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At least, at least he hadn't tried to kill her. Also, what was burning? Oh, it was his hair. Aelra smirked, because she could. Of course, him talking about her power which she hadn't shown earlier. Each to his own secret. Although, Erin had gotten upset over that fact. He had pinched her, playfully Aelra hoped. But it didn't seem like because he didn't curse at her. He cursed at the organisation for lack of, Aelra didn't catch the last word. Also, his curios look at the Pentagram. Home decor, dumbfuck!!

Time to go, and get into some vehicle on wheels. A car, isn't it? During the ride, Erin was thinking about something. About meeting everyone else, might be.

Getting out of the car, Erin led her away somewhere. Great, more rules, so he doesn't look like an idiot. Why not, he already looks like an idiot. But Aelra doesn't want him to cut out her tongue though, so she decides that it would be better for her to follow his rules.

Erin starts walking towards the building, sneakily. Why sneakily? If there's anyone trying to kill her or Erin, she would show the, what a complete idiot they were. What didn't help, was the fact that someone behind them, was trying to get Erin's attention.
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[i Knock, knock, knock.] Erin knocked three times on the thick metal door making sure Aelra heard it before unlocking the door and swing it open, he started to pronoun the demon’s name however a loud thump cut him off. He peeked his head inside the doorway to see Aerla on her ass with a red mark on her forehead. It was hard not to laugh but the big scythe which she whipped out of thin air killed the sense of humor. [+red “Fire?”] he asked rhetorically as the intense heat from her scythe dried out his eyes and singed to tips of his bangs. Erin stared down at monster even after she put her weapon away. He crouched down so he could be at eye level with her. [+red “That’s a nifty trick you got there. Were you planning on telling me about it or keeping it a secret until the moment it best suited you?”] he asked with an ominous smile before pinching her cheek to the point it left a red mark. After sighing in frustration he stood back up, he got mad again but not particularly with Aelra. A monster keeping secrets from their Caretaker was no surprise. What got him so pissed was that AORNH didn’t do proper research. [i [+red “Bunch of idiots. If she was able to hide her ability to lite her weapon on fire, she might be hiding even more from me. What a pain. No point in asking her bluntly about it. She’ll either deny or lie about any other powers she may have. Oh well, at least it’ll make things more interesting.”]] he thought while stepping into Aelra’s room, not even bothering to help her off the floor. He looked over to see a huge pentagram symbol branded into the door. [i [+red “They better not bill me for that...”]] he thought as his eye twitched with irritation.

Reaching into his pocket Erin pulled out his phone to check the time. [+red “We should get going. Follow me.”] he walked back out of that small depressing room and headed down the hallway which would lead them towards the front of the building. A car should be already waiting for them. Along the way, his demon was rightfully curious about what was about to happen but he didn’t bother answering any of her questions because: 1) he didn’t feel like explaining things and 2) it was more fun to keep her in the dark. They exited the building to see the driver holding open the car door open for them. [b “Good evening Mr. Slade.”] Erin nodded in response before stepping into the car with Aelra following closely behind. The car ride itself was a quiet one however Erin’s mind wasn’t. He hated this kind of things so he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Meeting people he had no interested in meeting and having to do small talk about pointless shit. Although tonight won’t be vain, he has plans to use this opportunity has a chance to size up the other Caretakers and their monsters. Especially those two from before, that one-eye Willie and his black alien freak, which he saw in the hallway earlier that day. He’ll have to be careful not to cause a scene like he usual tends to do. This wasn’t the academy where he could pick fights with any random John Doe. High ranking AORNH staff members are supposed to be there tonight and the last thing he wanted was word traveling back to his father that he caused an uproar at an ‘important’ meet and greet. So even if it’s not his forte, he’ll have to enter sneaky ninja mode, he’ll gather information while keeping a low profile. Hopefully.

The car finally came to a stop and the door was opened for them. Erin stepped out while glancing around at his surroundings; he could tell they were in the heart of the city by all the buildings and traffic. Standing right in front of him was another tacky government building, they always look the same, grey and boring. Although this one had beautiful Sakura Cherry Blossoms trees out front. It was like straight out of a manga but Erin had no eye for beautiful so he couldn’t be sure if others saw it the same way. “The trees…what do you think of them?” he asked Aelra in a moment of daze however before she could answer the driver spoke and took his leave. [+red “Come on, let’s go in.”] he spoke before walking ahead.

Before entering the building Erin gestured Aelra away from the main door. [+red “We need to talk first. I don’t think I need to tell you to be on your best behavior tonight. No scythe, no fire, and no disobedience. Only speak when spoken too. Don’t let me catch you plotting anything either. And most importantly, don’t leave my side. Not even for second.”] He warned her firmly before entering the building. Like Erin himself, not everybody there had good intentions. He could almost feel a grin forming on his lips as they entered the lion’s den. The big ballroom in which they were all supposed to meet was already half full with servers, staff members, Caretakers, and monsters alike. There was plenty of food and drinks going around but Erin didn’t come here for the refreshments, he had a mission to complete.

Erin’s artic blue eyes scanned the room carefully by analyzing faces while safely staying close to one of the room’s walls and away from people. Even with his perfect hearing it was hard to zero onto a single conversation since the whole room was one huge cluster of noise. He leaned his back up against the wall using it as a sound conductor for his ears. He could feel Aelra staring at him while she stood beside him like a good pet obeying their master. Just as he was going to camouflage with a crowd of people a pair of familiar faces walked. Eye patch man and his mutant monster. His eyes narrow while he watched them. There was something about them that rubbed Erin the wrong way. He needed to get closer to his targets. [+red “Stay close.”] he spoke softly to Aelra while pushing himself off the wall and merging into the crowd. It was time for a little reconnaissance.
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[center [h3 Valkyr]]
As she explored, the female felt something. She couldn't tell what feeling it was...was it was the humans called 'joy'? 'Joy' at being able to be free to explore her surroundings? Valkyr wasn't sure. She hardly felt anything until now since being out of the labs and being allowed more freedom than she had ever had before. It was...nice to say the least.
The kitchen had been the first place she explored, seeing as that was where the hall had led her when she first entered. The female looked around, the target receptors moving constantly in her vision, locking onto certain things, relaying information back to her.
Of course, she tested a few of the objects, like the thing called a 'toaster'. Such an interesting thing. Then the oven which caused heat. She turned several of the burners on, watching them glow bright red. Valkyr cocked her head to the side, curious. She could sense, feel the heat they all omitted.
Without so much of a second thought, she allowed herself to set her right hand upon the red-hot burner. Searing pain, really wasn't that bad...
In the lab, she had been submitted to tests much worse than this. This pain was weak. She hardly felt anything in all honesty. Valkyr was staring at her hand which was still upon the red-hot burner. Only by the voice of Dimitri did she snap out of her trance.
Valkyr quickly turned off everything that she had turned on, moving away. Instead, she made her way to the door, waiting patiently. The female leaned her back against the door, parts of her form seemingly glowing bright red with an unknown energy. She slowly lifted her hand that had been setting on the burner. The female tilted her head, there was no mark. Now, if that had been a human hand...Valkyr knew damage would've been done...but she was no longer human...she knew it all too well...yet sometimes she wondered which was very rare nowadays...
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[center [pic]]
A cool wind played with his long, dark locks. A thin trail of smoke waved upwards from the cancer stick into the air, disappearing as soon as it was produced. Dimitri took in a drag just as his cellphone began to do a little jig on the glass table. He blew out the puff of smoke, pushed himself off the railing he was leaning against, and picked it up. It was a message from a number he didn’t recognize at first. Reading the message, however, made the sender and the purpose clear.

He put the phone back down and took in a long, deep drag from the cigarette.

Dimitri slid open the sliding door that lead to the living room, but didn’t step inside. Instead, he called out loudly, “Valkyr! We gotta go out and meet the other caretakers and nonhumans! Do whatever it is you gotta do to get ready now!”

He finished his cig before smashing it into the ashtray and stepping back inside. He went into the upstairs bathroom and retrieved the medical kit. After tying his hair into a ponytail and pinning back the bangs with hair clips, he carefully removed the eyepatch. Scarred, burned flesh covered ¼ of his face from around his eye up to the where his hair grew. Directly over the eye there were a couple of thin, long scars that were caused by a bladed object. Whatever his eyepatch couldn’t cover, his hair took care of the rest. That was the main reason for growing it out, despite the fact he also didn’t take much care in his personal appearance beyond what was deemed necessary.

First he had to hydrate the damaged eyeball, then cover the entire scarred skin with medicated ointment. This was to prevent any infections or further damage. He couldn’t see out of the eye so he couldn’t imagine how much worse the damage could get. Not to mention it was ugly as fuck. Once the tedious task was all done he tied on a clean, medical eyepatch and freed his bangs. He decided to keep the rest of his hair in the ponytail and disappeared into his room to get changed.
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She had slept, but the dream, was not a nice dream. It was a devilish dream, which was kind of ironic, but it seemed as if Erin had broken some part of her mentality already.

The dream, was of the fight she had earlier with Erin. But this time, things were different. Erin looked hell a evil, with that cruel sword of his. Aelra stood there, without a weapon. She could barely move, while Erin moved wickedly fast, slicing here and there. It got so vividly scary, that Aelra jolted awake, quite forcefully.

Hitting the bottom of the bed with her head, not the best way to wake up. Crawling from under the bed, she got up shakily, and went to the bathroom.

Looking into the mirror, Aelra could see her eyes were red. Not from being angry, but from the tears. Cried herself to sleep, great.

Washing her eyes, it hurt a bit. She washed her eyes thoroughly, but some red in her eyes still stubbornly remained. Well, couldn't do nothing much about it.

Aelra heard knocking on the door. She ran over to see who it was. The door didn't have one of those little eyeslit to see outside. Attempting to open it, the door suddenly swings into the room. It hits her, causing her to fall down.

Aelra's anger flared, causing her to summon he scythe, and set it on fire. Looking up, she sees Erin Slade, and to be more precise, she met his eyes. She quickly disappear her scythe.
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The room temperature was set on low; the A/C unit hummed quietly as it constantly blew out cold fresh air. The air felt nice against Erin’s warm dampened skin and hair. For the first time today, his muscles were relax to where it felt there was no gravity pulling him down. Fighting always drained him. The effect of putting 100% of his physical and mental power into it. However he didn’t mind it, after all, he loved fighting. Another thing he loved was sleeping. His two favorite things to do. When he was younger if he wasn’t picking a fight then he’d be somewhere napping instead. Although now days with his Caretaker duties, naps were going to be rare opportunities.

It was a simple one-person twin bed but it was satisfying enough for him. Erin belly flopped down onto the warm embrace of the sheets and pillow. There wasn’t enough time to properly get under the sheets because the moment his head touch the pillow he was dead to the world. It was time to rest up and regain his strength for the next fight. There is always going to be another fight. That was one belief Erin had totally confidence in.

Usually Erin never dreams while he sleeps, for him it’s just lost of time. Going to sleep at 8pm and wakes up at 6am is nothing more than 8 hours of missing time. He prefer it that way, it was simpler. However this time he dreamed of something strange:
[i [font "Apple Chancer" Darkness was everywhere. There was nothing to touch, taste, hear, smell, or see. In every direction looked the same. He tried to call out but his voice was gone. White hands appeared from the darkness and grabbed at him.]]

[i [font "Apple Chancer" He tried to fight them off but the darkness started to suck him in. He could feel his lungs screaming out for help but like before no sound was created. Just as half of his of his body was sinking into the blackness a blinding white cutout female figure stood before him. He could see no facial characteristics or much of anything else. Although it look like she was talking, her voice couldn’t reach him either. What was she trying to tell him? She raised her arm and waved as if to say ‘goodbye’ as bright lights started to appear behind her.]]

[i [font "Apple Chancer" He reached out wanting to touch her, wanting to stay with her. However it wasn’t long after that his whole body was swallowed by the darkness.]]
[i [font "Apple Chancer" He was now in a field of green grass and blue sky. The wind blew his air as the sun blinded his eyes however a shadow soon blocked the sun from touching his face. A girl stood over him, her body blocked the sun so it was hard to see she face, all he saw was shadow. At first he thought it was the same girl from before but he couldn’t be sure, she had a different aura about her. [+red “Who are you?”] he asked softly but she didn’t answer. Instead the girl kneeled over him and pressed her lips against his own. His eyes widen as the warmth from her lips spread into his body. He was frozen by her bold actions. She on the other hand just giggled while brushing her hair behind her ear, [+purple “Come find me Erin. I’ll be waiting for you~”]]]

Erin’s eyes shot open as a vibration noise filled the room. He was dazed at first but quickly recovered from his confused state. [i [+red “What the hell was that dream about? Who were those girls? Were they the same person?’]] Those were only few out of many questions that he'd asked himself. One thing was for sure; it was the realist dream he has ever had before. The second girl, even though he couldn’t see her face, had a familiar voice that he swear he heard somewhere before. It was on the tip of his tongue but couldn’t place it. Not being able to figure it out started to piss him off so he decided to let it go. It was just a stupid dream after all. Dreams have no purpose in the real world. Erin groaned while pushing himself up into a sitting position. Running his fingers though his hair Erin looked over at his lighten up cell phone. A new message. What a pain but it did save him from that bizarre dream. He wanted to know what was up with that dream but didn’t have time to pondering about it. He picked up his cell, which had a broken screen and case. It was surprising that his phone still work at all, he goes through phones like bottle waters cause they would always get damage from his fights.
He used the touch screen to check his email, the message was sent out to all the Caretakers. It was filled with information about tonight’s little get-together. All of which he already knew about. However what’s with the wording they used? [+red “Same respect? Tsk! What bullshit…”] he threw his phone to the side before putting on more formal clothing. It was time to check on Aelra so he headed out his room and knock on her door to give her fair warning before unlocking the door and walking in.
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[center [h3 Valkyr]]
She was right behind him. The female had grown quiet, not saying a words as they moved. Valkyr slipped into the vehicle. She sat down, folding her claw-like hands neatly in her lap. During the entire ride Valkyr said nothing but simply stared straight ahead. However, she could sense a slight uneasiness...or was it something else? She wasn't sure.
Then the car came to a stop. She climbed out with ease, looking around. Despite being further in the town, the female knew the place was surrounded by walls. Guess to keep things in, or keep others out...probably the first....
Either way, it did not matter. The female waited patiently for Dimitri to open the door before following inside. Well, for certain it was much different than the labs she was used to. It was a very curious place, at least to her. At the mention of being able to look around, Valkyr only nodded. She would take up that offer.
[hr ]
As time passed during the day, every caretaker's phone, cellphone, etc. would suddenly ring, waiting to answer.
If they were to pick up, the message they would hear:
[i "Welcome old caretakers and new caretakers. This evening we will be holding the weekly outing for all caretakers and their non-humans to visit with one another.
This is to simply to get to know your fellow caretakers to get to know one another, share ideas or methods, and let the non-humans know that they will still be treated with the same respect as any human.
Hope to see you all there.
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Dimitri physically jumped as a name suddenly echoed in his head. He immediately registered it as Valkyr’s “voice” and took a deep breath. He seriously needed to get used to it and quickly, or else it would be awkward for a while. He listened as she was giving him information. Was the info on the pair that they had walked passed earlier? He assumed so, ‘cause otherwise those names meant absolutely nothing to him.

He rubbed his neck as he looked to the side. It felt odd to be called “sir”, but he wasn’t sure if he would want her to call him by his first name. Maybe once they got to know each other better. Anyway, it was a lot better than being called “Mr. Amelin.” That felt too formal for his liking, so he would let her call him whatever she felt like for the time being.

“Alright, sounds good,” he replied as he approached the car.

As soon as the driver spotted the pair he opened the door for them. Dimitri motioned for Valkyr to get in first. Once she was in, he climbed in afterwards. He instructed the driver to take them back to his place and nothing more needed to be said. He remained quiet for the ride, multiple thoughts running through his head that he needed to sort through on his own. He wouldn’t lie, he felt a small sense of anxiety. It’s been hard to trust non-humans since the personal attack he suffered a couple years ago, yet he refused to let that hold him back. He has just become a lot more cautious since then and sometimes his paranoid mind would get the best of him. He just had to remind himself to breathe slowly and to not assume the worst.

The car stopped and Dimitri climbed out. “Well, this is it,” he said as he pointed towards the townhouse. “It’s not much, but it’s enough.”

He dug out his keys from his pocket and unlocked the front door, opening it side enough so that the both of them could get inside. “The living room, kitchen, and TV are on the first floor. There is a deck that goes out to the back. My bedroom and the guest bedroom are upstairs. The bathroom is also upstairs, but there is only the one so we are going to have to share.”

Dimitri entered the kitchen and noticed a large box sitting on his kitchen table. That must be the food that was delivered. How did they get in, though? Wait, that was a dumb question. This was the government he was talking about. If anyone knew how to get in your personal business whenever they wanted, it would be them.

“Feel free to look around,” he said as he snatched a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from the counter. “I’m gonna go have a smoke out back. Give me a holler if you need anything.”
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Standing there, for a long time. Being a fool? Nope, just the pre-sizing up of each other before the main engagement. Analyzing posture, and body position to maybe figure out what the next step will be.

Mr.Slade here, went through, what Aelra guessed, was his pre-ritual for fighting something. Looked like he sent a plea to God, then slowly withdrew his cursed, holy sword, carefully looking down its intricate blade. Then he draws it, and his body, into what looks like the starting position.

Aelra already decided she would be on the defensive. That left the option for Erin to attack her. Looking at him, Aelra decided that he was analyzing her, trying to figure out the best plan of attack. She summoned her scythe, just in case, but she didn't set it on fire.

Quickly, all the tension, or potential energy was quickly transferred into kinetic energy. Erin quickly lunged. Aelra was expecting a high burst of speed. He had shown what he was capable, speed wise, when he had slammed her into the cement wall a while ago.

He seemed surprised by the scythe. Maybe not by the fact that it appeared into existence out of nowhere, but more because of the fact that it appeared for sturdier for a light object than he thought.

He seemed to be aiming at her legs. Aelra wasn't thinking why, as was focused on keeping track of his blade. She knew her scythe, wasn't the best weapon for using against a sword like Erin's type, but she wanted to go full for the fun of it. She hadn't had such fun since, 19 years ago was it? Hasn't she fought like a whole army division, which had soldiers, artillery, and tanks, and beaten the crap out of them?

Anyways, back to the fight. Aelra could feel each bite of the blade, and it hurt. She didn't let that stop her from fighting. Most of the blade cuts had went into her legs, but there were cuts located on other spots on her body as well.

She couldn't keep on the defensive all the time. She had to start counter attacking. Oh ho ho, he missed. [+purple Not even close.] Did he just get slightly more pissed of? Hehe, every time he misses, mock his self-righteous conscious of this supremacist bastard.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, a second miss, and a major mistake in terms of this type of dance. [+purple Don't get cocky, kid.] Also, a good self reminder. Even though finding a way to beat this asshole is exhilarating, don't forget, she had to finish the fight.

Ha, a third mistake has been committed. Improper footwork, leading to complications for both Erin and Aelra, but more negative for Erin. [+purple My grandma could do better than that.] Aelra actually had never known her grandmother. Erin's third mistake, allowed Aelra to go in for a tactical, liquidating ending.

Proceeding to end it, she had finally made him bleed. Sure, she had hit him numerous times already, but this one was the first to make this d-bag bleed. And it was on the cheek. Nailed that bastard.

Erin pulls out, and ends the fight. Aelra looks puzzled at him, but done is done. She vanished her scythe back from wherever she made it appear from. He looks happy, much happier than when he had picked up Aelra. Maybe more fights like these? Seem to cheer up his mood a lot. Also, Aelra feels more appreciated by this guy. He even called her a little asskicker. She smiles a, sure thing smile while looking at him.

They start walking somewhere to somewhere again. This place is huge. Lots of ginormous hallways, always branching off somewhere. Aelra guessed she would easily lose herself here for sometime if she was by herself.

Finally coming somewhere. Stop, and then Erin abruptly turns. Ahh, this the living quarters for Aelra and Erin. This door lead into Aelra's room, and somewhere near, Erin would be living.

Walking into her room, pretty much a prison. Aelra hears the door close, and then a click. He locked it. Turning around, there is no lock whatsoever on this side. Ok then, useless to try to force a way out of here then. Well, Aelra could try, except she didn't want to ruin Erin's good mood. Nor did she want him to cut out her tongue. Hell, let's burn a pentagram into the door. Taking out her scythe, Aelra set it on fire, and just burned the design into the door.


Happy with her handiwork, she disappeared her scythe back to whatever void it came from.

Turning back around, decent bathroom, for a prison, and a small room with a bed. Not the best, but then again, not the worst. This is pretty much what this group, hadn't Erin called it AORNH, thought of monsters.

The bathroom didn't have a shower, just a basin and a toilet. Aelra couldn't take a shower, but she could use the water from the tap to make herself look more decent. She opened the tap, and let the cold water flow. She cupped her hands, and then splashed it into her face and rubbed her hands around her face, spreading the cold water around. That felt refreshing.

After that, she did it with the rest of the cuts. It hurt like hell, but that lead to where she got the blood cleared, and she looked hell a cleaner. Then, the same thing with her hair.

And that took a long time.

Feeling refreshed, she went down to lie down on the bed. It was meh, but better than nothing. Laying there, she started to sing some part of a song she had memorized while on her ramp of violence against humanity. If she remembered correctly, hadn't she killed the guy when he was singing the song?

[+purple [center It was many years ago that I became
what I am
I was trapped in this life like an innocent
Now I can never show my face at noon
And you'll only see me walking by the
light of the moon
The brim of my hat hides the eye of a
I've the face of a sinner but the hands of
a priest
Oh you'll never see my shade or hear
the sound of my feet
While there's a moon over Bourbon

She suddenly had a flood of emotions, and a long train of questions. What if this, or what if that. Eventually, the question she stopped on was, what if I, truly am, a monster, a truly evil one, that needs to be put down. What if the fight she had, was just a test for this organization who had captured her? What if they meant to put her in a battle, where she wouldn't be able to win, and in consequence be killed.

While the question was there, Aelra had tears to begin to pool in her eyes. She got off the bed, and crawled under it. She curled into the fetal position, with her back towards the opposite wall,and began to cry, silently.
  Aelra / Arya / 4y 138d 18h 6m 26s
Fighting is more than just two sides trying to destroy each other, combat can be used as a tool of communication both physical and mental. Erin will be able to see Aelra’s skills and abilities but also her state of mind when attacking and defending. A lot can be learned from a person when their pushed to fight. So he wasn’t lying before, it would be a bonding experience; Aelra is going to learn a lot about him as well through his fighting style. Although a part of him hopes after today she’ll understand why it would be wise to fear him.

Aelra’s sense of humor wasn’t amusing to Erin, she was way too laid back for his liking. She needed to take things more seriously as if every move she makes has deadly consequences tied to it. In battle, a split second could mean the difference between life and death. Every though, every move, every choice should be made carefully. That’s something he’s going to have to teach her, most likely the hard way. His eyes study her closely: the slight twist of her left foot indicated that she’ll likely push off towards the right, the way the muscles in her arms tense up giving away her strategy to use upper body combat instead of lower, and not to mention the lack of balance in her stance left a opening to throw off her center of gravity. His eyes could see every flaw however it wasn’t as bad as he first though it would be. It was obvious the she demon has been in many fights which made her into a avenge warrior, but without proper training and an insane amount of dedication she could never be a great warrior.

After Erin was done analyzing Aelra’s fighting position, he decided it was time to get in his own. He closed his eyes while taking a deep breath in before slowly exhaling, it was a pre-combat ritual that he always does. He reached over his back and grabbed the hilt of his sword. He opened his eyes the same moment he drew his blade. The sun’s rays reflected on the stainless steel edge as he pointed the tip down to the ground. The two stood motionless waiting for any sign of movement. Erin could tell she was waiting for him to start. By the brief analyzing that he did earlier he was able to come up with a simple plan of action. Since she a upper dominate fighter that lack speed and proper balance all he’ll have to do is go for her legs and slipped her up, once she becomes off balance he’ll be able to finish her off quickly. His father’s words echo through his head and exited from his mouth, [+red “Now show me that you understand.”]

By forcing all his leg strength to the top of his right foot he’s able to abject off at a faster rate, which shaves about a whole second off his normal speed. Erin wasn’t going to hold back, his sword slicing through the air jetting right towards her chest. Both of their movements were fast, it would have been impossible for a untrained eye to keep up with them. Attack, dodge, and deflect. Repeat. Aelra’s scythe was a pretty good weapon; it was surprising strong for something that appeared out of nowhere. He was able to give her small swallow cuts over her body but couldn’t get a good hit. The demon wasn’t as weak as he first thought she was and he was impressed. Although it was starting to give her a big head because she had the nerve to taunt him. Saying phases like [i ‘not even close’, ‘Don't get cocky, kid’, and ‘My grandmother could do better than that’. ]

Angry grew inside of him like a disease spreading throughout his body. He was the Caretaker, the superior being but she still dare mock him. His attacks started to get heavier and rougher as his tempter started to slip. His emotions took over his actions, his attacks were stronger but his defense was weakened. Which left him open to attack but he didn’t care. His pride was on the line, she question his abilities just like his father did that day. He won’t tolerate that level of disrespect from his monster. His eyes looked more demoniac than Aelra’s as he charged towards her. At his point his mind wasn’t thinking proper, his body was just acting on it’s own accord.

Erin’s eyes widen at the sensation of pain coursing through his nerves cells. He jumped back a few paces to evaluate his current situation. That’s when he felt his warm blood oozing from his cheek. [+red “Tsk! Damn it…”] he snapped while wiping the blood away with his sleeve. His teeth clenched his frustration as he growled. Aelra actually was able to make contact and make him bleed. How reckless of him to be baited like that. He was so angry at himself but he needed to regain his composer so instead of continuing he slide his sword back into its hilt. [+red “That’s enough for today. There’s a bothersome meeting later today to meet other Caretakers and non-humans so we going to wrap this up.”] he spoke a little softer than before as he glanced at her. They were both covered in cuts, blood, and sweat. [+red “I’ll take you to your room so you can wash up then come get you in a few hours.”] He walked over and offered her his hand to help her back up since she fell from exhaustion. It wasn’t out of kindness or affection that he reached out to her, he just didn’t want to wait on her to get up. [+red “Come on, don’t got all day little ass kicker.”] he grinned softly, that was probably the closest thing Aelra was ever going to get to a compliment. After a moment of hesitation, she looked up at him with big curious purple eyes and took his hand.

Erin help Aelra up off the ground and let go of her hand before taking the lead out of training ground. Depsit what happen, the combat exercise was enlightening. He knew more about Aelra than he did before so he looked at it as a successful job. AORNH had dorms for their employees if wanted, although some rather not live in the same place that they worked, Erin wasn’t one of those people. He prefer to stay on the company ground also being the son of a higher up individual, he got one of the best rooms. [+red “You’re room is this one. Mine is the next one to the left. So I’ll be close if you cause any trouble. So don’t. Now clean up and I’ll come get you in roughly three hours.”] He waited until she was in her room before locking her inside. He didn’t want her to go off on a field trip on her own after all.

The moment he stepped into his room all the tension in his body drained out. It was refreshing to finally take off his clothes and stand under the pressure of hot water. It really helped to clear his head from any remaining turmoil. After drying off and changing into something clean, the bed was calling for a nice afternoon nap.
  Erin Slade / sandshower / 4y 141d 11h 2m 19s
[center [h3 Valkyr]]
Valkyr followed behind him silently. She had an elegant walk, light on her feet, perfectly balanced and agile. Despite that elegance, there was also something dangerous. The danger level was calm, but that could change at any time.
As they made their way down the hall, they passed another pair. Her vision once again became active, targets moving, focusing on faces...
Aelra, a demoness who didn't much want to be here. Appears she had been caught, like a few other non-humans.
Then there was her caretaker, Erin Slade. Hm, his background reminded Valkyr of the high commanders in the army. They're strict discipline, and what they expected of the soldiers. Though, there were a few other things...but Valkyr would leave it at that...
[b ~Erin Slade~] her voice would echo only in Dimitri's head [b ~Rather young...and not sure if he is fit to handle a job such as this Sir~].
[b ~As for the demoness, Aelra. She had been captured it would seem~].
Valkyr was probably not suppose to share information such as that...but she didn't know any better. It was simply the way she had been made and raised. To report everything to her superior officer, and right now Dimitri was to be her 'superior officer' for the time being. At least in her thoughts.
[b ~I have ridden in several cars sir. I have been informed that my meals have been delivered to your residence. There will be a box waiting~].
  ::Warframe:: / Dragoncita / 4y 142d 10h 29m 17s
This guy, is such a freaking, jerk. Aelra asks him two, noob level questions for him to answer. What does he do? Puts her in a choke hold without choking her, up against a cement wall. Seriously, was that necessary? He could've just answered those questions peacefully, without all this violence business.

The impact against the wall hurt her head a tad bit. He goes on another rant. His last name, is Slade. Either call him by that name, or call him master. Aelra doesn't like the second term, but she's afraid that if she shows her dislike, he would hurt her. Oh, and don't forget the threat. Cutting her tongue off. This guys is truly a little piece of shit, like Joffrey Baratheon. She hates him for the threats, but she again, she doesn't show it for fear of him actually carrying out the threat.

His last four words, definitely in a sarcastic tone, gives no additional reason why Aelra should like Erin Slade. It does the complete opposite in fact.

Then, comes the drop. He just lets go of her. She slides down to the floor. At least she wasn't very high up, and she used her legs as springs so as not to crash into the floor. This gives another reason to hate this human supremacist scum baggy totalitarian dictator. Also, saying more words which doesn't answer her second question.

Walking further, she could feel a turmoil inside Erin. He was trying to keep it inside himself, but sometimes your own body betrays you. She had a feeling that he wanted to show that he had done something great, to a particular someone. Who, she could not say. She really wanted to meet that someone, and tell them how much of a fucking scumbag Erin Slade was.

More walking, she notices another human, and possibly, a non-human walking towards them. Erin tensed up, wanting to hide his feelings. Judging by the other human's reaction, it worked.

Even More walking, Aelra and Erin come into a room. Aelra looking around a room, she could guess that this was where fights happened.

So Erin wanted to see how well she could dance? She knew many dances, but this dance, she knew very well. He challenged her. Aelra toyed with the idea of bringing out her scythe and setting it on fire. But, lets keep that a secret, and scare the shit out of him later. It's not like he doesn't already hate her a ton.

Giving Erin a mocking Heil Hitler salute, accompanied by a mocking smile, she got into a stance, in which her body language showed that Erin should attack first. She waited for him to come, ready to dodge all of his lighting fast attacks , and if the need arose, to show him her attacks.

[+purple "Small and cute may I be, but if you read my list of offenses for the 200 years I was free Slade, you'll find be reading some pretty nasty stuff."]
  Aelra / Arya / 4y 142d 18h 29m 47s
Dimitri’s eyes widened as a voice echoed in his head. He glanced over the woman, but she appeared to be entirely unfazed. Either she was used to it or only he was the one that heard it. He looked back at Valkyr and rubbed the back of his neck. If that was her main way of communicating, it was going to be trippy at first to have conversations with her. He let out a sigh. He wasn’t too surprised that she had nothing, the company not allowing any nonhuman to keep too much, but typically they would have at least a small bag of what would be considered their essentials. No weapons, for obvious reasons, but possibly clothes and whatever else might be deemed important.

“Right, let’s go,” the man said, nodding his head towards the door.

The woman that was with them smiled sheepishly at him. “Yeah, sorry. She isn’t really known to talk much.”

He glanced at her, realizing that she didn’t know how Valkyr communicated. He smiled, going along with her train of thought since it was easier than to explain. “It’s alright. This is typical behavior at the beginning, along with some other variants.”

The woman went in her own direction once the two exited the room. He lead the way, knowing the layout of the building pretty well, and looked over his shoulder every once in a while to make sure that she was following. However, another pair caught his attention. Something was… odd about that boy. He didn’t get good vibes off of him, yet he wasn’t the nonhuman of the two. Rather, it was the young-looking girl who appeared to be a demon. Interesting match-up, though he knew nothing about the two of them. Employees came and went pretty frequently since there were those who couldn’t quite handle hosting nonhumans.

It was only when they passed each other was he able to breathe with a little more ease. He looked at Valkyr. “There is a car that will be driving us back to my place since it’s too far of a walk. Now is the time to tell me if we need to stop by a store for anything specific, like food or something”
  Dimitri / nomey1 / 4y 143d 7h 35m 45s
Disappointment, frustration, and total ludicrous would be worlds Erin would use to describe how the day was going. The moment that he’s been waiting for all this time has be completely shatter by a small demon girl with pink bows. It took all the self-discipline he had not to vent his frustration out. The weight of his step became heavier than before as he marched on. The hiccup in the present won’t slow the progress of the future. Erin was moving forward, not even the sound of his monster collapsing could make him look back. Only the future matter now, nothing else.

The echo of lighter feet shadowed his own as they made their way down the hall. The rhythm of the demon’s steps was strange, almost like she was playing hopscotch the way her feet would skip a step to speed up. Non-humans always seemed offbeat compare with the rest of the world. No matter how hard they tried, they’ll never be on tempo with the humans so to try was a futile act within itself. That’s why non-humans will always be trailing behind humans, why Aelra will never be able to catch him, why humans and non-humans will never stand together side by side as equals. Because that is their density.

Erin halted abruptly making Aelra almost run into his back. The warmth from her body could be felt she was so close. [+red “What did you just address me by?’] he asked in a remote tone that made the air feel more hostile then before as he slowly turned his head to look over his shoulder at her. His ocean blue eyes were as cold as the artic. A frication of a second was all he needed, a non-human has powers but Erin had speed. His reflexes were crafted and perfected with years of practice. Before the ‘second’ hand of clock could move another tick, Erin enclosed his hand around the bottom of Aelra’s chin, his fingers squeezing into her cheeks as he slammed her against the cement wall. [+red “Just one rule: do as I say. I told you to never call me by my first name. You’re voice, the movement of your lips as they formed my name. It’s disgusting. Don’t ever forget your place monster. You’re not worthy enough to even walk behind him let alone utter my name. I gave you two options and only two! Slade or Master. I will be taking that tongue next time, I wont show you this kindness again. So please behave, I hate violence.”] The underlining tone of sarcasm in his voice was pretty obvious.
He smiled softly before pushed her back hard against the wall as he let her go. [+red “Oh, to answer your question: it’s AORNH. But honestly, knowing where you are and why you're here should be the least of your worries.”] he spoke almost frankly as if they were having a causal conversation about the morning weather.

Erin resumed his lead down the hallway as if that little interruption never happened. After finally meeting their non-humans the Caretakers we’re suppose to take them to individuals meeting spots so they could discussed about themselves so to start bonding with each other and blah blah blah. However, Erin had something different in mind for his first ‘bonding’ experience with Aelra. Just as they were approaching the end of the hall the door opened and other Caretaker walked through with his monstrous creature. It was tall, black, and ugly. The monster he always wanted. His eyes carefully analysis the pair as they became closer. The Caretaker didn’t look like much to the naked eye, the man looked like he could belong in an emo boy band rather than an employee of AORNH. Although that was probably just bitterness leaking through the cracks of Erin’s steel heart. The air became stale as the two pair passed each other as if all the pressure was being concentrated in one spot. The feeling soon passed though once the gap between the two pair got larger again. Erin stopped and glanced back at the two of them, he was curious about the both of them. He made a mental note to look into further at a later date, as for right now, he had something he need to do with Aelra. They exited though the door finally making it out of that long loathsome hallway.

The place Erin ended up taking Aelra was one of the many training grounds AORNH had at this location. It was a huge auditorium filled with the latest equipment. To make it even more perfect no one else was there, they could have their privacy. Erin turned to face Aerla who seemed somewhat puzzled. [+red “Show me all your abilities.”] He ordered hoping he wont have to tell her twice like before. The idea was if he’s going to tame her then he’ll need to see first hand what he’ll be dealing with, no stupid file with fancy words can’t compare with real life observation. Erin wanted to see what his demon was capable of.
  Erin Slade / sandshower / 4y 143d 18h 58m 36s
he smiled, and he took her hand in his. "I actually enjoy walking around, but I haven't been able to after they sent me here." Luca told Red, then he looked at the moon. "It's a beautiful night out, isn't it?'
  Luca Racor / SilentHiller / 4y 145d 2h 37m 3s

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