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Hidan was not happy about losing his bag. That was a very nice bag. Also, it had important things inside of it. The albino was standing next to his freakishly tall partner. Well, Kakuzu was freakishly tall, but Hidan was at an average height and anyone taller than him was considered a freak. His hair was pushed back and kept there to reveal his pale face, which was usually angry or excited. It also showed the only color that stuck out on his paper white body, the two pink eyes on his face. Bright pink. They weren't contacts either, and proved to be a sensitive subject for the man. If sensitive meant that he was ready to clock anyone in the jaw who mentioned them.

He could see how irritated Kakuzu was. This was not how he wanted their first mission to go. They got their tickets as planned, got on the plane, as planned, and now they had to go to whatever surveillance with whatever people that Kakuzu had set up. Too bad Hidan didn't have the right bag.

"[b [+FF00FF Hey!]]" Hidan snapped, "[b [+FF00FF YOU don't get to tell ME how to pack, fuckface. I have necessary shit in there. Clothes, and my holy book, and my second holy book, and my emergency holy book, just in case. AND all of my scriptures, just in case. And. a lot of drugs.]]" He was worried about that part, "[b [+FF00FF There [i might] be three pounds of coke in there. I'm actually really surprised the security didn't catch that. They need to really step it up, huh? Fuck.]]"

Hidan looked down at the tag, seeing a name: Randi. He looked back up at his partner to see him walking away, "[b [+FF00FF Where the fuck are you going? You're just going to walk around and hope to find it?]]" He frowned, being ignored, "[b [+FF00FF HEY! Dickweed! Look over here!]]" He shouted, running after Kakuzu. He didn't like the idea of being separated. "[b [+FF00FF You need to learn how to fucking communicate. This is our first mission together and you're blowing it.]]" He frowned, dragging this stupid bag behind him.

[center ---]

Sasori was used to solo work and didn't enjoy some impulsive kid being pushed into his life. If Sasori could be irritated, he would be. But the redhead casted away his emotions a long time ago, vowing to be emotionless forever. Emotions hurt too much. Might as well just stop having them.

His views of art were indeed different. A lot of things about him were different. He believed art was eternal and should last forever, for everyone to see and everyone to remember. What was the point in all this hard work if no one appreciated it? He was also very slow and methodical, not quick and on the edge, like that stupid blonde. He preferred taking his time as he ripped open human bodies and harvested their organs, or when he crafted puppets from scratch. He was also famous for his poison which he used when fighting. He didn't like guns or explosions. They were so loud. He'd rather kill someone silently, when they didn't see it coming.

He walked out of his study too see Deidara walking around. He narrowed his brown eyes. Sasori looked very young, almost Deidara's age, but his eyes looked so tired and full of wisdom. He followed after the blonde silently, his blank face usually scaring people away. He kept following until deciding to speak, "[b Isn't it past your bed time?]" He said coldly, insulting the boy's age. He had so much doubt that he wasn't who everyone says he was.
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Irritation. It’s the only thing that could be recognized in a pair of emerald green eyes. The slight squint of a glare being intensified as one of the male’s brow beginning to twitch slightly. It’s the only thing amplifying the slight irritation in his facial expressions. Aside from this, this rather male had his well built arms slide into a folded position across his somewhat large chest. If one were to allow their eyes roam this male’s form, the first thing one would notice are the numerous lines wracking against his figure.

Even now, as the male eyed his companion, Kakuzu couldn’t help the small little smug smirk curving up on his usual neutral facial features. The lines with vertical stitches crinkling just the slightest bit as he decided to make a small little jab, something to annoy the being known as his ‘companion’, or ‘partner’.

“Didn’t I tell you to pack light,” He began, the practical ‘I told you so’ tone thick in his voice. “You could have set your bag up above and not be in this incident.” He finished, his green orbs now traveling around for just a moment. It’s evident there is a bag beside his acquaintance’s being, loaded with particles of clothing that didn’t belong to the white haired male.

But really, time is money. That much Kakuzu knew quite well as he spared a glance downwards at the watch he wore on his dominant hand. The minute hand currently hitting eleven o’clock on the dot. He only watched for a couple of seconds as the second hand began its consistent tick around the circle. Every second the male stood here, he could feel his irritation grow. It is probably apparent the dark haired male is quite the temperamental being.

Maybe it would have been easier if he decided to help the male. It would make surveillancing the current town the two were in faster. And, therefore, it would make Kakazu be able to go onto the current side jobs he has wracked up.

With this thought in mind, the male decided it best to begin his search for the damn luggage bag. His form now straightening slightly as he began to walk quite a bit away temporarily to look around. It’s best to split up and search, right? And besides, how could two people mix up baggage? Idiots.

[i ‘This is not my bag.’] A female’s thoughts continuously raced with a look of slight dread forming on her facial expressions. There has been a slight look of nervousness of the practically snow white being. It’s easy to see this girl -- or woman -- is quite beautiful. With high cheek bones, large doe brown eyes, and lips able to form into a slight pout whenever desired, it’d be hard to deny she’s somewhat attractive.

With the body shape of a mesomorph, her long legs carried her at a rather brisk pace. This female would usually throw off a, ‘don’t-fuck-with-me-vibe’. However it has currently been turned into one of worry due to the situation at hand.

There were a bunch of ‘What if’ scenarios plaguing her head currently. What if her bag has been taken by someone else? What if it’d be too late to get it back? What if this? What if that?

It made the girl begin to chew down on her equally pale, pink bottom lip. Her eyes closing for just a moment as tears began to form in her eyes for just a moment.

“Stop being such a baby, Randi.” The female murmured more so to herself. Just inhale...

... And exhale.

With her shoulders slumping along with the exhale, Randi slowly brought her slightly broad shoulders back to their normal position: a slight slouch. It’s probably evident she didn’t enjoy attention being brought onto her due to the slight hunch she had in her figure.

After calming herself down, the dark haired female slowly began her trek back into the airport. Her friend is really going to kill her for being late, isn’t she?

Not wanting to be annihilated, the female with the rather large, dark bag began her search. God, she’d be pissed if someone took her bag. It’s why Randi already began to form an apology in her mind with each and every step she took.


Elsewhere, a blonde felt wind blowing through his hair. A small little hum coming from his being as his facial features became illuminated by a small flare being emitted around the palm of his hand. With his left hand seeming to block the large gusts of wind flying through the area, his right hand stayed pressed down on the trigger of a lighter. There isn’t really much to it other than this notion. With a half pony tail set into the blonde’s hair, it gave this male a somewhat feminine look. Not that it really bothered him.

What he cared about currently, however, is the light dancing around in the small space given. His blue orbs staring into the fire almost blankly as he began to replay today quietly.

Deidara has been given a new partner. And a quite... interesting one to say at that. Everything probably would have flown rather smoothly, too. If it weren’t for the fact his partner had opposing views on art.

What a nuisance. Couldn’t he understand art is always fleeting? And one needs to enjoy it before it goes out? Just like that?

The pyro known as Deidara felt a sigh leave his lips. It is quite a mighty one, too. So powerful infact, it made the lighter’s flame blow out. Not that he really cared; He’s just about done standing up on this roof, looking down at the bright lights surveyed before him. He had his amusement earlier of leaning his body to and fro to make the lights shine brighter in one place over another earlier. It’s something he has done in his free time when no one was around, to be rather honest.

There currently has been a slight squint in the one eye viewable to show thought over the day. Is it really too late to decline on this partner? The simple thought made Deidara’s lips twitch just the slightest bit into an amused smirk. An evident hum could be heard if anyone decided to listen in.

[i ‘It doesn’t matter,’] His mind began whispered at him, [i ‘I’m not changing my opinion because of one person. Yeah.’] It concluded. It’s almost as if the ‘yeah’ was an afterthought. It’s quite the habit Deidara has. Something he’s currently trying to work on.

With a small little roll of his shoulders, Deidara slowly began his trek down from his small little ‘hideout’. He doesn’t have anything to work on currently. Is he supposed to play nice with Sasori currently? If that’s the case, then he’s doing a pretty bad job at that.

Oh well.
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