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[center [font "Minion Pro" [size12 Some people get super picky about samples and force me to write pointless crap with the specific character I want to use so why not make a thread of it.

Then I can just send this thread to the less picky people too. Win win.]]]

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[size12 How long? Just how long did she need to search, pray, and wander? Always onlooking, an electric shock coursing through her bones every time she so much as spotted black hair or pale hands. They were never truly him, she knew that. However even the briefest idea of him plunged into her drowned mind caused a full body reaction. She couldn’t stop searching since she had returned to Eve. Even now, while the rain poured so defiantly, mother nature trying her hardest to stick a pin in her plans, wedge a fork in her road, she pressed on. Because her fleeting memories had finally given her a lead. A small reminder that there was hope. She immediately took vacation time from her growing music career, returning to the place that she had once forgotten, with a collection of numbers she had once adored.

An address.

It was the same one from that time, when they first met. When she first left the flat in a rush she spotted the collection of numbers, and the end of the street which she hurried down to catch the nearest bus. It all came back to her in the dead of the night. Nothing could stop her from going there, and if she knew Xavier at all it wouldn’t be strange to assume he’d be awake at 3:00am with a mug between his thin, pale fingers.

Chatting with his demons, she’d always assumed.
It was no secret that he had them, by the way he carried himself, the scent he gave off, and the way he’d always talk about himself like he was someone’s - perhaps everyone’s - monster. He was good, Nia knew he was. She wanted to tell him; Console him and speak the sweet words of comfort that she had never been capable of before the incident. That, along with the incident itself, was likely one of her biggest regrets.

The winds were picking a fight with her umbrella, but her icy hands held it in a defiant grasp, one that wouldn’t release before her own heart stopped beating. Cars honked and skidded to a stop as she stumbled half-blind through them. She could see it now, the flickering streetlight, nobody had fixed it yet and she could guess that it still stayed lit in the daytime as it once had. The staircase she began to approach would become her next challenge. 18 steps, she counted them under the sounds of crackling thunder. 18 blind, slippery steps that she nearly trampled up in her two inch pumps. It was funny, the little things her brain liked to remind her of.

Like always, the fluorescent light above his door was lit and welcoming. Accommodating her night blindness with a warm heart. As always she spoke below all other sound. Including the violent thumping in her chest and ears. She was so close she could taste it; bitter coffee had never seemed so sweet. Her pink knuckles tapped twice, then knocked three times flat. Nothing,

She knocked again, this time harder and irregularly. Then the metal door finally swung open, a pair of mismatched socks greeting her gaze to the floor. There was no sound now, just the constant thud of her heart attempting to break out of her chest. Her gaze followed the long sweatpants to the edge of her umbrella. Could it really be? After all this time…

“The hell, you’re not the pizza guy…”

Who was this tiny girl? Why was she hiding under this horrible blue umbrella? Not being able to see her face, or hear whatever it was she was attempting to whisper from under it, was honestly pissing Staz off. “Helloo- speak the fuck up, nobody’s got ears big ‘nough to… hear….” His voice gradually faded away as he watched the umbrella tilt with the wind, then tumble down the patio passed the other doors before skidding to a stop. He wasn’t watching the umbrella for long though, the girl had his immediate attention.

Her quivering, muttering lips were a shade of pink that matched her cheeks. Her shoulders were raised up to her ears and her eyes seemed to be looking for anything except him. She was saying something. Something about being wrong or being lost? He couldn’t really make it out, but she seemed to have stopped trying when her muttering broke down and her lower lip was engulfed by her teeth. Staz has had his fair share of strange people coming by here since he moved in, but she was by far the strangest. Especially since the tears were only coming out of her left eye.

“Ah, fuck…”

It’s not him, of course it isn’t. People don’t just freeze in time while you’ve abandoned them.
“I’m… sorry… sorry… I - this .. I’ve got the wrong address I think.. I’m..” She ranted off anything she could think off, but the pain in her chest made everything else irrelevant. After what seemed like a decade of standing there feeling sorry for herself in the presence of a stranger - said stranger placed a firm hand on her back and shoved her into the apartment. “Alright, okay” he began in a rather irritable tone. “Everythings fine, come on in.” His actions were rough, but Nia only felt comforted by it. Because, in a sense, this boy was as awkward about strangers as Xavier had once been Where Xavier went quiet, this boy seemed to pipe up with irritation. Even so, he was concerned. “Sit down” He muttered, his cheeks almost seemed a bit peachy but Nia wasn’t getting a very good look at his face. She was more focused on his feet or the tiled floors Xavier once carried her across. She recalled every detail of her visits since that time in a warm light, her small feet kicking out of her pumps as she made her way over to the sofa.
The sofa, she marveled. It was the exact same one, only on the other side of the living area.

Then, maybe this really was his home still? She finally looked up at the boy, who seemed a great deal younger than her she noticed. He seemed startled by her sudden change in expression, and spilled some of the tea over his hand when he jolted. “What the-- Fuck!” He alternated from a surprised whisper to a loud curse, which in turn made Nia jump next. He nearly slammed the cup down on the coffee table in front of her knees, which only made more of a mess down the mug, then stomped over to the kitchen.

This chick is bad luck, he decided. She was very neatly causing Staz’s anger to manifest in a pulse of electric shocks against his eyelashes. He took a deep breath, calm the fuck down he didn’t need another accident, he didn’t need another death. While he wiped the hot liquid off the side of his hand, biting down any further outbursts, he peered over at the blue girl. Watching as she attempted to touch the damp cup, flinch, then begin pulling a blue napkin from her breast to clean off the liquid. She was weird, accepting his rude invitation inside, barely reacting when he got angry. It made him wonder what she might have gone through to become used to those kinds of things. “Do you.. live here alone?”

The electricity tickled between his fingers, fading away when he finally met her eyes. “No,” he began slowly, how long could he trick her into looking at him? Her eyes were so blue.. “My … uncle and his new wife bought the place. It’s just me and him now though.” He shrugged, deciding to leave out the little fact that he had killed her. Staz squinted how, was it just him or did her right eye seem a bit lighter than her left? Just like that, she tore her gaze away from him and back to the mug. She didn’t look very pleased to hear other people lived here, in fact she seemed a bit shaken by learning it. At least she wasn’t crying anymore, he hated seeing girls cry. It was so bothersome.

“Sorry… I must have given you quite a shock”
“Yeah no kiddin’. Crying at my fucking door at four AM.”
“I was looking for someone, but..”
“Maybe it was my uncle? Don’t know what you’d want to talk to that bag of shit for though.”
“He lived here with his.. Wife right? W-What was his name?”

Staz raised a brow, why was her voice so fragile? It was annoying, couldn’t she speak up? This made him want to bite back any anger, so his voice wouldn’t completely break her. Though the expression was clear on his face. “Don.” What a reaction that name gave. Her posture seemed to instantly become less tense, and the napkin went limp in her unclenched hand. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, what caused such a feeling to completely take over the room? There was only one word to explain the look on her face, and the lightness of her body.

It flooded through her, tingling her sore bones and tired nerves. Thank god it wasn’t him, thank god Xavier had not gotten married. She began smiling, almost mockingly at herself. Seemed like one thing hadn’t changed about Nia for sure; She was still great at jumping to conclusions. “I see,” she glanced up at the boy, for a moment, to politely offer a smile. “Thank you, but I really must have the wrong address.” She lied. There was no way this was the wrong place, pieces of Xavier was scattered all over it. Some of the furniture, the scuffs on the clear flooring, and that lingering scent of cinnamon. At first, Nia had believed some kind of power was flowing through her, causing her to literally smell Xavier's existence here - but that was just silly, wasn’t it? Power like that could never exist. This was only proven when she sipped from the hot mug, tasting the lingering cinnamon flavor within it. She closed her eyes for a moment, her free hand caressing the side of the white leather sofa.

Yeah, impossible.


Do you think.. I could ask you a favor? I-It’s nothing big, I promise!
Just, if you see - or maybe run into the man I’m looking for, could you please call me?
He’s tall, extremely so, with thin black hair, green eyes, and he always has a glum look on his face..
Here, I’ll write it down, along with my number, just message me if you ever spot someone that fits the description--
His name… it’s..

Staz could feel the electricity zapping under his skin, causing his fingers to twitch. He was going to let the guy keep walking ahead of him, but he had to check. Something demanded he did. The raven haired male, a good few inches taller than himself, paused mid walk. He then turned his head, curious mossy green eyes staring into his own electric blue. Holy shit. Shit shit, fuck.

Staz rarely felt regret, however in this moment, while he was sucked into that forest of green, it manifested.

I should have kept her number.
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[center [font "Minion Pro" [size12 The girls stood behind the table, smiling, giggling, posing for pictures, and shaking hands with each VIP guest that passed. Once they took a picture with the girls, they’d shake hands and move to the next area, which gave out merchandise. These sessions tended to drag on, but Nia managed to keep a cheerful smile through it all. That was one thing she was sure she was good at; Keeping a smile, and being an Idol practically demanded it. [b “H-Hi Rio”] A nasally voice shook her from her thoughts, and she extended both her hands to take his, flinching when she looked at him directly. Light! she tried to silence the surprise on her face, offering a thin smile instead.

His nostrils were stuffed with slightly bloodied tissue, the bridge of his nose was swollen, and slightly colored. He looked like he just got kicked in the face by a horse - and yet his cheeks matched the damp bits of his nose tissue, smiling all giddy when she took his hand. [b “Thanks for coming tonight~”] She chimed, blinking in slight confusion when he snapped a picture of her with his cracked Iphone.

[b “OOH!”] Tatsuya chimed in, her curled locks tapping against her cheeks when she bounced. [b “What happened to you?!”] She asked in Japanese, to which the american boy just grinned. “Take a picture with us, come come!” She and Marice waved him over, wedging the lucky horse victim between them while Marice took his phone to hold out for the photo. Nia turned her attention to the next guest, taking her shaking hand, while the girl fought back tears. [b “Hi, thank you for--”] Nia was cut off by Tatsuyas scream. Rattling off a slur of Japanese that even Nia couldn’t comprehend. Something about her butt? Did he grope her? Marice pulled Tatsu away from the boy, who security had already begun dragging off. He called out a thousand excuses; His hand slipped, it was an accident, she was asking him to do it and she was a whore.

[b “Ain’t that the boy that got knocked out by RioLover_88?”] One of them joked.
[b “Ah yeah, that Xavier kid? Looks like he deserved it after all.”] the other replied.

The girl in front of Nia was stuttering something, but all other sound had drowned out, Nia watched the blank sheets of paper on the table in chilling silence. [i Who?]

She looked up after a moment, realizing that she might have said it for real, loud too, because the three security guards and the two other Idols were staring right at her. All facades were gone now, Nia’s brows were folded with confusion, her fake nails bending off the real ones from how hard she was gripping the table. [b [i “Who’s name did you just say?”]]


Nia’s new dress was gripped tight in her fists so it wouldn’t fly up while she ran, passed the tents as fast as her heels would take her. [i ”Some guy claiming to know you, knocked that guy out and took his friends pass after the show. He looked real fishy y’know? Real pale and skinny.”] She basically slammed herself against the back gate, gripping the metal poles to keep herself from slipping. This couldn’t be real, was she dreaming again? What an awful dream, a horrible dream. [i ”Said his name was Xavier, don’t tell me you really knew that guy?”]

She shoved the gate open, mass clumps of hard snow blocking it from fully opening. She slipped through with some struggle, the left waist of her dress ripping open in the process. How long ago did the show end? Twenty minutes? Thirty? What if he was already gone? She hauled her small figure through the thicker, unshoveled snow. Struggling to make it around to the front. [b “Xavier!”] She called out in a desperate, thin tone. One that barely made it passed the rushing traffic next to her. It was too dark on the other side of the fence to see - her only sense of direction being the cold metal of the gate against her quivering fingers.

Keep moving, don’t stop until you find him. She turned the corner, rushing along the side of the gate, towards the front. Her heel cracked, twisting her ankle as she toppled over into the snow. Nia gasped from the sharp sting of the cold snow against her forearms and all of her legs. [b “Xav..”] There was a hick in her voice, but she wouldn’t cry. If she’s learned anything from those painful months of torture -- it was that tears do not fix the pain. Crying was something you did when you needed people to know you were hurting.

Well there was nobody to know she was hurting anymore.

Nia tugged off her shoes, trekking through the thick snow as it pinched and stung her bare feet - biting back the pain throbbing in her foot. [b “Xavier--”] She barely even muttered, gripping the icy wires of the fence to turn the last corner. She could see the lights at the entrance, but nothing more. [b “Xavier..!”] She called this time, her voice small but prominent. She stumbled down the edge of the snowbank, her wet feet rapidly hitting the cold, icy concrete while she tried to steady herself.

By now, Nia’s entire body was shaking. From the cold, and from the nerves. It looked like everyone was gone, and the only thing to welcome her was the fresh snow dashing through the light winds. She pressed on, looking in every which direction for any sign of him. She tripped again, this time in shallow snow that couldn't keep her knees from grazing the concrete - ripping her leggings in the process. This time, it didn’t hurt so bad. Not compared to the flames set inside her chest. [i Light, where is he? Where! Please, please show him to me!]

For a moment, Nia felt it. A touch of electricity, zapping at the edges of her lips. It was the scent of cinnamon, and the taste of bitter coffee on her tongue.

[b “[i Xavier-] Xavier?!”] She spotted the bench near the sidewalk from the front gate, and the figure hunched over it. Nia climbed to her feet, and sprinted towards it.

The power, she swore it was back, but that moment was fleeting. None of that mattered right now, in this moment. She stumbled again, but fought to stay on her freezing feet.

[size14 [b “ Xavier ! ”]]


Inhale, exhale, repeat Nia clutched her chest, hunched over and heaving in breaths of icy air that caught in her throat and tickled her lungs. cough, cough She hadn’t realized how fast she was running, how desperately she was holding back her breath and her cries and her passion. It all came out at once, when Xavier looked at her.

The way her entire body responded to those eyes - that mossy stare that glimmered with moisture - It was proof that she never started to recover from the loss of him. Her entire body and all the pain she was feeling vibrated, throbbed, and melted away. All she could feel was heat, passion, and hope. All those things, they were incredibly warm.

It was entirely possible that this painless ecstasy was nothing more than a dream, her mind playing awful tricks that left her heart torn up in the morning. [b “eh-”] She sputtered breathlessly. [b “Is it -- Is it really you?”] She shook her head, tangles of wavy short blue sticking to her skin and painted lips. [b “I can’t feel my legs, Xavier, am I dreaming?”] She didn’t wait for a response, she didn’t want to know the answer, and instead dropped down in front of him.

Her arms, violently shaking, touched at his legs. While she pressed her cheek against his knee. [b “Even if it is a dream,”] She began, eyes closing softly. [b “.. It’s okay, as long as I can see you like this.”] Nia rubbed her face slightly against his legs, happy to feel any form of interaction with him.

[b “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t find you-- It’s been so lonely.”] Her shaking body shifted, and she looked up at him. A sea of blue that wavered and shook like the ocean in a windstorm. [b “Saidar, my power.. is gone, Xavier, I’m sorry”] Her voice caught in her throat, so she swallowed it. [b “I couldn’t sense you, I couldn’t find you I’m so sorry- Please-”] Her face pressed into his lap with an inhale that shook with the wind.

[b “I have nothing . . So please, [i please] tell me this isn’t a dream..”]
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[font "Minion Pro" [size12 Kei opened his eyes sharply and stared up at the white plaster ceiling, beads of sweat gracing his forehead and temple. he began recalling the dream he just had. The faces of his family and the mutilation.. Abel’s strong voice yelling his name... It was almost physically painful to remember. he placed a hand over his neck softly and sighed. A fringe of gilded leaves bordered the ceiling, and the mattress under his back felt plumped full of feathers. he shifted, turning onto his side. he had a hard time sleeping - he always did but it recently has become more prominent - Some part of his wished he had more wine to drown it out.

The room Kei had been given was comfortable. his bed was a trifle wider than the one in his previous home, his table a little smaller. his bit of rug had scrolls instead of flowers and a large wardrobe handcrafted by only the best woodworkers in town. he sat himself up and stalked towards it. Inside those were three silk shirts of varying shades of blue, a few deep blue cloaks and one grey, his short boots sitting at the bottom of the wardrobe, and finally a leather bound book. he picked up the book and flipped through it's pages as he sat not-so-gracefully on the stool at his table.

his breakfast had gone cold by now. A large, covered tray sat on the table in front of him, and his nose caught the smells of food. he carefully removed the cloth revealing two large silver pitchers and dishes of thin green porcelain. One plate held slices of beef roast piled thickly, with brown mustard and horseradish. On the other, much smaller plate, there were roasted potatoes. his previous idea of writing a letter to his guardian was decided against by his growing appetite. Being a vampire didn't mean he had to keep up a strict blood-diet, right? Food still tasted pretty good and satisfied his hunger for a time. Sitting up straight he rolled up the beef and dipped it into the mustard. The innkeeper said he had something important to show me this morning.. Why do I have a bad feeling about this.. As if on command, knuckles rattled hesitantly against the other end of his door. Kei stuck the beef into his mouth and wiped his fingers hastily on a handkerchief to hold the book once more. Carrying it with him towards the door.

Before he had a chance to open it, the door swung open itself. Kei had to stumble back to avoid colliding with it, the other end filled him with terror. The Innkeeper stood hunched over with the keys in his hand, looking guilty as he was, while the more familiar face recovered from having kicked the door open.

[#0B610B “I gave you nearly a decade, but you’re dead now.”]
[#DF7401 “Abel, you don’t need to do this!”]

Abel tore after him in a blur of violent intent. Kei reeled back and pulled the chair out from under the table, swiftly knocking his brother in the side of the head to slow him down. Then Kei was out the window as it shattered from his impact. He ran, he had always been faster. He was positive he could get away. Kei couldn’t fight his brother, and yet he couldn’t admit defeat and die either. Kei wanted to live, selfish as it was, his entire life before being bitten was filled with illness and sorrow. Now he was healthy as a horse, and free to do whatever he wished.

He wasn’t faster, apparently. Abel caught his ankle and Kei dropped to the ground. Before able could shove the stake into his back he turned over and kicked it from his hand. Able didn’t skip a beat, and clamped a hand around Kei’s throat.

His vision blurred from the force of his grip, he could feel himself fading fast. Kei had no more strength in his arms. Maybe this was for the best? He was the reason his entire family was murdered.

Though somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard a voice. A kind, strong reminder.

[center [i “Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t live. I gave you this new life, so [b live] it. Kalvin.”]]

[#DF7401 [i “T-Tal”]]

Kei wasn’t sure what happened after that, only that he woke up in the dirt with a fine bruise around his neck. Maybe someone had scared Abel off? He had never been comfortable around humans. Or maybe.. He noticed a man with a dagger crouching next to him. Kei shifted as if he meant to escape, but the man placed a hand on his chest. [#084B8A "Relax my boy, I mean ya' no harm. That feller there who did scurried off real quick once I picked up that bloody stick over there."] He gestured to the stake, painted with dry blood. Where had the blood come from? Kei sat up and noticed the pool of red on his thigh. He breathed out, disappointed in himself for thinking what he had.

For thinking that his brother had taken mercy on him.
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