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I needed this day off to myself, I always come out of it more level headed then I was before, just having a day to think things out. Because I'm crazy strong and don't need garbage in my life lying to me about how much they "cared" or "loved" me, just wasting my time. All this talking about my future with other people has been freaking bringng me to the next level. There's so much out there that I want to do and see. So may places I want to live at and experience. I want to travel the world don't want anything to stop me or get in my way. Going to do amazing things and I have people that want to come along for the ride and do them with me. Even trying your best, you could never break me, because I never gave a crap about you. And I'm going to enjoy my life now, in damn peace.

  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 6d 6h 55m 33s
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 9d 23h 1m 52s
You're...such an idiot -///-'

I don't know that I can protect you from the one has ever been able to defeat it. I don't expect anyone to start now
  -Embarrassed- / Pinkra01 / 10d 4h 34m 2s
  Asuna / Pinkra01 / 10d 5h 20m 48s
I can't handle contact, I can't, I'm so damaged. I don't know how to deal with it. Just go away I'm only going to cause problems for you
  Asuna / pinkra01 / 10d 15h 44m 28s
  Rants / pinkra01 / 10d 18h 59m 25s
They built a brand new theatre near my house for plays. And after hearing none stop blathering about Hamilton for the last few hours. Guuuess I have to go see it now, baka --'
  -Embarrassed- / pinkra01 / 11d 12h 4m 58s
That thing sort of wore me out, its hard to keep myself pushing through this call with this tiredness. Even though my body wants to give in, my mind womt let it. N-not because I like talking to you or..whatever stupid..Though I feel like youd be persistent and bug me until I woke up anyway to tell you more about stuff. Suuuuvh a paaain
  Caught / pinkra01 / 11d 12h 19m 15s
♥ /l
(゚、 。 7
 l、 ヽ ~Asu-nyah
 じしf_, ノ)

Nnn..I have to go to this thing. I sort of wish I could bring my iPad to destract my self in these long rambling convos with idiots. I..said, sort of! But this thing is going to build a lot of connections. And a part of me is kind of exited...I guess..*grumbles lowly*
  Caught / pinkra01 / 12d 5h 46m 34s
Now that thaaaat shouldn't be pestering me anymore.

Going to do this riiight
  ~Prince~ / Pinkra01 / 12d 13h 32m 11s
Ew gott you're still so gross.

I'm so tired I need to stop Skype so laaaate. You held me and I fell right to sleep. I tried to push away but exhaustion won out..-//-'
  -Embarrassed- / pinkra01 / 12d 5h 55m 31s
Y-You idiot..thats message is so long. I wasn't expecting that, but..I guess...It's sorta..nice that someone responses so fully..for a change. I..guess

Mnh..talking to new people is nerv racking. Just hush! I-Its not like it makes me happy or anything dummy
  -Embarrassed- / pinkra01 / 13d 6h 56m 42s
Jeez, these people take baka to the next level. How terrible do you have to be to kick a stray cat straight into the air. Luring it in with food or pets, and then probably breaking all its bones in its body by heartlessly punting it. Afterwards, laughing about it. The only things that could ever get close to me are animals. Theyre so sweet and loving and then idiots like this have to harm them and make them mistrust humans. I know I probably shouldn't have clicked on that video..I just couldn't believe that it was real when I heard about it but should of figured it would mess me up, after the decent day I had. That stupid jerk should be punted. I hate people..I really do. That..poor thing. I..I know its stupid that something like this effected me so much. But I can't not think of my cat. And how I'd stop and nothing if someone dare tried to harm her.
  Caught / pinkra01 / 13d 12h 3m 52s
When you're teaching someone how to say "I love you" in Japanese.

And without thinking you respond with just;

"Daisuki desu"

Nnn..crap I-I didn't mean it like that. I was just mindlessly teaching it, I-I don't love anything baka! I'm not even capable of it. Jeeez..that's so embarrassing.
  -Embarrassed- / pinkra01 / 13d 20h 33m 34s
When your mom has your nerd Skype account. She already doesn't accept me like this and that I like anime. I have so much anxiety about her having my Asuna account.
  Asuna / pinkra01 / 15d 2h 53m 20s

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