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He shook his head. "I dont know but naruto you sakura and sasuke have to make sure their ok." he said.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 7h 22m 40s
Kara frowned and said. "That's not good... Do you think they tried to go after the enemy by themselves?"
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 137d 7h 26m 56s
Kakashi did so and sat down. "Naruto I have an important mission for you. we can't find might guy or rock lee." he said.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 7h 34m 26s
"come in, but be quiet please?" Kara said and smiled.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 137d 7h 43m 42s
Naruto smiled looking at her. Kakashi knocked on their door and waited.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 7h 49m 53s
Misora yawned and cuddled with her twin brother cooing quietly.

Kara hugged Naruto and nuzzled his neck gently.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 137d 7h 55m 28s
Naruto finished cleaning up and put boruto to bed smiling softly.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 8h 28s
She blushed slightly and nodded shyly. "Yes sir." She said and obediently did as she was told.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 137d 15h 17m 2s
"somethign else. show me how you pleased yourself before me." he said.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 15h 22m 36s
"would you like me to dance or something else?" She asked and shivered at his touch.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 137d 15h 25m 36s
He trailed a line down her front. "one to arouse me." he said.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 15h 26m 56s
"what kind of show, Master?" She asked curiously and smiled at gaara.
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 137d 15h 31m 3s
He smirked and nodded. "of course. what I do want to see is you put on a show for me if you would be so kind." he said.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 15h 31m 59s
She undid her kimono and smiled at him happily. "You like what you see, master?"
  kara / wingedwolfy120 / 137d 15h 34m 49s
He smiled and watched up at her and leaned back in his chair.
  Naruto / ganondorf / 137d 15h 37m 14s

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