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-My Personal Journal

I discovered that I have 4 modes:
1. Annoyed and yelling
2. Don't care and saying only a few words
3. Over it and say nothing
4. Memes


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Roleplay Responses

I...I can’t believe you..did that. You’re stupid..gott you’re the dumbest person ever. My chest is so tight right now. I can’t think...and can barely breathe. I hate you so much. Everything I dealt with over the last year or so...I still hate you. For giving up on me. How can I believe all that when you didn’t head is spinning right now. I hate you so much! Yeah u weren’t there, do you know how messed up I was to go to that trash instead? Not that any of this matters because now that you said it, you’ll just do what I do and run off. Even though I want that. My phobia wants that. And I can’t stand you. Because you don’t fight for me. And all that crap is just bs at the end of the day. I never believe anyone when they say those stupid words, but I believe you least. Because no one can do the only thing I need, to finally heal. Just go away
  B-Baka! / pinkra01 / 7h 19m 6s
“Knight don’t gaf about y’all or y’all drama”

  Knight J. Rockefeller / pinkra01 / 21h 8m 40s
I..don’t know how to deal with you. It’s been so long since I bothered with any idiot. But you get sides. How greed people have over them. Like we’re objects. Just...stay away..from me stupid. I don’t know how to let people in..there’s no point
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 4d 23h 27m 24s
I...have to get surgery tomorrow. I don’t know if I can handle the pain..or if they can even put me under for long. N-Not that I’m scared or anything..just...he said it’ll hurt a lot fr the next few days. I hate the days when I need.. to be the one taken care of..Mmf *pouts*
  Quit eeet / pinkra01 / 5d 23h 15m 5s
Quit annoyin me just cause I went and Finally got that crap out. Just shove off. Don’t believe half your crap anyway
  Ets / pinkra01 / 6d 22h 35m 17s
Ain’t surprised. Couldn’t give a crap less. Not stupid enough to Care about anyone. Just a damn waste of time. Those idiots deserve each other. It ain’t the first or last time it’ll happen. I just wasn’t dumb enough to let either close enough to me. for sone dumb reason always felt protective or whatever over her. Let her yammer on with her bs about when she wanted to fix me. Bc can’t turn away someone who tries. Guess she wasn’t ever really tryin. Or couldn’t handle me. What the hell ever. Don’t give a crap either way
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 16d 22h 40m 41s
[ Gettin close to learning how to play this]
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 17d 21h 50m 46s
Dammit reading that made me half miss this place. I mean if I could feel a damn thing, Whatever
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 22d 22h 57m 5s
tch, just a waste of time. why the hell stay up that late and help me if youre planning on wastin my damn time
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 33d 9h 19m 15s
[ Annoying as hell that there’s a meme associated with this song because if you actually listen to the whole damn thing it’s decent]
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 38d 21h 31m 58s
Yeah yeah I’m coming back to America in a week. Quit your damn naggin
  Grumpy Prince / pinkra01 / 38d 22h 30m 52s you explain how broken you are? How do you live around ppl knowing you can’t let a single one in. How do you deal with that. How do you make someone understand wtf is wrong with you and even after you do, have w do you deal with them not giving a crap. My ain’t something to be shared lightly. I’m messed up. I don’t need idiots staring at me just to nodding and not doing crap. I’d rather them leave me alone, just...just go away. Er...just let me be broken to myself..
  Asuna / pinkra01 / 67d 12h 6m 41s
Why do you care so’re so stupid. Why?! I do everything I can stay away. To keep myself guarded and protected. And I’ve managed to push every single idiot away from me. But you’re still here..still annoying the heck out of stupid
  Kittens Edits / pinkra01 / 77d 11h 52m 57s
Nah, one person definitely can make this place more or less trash. I don’t know about that person or whatever, but I can think of a few good other idiots this place did much better without for the several months they were gone.

Chose the right time to step away rip es
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 93d 22h 28m 23s
Don’t expect me to put this crap on you. I ain’t going to, so quit askin. Can’t protect you and let you deal with any of it. So just shut up already
  Dark Prince / pinkra01 / 103d 2h 46m 38s

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