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Grrr I didn't give a damn enough to say anything because I didn't see a point. I'm used to your garbage. I just cut it out and stop caring and don't bother wastin my time. But other people ain't able to do that as easy as me. And when you hurt the idiots close to me that's another damn thing completely. You have something to say to me, you say it to me. Yeah, I can't feel crap but I can't help being protective and I'm not gonna sit here knowing how bad you hurt her and just take that crap. You want to know why I cut you out, because doesn't matter what the hell anyone did for you, you didn't give a crap about them. Not really. You made them feel like garbage for caring about you, for fighting for you until you got them to their breaking point. Until you had them coming to me telling me the crap you did to them, that They had to struggle to get out because they're still upset about it

Dammit I need to breathe because I'm damn shaking with how ticked off I am

That Unconditional crap is bs anyway because the second crap don't go your way you show how little you give a crap. What the hell ever

Just run off and do what you always do. I'm sure that trashes arms are wide open for you. Not like I give a crap anyway. Just back the hell off of what's mine
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 16d 2h 7m 59s am I supposed to get deal with this annoyance when my face is all red. Iiiiidiot
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 16d 4h 11m 2s
Don't know what the hell im doing, what the hell I was doin. And idiots tryin to send me Pokémon rip
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 16d 10h 47m 58s want me to be your daddy that bad or whatever. *groans glaring away* It ain't safe to be around my master side like that but..Same time you're the only person that dont tick me off or shove their toxic garbage down my throat. Not like I think that deserves a reward or somethin...shut up
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 16d 14h 32m 53s
Get lost. How the hell you gonna deal with me, and how messed up I am. Tch, you know how bad my phobia is? It made me turn my back on the only thing that mattered. Grr..because I god damn had to. Because when somethin matters you ain't supposed to make it suffer with you. Ain't supposed to put your darkness on it. That's what a prince does. No..I couldn't ever care. I pushed idiots away before anyone could get some kind of feeling from me. Because I gotta protect idiots from me too. Even when...they don't know I'm doin it
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 18d 1h 53m 34s
Grrr This pain needs to shove off. These urges too
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 18d 10h 12m 57s
You can sound like me, you can try my crap on but it ain't gonna get you anywhere. Because at the end of the day my core is emotionless and more messed up then you could even pretend to be. You don't want to get on this level so just stick to whatever the hell it was that made you, you
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 22d 2h 22m 1s
ISwear no one freakin reads

  Chosen Announcements / pinkra01 / 22d 7h 4m 48s
Yeah I isolate myself from you idiots bc I couldn't handle it, I'm screwed up. Just hate me already
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 23d 7h 47m 39s
Damn you're dense, you can't fix me until you fix yourself. Two messed up people aint nothin but a waste of time. Case you didn't notice I don't waste my time on anyone that'll just make my crap worse. You want the roughness, the darkness, the pushing and pulling. You want to be broken and taken and know it's not even a challenge for me to break you. That's what a master does. But you need to have your crap together before you ask for that. Broken idiots latch onto the Monster that breaks them, don't need you latching on to me. You can't handle me until you're healthy enough to take it on. Until you can finally understand my demons, how they work, and how to survive them to get to me. Until then, quit annoying me
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 23d 23h 58m 53s
You put up with way more crap then I ever would. Wouldn't let them run their mouth off. Then again I actually know what it's like to be a boyfriend.
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 24d 10h 21m 8s
Being stupid?

Grr..what the hell are you talking about

"It's a prince's job to save a kitten in distress"
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 26d 3h 4m 26s

Just make it a damn chat already
  New p / pinkra01 / 29d 2h 17m 0s
Nope. Not going to happen. Right after me. Jeez, of course. Wouldn't want the spot light to be off you. Idiot
  Miyah Nakano / pinkra01 / 29d 2h 44m 1s
Grr...Can't shove my master side down. Every damn thing is pullin at my urges
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 31d 6h 58m 6s

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