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-My Personal Journal

I discovered that I have 4 modes:
1. Annoyed and yelling
2. Don't care and saying only a few words
3. Over it and say nothing
4. Memes


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The hell...I’ve literally been back in America for two damn days. The hell is goin on
  Knight J. Rockefeller / pinkra01 / 17d 5h 56m 3s
Why the hell couldnt you just fight longer if you wanted to so damn badly. Was it worth it? Life so much damn better now that you ain’t got proper protection or anyone to lift you off your annoying feet? Now that I’m protectin others? Not that I give a crap. Thought of it makes me sick. Point is you knew I wouldn’t chase you. You knew my icy heart would cut you off and not care the second you walked away. Just like everyone else you’re trash that gave up bc you couldn’t handle me. Glad I finally have some damn peace. But still part me wants to know what the hell these idiots are thinking the second it happens and they finally break, but whatever I guess it doesn’t matter anyway
  Knight J. Rockefeller / pinkra01 / 52d 17h 12m 2s
Talkin to him is like talkin to you. Both thought the damn world owed you something bc a lot of dumb love struck idiots fell for your bs. And just like history repeating itself I ain’t one of them. You had me thinkin you were a decent damn human for 5 minutes but I ain’t stupid. Didn’t take me long to figure out you’re really trash that uses people’s emotions to please yourself. Good luck tryin to use mine l I ain’t got any. Don’t come around expectin to be treated Like a damn princess. All I’ve seen from you is trash, things gonna change real quick, and you’re gonna learn what the hell it looks like when you confuse me with someone actually capable f givin a crap
  Knight J. Rockefeller / pinkra01 / 129d 9h 47m 32s
Shove OFF dammit. No one could ever get me to give a damn about them. You think it’s gonna start suddenly? the hell cam I protect you around and emotionless monster like me! Stop being an idiot. The minute you get lost, you’ll be free of this crap. Do it already
  Knight J. Rockefeller / pinkra01 / 164d 1h 4m 47s
Quit being a damn idiot. What the hells the point puttin up with a monster like me. Can’t feel love, or care. So messed up, don’t know how to let a damn person near me. All I can do is protect you, and hold you and even that second part is difficult. How the hell can I protect you if you’re near someone as messed up as me. Get lost. Go bother someone that can give a crap about you back
  Knight J. Rockefeller / pinkra01 / 178d 18h 46m 2s
Getting ready to go back to Japan’s been wearin me the hell out. Can’t get a damn break
  Knight J. Rockefeller / pinkra01 / 179d 11h 44m 6s
Stop stalking my life. Leave me alone, stupid. It’s weird that you need to know so much about me. Get a life
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 183d 18h 39m 47s
Nngh haaate having to get up so early for dentist appointments -_-'
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 188d 13h 4m 32s
..l...what kind of question is that? You should be asking that other baka. At least I don’t hide like you two. But I’s for the same reason as you and him. Just think about what kept leading you back hear over and over again and it’s the same reason for me...I guess

Except I have people I have to take care of on here. Rps to run etc. Even when everything is pulling me down like crazy and it stupid hard not to walk away, like I always do. It’s the only thing I have patience for. The only thing that matters

That and...n-nevermind. Just forget it
  Kitten / pinkra01 / 190d 4h 33m 19s
Tch, you don’t give a crap like everyone else. Whatever. Not like I care anyway.
  Knight / pinkra01 / 191d 2h 41m 1s
You’re so the hell can you “feel” that way, when I get like this
  Knight / pinkra01 / 191d 5h 35m 51s
Where the hell are if somethin happened to my princess I’m gonna bash the first face in that I see
  Knight / pinkra01 / 197d 3h 46m 3s
Dammit don't tease me like that, you want to do it then do it
  Knight / pinkra01 / 198d 5h 56m 31s
Conceal...don’t feel..let it go...

It’s annoyin how you sayin that actually does calm me. I’m too short tempered, can’t help snappin..but it Gr...calmed me
  Knight / pinkra01 / 201d 18h 34m 23s
nothing irritates me more then watching it be cool and a “trend” to like somethin that got your ass kicked in high school for liking

Shove off
  Knight / pinkra01 / 202d 20h 36m 32s

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