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[center [h3 Valkyr]]
She sat silently in the main office, if that's what you could call it. The military had sent her to this strange place, saying she was on 'leave' as of right now. The strange female wasn't quite sure what they meant, but did not question them. She was just an experiment, something made for war, but at the moment, she was not needed...
[i "Valkyr."]
Instinctively, the female stood up at attention. She looked to where the voice came from, waiting silently for orders, at least that's what she usually received when back at the military lab...
[i "Your caretaker will be with you shortly. His name is Dimitri Amelin. He has been with AORNH for 3 years now. Dimitri will be aiding you in having a better understanding of this new world you are in, and making sure your needs are fulfilled. Please respect him as you would your commanding officer."]
Valkyr, as that seemed to be her name, only nodded. She sat back down. The strange female stared straight ahead, having her eyes set on something which others could not see.
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