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No. NO. If you're going to come back in to my life you need to find some chill. You can't be doing that crap, it ticks people off. And it's embarrassing to me idiot. You don't have have a freaking ounce of subtly either. Just..d-don' dummy
  Asuna / pinkra01 / 33d 3h 38m 11s
When you spend your night Skyping with your Minx watching hoes get rekt in Smite. Next time she needs to use Snake/Spider Betch tho so I can see the ridiculousness. Freaking giant boulders. Why did it take me so long to do thiiis
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 33d 11h 6s
How annoying can you be calling me and doing this crap to me now. I get it, you dont want me to leave the country, so now your freaking out, but stop acting like you care. You don't give a crap. If im not around for you to keep kicking then you wont have anyone around to torture. I moved to get away from you, i moved all the way down here when that wasnt enough, and now im going there and you cant follow me. Stop trying to get in the way. I dont need this crap and I dont need you. I always did things on my own and I always will. I don;t trust anyone enough to get me through it. You taught me people were trash and say they give a crap when they dont you were right. That theres no point in wasting time because if your broken you get tossed away. You taught me how to not care so I don't. I don't feel anything. Because theres no point. Just numb out and keep ignoring idiots. Should have started by not picking up to you. Get lost.
  Caught / pinkra01 / 33d 17h 19m 18s
I dun know if I should dye my hair full silver this week, bc I don't want ppl looking at me like I'm crazy over there..buuut I like the way it looks so much. Hmph. Shush, I know I'm being silly I just need the push.

[ Idiot]
  Caught / pinkra01 / 34d 4h 5m 13s
Ick I don't know how Momma tolerated an idiot like you for so long. You see fresh meat and sink your teeth in it. How gross can you be. And stalked it all the way over here. Well I'm not letting you in so scram. I never spoke to you a day in my life and I don't want to. Clearly full of yourself and think you can take anyone, I hate idiots like that. Shoo, scram.
  Caught / pinkra01 / 34d 17h 23m 7s
Stupid iPad can't you behave for me just a little instead of embarrassing the life out of me -//-'
  Purple / pinkra01 / 35d 5h 20m 33s
When a couple weeks turn into a couple hours, like dang. No one believed that crap anyway.
  Edits / pinkra01 / 35d 8h 50m 9s
You're not..the same people. Thank. Freaking. God. She said my name, and she's Australian and freaking everything. Again she said my freaking name! That accent tho..mmf...My accent is garbage but. Gah I want to go find a script of lost and legit make her read all Claire's lines which is basically just repeating "Charlie and Aaron" and screaming bloody murder. But still. I want to start talking in the phone with people more, or hear voice recordings, because nyaah it was so perf.
  Edits / Pinkra01 / 35d 13h 16m 45s
I have ADHD, I can't always reply. It doesn't mean I don't want to. I need to be spammed to death or else I forget. Dammit. I'm not trying to exclude people. I really just get side tracked and have no recollection of the message until hours later. The ppl who have the most luck with me are the ones that harass me bc then I think "oh yeah, totes forgot about that message" ugh I should put this disclaimer out so people know early the heck on
  Roar / pinkra01 / 35d 21h 41m 6s
What is wrong with you stop it, stop trying to take away the people that actually gaf about me just bc you never could, they are there and they care, they can see that what you're doing is trash. Stop. You're such a bad person. Just change, you said you would, I'm actually trying to. So shut up and do it yourself already.
  Roar / pinkra01 / 36d 2h 36m 47s
Jeez..Why, is it so hard to find idiots that are plain, ordinary, and sweet. --'

What the heck even is the appeal of over dramatic, obnoxious, garbage bad boys. No way am I even close to interested in that. It's just a waste of time. Ive...always been drawn good people more. Never seriously cared about anyone other then good sweet people, And all the only idiots that ever annoyed me weren't. Wheeere are all these sweet bakas.
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 36d 12h 26m 37s
Stupid phobia. I..I hate that I pull away anytime I get close to people. Even if it's a short time. I don't want this thing in me. I want to get better. I want to be fixed. So tired of being broken all the time
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 36d 13h 11m 51s
I've been singing a lot today. I...guess it's not horrible or anything like that..but still so embarrassing-//-'

Nn..oh and I sorts of want an es family. And an es momma. Shush!.I've just never had one before!
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 36d 3h 32m 31s
Ughhhhh....thought I fixed that problem last night. So annoying
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 37d 5h 50m 25s
When your block button doesn't block. What is wrong with as I say -___-'
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 37d 9h 52m 18s

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