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-My Personal Journal

I discovered that I have 4 modes:
1. Annoyed and yelling
2. Don't care and saying only a few words
3. Over it and say nothing
4. Memes


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When the root cause of all your problems is obvious to everyone but you. All you have to do is literally look at history and see, at the end of the day, it was the same cause of everyone else's problems too. Everyone wants to be different. The special one. Everyone wants to fix what's broken. But they actually have to want to be fixed.

If someone actually gives a damn about you they don't treat you like that. They have consideration for you. How much consideration you gettin? Bc sounds like jack. How much more do you plan on giving for absolutely nothing. How much more are you willing to loose for someone that won't ever care about you the way you care about them. At what point does it stop being worth it? I mean, that idiots even back on here. That only means one thing. And you know what it is.

You know I got you. And I get your mentality and why you can't see straight, But at the end of the day I'm going to protect you. Like i did for the other idiots that get caught in that garbage and always will.
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 22h 49m 44s
[ There's no turning back]
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 1d 6h 5s
Tch when your storylines are copied to a T. Least credit me for everything I gave you years ago jeez
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 1d 8h 10m 39s
Why the hell do people get mixed up with irrelevant trash.
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 1d 8h 47m 16s
Quit yammering on at me. I said I'd protect you and I'm going to so shut it already
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 1d 9h 19m 11s
Group chat today:

Idiot: "You're going to make some bisexual somewhere really happy one day when they find out your prince side can literally feel i-"

Me: "SHUT UP! Shut the hell up! Don't announce that kind of crap to the wo-"

3rd person: "Soooo what can this side feel?"

Me: *grits teeth and face palms* dammit

This is why I don't tell people crap. You know what you diiiiid stupid
  ~Prince~ / pinkra01 / 1d 17h 58m 21s
Jeez her leash is way too short on you. How the heck does she even deal with your crap
  Pink~ / pinkra01 / 2d 1h 32m 43s
  Pink~ / pinkra01 / 3d 35m 30s
Maybe...I'm looking at the wrong places. Ughhh I was probably always meant to have a gf. Mmmmmf.....
  Pink~ / pinkra01 / 3d 3h 21m 13s
Why do you waste your tiiiime you dummy. There's no point in even thinking about someone who doesn't care, then again you're the only idiot I know that holds on to people long after you don't matter to them anymore --'
  Pink~ / pinkra01 / 3d 4h 29m 0s
Baka dun be so needy, it's harder to ignore that. Ya pain
  Nyahh / pinkra01 / 3d 9h 16m 48s
Cutting off is easy, it's just annoying walking outside and seeing [ reminders] of you at the end of every drive way. Except other then just standing there and being useless, they have a purpose. --'
  Nyahh / pinkra01 / 4d 7h 52m 38s
You dont get it. What its like to have all this anger built up from when bakas gave me their emotions. They..only attacked me with them. Put too much on me. Demanded everything from me immediately. Instead of seeing how or why..I run..why i cant be near them. Unconditional love doesnt exist stupid. No one can love this broken part of me. Poeple just shove their emotions on me and when I get scared..and either leave or respond with anger... Idiots dont know how to handle it. Or dont even try to understand it. I want to be held through it anyway. I-It doesnt matter..anyway.
  Nyahh / pinkra01 / 4d 18h 5m 12s
[ Bullet proof]
  Nyahh / pinkra01 / 4d 21h 58m 21s
[ Whatever]
  Nyahh / pinkra01 / 5d 4h 13m 1s

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