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Continuing to argue, Momo and Ryuusuke followed after Tomoe. Neither of them took their eyes off one another and almost as soon as their sensei stopped moving, they did too. However, their attention was neither on Tomoe nor Tohru. Instead, they resorted to getting even closer to one another and arguing in much louder voices. Ryuusuke laughed a little now and then, resulting in Momo growing angrier.

With the sudden change in atmosphere, the taller of the two was quick to respond. He turned toward his sensei, a hand reaching for his kunai. Momo, however, was much slower to react. She noticed his sudden movement and turned to find the source of his sudden attack stance.

Chuckling under his breath, Ryuusuke pointed a finger at the pink haired girl.
[b "The first thing I do is blame this chick." ] He looked over at her and watched as the girl glared toward him. He turned his eyes back to his sensei and smirked. Performing several hand signs, he disappeared in an instant. The pink haired ninja looked around for him and hissed under her breath, [b "What an idiot." ]

Appearing behind his sensei, Ryuusuke pushed a kunai to the back of her neck; an instant kill. He grinned and breathed, [b "Momo acts as a good decoy while I strike victory, huh?" ]
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 23d 11h 33m 27s
Tomoe noticed a strange air between her students and she sighed softly before pushing her hair behind her ear then walked a bit further down the training field and waited for them to follow. [i It's only the first day Tomoe. Don't worry they'll be the best team and they will make you proud they just have to learn how to deal with each other first.]

Tohru noticed his sister walking further down the field and he nodded his head towards her to let the other two know to follow her. He kept walking then his sister disappeared. "The hell?!" He looked around then heard something behind him a small whisper saying 'Let it happen'. Then he felt his arm getting pinned behind his back and a kunai at the back of his neck.

Tomoe looked at her other two students. "Alright, you are engaged in an enemy. One of you happens to just lose concentration for a single second and the enemy has your teammate pinned. What do you do?"

Tohru knew what the whisper was. His sister knew that his skill nearly matched hers and he would have easily been able to get himself out of her hold . But since this was training about consequences of teammates he had to be her guinea pig. "You owe me after this..." He mumbled under his breath.
  Tomoe/Tohru / PotatoPirate / 3y 37d 10h 28m 8s
Momo looked over at Tohru, lifting a single brow. She crossed her arms and turned back to Ryuusuke. She was beginning to discover that there was more than one reason to hate this new teammate. Not only was he a disgusting pervert, but a liar. And she did not appreciate being made to look like a fool.

[i What's he aiming at? Making us look bad? ] Having only just graduated to the Chunin level, she had little experience in actually killing another ninja. Not to mention that the seventh hokage himself was moving this generation of ninja toward a more peaceful way of life. Having the ability to kill someone in one shot was [i not ] taught at the academy. So just who in the hell was this ninja?

Turning toward her sensei now, the pink haired girl replied sharply, [b "Got it." ] She glanced at Tohru and then added, [b "Let's make it interesting. I'm sure Ryuusuke can handle a little two against one sort off, right?" ] She looked over at the man in question and was rewarded with a small smirk. He shrugged and laughed, replying, [b "Doesn't bpther me. Just don't cry too hard when I mop the floor with your dead bodies. Metaphorically speaking, that is." ]
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 37d 10h 55m 25s
Tomoe watched her other two students throw their kunais and while one needed a little more work the other got a perfect hit. "That would have killed your opponent with enough power behind the throw. Very good Ryuusuke. Momo you would have injured them and made it harder for them to protect themselves so that's good. But everyone could always use improvement. Same with you Tohru, yours could have been a fifty fifty chance of killing your opponent or injuring them."

Tohru sighed with a nod. He couldn't stop staring at Ryuusuke's kunai. [i Did that idiot really just get a direct hit... And what was that change of atmosphere... The hell is this guy...] He turned his gaze to Ryuusuke then to Momo to see if she was having the same reaction that he was.

Tomoe clasped her hands together before nodding. "Alright. Next up. We're sparring. I'm going to be putting you in situations where you'll have to make decisions regarding your teammates. It could be putting their lives or your own lives at risk depending on your choices."
  Tomoe/Tohru / PotatoPirate / 3y 38d 6h 54m 52s
Ryuusuke nodded his head; firmly establishing that he had never seen such girls. He would have to find them later and introduce himself. Perhaps he'd even make one his lover by the end of the day. It would be a dream come true. Turning his attention toward Tomoe, he nodded gently and followed after her. Momo straggled behind him, trying her best not to get too close to the man.

Both students stopped when their sensei did and awaited further instruction.
Looking down at the kunai in their hands, Ryuusuke was the first to speak. [b "She has pretty handwriting." ]
The pink haired woman only shook her head and sighed loudly. She looked up at the red haired teacher. Her attention moved toward the practice dummy and she silently wondered just what Tomoe had in mind. If she didn't know any better, she could have sworn she was back at the academy. Throwing kunai was a piece of cake. Smirking, she nodded and tossed her own kunai. It wasn't a terrible throw, but it wasn't great either. She grimaced. [i Oh yeah...I sucked at this in the academy too. ]

Ryuusuke watched his two companions before laughing gently and shaking his head. He took a step forward and in a matter of seconds, his entire air shifted. Momo felt it in a matter of seconds and couldn't stop herself from feeling a sudden bout of fear. [i So this is what he's truly capable of. ]

Throwing the kunai, he landed a perfect hit. As soon as the kunai hit, he was back to his usual self - turning toward Tomoe and exclaiming, [b "Pretty nice hit, huh, Sensei?" ]
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 38d 14h 52m 6s
When Tomoe came back Ryuusuke asked her about girls and she tilted her head slightly. "Uhm, yeah there were two girls. One had braids and the other one had pure white hair." She then turned her attention to the other two in the group. "Alright, follow me again this time we're actually going to go start training."

She walked a bit further down the training field then stopped in an area a little ways away. "Alright. I wanna test your strengths and weaknesses before we do any training so." Tomoe pulled kunai from her pouch. One was labeled Ryuu, another Tohru, and lastly Momo. She handed the corresponding kunai to the owner of the name. "I want you all to throw those kunai at that dummy." The dummy had five circles on its abdomen and three on its head. "Choose where you want to throw it and try to get it as close to the center circle as you can."

Tohru took the kunai and sighed. He had done these exercises before but he wasn't going to complain to his sister about it. He threw the kunai at the head and got it on the inner edge of the second circle.

Tomoe nodded with a small smile. "Alright, Momo, Ryuusuke. Your throws now."
  Tomoe/Tohru / PotatoPirate / 3y 43d 3h 14m 36s
Ryuusuke nodded and replied merrily, [b "Righty-O, Sensei! I hear you loud and clear and by the Hayashi name, I will make you proud! I swear to be Momo's bestest of all best friends by the end of this week!" ] He shined toward the young woman, but Momo and the others had already turned in the other direction.

[b "H-Hey, wait for me!" ]

Momo looked at Tohru and laughed, replying, [b "Yeah. Good bait indeed..." ] Having entered the training field, she turned to examine the other teams around them. Apparently, their own sensei recognized one of the other sensei's. And, as Tohru was quick to point had, she had some sort of history with the man. Blinking rapidly, she looked back at the young woman and was rather amazed at the sudden reaction. In an instant, she was ready to punch her younger bother. In the next instant, she was off and running and in the [i next ] instant, she returned as the meek sensei they had earlier. She stared at the woman and wasn't sure where to even begin. Luckily for her, Ryuusuke always had something to say.

[b "So, how was your adventure? Find any cute girls in there?" ] He peered over his sensei's shoulder; completely giving up on her upon seeing her reaction toward the other sensei.
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 43d 7h 12m 21s
Tomoe sighed. "I know it's fun. But I'm just trying to get a point across. You all need to learn to work together. But now that that's all done and over with let's head back to the training grounds for some basic exercises so I can see all of your capabilities." She smiled kindly.

Tohru nudged Momo then smirked. "He's good bait at least." He spoke in a low tone then turned his attention back to his sister.

"Alright, let's go." Tomoe led her new team over to the training field. Upon arriving there she noticed a familiar face. "Oh, Taro must be training his team in this area too."

Tohru smirked. "Tomoe why don't you go talk to him you never miss a chance to talk with your future husband."

Tomoe's face grew bright red as she clenched her fists. "T-Tohru! Why would you even say something like that. He's a fellow jonin and a great ninja I just respect him! Why do you have to go and say stuff like that!"

Tohru put up his hands. "Don't punch me, you gotta set a good example for your pupils after all."

Tomoe growled then walked past where Taro and his team were training but she kept glancing. [i I wonder what his team is like...] She was then pulled out of her thoughts when she heard a shrill shriek coming from the woods on the training grounds. She turned to her students and then had a completely serious face on. "Stay close!" She darted to the woods only to hear the same voice.

"IT'S IN THE BOTTOM OF THE POND?! That's okay! I'll just have to train my lungs to become more fish like! And...uhm... maybe learn how to swim..."

She saw a girl with long black braids scratching the back of her head and she stopped. "Oh, it's just students in training."

She walked back out of the forest and sighed. "Looks like I jumped the gun. Sorry, not used to hearing screams in the village."
  Tomoe/Tohru / PotatoPirate / 3y 43d 7h 38m 17s
The pink haired ninja looked to her sensei. Blushing heavily, she looked away from the woman and murmured, [b "Right, Sensei. My apologies." ] She flashed a quick glare toward Ryuusuke and turned on her heel, her eyes set on the mountain monument behind her. She crossed her arms and thought over what sort of "great ally" Ryuusuke could possibly be to either her or Tohru. She supposed he was good as bait. A distraction for the enemy. Thinking of it like that set her mind a little more at ease.

Ryuusuke, however, laughed and set his hands on his hips. He looked at Tomoe and replied nonchalantly, [b "Don't you worry, Sensei. This is all part of the fun! I'm sure that once in the heat of battle, we'll be a perfect team. A++ kind of team!" ] He struck a "cute" pose toward his sensei and Momo shivered as the sparkles from his pose bounced off her back. He was truly and indefinitely disgusting.
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 43d 8h 1m 52s
Tomoe sighed as she looked glanced back at Momo and Tohru. [i It's great that they're getting along but I wish all three of them were getting along...]

Once the debris was out of Ryuusuke's hair she sighed and put her hands on her hips. "Alright, so scenario time. You're surrounded by enemies, Ryuusuke cracks a joke like the one that caused Momo to punch him. What do you do? Punch him? No. You're all allies now... I get that from what I've seen so far his little jokes seem to go a bit far and cross the line of perverted. But either way you are all allies. I will also admit I shouldn't have punched Tohru. That wasn't setting a good example. I want you all to be able to work together so you can depend on one another in the heat of battle. Teamwork is absolutely necessary when facing opponents. Because if you slip up... if you get caught off guard once that can be the difference between life and death during that mission for either you or your teammates. And even in some cases both." She pushed her hair behind her ear. "And I'm not saying don't take action when someone says something rude or make you uncomfortable... Just next time try not to hit them clear off a building into a food stall. Alright?"

Tohru sighed and scratched the back of his head. He figured he could depend on Momo if things got rough but Ryuusuke... maybe he was a good ninja... he hadn't seen his fighting style yet of course.
  Tomoe/Tohru / PotatoPirate / 3y 43d 10h 12m 10s
Ryuusuke laughed and replied nonchalantly, [b "Ah, I'm fine, Sensei. No worries here! I've taken harder blows than that from my mom, actually." ] He allowed the woman to pluck the pieces from his hair and grinned toward her. Her fingers were incredibly gentle and he had to wonder, silently of course, if such a touch had been formed while raising her brother. It was similar to a mother's touch, certainly, but not quite the same. His eyes, unconsciously, moved toward Tohru. They had both stated they were raised by a woman, but neither of spoke of their parents. If he had to assume, he would claim that their parents had been lost in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Something he had [i almost ] had to deal with himself.

Momo, upon hearing Tohru's whisper, couldn't help but giggle. She looked with mild embarrassment in hopes that no one could see the pink tinge of her cheeks. Unfortunately for her, Ryuusuke mused, [b "Awe, you look so cute when you're embarrassed!" ]

She turned toward him, the look of death plastered to every inch of her face, and raised a single, flaming fist. [b "What did you just say?" ]

In response, the young ninja only scratched his nose and laughed nervously. While he was more than accustomed to the abuse he received from numerous women, he was never in any rush to find himself flying from a building one more time.
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 43d 10h 30m 17s
Tohru scratched the back of his head where Tomoe had punched him as he and Momo followed her to the 'landing site'. "Hmm?" He turned his head to look at Momo as she spoke in a soft tone. He couldn't keep his 'cool guy demeanor' when he heard what she said. He smiled and chuckled softly. "Don't worry, I was about ready to strangle him so your actions need no apology for me." When she joked about not punching him off a building anytime soon he smirked. "Don't worry, I'm not a pervert hopefully you won't have a reason to punch me off a building."

When he heard rubble falling he changed his gaze over to the person who received the other end of Momo's fist.


Tomoe sighed as Ryuusuke trotted over to them. "I hope you're alright Ryuusuke. You've got rubble in your hair and scratches all over your face. Did you get hurt from the fall?" She asked kindly before reaching out and getting a few pieces of the debris out of his hair.


Tohru leaned over slightly towards Momo and whispered. "I said I'd help you in anyway that I can... but with the strength of that punch, I'd say you might not need much help after all." He chuckled before smiling at her then turning his attention back to his sister.
  Tomoe/Tohru / PirateNinja / 3y 45d 14h 57m 15s
Momo blushed heavily at the sounds of Tohru's loud laughter. She wasn't entirely sure whether to feel embarrassed for reacting in such a way, or just downright proud of herself. After all, Ryuusuke [i had ] had that coming. He was a disgustingly little flea that deserved no better treatment than what he just received.
However, as Tomoe approached her younger brother and knocked him over the head, she was quick to stifle a laugh. She flinched at the gaze she received from her sensei and quickly looked away from her. The last thing she needed was to get on the sensei's bad side, but for this particular purpose, she could deal with it.

The pink haired girl followed after their not-so-proud teacher and looked at Tohru. She smiled gently. [b "Sorry. I don't usually get like that. But man did that guy need it..." ] She blew a piece of hair from her face and continued, [b "We went to the academy together and it definitely doesn't surprise me that he was booted from his team. Outshined everyone? Yeah right. I bet he was booted on sexual harassment charges." ] She kept a close eye on their sensei, making sure to keep her voice low as she spoke. [b "But anyway...I am sorry you had to see that. Don't worry. I won't be tossing you off any buildings any time soon." ]

Meanwhile, Ryuusuke groaned loudly as he rose from the rubble that had, at one point, been a rather popular souvenir stand. He was sure that he would have to apologize profusely to the vendor, but when he turned around he was surprised to find-

[b "Hey! Old Man Shuu! How's it going?" ]

The man behind him was a close friend of the Hayashi family, but an even closer friend to his father. He stood behind the young ninja with his hands on his hips and a scary looking expression, that quickly melted into a proud smile.
[b "Ryuusuke, my boy! It's been some time. Are you alright? That was quite the landing." ]

[b "Ahaha, yeah, I'm fine. I somehow managed to get on the bad side of a beautiful young woman." ]

[b "Ah, the troubles of the Hayashi legacy. I remember when your dad tried to woo over your mom. He thought it would be wise to--!" ]

[b "Sorry Old Man, but I gotta get moving. I think I see my lovely sensei headed this way!" ] Ryuusuke rose from the rubble in an instant; cuts and bruises littering his body. Several pieces of the stand had twisted into his hair and so, when he ran over toward his team, he looked like he had just finished a long exploration through the branches of a tree.
He laughed loudly upon catching up with them and cried out, [b "Wow! Momo, that was some punch!" ] Momo, however, chose to remain silent.
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 45d 15h 11m 42s
Tomoe listened intently on the way Ryuusuke spoke to Momo then to the way that Momo responded. [i This might get ugly if Ryuusuke doesn't tone it down a bit...] When Ryuusuke turned his attention to her, she was a little taken by surprise. "Oh, you all want to start training already?" She grinned softly then nodded. "Sure, if you're all up to it, we'll start with the basic skills then I'll see what needs improvement with all of you."

Tohru watched as Ryuusuke was being creepy towards Momo and he almost stepped in before he heard Momo spoke her mind. He couldn't help but smirk slightly. But then Momo turned and spoke to him. "Hmm?Oh, don't worry about it. As 'sensei' would say, things happen for a reason." When she offered to help him when he needed it a small smile formed on his lips before it disappeared again and he nodded. "Right, I'll try to help you when you need it too. Looks like we'll have to look out for each other from now on... for more reasons than one..." After he spoke his eyes shifted to Ryuusuke who was now practically undressing his sister with his eyes, causing Tohru's eye to twitch. But then Ryuusuke turned back to Momo and before anyone could react she sent him flying.

Tohru's eyes widened for a second as he watched the other man go flying before he bursted out laughing. "Ahaha! Serves that pervert right!"

Tomoe's eyes widened at the scene in front of her. She watched Ryuusuke go flying and she sighed before putting her fingertips to her temple. Her eye twitched when she heard Tohru laughing. She walked over and punched him on the back of the head. "Knock it off..." Her eyes were serious. She looked at Momo then sighed. "Both of you follow me. I know what we're doing today." She started heading to the area where Ryuusuke landed.
  Tomoe/Tohru / PirateNinja / 3y 46d 11h 42m 30s
[b "Oh-ho~!" ] Ryuusuke's response was almost instantaneous to Tohru's introduction. He whistled in admiration before saying, [b "All Chunin's, huh? A badass lady ninja and an antisocial genius. Guess I've got my work cut out for me." ] He laughed and rubbed the back of his head meekly.

Momo looked over at the young man and crossed her arms in response to his unnecessary statement. She could feel her anger boiling over and the last thing she wanted was to reveal such a side on her first day. Hearing her name, she looked back at her sensei and nodded. She sincerely doubted that she could ever get along with the walking, talking moron known as Ryuusuke, but she was rather comfortable with Tohru. Thankfully, he seemed to feel the same way she did about Ryuusuke.

[b "Sounds like a plan, Sensei!" ] Ryuusuke declared loudly, saluting her in a playful manner. He turned toward Momo and added, [b "Momo, if you ever need any [i special ] training, I'd be happy to do my part as your teammate. I would do anything for a beautiful young woman such as yourself." ] He winked and Momo could have sworn she saw sparkles burst from his eye.

[b "Okay, what is your problem?" ] She shot back, glaring daggers at the taller ninja. [b "Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean you should be treating me any differently. I could beat you into the ground in a matter of seconds, so I don't need any of your 'special' training. Got it?" ]

[b "Oh, don't worry. I won't be treating you any differently - Scout's Honor!" ] He waved his hand in front of his face and continued, [b "Anyway, we should probably get some training done. Right, Sensei?" ] He looked back at the red haired woman and flashed a dazzling grin.

[i Ugh. This guy seriously makes me sick... ] Momo looked on with disgust and turned toward Tohru. She looked him over quietly. [b "...Sorry that your team didn't work out." ] She shifted her gaze elsewhere and added, [b "I'm not really one for teamwork either, but I won't mind helping you out when you need it." ]

[b "Awe~ So cute, Momo-Chan." ]

[b [i "That's it!" ] ] The pink haired woman whipped around toward the dark haired pervert. In two seconds flat she was in front of him and in the next second, she sent her fist plowing forward. It locked on with Ryuusuke's face, sending him into the air and falling from the top of the building.

His scream faded as he grew further and further away from them, but closer to the ground. Surrounded by such a scream, Momo brushed her hands off and looked at her sensei. She felt a blush rise to her cheeks as she defended herself quickly. [b "Perverts deserve to be hit. And that pervert had that coming from the second he set eyes on me." ]
  Ryuu/Momo / SparklingPotato / 3y 46d 13h 42m 52s

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