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Madara looked at her and his eyes went to the farthest he could go with the sharingan and looked around in her head. "impossible." he said before some force blew him into the wall in the real world. "she knows to guard her mind. She's not some common soldier. " he said.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 1d 21h 40m 8s
"think you can get information out of her?" she asked and looked up at him.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 19h 24m 34s
Madara arrived. "what exactly am I here for?" he asked tsunade.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 2d 19h 39m 58s
"it doesn't hurt to try." she said and sighed. "and he's one of the first."
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 19h 45m 2s
he nodded and motioned for the guard to get madara. "genjutsu. you know it might not work the way we want it."
  Naruto / ganondorf / 2d 19h 48m 5s
"normally ibiki helps me with it." she said and thoughts for a moment . "get madara."
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 19h 49m 22s
Naruto returned to kurama. "the enemy retreated back to the lift. we are attempting contact with the other villages to assess the damage." he said. "they may have done a full scale assault."

Meanwhile Kakashi was interogating the head of the army. who happened to be female. "tsunade how do you interrogate women. I normally use scare tactics but shes a battle hardened general.":
  Naruto / ganondorf / 2d 19h 51m 16s
She smiled and snuggled happily wagging her tails.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 19h 29m 14s
Kurama said nothing but shrunk in size and headed toward the village.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 3d 19h 31m 4s
She stuck her tongue out at him and hopped onto her father's back snuggling him.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 19h 33m 38s
"Yup tiny fox child. called it." shukaku said. "although alot weaker then you she only has two tails."
  Naruto / ganondorf / 3d 19h 41m 24s
She smiled and changed into her fox form. She looked just like kurama but quite a bit smaller and only had two tails.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 19h 42m 30s
"yup definitely your kid kurama. tail wag and all." he said.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 3d 19h 46m 7s
She smiled up at him happily and wagged her tail happily.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 3d 19h 48m 6s
Shukaku was embarrassed and hugged back. "good to meet you."
  Naruto / ganondorf / 3d 19h 50m 17s

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