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I cannot tell who is my friend
I need distance between me and them
Gonna have to teach me how to love you again
God knows I'm trying
God knows I'm trying for you
God knows I'm trying

God knows it
Your mind impure, soul I possess, he knows it
Anointed and protected, I was chosen
[i My heart is way too frozen to get broken]

I seen man turn fool for the money
One too many times
I seen some girls turn they back
On they best friend from time
I heard you say things that you can't take back, girl, no time
I need you to go easy now and fix up one time

People change, I'm not surprised
Devil's working overtime
Voodoo spells put on my life
It won't work, they all have tried
  New p / pinkra01 / 57d 20h 7m 55s
Good freaking luck with that crap

  New p / pinkra01 / 58d 3h 1m 45s
When you wake up with the screen popping bc your cat NEEDS to get at a worm outside. This is going to be an annoying day
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 59d 1h 44m 43s
  New p / pinkra01 / 59d 11h 42m 36s
My urges are ready to burst. All this aggression pent up doesn't help
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 59d 18h 29m 8s
There's a point where the crap becomes too much. I can't handle closeness. I can't dammit.
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 60d 17h 23m 53s
Damn weaknesses. How the hell can I keep cool like. The self control struggle is real. What a pain
  Don't Mention This / pinkra01 / 60d 18h 18m 22s
Think I'm just going to quit posting in JE. Every time I do, I get a trillion pm's and I'm not looking to be annoyed every damn time I want to get a thought out
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 61d 15h 57m 34s
How the hell did I not see you left es until just now. What even happened..grr dammit I need to breathe
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 61d 16h 57m 46s
When you know the perf medicine for you but you're to stubborn to take it
  Edits / pinkra01 / 61d 23h 19m 59s
The difference between [i infatuation] vs [i love] is that infatuation is a short-lived passion for someone whereas love is a deep affection for someone that lasts the test of time. The problem is that infatuation is a powerful feeling that can make you think you are in love.

[ Shut up and ask yourself this crap before you start blathering dumb stuff at me]

-Love develops gradually over time. Infatuation occurs almost instantaneously.
-Love can last a long time. It becomes deeper and more powerful over time. Infatuation is powerful, but short-lived.
-Love accepts the whole person, imperfections and all. Infatuation flourishes on perfection – you have an idealized image of your partner and you only show your partner your good side.
-Love is more than physical attraction. Infatuation focuses on the physical.
-Love is energizing. Infatuation is draining.
-Love improves your overall disposition. Infatuation brings out jealousy and obsessiveness. It causes you to neglect other relationships.
-Loves survives arguments.
-Love considers the other person. Infatuation is selfish.
-Love is being in love with a person. Infatuation is being in love with love.
  Edits / pinkra01 / 62d 4h 12m 9s
When you say stupid things like that it makes me want to make your life easier and just not be in it. I'm used to shutting off my emotions and not caring, it doesn't take any effort for me anymore. This is the reason I don't like getting close to anyone. No one told you you had to annoy me. No one asked you to, or even wanted you to. And when it comes down it i can show you how little it matters.
  Edits / pinkra01 / 62d 6h 4m 7s
I can't control this, I don't know how to handle you near me
  Don't Mention This / pinkra01 / 62d 22h 19m 49s
Drake pls, who told you about grime. You're Canadian, slow your roll, you dont get to pretend youre from Houston, Alanta, Jamaica, and Britten now too. Just throw a couple of "ehs" and "a boots" in there and you'll be authentic for a change. Ask onii-san, he should know all about that Canadian swag
  *blows air* / pinkra01 / 62d 19h 52m 39s
I'm so dumb, I'm really drawing this thing, and it's garbage. --' But it was supposed to be a doodle..*huffs*
  Edits / pinkra01 / 63d 14h 30m 17s

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