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[center [I Once, a long time ago, Dragons use to rule and run the realm. In fact they use to be the only race here. That was until us humans had shown up and drove them to near extinction. Dragon's didn't know what to do. They didn't dare to fight back, they at the least defended themselves and their homes, but in this act Humans sought it out of Glory, and Riches beyond imagination. It was also in the blind greed that dragons found their opportunity to hide among their enemy. Transforming themselves to look like the humans Dragons decided it'd best to live as the humans did.]]

[Center [I It was their downfall, for they had not understood human kind, and many Dragons were killed because of claims of Witchcraft and black magic. Many years passed before anyone came to realize one thing however. That each royal family from the kingdoms across the realm had dragon blood inside of them. How you ask? Well its said that powerful dragons had offspring with the Royal families across the kingdoms, of course not mingling the blood lines of the dragons they kept to themselves.]]
[center [I Written in the words of Marcus Ashen]]

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[Center Peace was at last found across the realm as the dragons had been destroyed. The riches and glory went to the kingdoms that claimed them, and the humans were peaceful at last. At least that was until one kingdom's youngest prince decided it wasn't enough for him. instead in a fit of rage he became jealous of his older brother and wanted the crown of the kingdom for himself, but alas he was the youngest of the family. His father still ruled and while doing so the boy would never become the King.]

[center The young prince hatched a plot that would gain him the thrown of not one, but three of the great kingdoms in one go. While executing this plan the prince killed his brother while the man slept. The king was furious, but his eyes were burning with tears for the loss of his child. The king was not seen for years. With no king on the thrown and no hindrance to his claim to it the prince sat himself upon it and ruled the country with an iron fist. At first his plan was going accordingly, however his future queen had kept refusing his advances, and so he declared war upon the kingdom.]

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[Center While the youngest prince waged war upon the women's kingdom. the other kingdom's were preparing for war. They knew that if he succeeded in taking the kingdom that he would eventually come for their own, but what they didn't know was that the king yet had a son to live besides the Tyrant Prince. It was his middle son and new Heir to the thrown. Long forgotten the middle prince lived a life of peace inside the Temples of his father's realm, but the news of his brother's death surprised the man. In fact the boy seemed to fake his own death so he himself would not die.]

[Center The middle son however returned to his people, and called them up in rebellion against his younger brother, but to no avail. No army could match that of the younger prince. Rebellions were destroyed. armies and mass of people massacred all in the name of the Tyrant. So the Middle prince has asked aid from the other kingdoms.]



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Erevan had worked hard on his plan, but he saw the almost crushed looked that Tasia had on her face when he started talking of his war plans. He knew what she had wanted to hear, but to have such a talk would require time they did not have now, even less now that the campaign was well within grasp. His people, his home, no His heart would be released from his brother’s grasp. He would then be able to do what he wished when his nephew took the crown.

The male had watched the queen as she exited the temple. She had spoken only the few words that assured him that his plan would be the one they took, but to know the queen’s true intent was to pick her brain. The prince ad spent the day preparing a battle plan against his brother’s legions, as he knew that once the youngest prince learned when his country was going to be invaded he would turn his gaze to the north hoping to crush their armies and force them to retreat.

Erevan remembered his father had just barely won against namandu, however it wasn’t a battle of blood or men, but one of wit and strategy. The thought of his father loosing made Erevan shutter, it was not one he wished to think about as the man had nearly lost his life several times in battle to a spear, an arrow, a weapon of some kind, however never had he lost a fight standing proudly in front of his men. The prince had returned to his daily dose of bread and water for lunch. The prince had not left the temple until later afternoon. He stepped out of the temple in his the normal temple robes once again he had originally came into Namandu with. His single blade hanging from the left side of his hip, he had also strapped to his back bow and arrow made of the silver phoenix, his most prized weapon that was besides his magic.

Stepping to the foot of the castle the prince paused a moment, what would happen if he was to not show up to dinner? Would he forever be in Tasia’s eyes a disappointment? Would he have no redemption to return him to his best friend’s good graces? No he would not even think about running away this time. Pushing the door open the prince was greeted promptly by servants and guards alike. They had all turned to him as he walked in with his temple robes upon him instead of the royal colors of his own kingdom.

Being lead into the feasting hall by the same boy he had helped in the stables the boy seemed to have a great big smile on his face. He kept talking on and on during their walk about how he had been praised at how clean the stables had been by not just his own father, but by the head of the entire staff of the citadel. The boy kept thanking the prince, only to have the prince’s hand stop him from continuing [b “My boy return to the stables, for now they expect this of you every time you are assigned the stables.”] the prince let his hand drop to his side. [b “I am sorry, I have but made your job harder not easier. Yes you have praise of all those you are surrounded by, but its only momentary as hard work will always be demanded.”]

The prince had the door opened by a small framed man as he exited the hall with a small smile on his face. “The queen is expecting you young prince.” The prince had quietly stepped into the hall as the man pulled the door behind him closed. The prince stood at the door with a smile on his face. [b “I am told I was expected.”] standing across the table from Tasia the prince looked down to see the table had been set only for two.
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Tasia was a master at hiding her emotions, especially when it came to Erevan. She had to admit when he started talking of battle plans, she was slightly crestfallen, perhaps thinking he met something other than battle plans. She followed his plan though, carefully processing everything he said. She watched his movements and thought for a long while in silence. She had completely forgotten the elves would only follow her and not Erevan. It was a shame because she knew he and Corean were good friends.

Eventually, after some time, she nodded.
"Then it looks like we have a battle plan, Prince Erevan." She commented with a smile towards him. War would be upon them within a week, and at the end of that, Tal'Dori would be reclaimed and perhaps there would be peace at last for many years. It was time like this Tasia felt her own mortality. She could die in combat, as could any of them but she would never break her promise to Erevan.

"Well then, perhaps you can join me for dinner tonight? Only if you want to, I understand if you would prefer to stay in the temple before we leave for war." Tasia offered, mostly because sitting in a hall by yourself eating was terribly quiet and lonely, most of the time she would take something to her room and isolate herself so she was alone on her terms and no one else's. She stood and smiled to him as she drew her hood up, eyes glittering as she turned towards the light seeping in from the doorway.
"Do not feel obliged." Given Erevan's history with avoiding her she would not expect much.

Tasia took her leave and spent her day singing off on declarations and papers, giving extra land to farmers further north now she ruled those regions as well. Namandu would see its economy rise after the war and she knew they would need it to bargain with other regions.

[b "Ma'am, dinner has been served downstairs."] A smartly dressed servant man reminded her at the doorway. An older gentleman, several years older than Tasia and quite the handsome man.
"Thank you Tobias." Tasia remarked and finished her signature before sealing it royally and setting it with the pile before heading downstairs. Her eyes looked slightly tired, itching almost as she sat down at the table. It was a small offering but Tasia did not like big meals. Deer with vegetables and breads and cheeses laid out.
[b "You are expecting company, Ma'am?"] Tobias asked from where he stood.
"Perhaps. One finds it hard to know." She gave a small smile to Tobias.
[b "Forgive me for speaking out of turn, ma'am but, why pine after such a man? He lets you down at every turn and I did not see his face at your coronation and nor did he make any effort to reconcile his misdoings."] Tobias commented, watching his Queen carefully.

Tasia smiled a little and took a small drink of water,
"The mysteries of the world, Tobias. Right now, I could not tell you why I keep hoping." She said to him with a small laugh.
Tobias just grinned, figuring it was her business. He had served her father since he was just a boy and her father had always been so kind to him. He had seen Tasia grow up and he figured any man should feel honoured to have such a woman care for him.
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Erevan had heard the voice call out. It was Tasia. A smile played across the prince’s lips. The giant cat however still refused to move as the prince tried to move. With a more stern voice the prince ordered the cat away. She rose from holding him down pacing behind the queen a few times only to run outside as if something had caught her attention and drew her away. Wyn leaped and bound down the steps and into the city without hesitation.

The prince sat up on the area he made for his bed and looked across it, The queen’s words rang true his make shift bed of straw and blankets was not fit for anyone included those who would claim the temple as home, but in his eyes he would not use it often enough, nor long enough to tend to have a better bed. They were to attack His brother full force in two days now, so getting a proper bed for the temple would be to what use? No one it seemed claimed the temple as home, nor did it look like anyone took care of the entire temple itself.

The prince had heard the queen’s words of more to talk about. There was so much more he wanted to say, but now with the queen was in front of him and had caught the prince off guard. He had no words he could speak other than perhaps his plans of attack on his brother’s kingdom. Drawing upon that the prince stretched to his pillow and pulled out from a little hideaway cubby a map of his own kingdom in detail.

Drawing a few extra lines around the kingdom “The reports that I have been given from Corean My brother prepares for war, but not with Namandu, no instead he prepares to expand farther south He prepares for war again Kalino and Tazia.” The prince pointed to a northern land “The land of Namandu is here. The only northern border of Tal’dori, especially sense the fall of Elrieithal and the Tundra queen.” Moving his finger to woodland the prince went on. “This is the Darkmoon Forest. Where the elves reside and prepare for war, however on the other side is Afra, whom we have learned has sided with my brother.”

A heavy breath came from the prince as his head went up into a position that made it look like he was looking up, but his eyes were closed. “I cannot give commands to the elves, they won’t listen to them even if I did. So as you are Queen and leading the force of Namandu and the elves, I must ask that you have the elves stop, or at least Delay Afra from coming to my brother’s aid. We will have enough problems as it is fighting his forces alone.” The prince moved his hand to a south eastern border.

“This is the country of Kalino, They were friends to my father and are friends to the temples within our lands. They will help us. I have been writing the High priestess of the Goddess in their lands who has much influence to their Ruler. At first the ruler wanted nothing to do with our war, as he claimed it to be a civil war, but after learning my brother wishes war upon his kingdom he gladly accepted the invitation into our makeshift alliance. Below Kalino is Silveria, to Kalino’s east is the country of Lalishe, whom have also said they will join us in the war. I guess my brother has made a spectacle of himself at all their courts by demanding tribute from them or be conquered to make an Empire of Tal’dori. Silveria is a country of elves excellent with bow and arrow, along with foot sword and spear. The country Lalishe I’m not to sure about I only remember them vaguely as great raiders.”

The prince moved his marker to the southern border of Tal’dori. “The country of Tal’dori’s southern border is that of open water, however Upon those waters my brother has made a fleet of war ships that make ready to carry his men across the water to Tazia.”

The prince took a second deep breath and a third before going on. “The isle of Tazia is a land of ruthless murders, Thieves, and cut throats. My father had done the smart thing. Everyone who visits Tal’dori wonders why we have no dungeons or any blood on our country’s history of a mass murder or any of that. It is because anyone who does not like their life in Tal’dori is sent to Tazia. The country is one giant prison. As no ship is ever left on the island and there is no Trees to make any. There are no walls around the entire country, there are no guards, there is only rich soil and homes made of stones. My guess is that my brother sends his ships to offer freedom from the watery prison as long as they serve in his army.”
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Erevan' swords touched Tasia but there was a block, a barrier of fear built up over past few days. Words were all very well but actions spoke louder. Tasia watched him leave with the smallest ghost of a smile on her lips. It wasn't long until she retired to bed herself. She was exhausted and she couldn't remember if she dreamt or not. It was just darkness.

On mornings light Tasia was up, washed and dressed. A green dress, dark in colour and her hair in a neat braided bun this time. She forsook her crown, leaving it in its place as she draped herself in a cloak, to keep away unwanted attention, drawing the hood up to veil her features from sight. She started down the halls and out into the city, thankfully it was early so the streets were sparse in numbers. She moved silently towards the temple, stepping inside and being greeted with the sight of Wyn pinning her beloved against the floor.

"I can imagine that's quite the wake up call." She remarked with a small smile as she took down her hood, revealing her features as she watched him and his giant cat with a small smile playing on her features. She entered the temple properly and looked around,
"Hardly suitable accommodation. Feel free to take a room at the castle, I can promise you just as much privacy. But at least a proper bed." She commented to Erevan. His words from last nights mulled over in her mind, wondering on what more she should know. His softness was not forgotten but Erevan was not totally forgiven. She understood his reluctance to see her but surely by now he knew she would accept him regardless of his form? Perhaps she had been too harsh on him.

"I suppose our words will be exchanged here." She took a seat on the floor by him. Her eyes were no longer youthful and full of curiosity as they once had been, something within her had matured since taking the throne. Her gaze fell on Erevan's, steely and ready for everything but there was a shadow of the girl that once was, she was not lost but simply out to the side for times when she could truly relax and be at peace. She could not see any of those times ahead. All she saw was war, death, loneliness and darkness but she had to believe there was a light at the end of it all, perhaps a husband and a son and peace, finally peace.

"You said there was more to be known." She prompted gently, casting her gaze around the temple once more. She imagined after all of this Erevan would have a peaceful life if he chose to return to the temples as he had previously said. If it weren't for the weight of a city on her shoulders solely, she would have liked to travel for years and years, perhaps get herself a companion such as a dog or a cat, have a small holding to raise children on. That would always be a dream now but somehow, she wouldn't change her present for the world. She was Queen, it was her burden and blessing to carry.
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The prince had to admit her words rang true in his ears. He was worried about loosing his country, but was it the truth as to why he was scared of loosing Tasia? He honestly didn’t know. He was confused as to his own feelings about anything right now. He had spent six months in a temple by himself with a visit on occasion from a female elf who acted like she cared nothing for the world. The prince knew he had to be something more than just losing the place he called home.

“No my lady, I was not in fear of losing Tal’dori. The kingdom will never belong to me, yes It is the place I call home, however seeing the Beauty of the lands around the kingdom I could always live the life of a hermit in so many other places. I could start a temple for the Goddess in those I am allowed to do so.” The prince came around the side of the desk and knelt down. A single thought passed his mind which was to grab onto his lady’s hands. “No, I was indeed scared of loosing you Tasia. You are right I shouldn’t have let anyone slip through the fingers, however to show myself in front of you I wanted to be nothing but my best through and through.”

The prince released the queen’s hands as her words about marching upon Tal’dori in three days, however what rang in his ears and bothered him was if there was anything else. “There is so much more, however you must be tired, so I shall let you rest. Tomorrow I wish to speak to you about the plans on invading Tal’dori. I am only assuming here, however I wish to lay down upon you how the best way to invade would be. As I am sure my brother has his strongest and best soldiers within the capital.”

With those words the prince bent down to the Queen and placed a single kiss upon her check. “Goodnight Queen Tasia.” Without another word and before anything else could be said or done Erevan left the room closing the door behind him as he went. The guard seemed shocked that the prince yet lived after leaving her chambers. It was almost like they now feared their queen and in doing so respected her, not out of fear, but out of how much she had changed for her own people. The Guard however saluted Erevan as he left.

Exiting the citadel The prince had very little foot traffic between him and that of the temple grounds. He had taken a different pathway then normal this time, and so was stopped a few times by guards, however it didn’t break him as they soon found out he was the man from the temple as they had nicknamed him. Eventually returning to the temple he smiled at its familiar four walls and the burning candles which he had guess Corean had started before she had left so he could find his way around.

Placing his blade upon his palm he had drawn it across seemed to mark the prince. A little bit of blood pooled in the cusp of his hand. Walking across the temple to the stone table the prince let the blood drop into the center. “This is my offering to you Goddess. I need your help in the future to defeat my brother in battle and allow the lands he claims as his own to be freed from his Iron grip.” Dropping his hand upside down the prince set his hand on the table as well. “I will give my life if necessary to set things right.”

The prince withdrew his hand and wrapped his hand in linen. Stepping away from the table the prince went into a smaller section of the temple where he had made a bed lining and went to sleep. At first it was nothing more than normal dreams. Past memories of his family, a trip with mother and father to the northern lands; the first time ever seeing the walls of the temple back home and his first ever laboring into the night as well, the pain of the hard work within the years of the temples, which turned into boring learning from books years later.

Then the dreams turned to Horror The images of his sick mother dying slowly in front of him in agony. The Funeral pyre of his older brother burning in the distance from the temple grounds as it burned bright through the night; the rumors of his father’s disappearance and even worse his younger brother assuming the thrown without any base instead of passing it on to the rightful ruler. The prince had awoke with a startle, a bright set of Golden eyes staring down into his own. The prince went to sit up only to find that he was pinned down. “Alano Wyn, I need to get up.” The great cat only seemed to shake its head as the prince once again tried to move.

The great cat kept the prince pinned as yet another person came into the temple, but whom it was he couldn’t tell.
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Tasia glanced up from her books and watched Erevan speak, studying him silently. She could understand him not visiting now but it did little to balm the wounded heart. She stood when Erevan finished turning her gaze to the hearth in her room.
"I can understand. I understand fear well enough now. Did it not occur to you that I was coronated alone? That I have been doing all of... all of this alone?" She remarked not tearing her gaze from the flames.
"My only friend, hidden away." She muttered, "You could have come after dark, you could have come privately to see me. I visited you, in the infirmary, I had expected the same courtesy." She said curtly before sitting back down. She closed her books, taking a deep breath. Her emotions could not get the better of her.
"Although you look well at least." She said, although she barely looked at him to make such a judgement.

"Still the past cannot be undone. You were not afraid of losing me, Erevan. You were afraid of losing the support to claim back Tal'Dori." She commented.
"If you are afraid of losing someone then you make an effort, you do not let them slip from grasp." She reminded him and rubbed her tired eyes. She did not know what he expected from her. She was young, confused, emotional and had the weight of a crown and all that came with it to weigh her down now. She was unmarried and childless which would cause no end of issues for her claim to the throne. Still, she could do nothing about it with war on the horizon. She had a job to do and nobody cared how she felt or what she wanted, everyone just wanted to know their realm was safe and guarded. That was what mattered. And she wanted to be a strong and beautiful leader like her parents had been.

"We will move for Tal'Dori in three days. I have some matters to attend here first, then my forces can move." She said. She avoided looking at Erevan, afraid her eyes would betray her emotions and she had no time to deal with disappointment or heartbreak right then. Perhaps upon her return but not right then. She never expected life to get so complex for her. She always thought her father would live to be older, she would find a willing husband she loved and start a settled life as queen and have a son and maybe a daughter. And yet here she was. Alone in the world, no parents, no willing husband and no children but the weight of the world upon her small shoulders.
"Is there anything else, Erevan?" She asked.
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Eervan hadn't spoken a word before hearing the doors burst open and Queen Tasia's voice call out to the crowed of nobles. Fear was in their eyes, and more so his own. She had changed, but he could not blame her either. He hadn't come to see her on the night of her coronation, and it just grew worse and worse as he had gotten better. Now that he was fit perhaps was the time he would pay her a visit. He had so many conversations play out in his head the few months that he had taken away from all of humanity, He didn't get even a chance to speak before the guards had appeared and filed out with the nobles.

Turning to face his companion Erevan had wanted to say something, but before words came out of his own lips her. She had spoken how he was up and moving, but for the most it was true he couldn't hide it he should have visited her first and foremost. Hearing the pain in her voice however was evident and very clear for even his ears to hear, Before he could even speak to answer her she had cut him off and offered no resistance for him to try and push back either. Thinking of something Erevan had seen her leave the room to return to wherever she had been before.

The prince had stepped out into the hallway himself, his blade returned to him. He had made his way up the stairs only at a slower pace then what he guessed was important, as he reached the landing he had heard a door open and close. It was Corean who had just left the rooms of the Queen. a smile on her face as she saw Erevan at the end of the hall. As the two passed she placed a hand on his shoulder. [b "She cared more then you will ever know young prince. She now carries more then just the crown upon her brow."] The prince stopped at the door to raise his hand only to let it drop back to his side. She was festering and to catch her upon anger from the council disobeying her orders would make him just as much a target and enemy to her as those men she referred to as vipers.

Returning to the stables Erevan had found druid, the horse seemed also displeased in seeing the prince. The male however didn't step any farther into the stable then was necessary. [b "Young prince you return?"] called a soothing voice the prince had remembered from his first visit here to the stables. Turning to see the stable hand he only placed a smile upon his face. "Yes, I wish to yet learn of the story here within the stables here." The young male stepped up to be next to the prince and started putting food into Druid's pen. [b "That will take quite some time, as these stables are built with the stories of our Royal line as far back as the founding Family. You see every year we add another story to the stables here. This is how we preserve our history, and that of our people. Our books will burn if we are ever to fall, however our stables and our structures will always stand."]

The prince had listened intently and nodded like a little child as he heard the story of the stables. It was as if the story had been passed down from stable hand to stable hand. Seeing the boy however started falling behind on his occupation Erevan took to helping the boy. [b "Oh prince please I don't wish for you to get caught helping a low stable boy."] Erevan only shock his head. "I need to know the pleasure of hard work again, Besides being out of the temple for a change and not needed as a prince, a priest, or a warrior is a pleasure." The boy only smiled and kept going on the tale and his work.

Seeing the stable cleaned the boy smiled at the prince. [b "It will be dark soon. You should return to your chambers sir. Perhaps I can have someone bring a bath to the temple grounds?"] the prince's face turned red from embarrassment. "No thank you. I have one more person I must see before the day ends for me." The prince returned to the citadel of the capital once again to the landing of the Queen. Seeing guards outside of her room The prince stepped up to him. "I am here to see the queen." the male just eyed Erevan like he was crazy for coming to see the queen so late. Looking at the door the guard seemed scared of what the queen would do if he let Erevan even past him.

Erevan however didn't back down, and soon pressed his hand on the door as it swung open and again closed. "Queen Tasia." Erevan's voice held a little fear in it, and his body shook. "I must speak with you please." Seeing her at her desk with the three books open wide he stepped to the other side. Not even sitting down the prince's face grew a smile upon it to see her studying the books with interest. "Even if it means I speak and you not say a word." The prince paused only for a moment drawing in a deep breath. "What you say is right, I should have come to visit you as soon as I was able. You are right I hid away from the world, yes you are right I did it not out of necessity but something else completely." The prince took in another breath "However that feeling was fear."

Registering his own words in his head he kept going "It wasn't the fear of what the world say or do, but one specific person. I was scared of loosing you. You were the only person who did not cringe away from me, or were scared of me because what I can do. Instead you were fascinated by it, but when we faced the tundra queen and Vorro I had turned into a monster. With that new knowledge I was scared that you would turn out to be like the rest of the world and cringe away from me. I feared that how you would look at me would be different then what is was before it. I am a man of honor, but I am also a man of image."
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Tasia' she eyes flickered upwards towards Corean, listening to her words and reclining in her chair.
"And I am to care? I suppose you expect me to go to his aid when the man has not even come to see me once?" She remarked and sighed. She pushed herself up and supposed she had no choice in the matter as she made her way down the halls and steps towards the council. She listened by the door for a short time before entering.

"The Council give commands they have no right to." She announced her entrance. She watched the men look afraid and she folded her arms, no even looking at Erevan.
"I have named my successor and you will obey him should I fall on the battlefield, is that understood? If any of you have a problem with it then I can see to it you find new jobs iutwith these walls." She snapped, irritably. "The Council will dissolve until the war is over. I have no need of such snakes. You will each pack your things and leave this place immediately." A few guards came in behind Tasia,
"These fine gentlemen will see to it you all leave." She remarked and waved a hand before watching them all get up and shuffle out, escorted by her guards. She would form a new council after the war, but for now it was a weight off her shoulders right then. Within minutes herself and Erevan were left alone in the room.

Tasia still refused to look at him, she was furious with him, hurt and upset. He had not once come to see her, even though he missed her coronation and had caused endless problems for her.
"Glad to see you out of the infirmary, although word reaches my ear you have been out for a long time. It seems the noble Prince Erevan couldn't even grace a friend with his presence." She commented the hurt evident in her voice.

"And don't bother with your petty excuses, Prince. I have heard them all before. You called me friend once, I fear no longer." She made for the door, heading out into the hall and taking a deep breath, of course she was upset. Perhaps the only person she could rely on now in all this political chaos and he had not even ventured to visit her. She made her way up the steps slowly, half wishing he would follow her but she knew better. She took a seat at her desk once more and looked to Corean.
"The matter has been dealt with, you can go." She said bluntly and looked to the fire,
"I thought Erevan a friend, then word reaches me of how long he he has been recovered and he chooses to hide away and not visit? Once Tal'Dori is taken, he can rule wherever he pleases and do whatever he wants, he will anyway. He has no thought for others, not unless the others benefit him." Tasia murmured.
"I was a fool." She added quietly, turning from the Fire.

"Leave me." She commanded Corean and walked out onto the balcony that overlooked her land, pale blue dress speckled with snowflakes within moments. The change upon her physically was something to behold. Facial features lined and accentuated, her hair braided and up with her mothers crown nestled in the tresses, the gowns she wore accentuating her figure. Many a man would find her extremely beautiful, she looked exactly as her mother had, a mirror image.

Tasia stood in the silence, night setting in on the mountains as the snow slowly fell in silence. Torches of fire were lit around the city and businesses began to close for the day as people retired to bed and some to the bars and taverns to drink. Tasia turned back to the room and closed her doors to the balcony, heading out into the halls. She glanced around and nodding to the guard at her door that she would be fine for a short walk. She covered herself in a cloak and headed out amongst her city and it's people. Her cloak hid her face so that she would not draw unnecessary attention to herself. Her people seemed to be thriving and happy, although talk was not of her but of Erevan, rumours he stayed within the temple. The ladies especially seemed warm to him and she couldn't blame them. She turned and went back inside, climbing the stairs to her room once more.
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The prince had taken several days recuperate from the fight with the Tundra queen, not her itself, but from himself. He had turned into a monster, that part was real to him. Whispers had happened around the court and around the entire countryside of what had happened. The male couldn’t deny what had happened, in fact he couldn’t even remember anything of what had happened. He had taken a few weeks to himself. The prince had after recovering enough kept trying to force himself at first to sit up; it hadn’t been long before he was able to sit up, but his next was standing or even walking. Let along forcing his feet to once again be able to do the dance of death with blade and armor. He accomplished the thing with a few weeks of time; too much time had passed in the prince’s mind, the longer he allowed his brother to remain unopposed upon the thrown was more time he had to harden his leash upon Tal’dori.

The prince had gripped his hand upon his single blade dancing around the temple floor like a practice ground. The temple had in the past couple of days lost its last few wounded and so returned to its barren and silent stature. Setting up a small bed roll the prince had claimed the place as home for now. He knew he needed to stay out of public eye if they were to ever trust him again, even more so follow their own queen into battle with him at her side. Dancing around the temple floor with his blade his hand the prince seemed to have gotten back well into the practice. He had stopped in the center of the room breathing very heavy as his chest expanded and deflated with the intake of his hard breaths.

The familiar voice of Corean came from the doorway [b “Prince Erevan, you seem to be doing much better today.”] The lady elf had been her people’s envoy to the north, and the prince’s greatest ally in the eye of the public, making sure the whispers of what had happened died down. He had even heard the elf had become the head of the Royal guard to the queen. Rumors of course was all it was he could guess until he could talk to his dear friend and find out. [I “Thank you Corean, I feel much strength has returned to these brittle bones of mine.”] The prince had heard the queen had taken to the books quite well from Corean who came and checked upon Erevan at least once a week.

[b “Queen Tasia has had your men trained in the way of the northern fighting. Her own army stands at the ready and far better shape than when we had first arrived.”] The prince understood why the elf was telling him this, it wasn’t to tell him about what the queen was doing, but more pushing him to attack his homeland and his brother. [I “What day is it Corean? I have seen nothing but these stone walls these past couple of months now and lit the day by the sun and night by candlelight.”] the elf had kept her stern look about her as she walked into the temple with a cup of water and a single piece of bread. [b “It is Noon, on the eve of winter. The cold season will be upon your country soon young prince.”] the elf handed both food and cup to the prince and watched him as he ate the bread and emptied the cup. [I “Has it truly been six months sense we returned to these lands?”]

The elf had only nodded as another person came into the temple. [b “Lord Erevan, Your presence is requested by a council of nobles.”] the prince’s curiosity had been peaked, Last he knew half of them wanted him dead, the other half wanted him in jail to face much harsher punishment. [I “Does Queen Tasia attend?”] the young male shot a look to the elf, but only nodded their head no. [b “The Queen Does not know that the noble’s gather for a meeting. She is currently in her chambers.”]

The prince nodded and handed Corean his blade. [I “Tell the nobles I shall be there shortly.”] the male stood and disappeared. [b “Is that such a wise decision to face the noble’s young prince?”] Corean had spoken true, he was playing a dangerous game with the nobles almost like cat a mouse, but to upset the nobles was a gambit the prince could not play or afford. The prince had strapped on his armor only to shift under it. It had felt slightly heavier then what he remembered, but perhaps it was the fact he had yet to get use to it once again.

Feeling himself ready the prince had taken his single blade from the elf and placed it within its scabbard. Carrying it in his left hand the prince had marched down the street to the palace. Before however he went into the throne room the prince was pushed and pulled by several servants to the feasting hall. Confused as he was pushed into the hall he now understood why the servants had done so. Sitting in front of him were men and women of stature all looking at the doorway in anticipation for his arrival? The prince had relinquished his blade to a servant who stood next to him.

[b “Lord Erevan, we are gathered to discuss a proposal to you.”] one small short stout man said as he stood up from his chair as it scooted back. The prince had noticed the man barely taller than his waste, but he must have been important to be speaking. [b “Our queen needs to wed, however she refuses to because of the war with your brother that will surely come.”] With that the noble leaned forward and slapped his hands on the wooden table. A very angry voice came across from the man. [b “Because of this we have no king, and no heir to our thrown, and so our queen’s word still says if she is to fall you will be named successor. “] The man’s head went from looking at the table to looking at the prince with a deadly glare.
[b “We as the noble’s will never embrace you as our King if you were to become so. Which is why we have been discussing it, we want your assurance that the Queen will not die while in Tal’dori.”]

[center ~]
When the prince had left for the capital building the elf Corean had gone with him, only upon reaching the inside of it the elf had seen the prince be forced down the hallway to the feasting hall. The elf however was left unattended. Taking off in the direction of the queen’s chambers the elf had gotten to them and knocked. Before getting an answer however she stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. Kneeling down to the queen Corean was breathing slightly heavy, so her words came out in huffs between breaths. [b “My…Lady…Your.. nobles are.. speaking with…Prince… the feasting hall.”] the elf had stayed on the ground, only she went from a kneeling position to a sitting one on the floor to try and take in her breath.

[center ~]
The prince was stunned by the question. How was it he could guarantee that she wouldn't be hurt? There was no way of knowing in a battle, nor was there with knowing in a war, especially against his brother. The noble seemed to see this in the prince's eyes as his voice carried across the hall. [b "We do not want your word on the subject prince, we are informing you that you will not be king here."] The prince had turned to leave only to see guards by the door cross their blades blocking the way. [b "We called you here prince to talk about your plan for invading your country of Tal'dori. We know our men the best, and we also know we do not trust you to lead them, so you will discuss with us your plans on how you plan on taking on your brother and his much larger Army."]
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In the next few days, Tasia had taken to the role of Queen much like a duck to water. It was early morning and she was standing atop one of the battlements, watching the land she now commanded. Things were quiet and she knew that soon, war would be upon them again. She had done well in restoring Namandu back to previous glory, happy people and ferocious warriors. The pale blue dress she wore was speckled in snow but remained immaculate. Her hair was braided and up elegantly with her mothers crown upon her head. Below her, warriors sparred and people milled around to watch. Their forces were now fearsome and the support from the north was undeniable. All had given into her rule. She ruled the North.

Tasia returned to the main hall, she had been reading a lot of the book the Prince had given her and she was now quite adept at making a small amount of ice form and twist and bend to her will. It was nothing too powerful but she greatly enjoyed it.

A short and stout man approached and Tasia rolled her eyes,
[b "Your majesty,"] he bowed appropriately, [b "The Council is beginning to whisper of your need to marry, I do believe-"]

"I've no need to marry, Ser Elen. We are at war and within the month we will be in the south. I have the Prince my word and I intend to keep it."

[b "Yes, of course but should you fall in the south, there will be no heir left to rule the North. You have no husband to take over. We were wondering if Prince Erevan would consider-"]

"See Elen my mother and father married for their feelings, not to please the council and I will not be forcing any to marry me. Is that understood?" A hint of annoyance in Tasia's voice seemed to betray her feelings. "Besides, Prince Erevan has no intent of marrying me and does not wish to lead." She muttered before turning and leaving the man looking confused. She headed up the steps and to her room, opening her curtains and standing on her balcony, looking over the city, covered in snow. She had heard nothing from Erevan, nor had she returned to see him. She was hurt by his lack of appearance at her coronation and how others spoke of him on her day.

Tasia sighed and leant on the stone that kept her falling over the edge, eyes watching the people roam and mill, peaceful. They deserved some peace before war was upon them once more. Tasia sat at her desk, a fire in her fireplace slowly crackling away and warming the room as she began flicking through her book once more. Her face illuminated by the firelight. Any issues or concerns and she knew someone would come and see her, a guard placed outside her room. Tasia had never felt so lonely since becoming Queen. She had no family now, no one she could turn to when she felt completely lost. Of course there was Erevan but he would be gone soon after the war, he had no intentions of sticking around she was sure. As for marriage... she didn't want to marry a stranger or someone she felt nothing for. It was simple enough to see why her annoyance lay in such things and Tasia would never admit such a thing to anyone, but she had feeling arising for Erevan. A man that was always a mystery, always managed to surprise her and who had been at her side through everything. And a man who felt nothing for her. It was a cruel joke to play and Tasia knew she had to come to terms in her own way. She had a duty to do, she had a kingdom now and whether she liked it or not, she could not hide from Erevan forever.
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Corean had listened to the advice of the women standing in front of her. She would indeed needd to go to bed soon, but how soon was questionable. Perhaps making sure the Coronation ended with no fuss was a smarter idea. Watching as the Queen had left the gardens. Corean had followed suit, but in the direction of the grand hall instead, Before she made it up the stairs she fell a few times bumping and bruising her ass a few times here and there, however she finally made it up the stairs into the hall.

Everyone seemed to be doing just fine, still drinking and eating their heart content. Some had already passed out, other had left to return to their quaters, and those who were still awake seemed like the party wouldn't stop until the light of dawn broke the sky above everyone. Corean saw that the party was well watched as her elves were standing by. The elf at that note turned back to the door and left. Fumbling down the stairs on her way out Corean ended up passing out a few feet from her quarter.

The prince had heard rumors of what had happened on the field of battle, but if he believed them was questionable. They say he turned into a monster, Turned into an animal sent by the Goddess to punish them for taking a side in the war for Tal'dori's crown. Others were saying he was sent to be punishment on the enemies of the crown, to Throw out the spies and deceivers. Which either way scared him. If he could become this creature he could have it happen again, and to harm all those people friend or foe was what made him worry even more.

Understanding he would be under watch the male just had somewhat of a smug thinking. He was a creature of human nature, He was feared, it was something no human was happy about, but it meant they respected him. The prince had started to fall asleep when he heard the tap tap tap of leather on the stone. Having it stop at him he wanted o open his eyes, but his body would not it seem listen to him, instead his eyes stayed shut.
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Tasia was grateful for the advice and the reassurances from the elf and she could only nod,
"Thank you, and you should go to bed before you pass out." She laughed and embraced Corean before leaving and heading up the steps to the infirmary, boots clicking on the floor. She gazed towards the bed Erevan was in and nodded to elves keeping watch over him.

She stayed silent for a long time, thinking carefully. She didn't sit down, she just stood, watching Erevan thoughtfully. Once this was all over he would be no use to her anyway, she was angry and she sighed.
"Prince Erevan, it is my duty as Queen to figure out exactly what to do with you. Given that you have aided me this far..." she watched him carefully. She thought if all the times he had deliberately outshines her, deliberately made a spectacle of himself and left her achievements in the dust. The whispers in the hall on the very day of her Coronation about Erevan. It seemed this whole journey had been about him and at the end of it all he wasn't even at her Coronation.

"Nothing will happen. We carry on. I gave my word, I will not break it." She spoke quietly. Although there was disappointment in her eyes, and a deep hurt that would take many moons to leave. She didn't know why she was letting Erevan off the hook but it seemed only right.
"You will have the Throne of Tal'Dori back, with my help." She said quietly, hands clasped at her hips. Her emerald and gold dress shimmering as she shifted.
"I hope it was all worth it, Prince Erevan."
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Corean had been apart of the festivities, While she was an elf she could still have fun. Taking drinks slow to keep herself aware she still drank quite a few mugs of. Corean somehow was wrangled into playing drinking games with those around the table with her. It was something about how many times could someone properly guess what was going to happen across the room. Corean seemed to be winning as she could tell the usual stuff happened with drunk humans. They would stand but fumble and either sit back down, or end up on their ass. Some made a jester of themselves by trying to dance, sing, or show some sort of bravado while drunk. Even a few bets went out as to who would be getting laid that night.

Corean had just finished a mug when she noticed many people around her were dancing the elf had almost joined in, but the queen stepping down from her rise with her generals had caught the eyes of a few of the crowed. some even bowed out of the way. Looking at first at the feet in front of her the elf's eyes went up to come in contact with Tasia. Seeing her mood was more of a serious tone Corean addressed it as such. Hearing the words of a walk the elf placed the mug she had just finished onto the table and walked out of the hall with the queen, Guards of course followed behind them.

Hearing the words Corean held up her hands for the guards to stop following them. [b "My lady the decision lays in your hands what to do with Prince Erevan, however the decision goes only time will tell if it was the right one. All I can do is give advice in the matter."] Stopping the elf almost ended up on her own ass as she turned to face the queen. Hick-uping into Tasia's face Corean's left hand went to her mouth. [b "Forgive me my Lady. It is the drink that has gotten to me."]

Taking a moment to laugh Corean returned to the matter at hand. [b "Your father gave his word that Erevan's brother would no longer sit on the thrown of Tal'dori.."] Pausing for a moment Corean looked up to the sky. [b "But that does not mean Erevan will be placed upon that thrown either. If you choose to end his life here in Namandu, but hold your end of the oath given between your kin and the prince would mean Namandu would still be at war with Tal'dori, and with no leader of their own their people are sure to flock back to the Tyrant."]

Corean's eyes returned once again to the Queen in front of her. Seeing worry to her the elf just gripped the Queen's hands with her own and gave them a slight squeeze. [b "Rest assured my lady The darkmoon forest elves will stand by your decision whatever it is."] lightening the mood with a smile the elf just giggled with the words [b "Besides You must remember Now you are queen of Namandu, and with the victory of the White queen now means Namandu has grown exponentially to now include Toris and Elrieithal. Let the nobles and commanders not speak of what is to be done to the prince, but let them look to their own lands while the winter season passes."]
  Corean Featherbane / Colorful_insanity / 176d 7h 12m 3s
Tasia was of course worried about what to do with Erevan, half her people thought him a blessing and the other thought he was a curse. And as much as Erevan had irritated her, he was still her friend. She looked around the hall, hoping to pick out his face but he evidently hadn't shown up. She sighed and rubbed her eyes, careful not to smudge the makeup. She did however catch sight of Corean and smiled, heading down amongst the crowds to greet the elf.
"I'm glad you could make it. I see Prince Erevan has not." She murmured and gestured for the great elf to walk with her for a while.

"I am unsure of what to do with Erevan...Half my people want him hung, the other think he is a blessing. And regardless of how he's irked me lately, he has become a close friend, even if he doesn't seem to think so." Tasia said, looking to the elf as they walked the gardens.
"My kingdom is buzzing with the news of Prince Erevan and it seems all I've done has been overshadowed. My people can't even name my successes whilst I've been away." She half laughed.
" I never thought my first duty as Queen would be figuring out what to do with a close friend." She remarked.

Tasia knew being Queen wasn't ever going to be easy but she had always expected to be older and perhaps have a husband at her side to help such matters. She was still a frightened young girl caught in the middle of wars. People seemed to forget that.
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The prince had awoken in the make shift Infirmary that had been made from what he could tell was the temple, comforting they could use a house of religion to heal the wounds of soldiers. Looking around the prince noticed everyone’s eyes were avoiding his. Why what had happened on the field? Why was it everyone seemed so frightened of him? Perhaps words with Tasia would clear up everything, however trying to move Erevan’s body felt heavy, almost like he had a dead body laying on him. Looking down he now understood why. He should be dead, yet he was not. The male had wounds wrapped around his chest, another on his leg, and one in his left side.

The male laid his head back down to rest upon whatever material they had it on before he woke. Perhaps some more sleep would allow him to recover. Thinking back onto the battle field all that the prince could recall was a feeling of burning as his eyes glazed over and his memory became fuzzy. Whatever happened must not have been good. Hearing The call that Lady Tasia was alive greatly lightened Erevan’s heart, at least she was alive, it also meant the white queen had been killed. The collection of Erevan’s thoughts had been interrupted however by a brief scuttle of Noise across the stone.

Stopping at the prince himself Corean the elf knelt down and bent the prince’s head up to take slow sips of water. [I “It is Tasia’s Coronation day, yet here you are laying in bed like a lacking child.”] eyeing over his body the elf just shook her head back and forth. [I “You should be dead Prince Erevan, yet here you are alive and breathing like nothing happened.”] The prince tried talking, but noticed his voice didn’t come out of his mouth. No instead more water was pushed down his throat by the elf that now sat with him.

The prince’s sight started dazing again. [I “Sleep Prince, You will see Lady Tasia again, I am sure of it.”] The elf stood up and returned the ladle back to the water pale that was at the middle of the room. [I “Be sure he is under constant watch.”] was all she had spoken to of the elves as she left the room. [I “Queen Tasia will decide his fate.”] Corean left the Temple and mounted upon her own war tiger. The giant white tiger walked towards the citadel only to be stopped by guards. Corean jumped down from the animal’s back and whispered into its ear some words. Turning around the giant white cat disappeared back the direction the pair had started walking.

The great elf entered the hall to watch the Coronation take place. Tasia stood out among them all. Looking very lady like and wearing a crown of glittering gold sat upon her head. The elf just took a single cup from the servant that was running around the hall with trays of drink and food running. Taking a sip of the ale and small bites of the food that was placed in front of her by a servant she smiled. It was a grand party, however whispers came up every now and then of the prince.

Only hearing rumors of what had happened on the field Corean would care less if the prince turned into a beast again She would kill him if Tasia demanded it. The Elf had pledged her blade and that of her kind to the queen, and she would hold up to it. Enjoying the festivities Corean seemed to be sucked into the splendor of it all.
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