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  NF2 / pinkra01 / 63d 17h 6m 40s
Lay off. You have a problem, you come to me, don't go harassing the people close to me. I get you have your reasons to be mad. I know I'm no good at catering to people's needs or wants. That I'm no good at giving the attention demanded of me, but that ain't an excuse to come after people that don't deserve it, just bc I'm a jerk. I will protect them, I don't give a crap what your problem is. You upset them, I'm not going to hold back.
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 64d 32m 23s
*shivers* I..don't know why I went looking up pictures of Seeds blooming before bed. I get so freaked out by plants still. They're so alien. But I like sitting in gardens.. and want to have one with some idiot someday, I just will sit a few feet back from the soulless beasts. S-Shut up. I know this is a stupid phobia. Er..thanks a lot mom for scaring me with Little Shop of Horrors as a kid.
  Edits / pinkra01 / 64d 1h 19m 5s
Turns out giving away tiny broken shards of what was left of my already small unreachable heart to idiots, isnt enough. Everyone wants more, when I hardly have anything left to give. No one wants to mend it, they just want to fight over the scraps and complain when there isn't enough.
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 64d 15h 18m 51s
No matter what, I'm here, bear. Prince got you. All you have to do is..grr lean on me or whatever, got it.
  Prince Rabbit / pinkra01 / 65d 1m 49s
Are you going to lie to me forever. Can't ever be a proper bf one day if you don't ever open fully up to me. You're such an idiot. You have in your mind what you think you should be and it drives me crazy because I just want to start with who you are. Grrr. Can't make any damn progress with that mask over your face.
  Prince Rabbit / pinkra01 / 65d 14h 16m 8s
  Old Pro / pinkra01 / 65d 19h 31m 18s
When your bullying skills are actually requested.
This rp is going to be entertaining af
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 66d 19h 37m 57s
Me cleaning up other people's messes like


In the end I can't do everything. There's things that I just don't feel comfortable with. No matter how protective I am. I don't want to hear about this crap anymore. So no one booother me with it. If you all have a problem, you know where to take it, I'm sure she's waiting
  Roar / pinkra01 / 66d 21h 31m 17s
Something's never change, iSwear to gott.

Jeez I can't wait to go to japaaaan
  Roar / pinkra01 / 66d 21h 50m 51s
Season 2 ep 11 of the office

The struggle Is reaaal. Don't listen to Micheal Scott, Jim. Dun waste tiiime
  Roar / pinkra01 / 67d 1h 14m 24s
  Profile / pinkra01 / 67d 19h 59m 34s
It's not like..I wish you were online or anything..stupid
  Roar / pinkra01 / 68d 2h 10m 21s
Don't be so dense. You don't want to get wrapped up in my brokenness. You don't want to come face to face with the Demogorgon. No one can handle it. No one. No one can ever fix me. I don't expect you to. Or you to even try. The closer you come the harder I'll fight to push you away. My phobia can't help it. It doesn't want anyone near me.
  Roar / pinkra01 / 68d 5h 39m 32s
I needed this day off to myself, I always come out of it more level headed then I was before, just having a day to think things out. Because I'm crazy strong and don't need garbage in my life lying to me about how much they "cared" or "loved" me, just wasting my time. All this talking about my future with other people has been freaking bringng me to the next level. There's so much out there that I want to do and see. So may places I want to live at and experience. I want to travel the world don't want anything to stop me or get in my way. Going to do amazing things and I have people that want to come along for the ride and do them with me. Even trying your best, you could never break me, because I never gave a crap about you. And I'm going to enjoy my life now, in damn peace.

  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 65d 23h 35m 26s

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