaaaaaah!"] She let out a scream when one tried to pounce on her but she tripped over a tree branch and scrapped her knee. Fear was the only thing coursing threw her body. She scampered over to a tree, leaning against it as they surrounded her and closed in.

She thought for sure she was a goner, until a random Black wolf jumped from out of nowhere and protected her.

....Back to the moment Emily ran off....

[#9a424b "You are too hard on her, Emil. She is only ten and just want to try and fit in. You must understand surely."] Roku the male elder of the pack stated as he walked up behind Emil after listening to the siblings argument. [#61a4e5 "I know Emily wishes to be normal. But how am I suppose to protect her if I don't know where she is going? What if I loose her too? I don't think I could bare with myself if something happened to her... To any of you."] Emil said as he hung his head for a moment. [#9a424b "You need to be patient. Remember you aren't the only one that lost a Mother and Father. Plus you have changed a bit and are still changing. Things will work out it just takes time. You two have the Pack's full and devoted support."] Roku stated one more thing before leaving.

He thought about a few things before he heard a scream. His head shot up. [#61a4e5 "Emily!?"] His skin began to crawl as his eyes Widened. He bolted into a run, as he jumped over a bush he shifted into his pure white wolf form. Letting out a short howl, pretty much telling everyone to follow him, it's urgent. He ran and ran before slowing down and coming to a stop. He lifted his nose to the air, he could smell his sister and four other wolves.... Perhaps Rogues. Though one was dead, he looked and could see them, his sister in human form curled near a tree. He could smell she was injured but not badly. He could see one wolf laying on the floor dead and two fleeing the see. All that was left was a black wolf.

...Story Merges Now...

Emily wiped the tears from her eyes and limped over to the black wolf. Leaning over she wrapped her arms around the Wolf's neck. [#7ccade "Thank you."] Emily said truly grateful but winced as her injured leg gave out on her.

Emil saw the display of affection. He trotted over as his nostrils were filled with her scent, Peppermint, Lavender and Pine. It was a pleasant smell as he Got closer. His pack had finally showed up and surrounded them. Some were a little on edge in the presence of the stranger, but Emil showed no ill will in his movements. He stood tall and proud like any alpha would. He didn't get too close but close enough before he sat and bowed his head in gratefulness for saving his sister.

He rose from sitting and walked over to grab the bag that was sitting in between two rocks at the base of a tree. With the bag in his mouth he trotted away only to return in Human form. Normally he wouldn't expose his human form to a rogue but he really wanted her to follow him so they could talk. He watched her fight a little and thought she would make a nice addition. He was just dressed in a pair of black jeans. No shirt, only because his sister was wearing it. No socks or shoes just because they didn't fit in the bag.

[#61a4e5 "Emily, come let us go home now."] He looked at his sister who was still hugging the black wolf. [#61a4e5 "And Please Miss, I would very much like to talk to you as well, if you would do my the pleasure and follow us. I rather not stay near the border of my territory."]
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[#ff3d00 "Claude Granville"]

He listened to the witch talk about fame and being a hero. [#ff3d00 "Even though that all sounds lovely, I am not all that interested in being a hero or famous. I rather much enjoy the stench of blood and rotten souls. The satisfying feeling of murdering those that shouldn't be alive anyway. Plus that was one reason I was created, so it's the only thing that can satisfy the blood-lust."] With a sigh he looked towards the Mural and looked at it a bit puzzled. His paws padded over to the stone/rock like material, before shaking his head and walking off.

[i "You ought to remember who created you. You are some of my best work, now lets seek revenge.... After all that is in your blood Claude"] He mindlessly walked through the ruins. Even though this place had fallen apart, it was very pristine. [i "Kill her!" [#ff3d00 "But what has she done, she is but a child"] "She is nothing but a mistake from the wretched whore. Now dispose of her! Do as I command or it will be the death of you, Claude!"] He somehow found him self in a room that looked like a rundown library. Must have been a study of some sorts.

He began to feel strange as if now he was in depth to his body changing. But there must be a way to control it. I mean it is very inconvenient to change when he was in the middle of doing something. He let the process of the change take place. The pain was lessening with each change but he doubted if it would go away completely. Though his pain tolerance is pretty high, so a little pain was nothing. Once the change was complete he sat from being on his hands and knees, he then rolled his head and shoulders. He still couldn't believe this form. For once in his life he looked human.

He sat there with his legs crossed as he took a few deep breathes. He knew he would need to find those things that people wear.... Clothes. Looking around the study, he rose to his feet and began to walk slowly hopefully trying to master the art of walking. Feeling the weight of himself and everything around him was odd. Gravity felt like such a cursed thing, but he welcomed the challenge.
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[center [font PoiretOne ☆
[center [#f0000b "Elliot Shea"]]

[i [#f0000b Mr. Go-getter? This mutt needs to chill, like for real.]] He thought to himself before he started to help her look for stuff on the so called interwebs... or was it internet.. Eh.

They were at the online shopping for awhile

[i [#f0000b The door, Must be Rose's package.]] He thought to himself as he could smell a human walking up the walkway before the man rang the door bell. Elliot just curled up tighter under his cover as Emira answered the door. The human was acting funny before running off.

[#f0000b "Yeah, that was on weird Postman."]

_Time Skip_

Later that evening. rose and Damien had returned home. Elliot was in his room getting dressed. He was going over to the next town for some dining. The thirst was starting to affect him physically. His brown eyes were shining like red rubies.

He stood in the mirror, looking at his reflection. Tilting his head to the side and back, his arms that were wrapped around his torso unwrapped to grab the button up black long sleeved shirt. Putting his arms in each sleeve, he pulled the material up on his shoulders. Black made his skin appear even more pale but it was beautiful. Like porcelain. He buttoned the shirt up, but making sure to leave at least two to three buttons undone.

He looked like some CEO of an important publishing... Well technically he was. The Vampire that turned him, when he was killed by a slayer he was left with everything. The estate, his business, and much more.

He finished is all black wear with a pair of dress shoes. Because he wasn't wearing a tie and his shirt was unbutton, it gave him a bit of a dangerous look. He gulped several times as thirst hit him over and over.

He left his room when it was safe to do so, that meaning the sun had gone down. He ventured into the living room as he shoved a hand through his disheveled hair with on hand and the other held his suit jacket.

It was true that most older vampires owned property, but only because they have had many decades to build a financial lead. And being Elliot inherited it, he was doing alright. When he was held captive, he was forced to learn about publishing and advertisement. He didn't complain about learning the two trades because he never thought of what he wanted to do with his future. He never had a future goal as a kid.

He was on his way to find someone to feed from before work. He was in stage one of thirst. This was a very mild stage that he didn't immediately needed blood but unless he wasn't to look completely normal then he just needed to drink a little to quench whatever thirst he had and to make his eyes go back to normal. He usually fed in stage one because the other stages only got more dangerous.

[b Ring Ring Ring!!]

The ringing noise caused him to stop what he was doing and pulled his phone from his coat pocket. [b "Sire, Sire?! Where are you? We need you here pronto, we can't get this done without your approval."] A panic-ish like male voice stated. [b "I can send the car to fetch you, just tell me where you are!..."] With a sigh, Elliot looked around. [#f0000b "I am on Hillnook road and Gatin."] He waited to hear a response but all he heard was a click and then nothing. He looked at the phone and it said the call had ended.

He put his phone up and shook his head. To his surprise his ride showed up quicker then he expected. As the car came to a stop, he got in and the driver pulled off. He looked around the black interior til he spotted a small black box next to the glasses and water. He poured himself a glass of water and opened the box. There were small white placebo blood tablets in it. He took and put two of the tablets in the water. They dissolved rather quickly before he drank it.

He hated taking them because they made him look normal so his eyes changed back to being brown but his thirst is going unchecked, if anything it amplified it. But he needed to do what was necessary for the people he worked with. The people he worked with were humans, who were just accepting him as their head CEO.

Once they arrived he was immediately greeted at the curb, ushered out the car and into the building. He had papers thrown in his face from every direction. It was a bit troubling, and even when he was in his office behind his desk, they were still shoving papers at him for him to read and sign. He did just that.
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