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Glad it ain't me
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 98d 20h 15m 44s
You really know who actually gives a crap when they actually bother to try. The rest are just annoying words I heard a million times before. Bc it's easier to wait, and harder to fight. Tch, not like I asked anyone to fight anyway
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 99d 7h 56m 11s
Can't get 100% honesty from anyone. No one can really give me what I need. It's too much. Too much to handle someone as broken as I am. No one really cares. What the hells the point of wasting my time
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 99d 8h 58m 48s
I know I'm difficult to deal with. Sometimes, I don't understand why anyone ever holds on. I can't promise that I can change, I might always push you away. It's a bad habit, to push people away until I don't care anymore. I hate feeling. I hate opening myself up to anyone. The same thing happens over and over again. It's just not worth it to me. I don't know that anyone can put up with someone like that. All I've ever known are idiots. People that don't understand, or don't try to. Morons that call me selfish, like it doesn't freaking hurt me to push away the people I care about. Like I like being alone. Are you stupid or something? This isn't easy for me. But how the heck am I suppose to know if you are even going to care by the end of it. How can I know you can put up with how crazy I am? My baggage, my issues. How do I know that you're going to stick around all the times I blow up and loose it, or shutdown and go quiet. I don't know. That's why I keep people at arms length. That's why, to me everyone is just a baka.
  Princess / pinkra01 / 99d 12h 42m 53s
My body aches like hell, but I did what I had to to get rid of this
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 99d 22h 30m 48s
When your ex casts a curse on you. Stupid,the fucking reason I'm like this and DEFENSIVE is bc some garbage like you treated me like trash me when I WAS sweet and giving and caring. So thanks for wishing the same bs on me that broke me. Good job, real hero
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 100d 11h 18m 8s
How annoying can you be. Just get lost already. Dont act like you suddenly give a crap now. I'm not wasting my time so scram
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 101d 1m 55s
When you slip up and say annoying embarrassing crap but it don't matter bc idiots don't get it anyway. Tch, whatever better that way
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 101d 2h 12m 28s
The quality is garbage but whatever

  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 101d 16h 16m 59s
I need to calm down. No one can calm me down. I'm so hot headed. Doesn't matter what I wreck or break it ain't getting better. Just still fuming, I know what I need but I hate it. Not gonna ask that embarrassing crap of anyone. But I don't know how long it's going to be before I fully snap
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 101d 17h 36m 52s
Done wasting my time on idiots. Dont give a crap anyway
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 102d 10h 54m 34s
Ate like a dam American yesterday


Shove off
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 102d 12h 44m 3s
Everyone's a coward. But I never asked anything of them anyway. I'm the only one that's going to take care of me, and I am the only one that ever will.
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 102d 22h 27m 53s
Didn't think she'd contact me all the sudden out of the blue. Or they even had damn access to internet there. Idk know how the hell to take it
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 103d 1h 44m 48s
How many of us are there even. Whatever I'm probably the biggest brat of all of them, maybe it'll keep bakas away
  Princess / pinkra01 / 104d 2h 39m 15s

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