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Dimitri couldn’t help but smirk at Valkyr’s words about the whole situation with Erin. He didn’t say anything in response to them, but he did appreciate them, even found it slightly amusing. But he was glad to hear that she was ready to go so there was officially nothing tying him to the event any longer. They were free to go. Finally.


He motioned for her to follow and walked away from the building. He followed the same path that he had taken to get there in the first place. It didn’t take long and he was glad to be greeted by the familiar sight of the apartment building. He unlocked the door, only locking it once the two of them were inside.

“I don’t know about you but I am exhausted,” Dimitri said to Valkyr with a wry smile. “I’ll be in my room for the night if you need anything.”

And with that, the man quietly retreated up the stairs to his bedroom. He closed and locked the door to have that extra bit of security before stripping the constricting, formal clothes off until he was only in his boxers. He took off the eyepatch. It was best to leave the wounds exposed and not deal with the hindrance of the bandaging throughout the night. Climbing into bed, he stared up at the ceiling, time crawling slowly as he patiently waited for sleep to finally overtake him.
  Dimitri / nomey1 / 4y 90d 41m 30s
Erin was an idiot of course. One rule in a fight, never let yourself be knocked down. Of course, he had been surprised, but one had to be ready for any situation. Second rule, don't react just like that. Erin did say he was a trained fighter, but just lashing out like that at the big white beast, maybe just a fit of the moment.

Aelra didn't move. She stood in between this new pair, and Erin. She didn't know who the hell they were, but they looked slightly too pleased at what they had done. Of course the stupid Erin walks up in front of her, and goes on to a shpeel. [i [+purple Are you seriously that stupid? You wouldn't be able to fight a monster like that. No matter how much training you have, never.]

Aelra backed away a bit, and there's off the flames. Everything went back to being dark. She didn't know what to do. Erin continued on with his stupidity. What was it with humans and their insistence with stupidity? Was Erin think he was being tough or something? Aelra hoped not, or whoever this girl was might make her monster pounce on him.

After Erin had finished his pewee campaign of stupidity, Aelra decided to act. Lightly skipping around him, she set up a defensive stance in front of Erin. Setting her scythe in position, to Erin,[+purple "Get the hell out of here while you still can."] To the girl, she yelled, [+purple "We seek no quarrels with you, so bugger off, unless you want a quarrel.] Aelra didn't exactly like the fact that she would have to defend a human of all things, but if it were a challenging fight, that was all that mattered.
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Akane also wanted to get out of this place. Maybe just as badly as him. He already had enough excitement for the evening, and he badly wanted some quietness. [+blue "Follow me, then.]

While walking with Akane towards the car, he thought about today's events. He couldn't really believe what had happened, but it had happened. No question there. Even though Akane didn't like him, Jota had a liking towards her. She didn't know it, but she somehow helped him feel less stressed about life.

Getting to the car, [+blue "Would you like to sit in the front or the back?"] After she answered, he cleared out that part out. His car wasn't that clean. It had been stuffed with various things, which he hadn't been cleaning out. He had had been gone, and didn't know when he would be back. After that, he let out a sad sigh, and let Akane sit.

Sitting in the drivers seat, there was the same file sitting on the dashboard, where he had put it. He handed it to Akane, [+blue "You can read it if you want. I suspect it has some information. I didn't have time to go through it.]

The drive home wasn't that long. [+blue "Sorry to bother you, but we are here."] After both of them had gotten out of the car, Jota locked it. It have out a sad double chirp upon locking. Similar to that sound... Jota had vertigo, and the world spun. He grabbed the car to support him, until the vertigo went away. Jota saddened, and walked up the stairs to his house. He assumed Akane was following him.

Unlocking the door, and looking inside the house, Jota could see that his parents had been here when he was gone. No dust, no dirt trails. Akane had slithered in. [+blue "It is not much, but it is something I have."] Jota said this in a slightly melancholic tone, because Akane didn't really care. She hated humans, he was a human, so she hated him. At least he was lucky enough that she didn't go berserk like Aelra, but still.

[+blue "The guest bedroom is down this hallway, first door to the left. If you don't like it, we can talk tomorrow about how to redecorate it to your tastes. Good night.] Jota heaved his shoulders, and walked to the kitchen. There was a picture of his parents, reminding him to call them.

He pulled out his phone, and called them. He had a nice talk with them. Mostly about what the military didn't want to reveal about what had happened. Worried his parents. They even wanted to come over tomorrow. To this, he said no. Explaining to them that he needed some time alone, to figure some things out.

After hanging up, he went to his own room, just opposite the guest bedroom. Nothing had changed, everything was in the same exact place. He sat down in the chair, and saw a picture of him when he was younger, and with his parents. Tears unbidden came to him, and he silently cried. But they were also bitter tears. Why had he survived? What was it that in the big explosion that had caused only him to escape. It was one of those unexplainable things.

Jota turned off the light in his room, and went to sleep.
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Erin quickly sat up so he could be ready to move if Solomon decides to attack him again however by the Director’s demeanor it didn’t seem she had any intention to engage in combat. It was a relief for Erin but he would let the sense of security make him drop his guard. Just then a bright intense light appeared by his side, he would know that radiantly heat from anywhere since he as encountered it multiple times already. He glanced at Aelra who was in her fighting stance with her weapon at the ready. Was she actually trying to protect him from the assailants? No way, he was probably over thinking it. Most likely she drew her weapon to protect herself from the enemies that stood before them, in which case, it was all right. Erin would die of shame if the day ever came to where he needed to relay on his monster’s power to save him. In fact, he would rather die than to be saved by Aelra.

Erin stood up and patted the dirt off his clothes. [+red “Pff, if pets really do take on the personality of their owners then I was right to dislike you, Director.”] he made direct eye contact with Anna as he moved himself between the them and his non-human. [+red “Stand down Aelra. We don’t want to fight them.”] he stood in front of the demon girl exposing his back to for the second time. Erin scoffed softly [+red “Trust has nothing to do with it. “] He didn’t need to trust Aelra or anyone else because he had total confident in his own abilities. As long as he kept moving forward he would never need anybody else’s help or trust. [+red “Tell me, is there a reason why you came out to me meet? I imagine it must be important if it made you step out on your own event.”] he wanted to know upfront what Anna intentions were, it would make interacting with her so much easier. However more than anything, he needed to be careful on handling the situation.
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[center [h3 Anna & Solomon]]
Anna sighed softly. She watched as Erin took off at her voice, just as she expected him to do, pretty predictable.
The white blur came out of nowhere. He tackled Erin, cackling like a lunatic. The beast was grinning, all the eyes glowing bright red in the dark. Solomon purposefully snapped his fangs at the young man's face in a threatening manner. Then Erin tried to hit him.
With ease, the draconic creature leapt backwards, having a huge grin on his muzzle, [b "CRIKEY! WE GOT A WILD ONE 'ERE MATES!"]
Then like an obedient dog, Solomon trotted back, soon sitting next to Anna's side. He kept a smug smirk on his face as he watched. The beast noticed the demoness pull out her scythe again.
Solomon snickered, [b "Oh-ho, like 'dog', like owner. So what they say is true. Pets take on the personality of their owner. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"]
[#8b4513 "That is enough Solomon."]
At her voice, the draconic beast grew quiet, but he still glared at the other pair. His red eyes continued to glow, but now all sets were gazing intently at Erin and Aelra. It was, unsettling and creepy if you weren't used to it, but there was also the fact that Solomon's ability let him see future events and psychic abilities.
Anna was silent for several moments, then spoke again, [#8b4513 "I really thought better of you...[i 'Never turn your back on a non-human you know you cannot trust.'] Forgotten already, why am I not surprised."]
  ::Random Humanoid Females:: / Dragoncita / 4y 96d 17h 6m 9s
[center [h3 Valkyr]]
Valkyr remained by his side as silence descended upon them. However, then one known as 'Erin' suddenly approached. The female could sense his agitation, and it appeared that her caretaker and herself were going to be the ones he was going to take his anger out on for no apparent reason.
As the other continued his speech, the strange humanoid only cocked her head to the side in a curious fashion. Was this kid trying insult them? Valkyr didn't really understand. The sergeants she had worked with were able to provide better insults to provoke her.
[b ~Ignore him sir, though you probably already know that...either way, his attempt at trying to 'insult' either you or myself failed miserably. The sergeants I've worked with are more insulting than that. He is nothing more than a child from what I can tell, and a spoiled one at that~].
Valkyr watched as Dimitri stood up, offering her his hand. She knew it was polite, so took his offered hand, allowing him to help her to her feet. As he did, the female was extremely careful with her claw-like nails so not to hurt him.
The dark humanoid gave a slight nod [b ~I am ready to leave whenever you are sir~].
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Akane glanced at a nonhuman who suddenly transformed causing her eyes to widen. This was just one wild night, wasn’t it? Everyone seemed to be losing their fucking minds around here. Despite that, however, the demoness finally put her weapon away and that was a relief. She found the girl interesting. It would be a shame if she were to be “removed of” because of pulling a stunt like that. Some people left and she just stood there, feeling a strong headache form.

That’s when Jota arrived, telling her that she had done a great job. She glanced to the side, placing her hands on her hips. She wasn’t looking for approval from the too-kind-for-his-own-good human, but the words didn’t grate her ears so she simply shrugged. The suggestion to leave honestly sounded like a great idea right about now. She didn’t want to be there to begin with, but there wasn’t much appeal in going to a stranger’s home. Well, not like she had a home to go to, so that left his place at the only place she could consider hers for the time being.

Akane raised a finger at him, silently telling him to wait, as the other hand brought the smoking pipe to her lips. The tension in the air was still too strong with the lingering stench of fear hanging around as if it refused to release its clutches from the atmosphere. She took a long drag from the pipe before slowly exhaling the smoke. It rose into the air, multiplying has it hung over people’s heads. People were starting to look up, curious at first as to what was going on. Suddenly, the billows of smoke transformed into small, shadowy figures which danced gracefully. “Ooh”s and “aww”s could be heard from the audience as they danced and moved around the air as if they had a life of their own.

Finally, everyone seemed to be at ease again. She smiled in satisfaction as her “children” performed. After a couple of minutes, they quietly blended together and the smoke faded out into nothingness as if it was never there to begin with. A few people clapped and the woman let out a sigh. She was starting to feel tired and the headache was only getting worse.

“I want to leave,” Akane said to Jota.
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Dimitri glanced up when he noticed a red glow. It turned out to belong to Valkyr which surprised him since he wasn’t aware that that was something she could do. She sat down near him and “talked” to him through his mind. Despite the emotionless tone, he could tell she was attempting and it made him smile faintly. He was too tired to do much else; physically and emotionally. He wiped his face clean with the sleeve of his shirt.

That’s when what-his-face showed up. Oh, right, Erin. That’s what Valkyr said it was. The man leaned his back against the wall, glancing up at Erin dully as he ran his mouth off. He didn’t feel like talking or responding. There was nothing to respond to. The guy just wanted to share his almighty knowledge with a weak caretaker. Superiority complex? Whatever. Then, just like that, he left with his poor nonhuman following behind.

Dimitri closed his eye and let out a tired sigh. The words didn’t weigh much to him. This Slade guy had no significance in his life, therefore whatever he said didn’t matter. Erin had the things he believed to be fact and Dimitri had his own. They clearly didn’t mesh together but that was part of life; not everyone agreed or got along. He never sought to gain the guy’s interest, let alone entertain him. If being left alone meant he had to be seen as a “bore” and “weak” so be it. The guy could think whatever he wanted.

The man gathered his lighter, his hands having finally regained control, and rose to his feet. He held his hand out to Valkyr and, if she took it, pulled her to her feet. “I think that’s enough excitement for one day. Unless you want to stay, I’m ready to go back home.” He could hear shouting and that’s when he saw the director, Anna, with Solomon having a little chit-chat with Erin and his companion. He ignored it, the interaction being none of his business.
  Dimitri / nomey1 / 4y 97d 4h 29m 43s
The cig had calmed him down. He breathed a sigh of relief, and reassured his own self-confidence. But, some things had happened. The show had started right after he had finished his smoke.

Erin had decided to leave for some reason. But, why right after the director of this program had walked in here, with what Jota assumed was her monster.

Anyways, he had tried dragging Aelra with him. Except, Erin's plan had backfired almost instantly. Aelra had taken some bottle of the refreshments stand, and had swung it at Erin. Erin almost stopped it, but the bottle had grazed his cheek. Erin's anger flared, and he was about to do something, but then he calmed down. That wasn't Erin, that wasn't like him. He was trying to calm things down. But, that also failed.

As soon as Erin turned his back, almost all hell broke loose. The demoness, Aelra, had summoned something, and set it on fire. That had several consequences. The first, Dimitri had run out the room, with Valkyr following soon after. Second consequence, the director's monster turned into some white creature, with many eyes. Third, he drew out his own revolver. Fourth, his own monster stepped up to Aelra. Akane was saying something, but it did cause Aelra to disappear whatever she had summoned. Then, Erin left with her, followed by the director and her monster.

Everything had calms down now. He holstered his gun. Walking up to Akane, [+blue "Great job there. Appreciate your help. You want to stay some more, or go get some rest at my place?"]
  Jota / AETLAS / 4y 99d 10h 44s
The time, it kind of slowed down. The situation was getting quite tense and hot. Tense, because there was a demon, with a scythe on fire in a room full of humans who were yelling. Hot, because the scythe was on fire, and it was burning the ceiling a bit.

Of course, Erin was yelling at her. She didn't wonder why, because it was pretty obvious to her what she had done. She still felt angry at Erin, and wasn't about to leave off that easily. Of course, Jota's companion had to mix one, the Akane half human half snake monster. Telling her what to do. But looking around, Aelra saw the sense in Akane's words. Almost everyone was ready to attack. Giving one last, baleful look at Erin, she stopped the fire, and dispirited the scythe back to the void whence it came from.

She knew that Erin would be punishing her, so when he came to grab her to get the hell outta here, she followed meekly.

As usual, Erin always frustrated his anger on other people. First, the call for a driver to pick him up. Not cool, but Aelra didn't comment. The evening had been soured enough already.

Then of course, they met the other two. The Dimitri bloke, and his monster Valkyr. And of course, he started pouring insults on them. Aelra hissed at this guys stupidity. Sure, she was stupid when she pulled that stunt back there, but Erin was taking stupidity to a whole other level. Just leave the poor guy alone. Aelra knew that she had scared him off when she had set her scythe on fire. She felt sorry, but couldn't say anything in fear of retribution from Erin.

Of course, bad luck didn't end there for Erin. Someone was calling him, and by Erin's reaction, someone he didn't wasn't to talk to. He tried running away, but that person's monster pounced on Erin, stopping him. Erin tried hitting the monster, but the monster just jumped back. Before anything else happened, Aelra rushed in to stand in between Erin and whoever he didn't want to meet, and yep you guessed it. She pulled out her scythe, and set it on fire. It did look pretty in the almost pitch black darkness.
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It always seemed that misfortune engulfs Erin no matter where he goes or what he does. Did he bring it upon himself or did the universe just hate him? Perhaps it was both, but it didn’t matter. He would continue walking through these days that had nothing but darkness and conflict in them while holding tightly onto the weaknesses that he refused to give in to. Erin wasn’t the type of person to be bent and dragged along. However, this night was going crappier than usual. The melody created from their confrontations buzzed in his ears. His little pet didn’t make his life any easier either.

Seeing Aelra pull out her scythe was unbelievable. Was she really that stupid to think that she, a non-human, could draw a weapon in public? Especially at a AORNH meeting none the less. [+red “Put that thing away you idiot! Do you want to be killed?!”] he barked sharply as he reached out to her, however, an unfamiliar voice stopped him. Erin glanced over to see Jota’s snake lady standing there. [+red “Slither-puss?”] he mumbled soft before his eyes widen, her tail was gone and she had normal human legs. Non-human magic was kind of remarkable, but of course Erin would never say that out loud.

Swallowing down all the sharp thoughtless words, Erin decided to let Akena handle it since she would have a more diplomacy approach which was best suited to the situation. Everyone was looking at them again. The Director was staring at them too even though her own non-human was getting unstable. It wasn’t the first time that Erin saw Solomon in that form however it was still unpleasant. The Director should’ve lock that psycho up in a cage instead of bringing him to a hypertensive area. Everything about the situation sucked and it just pissed him off. Lucky Akena was successful in convincing Aelra to put her scythe away but that didn’t excuse his demon from acting foolish. [+red “Aelra, try to anger me even more and there’ll be no end to the agony I’ll put you through.”] It was a threat, no, a promise that he hoped she wouldn’t take it lightly. [+red “We’re leaving. Come on.”] Erin wasn’t staying in that ballroom another minute longer, he felt his sanity slipping by the second; he had to get out before he lost his mind.

Erin busted through the doors that exited out of the building, just being outside felt better, he couldn’t wait to jump into a car and get far away from that place. He reached into his pocket to grab his phone before dialing his driving. [+red “Come get me. You have 10 minutes.”] he ended the call and exhaled. [+red “Aelra, your behavior tonight was unacceptable. I won’t stand for any disobedience. Tomorrow will have to work on that. However, for now, don’t do anything. Don’t even speak. I don’t want to hear your voice.”] He was upset at her, it’s like when a cat shits on the floor and it’s the owner’s duty to clean it up. Although to be fair to Aelra, it wasn’t just her. Everyone was shitty tonight. The whole night was just one big turd. [+red “Let’s go wait by the street.”] he mumbled softly while looking up at the sky.


While walking past the building Erin glanced over at two dark figures clinging to the outside wall. It was the pair from earlier, the ones whom he was curious about. It was strange how they sat next to each other, looking back at one another, as if they had an intimate friendship or respect. Erin wore a face of disapproval as he observed the scene. AORNH was created to control the non-humans and subjected them to a life of compliance and yet they preach friendship instead. ‘Befriending, caring, and supporting your non-human will be your duty’ was the motto they taught him the first day of Caretaker training. It was ridiculous. They weren’t human. So why did it seem like only he understood that. He glanced back at Aelra who seem displaced within herself. The thought of her becoming anymore than a pet was absurd. It's impossible, never going to happen, just the idea of it made him want to laugh.

Erin walked towards the pair and stood over them like a vulture looking down on a dying animal. [+red “No offense, but you look like shit. The peacefulness of inferiority doesn’t quite suit you.”] His eyes full with ego as they shifted between the man and the black ‘thing’. [+red “You and your non-human seem pretty chummy…it’s disgusting. I didn’t know you were such a fragile little thing. But hey whatever helps, right?”] he smirked before placing his hand on his chest [+red “I understand that sometimes, in this world when we try to walk ahead, it's a little too pessimistic. However, I’ll give you some advice. Caretaker to another.”] His eyes narrowed and his smiled disappeared as a cloud of solemnity filled the air. [+red “Don’t mistake kindness for strength or hope for courage…. It’s obvious to me now that I was mistaken about you. You’re weak and that makes you boring.”] he huffed before turning his body, he wasted enough of the night on them. He gave a few parting words as he left, [+red “Everything in this world is meant to be broken. The pain is proof that you’re alive.”] Erin knew the pain of the past better than most. He wasn’t going to sink into the darkness of his past; he had the strength to keep heading forward. He feared nothing. Nothing that is expect for her.

[b “Erin Slade.”]

Sweat started to form on his skin as he heard his name being spoken by the voice of Satan. [+red “D-Director?!”] he slowly turned to see Anna standing there. His face went white as a ghost. [+red “Sorry can’t talk! Got to go!”] He started to run but didn’t get too far before Solomon jumped him and tackled him to the ground. He glared at the white wolf monster [+red “Solomon you bastard! Get off me before I kill you!”] He swung his fist but the punch never made contact. Solomon jumped back and landed by his Caretaker’s side. [+red “Damn it…”] be cursed under his breath as he looked up at the Director. The universe really did hate him.
  Erin Slade~ / sandshower / 4y 98d 18h 43m 54s
[center [h3 Anna & Solomon]]
Without even waiting for an answer, Solomon's form suddenly shimmered. His form started to change. The male seemingly dropped to all fours, form growing larger. His skin rippled, a combination of white fur and scales erupting from the ripple. Three, devilish tails sprung from the base of his spine.
Soon, the transformation was complete. Solomon's true form was now seen by all. He was the size of a heavy draft horse, perhaps slightly bigger. Not a bad size, a bit intimidating to people around him...unfortunately though, for his kind, Solomon was the runt of the clutch. He was very small for a dragon his breed, however though there were reasons why.
As for Anna, she was completely calm during the entire process. Solomon's sudden change startled a few of the newer Caretakers who weren't used to or didn't know her non-human which she cared for. However, what really freaked everyone out was when several more pairs of eyes suddenly opened on Solomon's white pelt. A few of those eyes seemed to leak a red liquid...blood. Yet, that small thing seemed to never bother Solomon, or his vision.
As for herself, she waited silently to see how the rest would play out. Meanwhile, Solomon was muttering strange phrases under his breath in quick succession.
His main set of eyes were staring intently at Erin and Aelra, as where his other eyes were simply gazing in different directions, taking everything into their vision. Strangely, all the sudden incoming of visuals never confused, annoyed, or caused any trouble for Solomon.
Hm, she'd wait for the one known as Akane to make her point clear that the demoness would be wise to put her weapon away...which it would be...
Not everyone was willing to understand the non-humans such as Anna herself. However, at the moment she planned on 'catching' Erin before he left for the night.
  ::Random Humanoid Females:: / Dragoncita / 4y 104d 8h 46m 35s
[center [h3 Valkyr]]
The female watched everything closely. Her target receptors in her vision instantly all fell upon the one known as Erin and the demoness. The strange red energy's pulsing seemed to intensify. She could sense emotions, mixed, but there was one she had grown to know: Fear.
Valkyr heard her caretaker's barely audible voice, suddenly leaving. One of the targets in her vision unlocked from Erin and Aelra, now locking onto Dimitri, keeping track until he finally disappeared outside.
The female strangely felt conflicted. She hadn't received an order on what to do. So naturally, Valkyr felt slightly lost. This new life was so different compared to back in the labs. She had freedom here, and Valkyr wasn't at all sure how it worked.
Eventually, after much debating which to her felt so strange, the female gave a nod to Jota, moving with an elegant but quick walk to where her target had tracked Dimitri outside.
Valkyr soon appeared nearby. If it hadn't been for her pulsating red energy, she would've been nearly invisible in the darkness. Yet, that spectacle inside and a weapon being drawn left her on full alert, ready to move and strike if the time called for it.
The female was silent for several moments, then her voice echoed in Dimitri's head. It was still emotionless as ever...even if she seemed any emotion Valkyr once had, was completely gone.
[b ~Are you alright sir? I apologize for not being able to 'feel' emotions such as yourself...what I do feel, it mostly tends to confuse me. Yet, I know when something is not right~].
The strange female suddenly sat down nearby him. Valkyr's red energy seemed to calm down. The pulsating had slowed way down, now just a dim, red glow.
[b ~Just remember Sir, as long as your my 'Caretaker' as they call are my superior officer. No harm will come to you unless you wish for me to back down, which I will listen. I have not disobeyed an order once Sir~].
  ::Warframe:: / Dragoncita / 4y 104d 9h 6m 14s
Akane began to sense or “smell” the fear in the air before she opened her eyes and saw it. There was quite a commotion happening towards another part of the room. With a sigh, she rose to her “feet” and made her way over to where Jota was. As she got close she noticed the man with black hair leave in a hurry. She didn’t think anything of it and looked towards the cause of the uneasy atmosphere and she stood next to her… ugh… [i caretaker].

An eyebrow arched as she saw the same demon chick from before, a scythe lit up by fire in her hand. She looked at her in complete dumbfounded-ness. Was she a [i moron]? Who was actually dumb enough to believe it was a good idea to pull out a weapon in a room filled with humans? Especially those who were probably eager or on edge from being on the constant lookout to prove that a monster was dangerous. Her eyes flickered around the room, noticing how some were reaching most likely for their hidden weapons. None of them made a move, but one wrong step and they would immediately be in action to make sure she was no longer a threat.

Akane went up to her, hands on her hips, as she gave her a smile which did not reach her eyes. “I would put that away if I were you,” she said. Again, her eyes flicked to those that were ready to take action before jumping back to her. “[i Now].”
  Akane / nomey1 / 4y 104d 18h 41m 5s
Dimitri didn’t have a problem talking with Jota. He seemed like an alright guy, nice and just completely knew to the program. So it didn’t feel like a pain when he explained what the program was and the main goal of it. He caught on quick so that helped make it easy.

When the topic of the guy’s non-human came up he followed his gaze towards a woman sitting at a table by herself. Long, purple hair holding a smoking pipe in her hand. Her interesting outfit looked like it belonged more within an old-fashioned tribe than the modern world. However, he was confused to see human legs since he was told that she had the lower half of a snake. Was he pointing at the wrong person, or did she somehow have the ability to go between a snake tail and human legs?

“Interesting…” he muttered moreso to himself before regarding Jota. “Well, the point is to get non-humans adjusted around humans. Teach her what’s okay and what’s not; pretty self-explanatory. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough, though feel free to talk to me or any of the other caretakers if you ever get stuck.”

At the sight of the cigarette Dimitri felt the slight urge to smoke as well. Just then, the sounds of shouting caught his attention and he looked over. The guy who had supposedly been trailing them before seemed to be having troubles with his non-human. He couldn’t see a lot from his position, despite his height giving him a good advantage over the crowd. He missed what had caused the man’s outburst, but watched as he attempted to act cool about it. This seemed to satisfy most of the onlookers.

That’s when it happened. The non-human made a flaming weapon appear out of nowhere. All the color drained from the man’s face as his eyes zoned in on the flames. His body grew stiff and, suddenly, he couldn’t breathe. Flashbacks assaulted him regarding the night of the attack. The fire, the burning sensation, the screams.

[center [i “Just die, you filthy human!”]]
[i Die!]
[right [i Die!]]
[center [i [b DIE!]]]

“Excuse me…” Dimitri said to no one as he left Valkyr and Jota.

He made his way through the crowd, not really paying attention to the area around him. Sweat covered his body as he tried to exit as quickly as possible. He still couldn’t breathe. Not until he finally made it outside. He practically gasped for air as he collapsed somewhere along the outside wall of the building. He coughed and hacked violently, his lungs begging for air through ugly wheezes. He got himself into an upright sitting position against the wall and stared up at the dark sky.

[center [i “I fucking hate you all!”]]
Shaky hands dug into his pocket for the lighter. He went through those things like candy for how much time he would spend just staring at the flames. Fight fire with fire, fight fear with the fear. But he could never get a good hold on it and it continuously dropped to the ground. Eventually he just gave up and hunched over, holding his scarred face with one hand as the other remained limp on the ground. Tears trailed down his cheek from the good eye while tears from the other were caught by the eye-patch. He tried his best to control his breathing without much success. He just had to let it pass. Eventually he would be fine again, but that certainly wouldn’t be right now.
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