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When you’re so ticked off and messed up you vent to random people you barely talk to

  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 59d 7h 35m 57s
The only baka I can tolerate I keep distent from me and avoid. Just stay away from me stupid
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 60d 7h 30m 3s
Feel like I was promised some crap a week ago, and you still here

  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 60d 14h 41m 14s
Need to cut the crap people out of my life. You say you give a crap about me, and I ain’t heard from you in days. Shove off. Don’t need your fake “care” I’m good
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 61d 11h 28m 11s
[ You left me a black hole of rage and confusion]
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 64d 19h 30m 45s
Would have came back for you..
I just needed time. Do do what I had to do.
Caught it the life..I can't let it go. Whether that's right, I'll never know
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 65d 8h 30m 55s
It's relieving every moment I log on and not see you here. To know people don't have to deal with the crap you put them through and that no one believes it or falls for it anymore.

Just..wish I had the strength to not keep everyone at a distance, to fight through my finally let myself feel for these idiots, but dimwits like you made that impossible
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 67d 6h 38m 51s
Just in case this ship goes down


Asuna Prince


Asuna chan-kun


  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 67d 11h 38m 56s
When are you going to get I'm pushing you away...dummy
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 68d 14h 46m 55s
When are you going to get I'm pushing you away...dummy
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 68d 14h 47m 25s
Like you, I'll defend you even when you don't know it. I...I...know I shut off my emotions and hide away from you but..nnh just forget it *crosses her arms huffing a bit*
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 70d 2h 12m 12s
Hate them, hate everyone, no one means a damn word they say
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 71d 11h 25m 38s
What a hassle. My instincts are usually right, that's why avoid things that I know will only mess with my phobia
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 72d 20h 9m 52s
[ Geeet out of my head *huffs in annoyance*]
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 74d 1h 33m 25s
You want to know why I never let you in and pushed you away as many times as I did? Because after the first time you pulled this crap forever ago, it was clear it was a waste of time bothering with you. The second things go wrong you go back to that idiot, and throw everything you built out the window. That's why I never bothered to give a crap. Because I knew you'd do it again and again. Because you never really gave a crap. you don't hang out with the people the person you love hates, if you care, every time you can't deal with my phobia. You say you had no one, and that's beyond messed up to arc and everyone you DID have but refused to go to at the time. Dont come at me with that bs. You go to that idiot bc you want to stab me, but i never cared about him so you're wasting your time. The only person that ever mattered was...whatever it doesn't matter, The only thing you do is by doing that is show how full of it you are. How unconditional is conditional. You watched me get tossed around and screwed over and went right to the person that did it. That's real loving of you. What the heck ever

I'm not going to waste my time. You idiots belong together. You can torture each other and leave everyone else alone. Not like I care anyway. Good riddance
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 75d 19h 28m 22s

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