The Silent Attraction

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He grit his teeth and began chuckling silently to himself with an insane look in his eyes. He was imagining what this thug would like if he ripped out hid inners and decorated this alley with them. His expression became that of care and shock as he saw a girl enter the alley. Two other thugs emerged from the shadows and charged at the girl. He looked at her in fear and mouthed for her to run. He couldn't risk giving into his murderous tendencies with an innocent around. He couldn't tell for her to leave, so he needed a way to save her from these guys, without killing. Which was a big disappointment for him.
  Kit Bled / DarkVulpis / 2y 356d 13h 40m 5s
Sakuya was tired of it all. The repeating process of her abuse was making it extremely difficult to sleep so she told her new masters that she would like to be able to take a walk at night. There were less people so it didn’t give as much anxiety as the daytime when everyone was out and about.

Leaving the house behind she walked into the night passing all the closed shop she was counting her steps and listening to the night. Her life was different to say the least the abuse was no longer apart of her routine and she could now see her masters [i “They are different.. they sound happy about things, no talking down on others, no harmful comments, and I feel safe with them around me.”] She was pondering and organizing her feelings when she walked through an alley.
  Sakuya / KaaiYuki / 3y 5d 18h 49m 20s
In a bustling city in what appeared to be Japan. A young american boy was strolling through the dark alleys at night. This boy was in fact a neko, a mute one at that. He let out a silent sigh as the cold air licked at his skin. Suddenly a male human leapt from a shadow and grabbed him. He shoved the young Neko against the brick wall and held a knife to his throat. "Damn cats." Yelled the man as he saw the boy's ears. The boy known as Kit grew an insane smile and glared at the man with bloodthirsty eyes.
  Kit Bled / DarkVulpis / 3y 6d 6m 56s

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