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Evidently, the new guy, who had just walked in, was indeed, Erin, who would now take over from here.

The other guy whom he was addressing, was one of those scientist guys. Aelra could discern some sort of arm band on the second guy. She could also see two letters, an A and an O. There was a third letter, but it was indiscernible. Aelra guessed that these were letters from an acronym, and the acronym standing for the organization that theses guys served for. What was the group called?

Anyways, looking back at her human caretaker, Aelra could see his glance, which was very brief, quickly pass over her. Did he not notice her, or was there something else at work? She was wondering why. Had he not come here for her? Had he accidentally walked into the wrong room? She highly doubted that.

Her peaceful thoughts were broken by Erin, yelling very loudly, with a hell of a very angry tone. Ah, now it all makes sense. He didn't believe she was a demon. He thought, that she, for a demon, looked way to cute, and to small, to actually be a demon. He was expecting, a demon that was big, red eyes, pointy teeth, maybe even some wings. Damn, he even threatened the poor guy over it. What a jerk.

Also, where did he get that type of stereotyped image of demons having pointy teeth, red eyes, huge, and maybe huge wings? That is completely bullshit and poppycock in most cases.

Anyways, the other guy runs off. Run from the powerful, you little weakling. This would have been really funny for Aelra, if it wasn't for the current situation that she was currently in.

Anyways, this bastardly cocksure Erin, the dude just walks up to Aelra. Her motions are prohibited by the objects around her. She can't move, and he is obviously enjoying the feeling of supremacy. He's probably one of those supremacist scumbags.

Apparently, his last name is? Aelra didn't catch it. He is talking way too fast. She focuses back on him. He talks about all the boring stuff. He is, definitely, a supremacist scumbag. Stuff about behaving, rules, and etc. Summing it up, he's saying to Aelra how she will be living, under him. Then he unsheathes his sword. At first, Aelra thinks that he's joking about the inscription written on his blade, but when he brings the blade closer, she has a sense of panic in her mind. He wasn't joking. She could feel it, she could feel the holiness. Damn it, another one of holy scriptures.

Anyways, he proceeds to unblock the objects, and free her hands from the holy cross chain lock. Then, he says how to call him. One of those names, never in a million years will Aelra call him that name.

He does something completely unexpected. He turns, his back, on her, and then starts walking out. His intending effect, worked. She was left shocked and speechless for a while.

Aelra, stood back up in her feet. She was uncertain about her future. One question she had, was why this guy was so strict and pissed of all the time. Taking her first step after being locked into the chair, she falters with the first step and falls down face first. To be fair, she has been sitting for quite a while, and her legs didn't like the sudden weight on them. Her arms stop her from a complete fall, but her left hand, open palmed, lands on a wooden cross. Quickly jerking her hand away, she mutters a quick squeal of discomfort. There's now a cross, burned into her left palm. It's going to stay there for quite a time duration.

Getting up, she proceeded to catch up to Erin. She didn't know his last name, and she would not, ever, call him, 'master'.

Catching up to Erin, she noticed his walking pattern. She tried copying it, multiple times, and failed each time. It seemed to, much too in, in rhythm. That probably means he's in the military. Only the military makes successful marchers. That makes his strict and general mood of angry, kind of obvious as to why he's like that. Military people are usually like that.

Anyways, [+purple "Erin, could you repeat your last name again? I didn't catch it last time. And also, do you know how, whatever this agency calls itself, managed to capture me?] Aelra asks this question with a straight tone, as trying to talk with an innocent voice would not work with this arrogant cocksure bastard, and he might be cruel enough to hurt her with his sword.
  Aelra / Arya / 4y 145d 21h 50m 6s
Red smiled back at the lycanmorphic male, and she grabbed his hand, and they walked out, and she decided to take a brisk walk to her place. "I hope you don't mind walking that much..." she said to him, her hand in his.
  Red Riding Hood / SilentHiller / 4y 145d 22h 40m 7s
[center [h3 Valkyr]]
She listened quietly. Valkyr could sense the man was also sizing her up, trying to read her she expected. The strange female simply continued to wait, then she was asked a question.
[b ~I have no belongings Sir~] a feminine voice would suddenly echo in Dimitri's head. It was Valkyr's, for that was the only way she was able to communicate...that and being able to write if needed to.
  ::Warframe:: / Dragoncita / 4y 145d 22h 43m 26s
Luca and Red started to get Luca's things ready, and he turned back into his human form. "I already like you Red..." he said, and they both started singing Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.
  Luca Racor / SilentHiller / 4y 146d 1h 44m 27s
It was only when they entered the room did Dimitri finally see what his non-human looked like. He was a little taken aback by first. He was never sure what to expect, considering that there so many different types of non-humans, but this one was different for sure. There was something… alien about her, as stupid as that sounded. There were no eyes to look into for there was black glass in the way . An outfit they were hiding under, or is their external skin armor?

He looked over at the woman who had been talking. “Are we free to leave?”

“Once you are ready to, yes.”

“Great.” He looked over at Valkyr. “Any questions? Do you have belongings that need to be brought with you?”
  Dimitri / nomey1 / 4y 146d 1h 47m 1s
Red smiled. "my my, what big eyes you have..." she said, and she laughed a bit. "I already like you, Big Bad Wolf..." she said with a smile, and she stood in front of him. "your actual name is Luca Racor, isn't it?" she asked the lycan, and was answered with a nod.
  Red Riding Hood / SilentHiller / 4y 150d 3h 3m 36s
Erin’s footsteps echoed throughout the lonely hall as he heading to where his non-human was being held. He could feel his impatient grow with every step he took. Even though his mind was composed his heart was restless, a war waged on in his soul, the calm before the storm. He waited for this day for years, practicing relentlessly to hone his skills. To be granted a demon of all things too, he must have been born under a lucky star indeed. He clinched his fist tightly as he sped up his pace, wanting to see it, the demon called “Aelra”. He hopes it will be an ugly one with sharp teeth, pointy horns, big talons, and with red eyes. After taming a demon like that no one would dare deny his skills, not even his father. Erin could feel his blood racing with excitement as an ominous grin appeared across his lips.


Erin flings open the metal door that separated him from his prize. His eyes almost glistening as if it was Christmas morning and he was finally getting the toy he always wanted. [b “Mr. Slade you’re here.”] spoke a man in a black AORNH uniform but Erin didn’t acknowledge the man, he couldn’t give a damn about anything else expect the creature in the room. He scanned the room carefully before his eyes narrowed in frustration. [+red “You worker! Where is my monster?! I was told it would be here!”] he barked rashly to where the worker jumped and gestured uncomfortably to a girl who sat only five feet away. [b “She’s your non-human, Mr. Slade s-sir.”] he stutter nervously.

Erin slowly turn his head to the girl who he previously looked over as being a lesser freak. She was smaller than 5'5'' and she couldn't weigh more than 125 pounds, and not to mention her face had a innocent appeal to it. [+red “You expect me to believe that this little girl is my big bad demon.”] he glared at it with a expression filled with anger and disappointment. [+red [i “This is bullshit! Are they making fun on me?! My monster is nothing more than a tiny female with purple horns. Gotta be kidding me….”]] Erin thought as he gripped the hilt of his sword. His teeth clinched before coldly speaking [+red “This better be a joke for you’re sake.”] The worker bowed and ran out before the situation became worst. Erin sighed and let his hand drop from his sword before looking over at his non-humans. [+red “I guess I’m stuck with it.”] ‘It’ referring to Aelra. Despite the major setback, he had to make this work. He had a lot on the line and beside maybe he could switch later to something more his style. [+red “There’s only one rule: do what I say or be punish. I won’t cut you slack cause you look like a weak girl. I know what you monsters are capable of.“] he stared down at her before adding [+red “And before you get any smart ideas…”] he drew his sword half way out of it’s sheath exposing Latin engravings on it’s blade. [+red “It reads ‘May the power of Christ expel you’ so in other words miss demon my sword can cut you as if you were made of butter.”] he grinned cruelly while letting his sword slide back down. He had it specially engraved after he found out that he was going to be handling a demon.

Erin stepped over to his demon while moving all the holy objects out of his way. He reached out his hand and undid her chains so she would be free to move around on her own. To Erin, he was her master now. The demon known as ‘Aelra’ belong to him, he will demand obedience. [+red “The name is Erin Slade but you can call me either Slade or Master. Even mumble my first name and I’ll cut out your tongue. You and I are not friends. Understood? If so follow me.”] he spoke clearly as he leaded her out of the room. He was confident in his skills to the point that he even turned his back to her. He planned on running a tight ship with no room for anything else but compliance.
  Erin Slade / sandshower / 4y 149d 20h 35m 12s
When they said shortly, how long did they mean?

Of course, trying to tell time in a dark room, without any clocks, while tied to a chair, really hard.

Of course, a door opens, relieving Aelra of the monotonous environment. Some guy, with some files? Is this a scientist, to check everything out? If yes, why does he have a sword?
  Aelra / Arya / 4y 156d 21h 20m 12s
The tall boy was brought out to the mess hall for the chance to meet his caretaker, who oddly enough looked like a character from a fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Luca had quite the sense of humor and he changed to his Lycan form, and he howled. "well, if it isn't Little Red Riding Hood..."
  Luca Racor / SilentHiller / 4y 156d 23h 1m 21s
[center [h3 Valkyr]]
She was alone in that room. Not a sound could be heard, even by her. The female simply sat in her chair, hands folded on her lap. Valkyr was used to being in a room like this, thought it was usually when she was in one of her rages did she get locked up in a cell like this.
Valkyr, however, was eerily calm. It was when she heard the door creak open did the strange female once again stand to attention. She stood straight, hands at her sides, awaiting orders. Sure enough, a man and woman soon entered her blank room.
The female said nothing, just being deathly silent. However, her helmet suddenly became active, at least in her vision. Targets moved, locking onto the faces of the man and woman. Instantly, names came to her, occupations, etc. Perks of being part of the military you could guess...
Either way, as the woman started jabbering away, Valkyr had toned her out. Instead, her hidden gaze was settled on the man. So, this was Dimitri, her caretaker. Interesting backstory for him, rather surprising he had survived and still wanted to come back and work with non-humans.
  ::Warframe:: / Dragoncita / 4y 156d 23h 5m 52s
A rather young looking girl, whom many know as Red, or Red Riding Hood because of the red hooded vest she wore, was being escorted to a new location for her to be in company with a non-human...a Lycan, that's what they told her. "so let me get this straight, I'm going to be a caretaker for a beast called a Lycan?" she asked her escort. "he's not a beast...he's actually a friendly fellow, only if you are kind..." her escort replied. "ah...I see, and when will I meet him?" she asked, and the escort smiled. "in a few moments..."
  Red Riding Hood / SilentHiller / 4y 157d 2h 10m 15s
Dimitri sat in the back of a compact, sleek black car with a manila folder on his lap. He glanced at the silent driver, a member of AORNH which was the company he also worked in. Though he found the guy rather boring, he felt at least a bit grateful for the service. He was no longer allowed to drive due to the loss of his eye and the headquarters was too far from his place to simply walk over. He had gotten quite used to walking or using public transport but this was a nice break from the norm.

He looked down at the folder which contained basic info of the non-human called Valkyr. There was very little on her, however, which was odd. It was suspicious and led him to believe that there was something that made her different than a typical non-human. When he tried to learn more all he was told was that the info was “classified”. That automatically hinted to him that this had something to with the government or some branch high up there.

Regardless, Dimitri had a job and was going to do what he was supposed to do. The money was good and it gave him something to do, a “purpose” someone else might say. The car pulled over and the driver got out, opening the door for him. He didn’t really care for that kind of formal politeness but kept his mouth shut, stepping out and entering the headquarters. The driver didn’t follow him in.

“Ah, Mr. Amelin,” the woman at the counter said with a smile. “You must be hear for your assignment.”

“Yep,” he said with a small smile.

“I’ll lead you to where she is waiting.”

“Thank you, Ms. Smith.”

She blushed lightly yet still kept her cheery smile up as she left her desk in order to guide him. He followed quietly, quite used to the routine by now. Like every year, he hoped that things would go as simply as possible.
  Dimitri / nomey1 / 4y 157d 9h 26m 29s
[center [size16 [i [font "Apple Chancery" ~~ Normally it’s a common practice for parents to tell their children that monsters exist. They say cliché phases like “if you don’t behave then the monster under your bed will get you”. Most of these half-hearted fibs are used transparently with no unlined tone of significance. However what if the monster under your bed did exist? Monsters do exist. They’re all around us, blending in so not to be seen, thinking that we would never discover the evil that surrounds us. It hasn’t been too long since the human race has been aware of the existence of monsters. There was no hesitation, no debate, no second-guessing of what they were. The government sugarcoated it by labeling them as ‘non-humans’, mostly for political reasons. However for those who seen what those ‘non-humans’ could do, they were nothing more than beasts that plague the world. And like dealing with any other disease, there were only two options: 1) containment or 2) termination. The Government was afraid of what an all out war with the non-humans would bring upon the human race so in conclusion AORNH was born.]]]]

Erin Slade was born in the generation where it was first becoming public knowledge that monsters do exist. His whole childhood was surrounded by this scientific discovery for humanity; however, with the discovery of this whole other race something else stared to grow in the hearts of most humans. Ignorance about the non-humans grew into mistrust and fear. And when an animal is afraid it has a tendency to lash out. The mistreatment of non-humans caused them retaliating against the humans. In doing so, started a war between the two species, which ended in the non-humans being contained. Erin knew more about non-humans than most others because of is father’s status in the Government. His family holds to the principle that non-humans were nothing more that monster that needed to be dealt with. Although being brought up with that ideology, Erin never really understood why non-humans were so bad. Like most children whom are shelter and protected throughout most of their young life, they don’t fully understand the struggles and dangers of the world until they adventure out at a later age. In Erin’s case, his father introduced him at the young age of 13.

Erin: age 13~

It was early in the morning; even before the first rays of sunlight appeared across the earth’s surface that Erin was shake awaken by a dark figure with a deep voice. [b “Get up boy. Today you become an adult.”] the voice boomed loudly in the once quiet room. Erin’s eyes reluctantly open as he tried to lift up his head. He rubbed his eyes to persuade them to finally open to reveal that the dark figure had a familiar face. [+red “Dad? What are you doing home?”] he asked in a soft passive tone. Erin almost never saw his father because he would always be away for work so to see him standing their made him rather anxious. [b “You have ten minutes then I want you in the car.”] His father’s voice and body language clearly illustrated how impatient he was. He left the room before Erin could even finish the sentence, [+red “-But what about breakfast?”]

Once in the car, Erin was fully awake and more nervous than before. His eyes glanced over to his father who always wore a stern expression. Hesitantly he asked, [+red “Where are we going, father?”] However his father never answered so they rode in silent the rest of the way. The car pulled up to a large building that had the letters AORNH plastered across it. Erin’s mouth gaped open a little because he couldn’t believe the size of it. It was as big as two football stadiums. [b “This is the location of our new program, called ‘Agency of Relocating Non-humans’ or AORNH for short. In a few years they’ll be buildings like this all around the world… I brought you here for one reason. It’s so you can understand what the human race is up against and that we must do whatever it takes to protect our own existence.”] the look in his father’s eyes frighten Erin, but he nodded all the same. [+red “Yes father.”]

They entered the facility and Erin started to feel better as he looked around at all the cool technology and rooms. It was starting to feel like a field trip or ‘take your son to work day’. But that sense of relief and happiness soon faded away as they walked out into an outside courtyard. Erin slowly walked behind his father as a strange man approached them while carrying two swords. The man presented the swords to the General with a slight bow before excusing himself. [b “Take it. I hope you’ve been keeping up with your training.”] Erin took one of the swords from his father and nodded [+red “Yes father.”] he reply robotically as his father glared down upon him. [b “Stand there and don’t move.”] he ordered before walking off. Erin did as he was told while examining the sword as he waited. It was a beautiful katana, single edge with a white hilt, base on the weight and balance it was most likely forge by a master blacksmith. When his father finally returns it wasn’t just him anymore, there were two other men with him who were pulling a big metal cage with a cloth draped over it. They stopped about 50 feet away from where Erin was standing. [b “Now my son you we see what a monsters truly looks like.”] he spoke rashly as he ripped the cloth away from the cage exposing the creature inside to the light. Erin’s eyes widen with shock as he stared at the creature, it was horrifying. It was like he stepped into a nightmare. [+red “…father?”] he look towards his father searching for a reason why this was happening but his father’s eyes were as cold as ever. [b “Now show me that you understand…”] he lifted his hand and unlocked the cage.


Before Erin could even process what was happening, the creature had jumped out its cage and started charging towards him. His body went stiff, his heart rate increase rapidly, his breaths got faster, and tears started to form in the corner of his eyes as the monster quickly approached him. The sword that his father gave to him earlier was clinched tightly in his hand however Erin was unable to move his body. Even if he could, it wasn’t like he could stand a chance against the ten-foot monster that was running towards him. All he could focus on was its big sharp teeth getting closer and closer.

[size28 [+red [font "Chalkduster" “I’m going to die… I’m going to die….Die. Die!”]]]

The monster cried out as it reached it claws towards Erin’s body. One second the beast was about to rip Erin’s body open and the next second it was on the ground cut in half. Standing over the monster’s dead body was Erin’s father with his sword drawn and soak with blood. [b “Truly pitiful…this blood could have been yours, your mother’s, your sister’s, or another innocent person’s. Don’t ever show me that weakness again…worthless child. You’re not ready for the responsibilities of being my son.”] His father looked at him with disgust before walking away. It wasn’t until several seconds after that Erin started to pull himself together that he looked down and saw that he was covered in blood.


It was that day that shaped Erin to be the person that he is today.

Present Day~

It’s been precisely two weeks and 16 hours since Erin has been a resident at the AORNH compound. He was starting to get restless with all the pointless shit they were making he do. Informational meetings, training sessions, emergency drills are for greenhorn newbies who don’t know how to wipe their own asses. He is the son of a high-ranking General who been training his whole life for this moment, to prove to his father that he has what it takes to fellow in his footsteps. He wanted his own monster. Unlike before he’s now strong enough to handle anything that comes his way. Today was the day that he is going to finally meet the beast that he’ll be taming. Every caretaker is given a file that goes into detail about the non-human that they’ll be controlling. Erin looks at his monster’s file, #90575, coded name Aelra. [+red “A demon…Perfect.”] he grinned at the idea of having his own pet demon. He headed towards the meeting place with his sword swing over his back.
  Erin Slade / sandshower / 4y 157d 12h 24m 43s
Two hundred years. Two hundred years of fun, just came to an end. What's wrong with terrorizing humans? It's not like they try and terrorize each other. What is wrong with other creatures doing the terrorizing for them?

Humans lack a lot of things. But one thing that they do have, which makes them annoying, is their stubbornness. Put them to a challenge, and they will just keep trying, until they either succeed or die. A fight to the bitter end.

Aelra was under lock and key, but not in the way you think. Regular stuff like locks, bindings, wouldn't work. Instead, her hands were chained, the being chain wrapped around a cross. She's sitting in a chair, which is surrounded by bibles, images of saints, everything that a devout holy person would want to own. Still not in the clear? Holy objects, they hurt her.

Some voice in the ceiling, most likely a speaker in the ceiling. In a calm, assuring tone, "Your caretaker, Erin, will arrive shortly." What the heck is a caretaker, Aelra thought.
  Aelra / Arya / 4y 157d 20h 10m 56s
It has been 7 years since a rather tall teen was sent to this place...a so called safe house, for accidentally harming a young girl. "when am I getting my caretaker?" he asked his guard, but the guard just scoffed and ignored him. "I want an answer please..." he said.
  Luca Racor / SilentHiller / 4y 158d 22h 31m 42s

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