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Shove off, I got the damn job. Even if no ones proud or gives a crap. I am. So screw your approval
  Knight / pinkra01 / 117d 23h 59m 58s
  NF2 / pinkra01 / 126d 14h 29m 8s
When you’re on this site long enough, you know who and what not to trust. You don’t just figure all them skills in a few hours, so who you
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 127d 20h 5m 22s
Why even say that you’d try when you know it wasn’t true. The same thing happened that always does. You say things to me to get her attention, play her because you know how to play us. You know it works. You know that if I gave you an ounce of attention, it stirs something in her. It’s not her fault, it’s yours, because all you ever did was use us against each other to get what you really want. Maybe all you want is to hurt her, and maybe me too. And that’s trash. But just like back then, you can’t hurt me because I don’t care. And I never let myself fully care for it to matter. I know You never loved me or cared about me. You’re just another idiot that Says stupid things with no meaning behind them. This time you had a goal though. But I cared even less this time. Go be with each other and shove off? Or maybe you did already, thank gott. All I want you to do is shut up and stop saying these gross lies to me. Stop messing with my phobia and leave me and get lost
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 131d 55m 44s
  NF2 / pinkra01 / 131d 14h 2m 8s

Didn't see that until now. The hell
  NF2 / pinkra01 / 131d 23h 55m 52s’re alive and around. All this time I thought you were gone from es. If I wasn’t going through all this..crap right now, Id come talk to you for real again. Im just...I can’t. Not right now. I’m being so short and so distant for a reason. All this stuff has me sort f messed up. I have to just..I want to get through all this crap and get back to you bakas already. But y-you can’t be around me like this..*huffs glaring away*
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 133d 17h 17m 1s
This is why I stay away from you. There’s no point, I’m not going to get wrapped up or involved with you idiots again
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 133d 19h 50m 27s
Stupid urges to hold idiots, but phobia can’t even let me near them. Dammit I’m so messed up
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 134d 10h 30m 55s
Just...shut up and [ listen] tomorrow will be a new day, Gr..alright princess
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 134d 11h 36m 34s don’t get it’’s so hard for me because I...just forget it. N-Nevermind!
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 135d 10h 42m 54s
  NF2 / pinkra01 / 136d 12m 41s
I..still don’t to read that...and handle it...baka
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 136d 8h 11m 12s
Stop it..seems like you two are busy with each other so leave me the heck a lone
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 137d 1h 47m 58s
On the verge of having a damn heart attack. Saw beautiful
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 141d 14h 54m 46s

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