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[size15 [font "Courier New" Kris was just happy that August was behind him. He was fucking [i terrified] that he'd just doomed them both. But maybe if Kris was in front of August, Kris could take the bullet and August could get out safely. Hopefully. He flinched when she walked over, and flinched more when she grabbed his chin. He just let him be pulled around like a doll, even if it...was uncomfortable. Especially when they were that close. It was too similar. Too similar. He wanted to pull away. But he just stayed in place and stared at her, nodding when she made it clear that he needed to get this done. He could do it- he'd had to do that before. He gulped when threatened and didn't say another word to her, just flinching when she let go because he was expecting to be hit.

Thank god she didn't. He sighed in relief when she walked away, the tension in his body finally fading. He rubbed his arm nervously; a habit he [i thought] he'd gotten over after Jace died but...it was back. The abuse habit's were...coming back. He glanced down at August's arms around him and snapped a little out of it, moving his boyfriend's arms to turn around and face him.

Fucking shit- he was so glad August was okay.

He was okay, right?

He sighed, looking emotionally drained as he checked August for bruises again. [b "Are you okay? Fuck, fuck... I need to...go fix this. Where are the tools?"] He freaking out, and it was draining him [i more]. He panickly ran a hand through his hair, glancing around in a panic. [b "Y-You can ask them, right? They'd willingly help you out? They'll tell you where the tools are? And I'll fix it and we'll be fine and we'll get out of here and we'll be safe and I'll be able to protect you and-"] He stopped, just kissing August's head to try and form himself to calm down more. [b "I'm so sorry. This is my fault. I shouldn't have let Katherine find out about this..."]
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Akako didn't like being pushed, barely budging, but lifting her foot and watching August get dragged away. She dusted off her boot with little remorse about August's ribs, looking at Kris and watching him try to piece together a plan. August gasped when grabbed, stumbling and hiding behind Kris. The short male slowly wrapped his arms around Kris's waist and hid his face in his back. He was done barking and threatening things now, never knowing someone could be that strong and terrifying.

The devil's daughter stared at Kris as he spoke and looked over to the side before making eye contact again, maintaining and trying not to break it, "[b [+red Someone perfect does need to run this company. The only other person who could is Arik in a few years... Ike can't run it, of course.]]" She scoffed.

She stared at him again, balling her hands up into fists and wanting to drive in into his eye socket. She walked over slowly, reaching up and touching his chin, breathing out slowly and trying to release all the anger from inside. She leaned her head down, touching their noses and keeping their lips close and spoke very carefully so he could hear him, "[b [+red Ask the servants about tools. I don't know where they are. Then fix this. Or make them fix it. This will be fixed by the time my father comes home, got it?]]" She asked, quickly grabbing his chin so he wouldn't move away. She wouldn't break eye contact, even this close to him. She gripped the chin a bit harder, almost enough to bruise it, "[b [+red If you fuck up one more time, you're gone. I will personally put a bullet into both of your skulls. Got it?]]" Then, she let go, looking at August and shaking her head, "[b [+red You two are pathetic. I'll be back here before father is home to make sure this is fixed.]]" She said, looking back towards the gym.
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[size15 [font "Courier New" Everything she said just kept Kris stuck with the idea that this was Jace. Just [i change your personality]. He could, easily. He had different ones for certain situations anyway. But the one he used here with August had been the most stable. But what would he use with them..? He just stared at her, trying to piece something together, and then felt himself be dropped to the floor. Even Akako pointing out who she was didn't snap him out of it, he just...didn't register the words. He just braced himself for a kick that didn't come and then looked up to find out [i why]. Normally with Jace, it was because he decided weapons were better. Were they looking for a weapon?

Who were they talking to? He narrowed his eyes, but given the trauma, he couldn't look around to find who it was. But then...he recognized the voice from the yelp, and snapped out just in time for August to get hurt. Fuck. It took a minute to fully register, and when it did, he was still shaking too badly to act on his protectiveness. He just had to watch her dig her heel into his boyfriend until he was finally sturdy enough to get up.

And when he did get up, he pushed her away from him in a panic and ripped him off the floor, making him hide behind him. No. No. This [b wasn't happening again]. He wasn't going to let August get hurt. But...August was right, they had nowhere to go. But wouldn't this be better..? If they got out? They could still find a way to leave...

Except...they had two gangs on their trail and he knew his sister well enough to know that by now, she would've hired extra help. But he could figure it out, right?

...He couldn't take on two gangs.

He forced himself to switch personality, trying to...[i get along] with Akako so that he could work this out. Maybe...[i Maybe] they could still make this work and get the money. And if not...then they'd leave in a hurry and...

Do what Katherine had taught him to do for money. He could probably scavenge enough to get them a plane ticket.

[b "You still need a fake husband to help you take control of your fathers business. Why waste your time looking for someone else to play that part? You're just giving him time to change his mind and give it to someone else."] He was already hating this. [b "Shouldn't someone [i perfect] be in charge of it?"] Perfect...perfect. This would be a lot easier to go with if she actually [i was] perfect. But whatever. He'd play this game with her. He'd rearrange his entire personality just to get her what she wanted so that him and August could get out of here.

[b "I can fix that hole so that nobody notices it happened. I-I just need the supplies to do so. I can [i steal] the supplies to do so. You won't even have to pay for it. I can salvage this."] And hopefully the pills Yoshi made would help the disassociation from stopping. And...maybe he could use the other parts of BPD that he hated remembering he had to...

Well, he could use it to his advantage. [b "And who else are you going to find that can use whatever personality you want them to?"]
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Akako just glared at the submissive man in front of her, dominating the whole situation because that's just what Akako did. She furrowed her brow and glanced off to the side before looking back at him. The woman was smart, but she was ignorant to things that weren't perfect. She was taught by her father the art of being strong and facing obstacles with all she had. She wasn't taught about all the mental disorders or drug abuse that could get in the way, and had no idea what any of that was like.

She kept gripping a fistful of his shirt, "[b [+red What the hell? There's something wrong with your personality? Then... change your personality?]]" She growled, "[b [+red Whatever, I don't care what's wrong with you, you need to suck it up and... and! I don't know! My father is going to be furious!]]" She was frustrated up until Kris started freaking out and calling her Jace. He started shaking and Akako let go, scoffing down at him, but feeling uncomfortable, "[b [+red What's... Stop it! I'm Akako!]]"

As Akako raised her heavy boot to kick him, August went over and grabbed her arm to tug her away, "[b Don't hurt him!]" He yipped, but Akako shoved him back after being touched.

"[b [+red What the hell is wrong with him?]]" Akako frowned.

August paused, "[b I... I don't know. Just don't hurt him.]" He said. He and Kris never had this big conversation. August just knew something was wrong and didn't really know how to fix it, so he had no idea how to deal with any of this.

"[b [+red Don't tell me what to do! He punched a hole in my fucking wall!]]" She sighed heavily, turning at Kris in anger again, but the tiny August wouldn't let her. Jumping up and wrapping his arms around her torso to try and yank her away.

"[b No! Everyone just calm down!]" He yelled, holding onto Akako tightly so she wouldn't hurt Kris. The raven responded with wrath, grabbing August's hands and forcing it off by gripping his wrist. The weaker male winced and let go, cringing at Akako's random and unreal strength. "[b H.. How?]"

Akako bent August's wrist a bit until he yelped and crumpled to the ground, "[b [+red Because I work hard. I don't fall and submit to things like you two, or like my brothers. I want something and I go and get it. I wanted to be strong and look.]]" She stomped on August's side and dug her heel into his ribs, "[b [+red I'm strong. I'm stronger than you and I'm stronger than Kris. I'm stronger than anyone in my family and stronger than anyone who has ever fought me. I don't let puny obstacles get in my way, and why? Because I'm perfect.]]"

August held his wrist close to his chest in pain, taking effort to glance up at Akako, then realizing the life she lived. Her father molding her into the perfect daughter, which is what August's parents did to their children. August didn't want to be perfect, though. Neither did his brother. They branched off and did their own thing. But Akako. She took a different direction. She was subjected to constant criticism and stress and it turned her into a monster. August panted, wincing at the heel in his ribs, "[b You don't... No one is perfect.]" He tried to say, trying to connect with her.

However, it was nearly impossible to connect with Akako, "[b [+red I already am perfect.]]" She hissed, digging her heel in a bit further, "[b [+red Now you can take your dirty boyfriend outside and never, ever come back here.]]"

"[b We don't have anywhere to go.]" August said honestly, squirming underneath the aggressive woman with a lot of pain in his voice.
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[size15 [font "Courier New" Kris was too focused on the fucking hole he needed to figure out how to fix to notice Akako come over. He only noticed when she yelled, and he instantly tensed up. The way she yelled was too familiar. The exact words were too similar. The [i punch] was too similar. He went like a ragdoll; not making [i any] effort to stop her. Because he didn't see it as Akako hurting him: he saw Jace. Because everything she did was too similar and PTSD was a terrible thing. He just laid limply, in ptsd induced shock on the floor until he was picked up and slammed against the wall. What the fuck was his problem...?

He actually remembered exactly [i what] it was for once. Perhaps [i because] of the PTSD, and the familiar feeling of being held against a wall and yelled at. So he...answered...bluntly. [b "Borderline personality disorder."] It didn't feel good to say. He didn't want to be the terrible stereotype of a [i scary violent borderline]. It wasn't the common; he didn't want to be the reason the stereotype was as bad as it was. Because it was such a harmful stereotype already.

He kept staring at Akako, hands shaking and heart racing. If she was anything like Jace: she would beat his head against the wall until he passed out or at least bled. Perhaps she'd kill him.

Or rather, maybe [i Jace] would kill him because that's still all he could see her as in the moment. What had he done again? Why were they mad? He glanced at the wall. Right. M-Maybe he could figure this out. Maybe they could forgive him. [b "I-I can fix it. I f-fixed the other ones I c-can fix this one. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Jace, I-I'll fix it. It'll take m-maybe an hour. Or less! I can make it less!"] He was...very clearly not doing well. [b "I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me."] He'd completely forgotten about August being there, and his need to protect him. He'd completely forgotten about where he was and the fact that this was, y'know, Akako and not Jace. He was shaking too badly and the PTSD was blinding him to what was [i actually] going on.
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Akako rolled her eyes, watching Kris leave with August in his arms. The smaller male blinked when put down, wrapping his arms around Kris. He smiled, "Kris, look at me. I'm fine." His smile faded away when the red head's breathing picked up. When Kris reached up to check his pulse, August reached forward, "Kris, it's okay. Wait, don't-!"

August tried to stop him, reaching out and grabbing his arm, but he punched the wall anyway. He sighed, hating that he wasn't strong enough to prevent things like this. The blonde looked at him and frowned at all the blood, "I-i don't know." He said quietly, not knowing what this meant.

Akako heard the noise, though, quickly jogging over to the source. When she saw a bloody wall in the wall, her eyes went wide, "What... what?! What is your problem?!" She yelled, going over and looking at the wall, "How am I supposed to fix this?! My father can't see this! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She yelled at Kris and didn't hold back, punching him in the face and then kicking him to the ground. She had a lot more strength than it looked like, spending all her life getting strong and impressing her father.

August stood in front of Kris suddenly, "Wait! He didn't mean it, he has- he's!" August started out strong, yelling at Akako, but she was so tall and scary, making August get quiet as he stared up at her.

Akako rolled her eyes, pushing August out of the way, "Move, pipsqueak." She growled, picking up Kris by the shirt and slamming him against the wall, "What the FUCK is your problem?!"
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[size15 [font "Courier New" Kris wasn't thrilled with Akako following him. He frowned as she said he didn't know where August could be, getting nervous because [i this was not okay he needed to know where August was at all times to make sure he was okay]. He ignored her obvious frustration about it, just leaving anyway and sighing in relief when he saw August. He didn't seem hurt. Other than, y'know, the chip still in his arm. He needed to get that out. [b "Hey..."] He smiled weakly, hugging August when he came over and not wanting to let go. He glanced back at Akako and frowned. [b "You're the one who followed me out of the gym: you don't have to be stand there and watch us."] Despite that, he did pick August up and carried him into another hall because Kris didn't want her to be around him.

And then he put just held him because [i shit] this entire place felt like hell and he wanted to make sure August was okay. [b "Are you alright? Are you hurt? Did anything happe-"] He suddenly stopped. Shit. It was happening again. The static hit hard and his medication wasn't on him, it was in August's room. Fuck. He pulled back to check his pulse, and then...

Panicked and punched a wall.

Which was normal for him, but [i here wasn't the best place to do that.]

[b "Shit. Shit. Fuck."] He glanced around, ignoring his bloody hand. [b "Maybe it won't be that bad? Maybe they won't murder us? Fuck..."]
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Ike had mixed feelings about Kris's refusal to fight him, but he just shrugged it off and chose to be bitter about the whole thing. "[b You don't have to throw a pity party for me because I'm blind. I fight just as good as anybody else.]" He muttered, punching his punching bag a little bit harder this time.

Akako rolled her eyes, "[b [+red Nice try, Ike. You just suck, blind or not.]]" She scoffed, then watched Kris leave and try to find his boyfriend. She frowned, not liking how he got distracted by August all the time. The young adult followed him through the halls and shrugged her shoulders, "[b [+red I don't know. This mansion is huge, he could be anywhere.]]"

A few feet away from the gym was August though. He had been waiting outside nervously, hoping the devil spawns didn't hurt his boyfriend while he was working out. August blinked when Kris walked out and stood up, "[b Oh, hey.]" He smiled lightly, going over and hugging Kris tightly, holding onto him and trying to keep calm even though this place was driving him insane. It felt more like a prison than a home.

Akako gagged at the gay males, shaking her head, "[b [+red Ugh, go take that somewhere else, homos.]]"
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[size15 [font "Courier New" Kris opened his mouth to respond to Ike, but- Akako spoke first. And he was much too uncomfortable to continue talking when she was clearly frustrated about it. He sat up when the weight was taken only to be pushed forward. He...did not like the idea of fighting [i anyone]. He looked back to protest and then it got [i worse]. He did not want to fight A BLIND KID. [b "What? No. No. I-I'm not doing that. That's too far- he's [i blind]. I can't do that."] How would that even help him? This kid wouldn't stand a chance. [b "You're more than welcome to do your evil shit like torturing babies or whatever is you do, but I will [i not] be involved with that."] If the cost of protecting August was punching a blind kid in the face- actually, he'd do it. But given that it [i wasn't] the only option, he wasn't going to do it.

[b "I'll work on it some other way, one thing at a time, but I'm not doing that."] He glanced around uncomfortably and...all he could think about was how bad it felt to be around Akako. He needed a second before he could continue with this. [b "Your dad's gone, right? Where's August? I wanna go see him."]
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"[b Why is Akako Satan and I'm just some dumb demon? This should be the other way around.]" Ike sighed, punching the punching bag in front of him and sending it flying back until he punched it a few more times.

Akako wasn't pleased, grabbing the weight in Kris's hand and putting it back, "[b [+red Yeah, I hope you had fun with your little story.]]" She shoved Kris forward, "[b [+red Multitasking is useless. It teaches nothing. You can only focus on one thing at a time, unless... You want to fight. Fighting and sparring is the only way to practice everything at once. Your strength, your wits, your power.]]"

She nudged Kris again, "[b [+red Why don't you fight Ike?]]" She asked, and smiled like she got joy out of asking a man to go beat up a blind teenager.

Ike glanced over at Akako's voice, but kept his mouth shut. He wasn't too skilled at fighting, and didn't want to get beat up for the third time this week.
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[size15 [font "Courier New" Kris...hated this. He hated accepting that August was a part of this and that August was [b in danger]. August meant too much to him- the idea of him getting hurt was too much for Kris to handle. The very idea made him want to collapse. He frowned at her pointing it out, but just...continued pushing himself. His arms would get tired, but it would be worth it. If he could protect August...everything would be better. He started pushing himself harder when Akako told him he'd be stronger if he just didn't give up.

And then the poor blind kid tried to talk and Akako started hissing at him and Kris paused, looking over at Ike before Akako told Kris to ignore him. Kris didn't listen. There was only so much she could force him to do at this point. [b "Some lesser demon. And then the small kid over there is an angel of some sort."] He mumbled. [b "Or probably not even a demon. You just exist slightly."] He glanced up at Akako and then just...

Switched the topic in hopes she wouldn't get too frustrated. [b "Shouldn't we be working on more than one thing? I can't get strong enough by focusing on only this."]
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Akako shrugged, scrunching up her nose when being called Satan. It wasn't the first time. "[b [+red Eh. I guess.]]" She said back to him, not really getting his perspective of being attracted to short people. Akako wanted to date someone as strong as her, even though she wanted to always be the dominant one in a relationship. She watched Arik shoot from across the gym, watching the small child fumble with the gun and tremble after he shot each time at the human target. He missed more when they used a human target.

The Asian women looked back down and smirked, "[b [+red He's barely a part of this? He's the whole reason you're doing this.]]" She said back, knowing Kris would've ran away by now if August's life wasn't in danger. He was only playing it safe because his boyfriend was in the line of fire. She watched him push himself and nodded a few times, "[b [+red Don't worry, you'll be stronger in no time, just don't give up.]]" She said casually, but that's what she usually told herself. She couldn't give up, because then she'd be a failure. Akako couldn't live with herself if she became a failure.

Ike looked over at the two of them and tried to make some funny banter, "[b If she's Satan, what am I?]"

Akako sneered, "[b [+red Stop joining in on conversations like you even deserve to be a part of them.]]" She snapped back instantly. It was worse than sibling bickering, because Ike and Akako glared at each other like they were about ready to rip each other's throats out. They haven't gotten along since Ike's birth. She looked back at Kris. "[b [+red Ignore him. He doesn't matter.]]"
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[size15 [font "Courier New" The gym was the most expensive thing he'd ever seen- and he'd bought an art piece that was worth half of a million dollars once. Which was now destroyed, thanks to his sister, but still. He followed Akako in and watched her look herself over in the mirror; very clearly obsessed with perfection due to her abusive father. Which was...sad. He frowned at her insult and then raised an eyebrow when she told him to come because they had to apparently get someone.

He...didn't expect any of the awfulness that he saw. Perhaps he should have. She handled the poor kid so roughly. And she...she blamed [i him] for being blind? That would be like blaming Katherine for her brain damage- it wasn't her fault that football hit her in the head and knocked her off the top of the pyramid. It wasn't her fault that pole had-

He hadn't thought about that in years. The thing that made Katherine the monster she'd become. This place seemed to just [i attract] the bad memories. He ignored it, knowing there was nothing he could do to help, and just followed them back down to the gym, flinching when he heard a gunshot.

He...didn't actually find it that weird for Arik to be learning to shoot, given his own childhood growing up in a gang. Kris was the perfect shot he was because of how young he started. Now he [i never] missed. He watched the kid shoot until Akako spoke, then turned his attention to her.

He...wasn't really that weak, was he? How did he ever hope to protect August like this? He changed when told to, wanting to do his best so that he make sure nothing ever hurt August. He didn't dare start small. He lifted as much as he possibly could and tried to work himself as hard as possible. Because [i nothing] was more important that him being able to protect August.

He would've [i liked] to have done it silently, though. But Akako brought up August and Kris knew [i not] responding to her would be a terrible idea. Part of him wanted to go on a long rant about all the reasons he loved August, but doing that to [i her] wouldn't be a good idea. He didn't want to give her [i anything] to use against him. And he didn't know how any of the things he loved about August [i could] be used again them but...he wasn't dumb enough to tell her anything of value. [b "He has a nice body. He's short. He's attractive."] It wasn't necessarily a lie: Kris was a [i little] biased when it came to the body type he normally dated. That being: short. August [i definitely] fit that category. [b "That enough information for you, Satan?"] He hissed, being extremely aggressive about all this because like hell he was gonna be happy and passive about her asking about August. [b "You don't need to know anything about him. He's barely a part of this."]
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Akako opened up the doors to a huge, indoor gym that only a millionaire could afford. She looked over at Kris, smirking inwardly at how easy it was to get him to come train. She was slowly learning that you could manipulate Kris easily because all you had to do was mention something about his boyfriend.

"[b [+red Strength comes from years of training and constantly maintaining your body at the level of perfection.]]" She went over to some of the expensive equipment and stared at herself in the mirror, looking herself up and down, "[b [+red You just keep working and working until you get perfect.]]" She glanced over at Kris, looking him up and down, "[b [+red You don't even have half the strength and endurance that I do.]]" She said arrogantly, like she already knew that by just looking at him.

She looked around the gym, sighing when realizing Ike had to train too. "[b [+red C'mon, we have to go get stupid.]]" She walked out of the gym to go up to Ike's room while Arik put on gloves and started preparing for the day of drilling.

Akako didn't bother knocking on Ike's door, just opening it. The room was dark, Ike sitting in the corner of his bed and staring at nothing. Doing nothing. Akako turned on the light and Ike didn't flinch, breathing heavily out of his nose.

"[b [+red Father says you have to train.]]"

"[b I don't have to do what he says.]"

"[b [+red Yeah, you do. If you ever want to actually be wanted or useful, you should probably do what he says.]]"

Ike shook his head, "[b I'm not training. You can't make me.]"

Akako accepted the challenge, walking in and grabbing Ike by the shirt. The male sibling struggled and yanked one of her arms off, but Akako was much stronger than she looked, yanking Ike off the bed and dragging him out of the room.

Ike kicked and thrashed, his messy hair revealing his milky, disoriented eyes. "[b Let go of me, bitch!]"

"[b [+red C'mon! Dad said!]]"

"[b Why does he care?! Dad hates me! He knows I can't do shit!]"

"[b [+red That's your fault for being blind!]]" Akako shouted, shoving Ike into the gym and closing the doors.

Ike stumbled in, flinching at the sound of a gunshot. Arik Lee was standing in front of a bunch of targets, using a pistol to shoot at the heads of a bunch of mannequins. His aim wasn't bad, but his father insisted he kept working on it, so he'd be shooting all day. The little boy who was at the age of playing with toys and making arts and crafts stood there and shot a gun at fake people's heads. This place was hell.

While Akako acted like Satan, she wasn't. Mr. Bakar was. There seemed to be no mother in the picture either, while Akako and Ike looked almost identical to their father, Arik didn't look like them. He had gentle eyes and brown hair while his older siblings had cold eyes and pitch black hair.

Ike looked over at Kris, hearing him move around and just glared at everything. He didn't bother getting ready, using his rough hands like he always did and went over to lift weight and punch things. If people were forcing him to train, he was going to punch things and pretend it was his father or his sister.

Akako tied her curly hair back and looked at Kris, "[b [+red Okay, let's work on you. You're about as weak as Ike, and that's sad.]]"

"[b I'm blind, Akako. Not deaf.]" Ike muttered, hitting a punching bag as hard as he could.

Akako growled, "[b [+red Shut up, faggot.]]" She glared at Kris, "[b [+Red So we'll start you off easy.]]" She said, changing into her workout gear like Arik did and Ike did not, then telling Kris he should probably change and gave him workout gear that Ike never wore. The kids didn't seem to be focused on anything else, like activities, or having fun. They trained hard, sweat, bled, and then when their father got home, focused on homeschooling and becoming educated. This was all the did. The Bakar children had no time to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Akako was spotting Kris as he lifted weights, being able to lift what Kris was with one hand. Now that she wasn't wearing all her fancy, provocative outfits, it became obvious that she had abs and muscles and worked on her body more than anything she ever did. She was pushing herself past the limit to try and reach her father's impossible expectations. She stared down at Kris, watching him lift all he could and sighed, "[b [+red Why do you like him anyway? He's so tiny. Don't you want someone strong and capable?]]" Akako asked, trying to see why Kris found August attractive. Akako could never date anyone weaker than her. Of course, a lot of people were weaker than her though. Akako was raised in a cold, rock hard household and was raised without soft feelings or affections. It was impossible for her to find a happy relationship.
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[size15 [font "Courier New" This family was [i clearly] dysfunctional. It made Kris feel...well...bad. Because it didn't need to be like this. Kris how great having a good family was- before Katherine...and he knew what having a dysfunctional one felt like. No wonder Akako was like this. Still, Kris couldn't feel [i much] sympathy toward this girl. Not when she threatened August. He nodded at the bitch and followed her everywhere, reluctantly. He watched her preen herself to be [i perfect] and straightened up to smile as her father left, although the smile faded once he was out of eyesight. And then-

[i [+red "Follow me, queer."]] Kris blinked fast in shock. PTSD from Jace flashed in, but it was gone just as fast as it showed up. He hadn't heard someone call him that in a while. Neither of them were...wrong about it. [i Queer], while being a slur, was probably the most fitting thing to call him. Given, y'know, gayness among gender things. He followed her and ate reluctantly when given food, not looking up until he saw other movement. Kris waved slightly, eyes softening because [i holy shit a small child with so much to live for should [b not] have to go through this hell.] He glared daggers at the woman he was supposed to pretend to love when she was rude to the poor boy, but...he didn't dare keep it that long.

He just wanted to get out of here. He wanted to go back down to August and take that damn chip out of his arm.

He looked over when Mr. Bakar, basically [i Satan], came in to talk to his children.

He'd never been so [i shocked] at a way a father talked to his kids. No wonder Akako was like this. She was probably suffering. Hearing this, day after day? His own parents would [i never] allow someone to talk to him like this. He watched the man leave and felt sympathy for the poor girl for a while but-

Then she spoke. And hit on something that was [i definitely] a weak point on him.

Protecting August.

He watched her leave and just stared in shock. He...couldn't protect August like this? He wasn't fit enough for this. He...He needed to...

He needed to be able to protect August. He hurried to catch up to her and Arik, following her into the gym. [b "If you don't think I'm strong enough to defend him I need you to teach me to be strong enough to. I can't let anything happen to him."]
  Kristen / -sentientStatic / 3y 178d 17h 13m 4s

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