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That moment you find out you were in a relationship that you didn't know you were in the entire time until they randomly ask you "why did you break up with me"

  Writing example / pinkra01 / 101d 18h 59m 18s
Like I care or know where that idiot is. Don't bother me with that crap
  *blows air* / pinkra01 / 102d 18h 57m 52s
Finally. Now stay away from me. I told you, no one should be around someone as broken as me. Just hate me and get lost..dummy..
  *blows air* / pinkra01 / 105d 6h 23m 33s
How dense can you be. I agreed to hangout that wasn't an invitation for you to try and kiss me 25 times. I came here because I'm NOT like that. I don't want to be touched. I don't like people on me and harassing me. But walking around with me was like some kind of stupid prize to you because of the way I look. You wanted to show off something that's not even yours. You nearly got me hit by a car by trying to kiss me when I was off guard. Yeah that's going to make me wAnt to hangout again. I told you I don't want people near me and shove yourself on top of me. This is why I can't trust anyone.
  *blows air* / pinkra01 / 105d 23h 26m 13s
Tch, ain't it funny how you went from somethin that could have been worth somethin one day, to leach trash. You always were a leach but now you're worthless too.

Oooon different a note, princess can cook a damn good meal. Had me full for days.
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 107d 9h 30m 14s
I'm the most resistant brat ever, it takes a lot of work to get me to melt for you so don't go thinking anything stupid. J-Just because I get shy at touches doesn't mean your close to getting me to listen or anything!
  Edits / pinkra01 / 110d 19h 3m 17s
  Edits / Pinkra01 / 114d 19h 26m 12s
Jeeez how have you never watched the office. Two hours on the phone and my references go right over your head. Get on it already

"You're hanging up the phone?"

"No! Let's talk for a [i long] time."
  Princess / Pinkra01 / 114d 20h 35s
What a pain..I don't waste my time caring. I was only close to feeling something once and it wasn't much. I can't. There's no point when the same crap always happens. I'm too damaged. Just, quit annoying me already idiot. Im too much to handle and everyone says they'll try and quits, so just..quit saying those stupid words that don't mean anything baka.
  Princess / pinkra01 / 115d 8h 1m 3s
Dammit this ain't complicated. I'm messed up. Stay away from me stupid. I don't want anyone near me so get lost already
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 119d 13h 53m 11s
It's not my fault they fell in love with me, you think I wanted that crap? I can't handle that annoying stuff. I pushed them away a million times. Still couldn't avoid it. There's not much else I could do besides tell them to shove off bc it's pointless. No one can get me to feel love
  *blows air* / pinkra01 / 134d 16h 51m 3s
Why don't you get I can't handle this. I can't handle being close to anyone dummy. You know that. You scare the heck out of me bc you keep pushing and I don't know how to deal with it. You haven't left no matter how much my phobia tries to push you away with harsh words...are you stupid or something? What's the point, you know how broken I am..I can't believe you're words so just scram already
  *blows air* / pinkra01 / 136d 9h 51m 51s
You're making it hard to focus on anything else. I don't even give a crap about anything but..,grr..whatever it doesn't matter. Just quit it already. Stay away from me.
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 138d 11h 39m 41s
Yeah a few inches closer and you're in my lap. You want to sit there, then ask already. Quit wasting my time
  Prince / pinkra01 / 139d 4h 59m 13s
When you can't sleep bc of an ear infection and you see tinder is blowing up your iPad. It's 8 in the morning dammit, calm down
  Prince / pinkra01 / 139d 11h 27m 8s

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