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[right [font "Chaparral Pro" [size9 [b Inspired by [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=20678 Colorful_insanity].]]]]
[h3 [size11 [font "Chaparral Pro" Unlikely Heros]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/wcc2BeZ.gif]]
[font "Chaparral Pro" [center [size12 In the year 2019 a new generation was born. They were Genetically mutated eggs developed by advanced scientists to mold and create twelve different humans with twelve different powers. They were dubbed the generation of Hero's and while they were praised and adored by all there was one problem with this generation that they tried their best to take control over. And that was the abilities each child was created with.]]

[center [size12 [font "Chaparral Pro" Well that, and the one kid that grew up to become the worlds most feared villain.]]]
[center [size10 [font "Chaparral Pro" But we'll get back to that..]]]

[center [size12 The Abilities some of these kids had were absolutely amazing. [b LAVA] melting from their finger tips and mouth like fiery vomit, bent and controlled at their will. Tree's and even mountains splitting down the center with only the strength of their [b MIND]. So many amazing powers and a few.. duds. Like [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=375618 Eli]] and his glowing bodily fluids. He couldn't even properly control when it happened.]]

[center [size12 So these few.. lesser Hero's eventually lost their short-lived fame and even their developers stopped paying as much attention to them. It got to a point where these almost-hero's weren't even invited to training or schooling anymore. They were eventually given a large sum of money to leave the group home for Hero's and live on their own as teenagers. What they decided to do as they grew up was their own to decide. These genetically developed people were turning out to be just people after all.]]

[center [size12 Fast forward a couple years, then the bad stuff kicks in.]]
[h3 [size11 chapters]]
[center [size12 [b [u CHAPTER ONE:]] Fall of the Hero's]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Hiccgcf.jpg]]

[center [size11 The year is 2036. Our four heroic misfits are called together again by their ex trainer [i [http://i.imgur.com/SBnsIFu.jpg Master Hong]] to learn news of the Hero's deaths. Each of the remaining hero's aside from themselves have been killed by a heavy consumption of poison. Hong proceeds to tell them that the Hero's were betrayed by [i [http://i.imgur.com/PCjhSmy.jpg Halen]], a 'hero' who controlled and produced various poisons and toxins. Halen was always quiet and distant from the others, and was the only one who didn't eat that night.]]
[center [size11 Hong has promised to teach the four what he can, so they can find Halen and defeat him before he harms anyone else.]]

[center [size12 [b [u CHAPTER TWO:]] The Oracle]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/4tkl0b2.jpg]]
[center [size11 [b Details Locked]]]

[center [size12 [b [u CHAPTER THREE:]] Another Hero Dies]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/5AWJlHj.jpg]]
[center [size11 [b Details Locked]]]

[center [size12 [b [u CHAPTER FOUR:]] Rise of the Hero's]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/VK6sjVT.gif]]
[center [size11 [b Details Locked]]]

[center [size12 [b [u CHAPTER FIVE (FINAL):]] Time Masters]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/yPGTnus.jpg]]
[center [size11 [b Details Locked]]]
[h3 [size11 [font "Chaparral Pro" Character Sheet [right Rules]]]]
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[b "Super" Power:] [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=375723 examples]]
[b Personality:]
[b Training Objective:] [i Guns, Bow & Arrow ect.]
[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
[b Occupation]
[b Brief Past:] [i What have they been up to?]
[b Ethnicity:] [i Designs were universal]
[b Habits/Quirks:]
[b Character Page Link:]
[b Character Icon:] [i 130x120 headshot of character]
Layout your character page however you want as long as it includes this information in any form.]]]]
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[h3 [size11 Characters]]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=375618 [pic http://i.imgur.com/RiwganW.jpg]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=390074 [pic http://i.imgur.com/5q7dP5L.jpg]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=388270 [pic https://s23.postimg.org/6cehyfgvf/noaicon.jpg]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=375951 [pic http://i67.tinypic.com/ngccbd.jpg]]


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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Q0FVUWS.jpg]]

[center [size12 [font "Minion Pro" Eli always considered them to be a family. Even if they were seperated, or kicked out, or hardly speaking. Eli never got over the idea that him and all the other heroes were bonded in their own way. He idolized those heroes and always did whatever he could to help them. Whether they liked it or not, he had forced himself into their lives and held on for dear life.

Because they were the only family he was likely ever going to have.

But now, only three remained. It took the air right out of his lungs. Though Eli did feel a little foolish. Nobody else in the room seemed especially heart broken about it as he did. Eli wasn't sure where the other three had been in the past years, but clearly they had all moved on from the concept of heroes and super powers. They all had lives and purpose, jobs as well he assumed. Meanwhile Eli's life and career revolved entirely around those heroes. Looking around, he was beginning to realize just how pathetic he was. How he always was.

Whatever Noa had been saying finally sunk in when he recieved that physical reassurance. A hug from Hong was usually a method of silence, not comfort. By being pulled into this kind group hug, Eli could hear the unkind voice ringing in his head. It was time to shut up. The whites of his eyes flickered, the blue vanishing to reveal a normal, if not a little pathetic and pitiful, boy. He wiped at his face as he got up out of his chair. Grabbing the blue phone off the table of the remaining three Hong had placed there, idly shoving it into his pocket.

[#01A9DB [b "That's a good idea, Noa. I'm sorry, I should have prepared something before you all got here-"]] He touched the shoulders of each person he passed, save for Maverick. Mav was a bit taller than Eli and since he was standing Eli simply touched the back of the flower boys hand, offering him a delicate curve of a smile. Then he hurried off towards the kitchen doors.

Hong had a confused expression on his face, as if there was something he was forgetting to tell everyone. [#219333 [b "Oh. Psyren."]]

Eli almost immediately came back from the kitchen, his features lit up on his pale face. [#01A9DB [b "Th-There's uh.. a.. um.."]] Hong waved a hand at him dismissively. [#219333 [b "Psyren come on out please!"]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/D4BykZV.png]]
The kitchen doors swung open again, and a blonde girl with a hat dangling over half her face appeared. When Eli had entered the kitchen, he saw her there, cooking some strange glowing substence in a large pot. It smelled very disgusting, and there was a pile of what looked like water guns in the sink. [#219333 [b "Right, this is Psyren, she's another dud like you guys. She can make her eyes change color. Still, she's managed to make herself pretty useful around here. She makes stuff. Weapons and devices, super handy. Like those phones I gave you guys, they're more than just cellphones. Think of them as little gadgets."]] He pushed the remaining two towards Brin and Maverick. [#219333 [b "And don't lose them."]] Knowing Maverick his might end up burried in the garden in the backyard.

As if on command, the doorbell rang. [#219333 [b "And I already ordered pizza, so don't worry about cooking or anything weird like that. Psyrens got the kitchen occupied most of the time anyway. Even though I keep telling her to use the [i basement].]] Psyren crossed her arms, her eyes still covered and her head slightly lowered. [#FE9A2E [b "The kitchen feels more like a home... the basement is cold.."]] she mumbled.

Eli, being the [i 'I'll do it!'] kind of guy he was, had already hurried to the door to pay for the pizza. He carried the boxes to the table and placed them down carefully, a bright grin on his face. [#01A9DB [b "This smells pretty good, I hope everyone has an appetite."]] Personally, he didn't. But he wasn't going to let these events put him into an unhealthy state of mind, so he was sure to take a slice.

Hong took a piece as well, eating carelessly while he spoke. [#219333 [b "You guys start training tomorrow morning. So eat up and get some rest. It's not going to be easy, but try to understand what's going on here. You're our last hope."]]

Eli couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement in those words.
  F❀ / Glows / 190d 18h 36m 11s
It was like the air turned colder around her when the phone rang. All it took was looking at the caller ID to put her on edge. She picked up the phone cautiously holding it to her ear. [+coral "Hong...?"] she said his name slowly. Almost unsure that this was real. The man on the other end mumbled a response. [+coral "But why are you calling me?.... You want me to come back?.... Okay.... I'll be there.."] she hung up letting her hand fall to her side.

Back to where she was born. Back to the place that made her what she was. Essentially two people in one body. What could possibly be so urgent that she was being called back? Were the other three going to be there too? Reunion of the rejects or something. It wasn't like she did not understand. Hell how could a person that switched from girl to boy possibly be helpful in any instance.

Still she grabbed a duffel from her closet throwing in some pairs of clothes, a toothbrush, a charger and most importantly her hairbrush. Then getting on her phone she booked the next flight to her destination.

[center *]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/JlHHjLh.jpg]]
Unfortunately, in the middle of the flight Brin's powers acted up. Maybe it was a result of being nervous. Most likely it was random. The result meant that [i he] now stepped off the plane when [i he] had started the plane ride as a girl.

Finding the way to the lab wasn't hard. Even though the years had past it was like muscle memory kicked in. When [i he] opened the door he saw there was already three people other than Hong there. A smile rose to [i his] lips. Fond memories of the only people that understood the troubles of being a dud returned. [i His] arms wrapped around the young plant who was closest to [i him] pulling the other into a friendly hug. [+coral "Mav, you certainly don't have to apologize for that."] [i he] retracted [i his] arms. Smiling at the other two.

The smile soon disappeared- replaced by a look of fear. They were dead... I mean sure Brin hardly knew any of them but it still gave them a bad feeling. Especially at the news that Halen was the prime suspect- honestly Brin had always admired him from a distance of course. Halen was attractive from Brin's memories plus the former was hero with real powers of course Brin occasionally idolized them all.

[+coral "I think food would be good to calm down my nerves."] Brin replied to Noa. The scent of orchids that came off the man almost calming [i him]. He looked to the other smiling the same bittersweet smile. Brin had rather missed all these people. Brin picked up the red phone assuming that was the one Hong made for them.

[i His] hand gently rubbed Eli's back reassuringly. [+coral "At least we have each other."] he said softly. That was when he felt a small pain in his chest that was growing. [+coral "Oh shit.... again already?"] Brin winced as their hair grew longer and their chest expanded. Soon the hard features of a male were replaced with the softer ones of a female. [+coral "Yeah... hopefully I start changing less often... sorry about that."] she said tightening the belt around her waist to make the now loose pants fit better. The shirt only slightly baggy now made her look like she was wearing pajamas.
  Brin Collins / SoulDreamer / 199d 5h 19m 17s
[center [font "Arial" A very long body lay in the chilly soil. The air smelled of earth and life itself. A large array of different species of flowers sprouted from the ground and wrapped themselves round the slumbering figure. Pale skin, almost translucent contrasted against the vibrant colours of the foliage. Thick, blonde lashes lay closed, casting shadows on the cheeks below them. The only indication of life was the steady rise and fall of the human's chest.]]
[center [font "Arial" Fluffy locks of fawn hair feathered and haloed his face. He was dressed in a sweater covered in neutral colours and a boring pattern. Dirt was sprinkled all about his torso and his fingers were buried deep within the dirt. Long legs were snuggled into the soil spread out for a comfortable sleeping position. They were thin and bony. In matter of fact, the boy was very skeletal. His knuckles pressed against his icy skin and his clavicles were very pronounced and chiseled. His veins were opaque and an odd green instead of blue or purple.

[center [font "Arial" A warm light poured in through the overhead window. The boy resided in a greenhouse. The room was floor to ceiling windows allowing the sun to kiss everything it touched. His marble skin glimmered in the light. His hair lit up like gold. As the body soaked up the sun, daisies popped from his skin. They lettered his arms and neck. Slowly they poked their blossoms out and covered his face. The boy was no longer in sight, only a patch of breathtaking daisy stood strong and healthy.]]

[center [font "Arial" The blissfulness was cut with the knife of technology. A chime of a cellular device broke the silence. A pair of smokey quartz eyes snapped open. They were bright and illuminating. Sitting up abruptly. The boy tore the flowers from their roots wincing slightly when they pulled at the flesh. He let them drop to the ground and brushed the buds off of his arms. Reaching for the phone, he quickly answered it to silence the intruder.
[b [#79a6d2 "H-hullow?"]] Stammered the boy as he spoke through the line.
[b "Hey, Mav?"] Questioned a male voice on the other end.
Maverick instantly knew the voice.
[b "You are needed back at the lab."] The conversation was done and all was quiet except for the fast beat of the hero's heart. He clutched the phone in his hands as they shook violently.]]

[center [font "Arial" Maverick was one of the duds of the heroes. It wasn't his plan to be a hero or a [i person.] was supposed to be a sunflower but surprise water and sunlight made a little freak born instead of a flower.
Most everyone had powers that were helpful, or at least cool. All he could do was grow flora uncontrollably all over his body. The growth rate was He couldn't control the growth of his flowers and it usually wasn't consistent. Heightened emotions were such a joy. [s not lol] Whenever he had a rush of dopamine or influx of adrenaline, his plants would grow rapidly. It was quite the hassle in social situations or around people he was attracted to. Which was basically [i everyone.]
[center [pic http://38.media.tumblr.com/ddd371ee72d35d811fc32d4c6cfa73de/tumblr_n81dwxWfNk1snc5kxo1_r4_500.gif]]
[center [font "Arial" On the way over to the lab, Mav thought about all of the other heroes. He hadn't seen them since he was a sapling. He wondered what they looked like or what their favourite foods were. Did the others even eat? The more he fixated on the encounter, the more flowers sprouted from his body. It was a nervous habit.]]
[center [font "Arial" Once the plant had arrived, a few bodies were already situated. Tangling his fingers in his hair, he smiled sheepishly. He wasn't excited for being gawked at. Look at the freaky plant boy.
Plants began to ascend around the boy. Weeds and seedlings poked between his toes. He had forgotten shoes of all things. More vines tied themselves around his legs. Blushing profusely, a monstrous sunflower bloomed around his belly. Its petals were a vibrant, sunny yellow. Running his fingers through his messy gold hair, he smiled sheepishly. This couldn’t be more awkward. Quietly bending down, he plucked the sunflower head from its stem and held it up. It was actually quite impressive. Letting out a laugh, he tried to hide his fluster.

[b [#79a6d2 “Uh Hi, sc-sorry I blossom when I am nervous.”]] He chuckled, his voice rich like honey, the words catching on his tongue due to the speech impediment. [i 'Please like me.'] The thought tumbled through his conscience as he stared at the audience. Even though he knew these faces, he felt like he was introducing himself for the first time all over again.
His gaze flickered around the room. He locked eyes with a pair of azure orbs. Those eyes could only belong to one person. A wild grin crawled across his face taking over every muscle on his face. It was Eli, his very bioluminescent friend. He was gorgeous. Maverick didn't know humans could be so beautiful. Just as he was about to greet his old friend, a wave of euphoria fell over him as he drowned in a sweet scent. Whirling around, he spotted the air freshener. A male he barely recognised stood wafting scrumptious smells.[right [pic http://i42.beon.ru/43/95/39543/20/0.gif]] When he was little, Maverick liked that Noa always smelled of something different. Maybe that was because Maverick wasn't very decisive. He was constantly changing and couldn't sit still. But today he smelled of dew covered grass, chamomile brew, and a faint whiff of a snowy day. His eyes softened as he let the smell burn in his memory book.
  |hero| / muta / 203d 6h 10m 45s
[center [pic https://s28.postimg.org/6vur3kuot/noal2.png]] All Noa could think about was whose apartment would be better.
What was her name? Alex. No... Sam? Was it Sam? Dyed hair wasn't really his thing, and she was awfully quick to claim his lap... Not that he minded. This was disappointingly common, they had a habit of not even telling him their last name first. This one was no different, her nose dragging across his neck like she was about to suck his blood, and he wasn't entirely sure she wouldn't, what with how this had been going on for about ten minutes now. Hm. He could always take her back to his apartment and swing by the shelter later? He'd fed all the animals and had allowed the entire facility's worth of feline residents to use him as a scented safety blanket for about an hour and a half before the receptionist had started hitting on him. Poor thing. He'd keep his age to himself. She herself was perhaps 25, certainly lovely, her hair a blue-green two-tone, her face freckled. Her eyes were a marvelous blue shade, certainly worth some notice though they were closed now as she more or less taste tested his skin.

Not really his type, but he would humor her, he couldn't push away his adoring fans, could he? He'd worked with...Sammy? Once or twice before today on volunteer duties, though she seemed to have forgotten to keep things professional today and instead had begun unbuttoning her shirt.

What was different today? Was it the [i damned smell] again...?

He smirked. He'd jogged here. People were so weird, was sweat that addictive? Maybe just his, he knew his power had some strange perks. As it was a strong pheromone, even people who weren't attracted to him physically would still sniff him just for the pleasure of appeasing their noses. It wasn't cockiness so much as fact; People enjoyed Noa, and he enjoyed people. He'd come for the animals today, though, with Samantha here having decided to steal him away. Luckily everyone was walked and fed and clean, but-
She began touching his ear and rubbing his piercings, perhaps to get his attention back. "...So? Where are we going?"
The bedroom eyes were a bit much, but he didn't mind this time, she knew he couldn't speak well.
A single, incredibly deep, amused word left his lips, amber eyes half-lidded in contentment. [b "Mine."]

She seemed to enjoy his response, leaning in to continue despite their having just decided to go back to his apartment- but his phone rang. How odd. He permitted the call with a flick of the green icon and raised his brows at the Caller ID. What...?
This voice on the other end...! He listened, concerned. What? What kind of crazy emergency could it be to get Hong to call HIM? [i Shit], now he was REALLY worried. Without meaning to be abrupt but failing to be anything but, he quietly hung up his phone and lifted her off him with one arm. [b "'Friend called. Leaving."]
Without waiting for the situation to kick in and process in her pixie-cut head, Noa was gone, snatching up his bag from behind the front desk and jogging back toward his apartment. He needed to pack. He could always bike there, to see Hong about this strange and untold emergency. Why was he in such a hurry? Hong had made him feel like a complete loser since before he was potty-trained, why was he [i rushing] like this?

Was it because someone [i finally] needed him, the human air freshener? He wanted to be needed, he wanted to help people- he'd been at the hospital before the shelter, playing games with the children in the pediatrics ward. He did as much as he could, for free, that he possibly could. Noa wanted to be someone's hero, as he'd been meant to be. They'd failed him twice in that lab, taking away his ability to speak and tainting his eyes. Still, he ran, basketball shoes pounding the pavement as he hurried home to pack things. He could take the Harley to get there, but he'd have to cancel his shoot tomorrow...

This was more important. Noa had a habit of worrying about people this way, he was a flirt but he wasn't a selfish prick or any sort of insensitive asshat, not with his oldest form of family. Even if Hong was lying, even if he was up to something, it was worth checking into. Would the other three be along, too? He hadn't seen them in so long, [i he missed them].
[center -]
He parked his bike and made his way in, his heart racing, his scent permeating the air like a candied bomb. Noa couldn't help but be nervous, he'd been [i kicked out of this place] all those years ago, was he really welcome here again? Was he truly supposed to be here? Why would anyone need his help, with all those badass heroes keeping an eye on things out there? Was it chores? He hoped not, he was busy, too, even if Hong did think he was a girly smelling loser.
He entered with the other three, anxious, but still happy to see them. Noa's bag hit the floor as he tried to calm his nerves and wait for an explanation, noting the pain in Eli's eyes. Poor Eli, he tried the hardest of anyone Noa had ever met and was always repaid with the least possible amount, so Noa had long since noticed. Eli's poor heart was too big, and so was Maverick's. So sweet, the two of them. And Brinn! Brinn was no slouch either, but the tone Hong was using-
What [i happened] here?

The explanation gave him chills, and Eli's disbelief was heartbreaking. Even he himself had to go over what he'd just heard to comprehend it all, his eyes widening and his heart skipping a beat and doing double-time to keep up with his fear.

They were all DEAD?
WHAT WERE THEY DOING HERE? Why would Halen do something so disgusting, and why was the crap Squad here at HQ? It was times like these that he hated speaking, his body's scent filling the room and the hall outside the door with candies and flowers and chocolate. [b "...Replace?"] the deep utterance inquired, his hulking figure tilting this way and that as he felt around for his handkerchief. He gave Eli a pat, glad to hear him at least mention food as he dabbed at the glowing [i everything] smeared all over his sad little face. [b "... Kitchen, to eat?"] the slow rumble asked, yet again effort on his part but worth every syllable. He didn't want to fill in for anyone... But.
Hong wasn't going to let him say no.

He chewed his tongue piercing as his thoughts wandered, glancing at Brinn and Maverick with a bittersweet look. They'd all grown, they'd all tried to move on and now here they were, again forced to stumble around trying to help HQ with their internal trouble. How were 4 un-superhumans supposed to take on a poisons master, if that was what Hong was asking of them? He tucked the black phone Hong had tossed out onto the table into his pocket dismissively before pulling the other three into a group hug, his thick arms riddled with an apology he did not owe them but that he wished to express regardless. To mourn and to 'train' simultaneously, as Hong had put it, seemed a smidge insensitive, not that Hong was the type for open displays of sentiment. Noa put a hand on Eli's shoulder, pointing at him a bit as he addressed the soft, lovely Maverick and the very regal looking Brinn. How should he pick up a conversation?
[b " Should... we... Eat?"]
He could eat, too, he'd rushed over and all. Were the other two hungry? Even now, Noa's body was releasing its famed scents, his anxiety riding his bodily fluids and traveling through his pores by the gallon. His T-shirt and jacket and pants reeked of sweets, and everything in his bag was getting bombed by it, too. It was sure to get into his food, but he couldn't help that either, stuck eating 'pre-sugared' foods before he could try them the original way. Despite this all, Noa was still practically beaming, ecstatic to be with his first family again, circumstances be damned. He was saddened, too, yes, but it was hard to keep Noa down, he didn't like mourning to the point of despair, and instead tried to focus on the few memories he had of their late upperclassmen. Noa didn't do 'sad' well.
  Lusami / 203d 17h 11m 34s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/SBnsIFu.jpg]]

[font "Minion Pro" [size12 [#219333 [b "Maverick, you've gotten so tall. I remember when you were just a kid, fragile as the flowers blooming from your palms. You really look like you could hold your own now.

and Brin, as a baby the only way I could tell you apart from the other boys was the little pink jumper you sported when you crawled around with them.

and [i Noa], You wreak like gasoline. Which is great, I love it. I don't know why but the smell just makes my mouth water. Even though I'd never drink the stuff, so you don't have to worry about me licking ya. Unless that's what you like.

Just kiddin.."]]

Hong chuckled and took a short breath, his gaze finally resting on Eli. [#219333 [b "Eli,"]] he said softly, with clear regret in his tone. Eli had always stuck close to this place, this home for heroes where the four of them were finally allowed to return. Eli wanted to be helpful, always thought of new ways and every time he was shut down by Hong at the front door.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/REpxJhj.png]]
[#01A9DB [b "Sorry,"]] Eli began, his teeth and eyes brightly lit up as he spoke. [#01A9DB [b "Can we just hear what it is you wanted to tell us? I'm not really in the mindset for these memories."]] As far as Eli was concerned he had no positive memories while staying here. He other heroes teased him, Hong belittled him and cast him aside with the other three sitting in this dining room with him. This place was a cursed reminder that Eli could never be enough. It was an anxiety that stayed with him even today. Even as he grew up, and the Heroes grew more fond of him, relied on him for day to day chores they didn't have time for themselves, and visited the charity events he constructed. There was something in the back of his head whispering that he wasn't doing enough good.

Hong nodded, fixing his glasses before crossing his arms tightly. He was fidgeting, Eli noticed. It was something Eli had seen him do a few times in his life. Once was when Eli asked about his parents as a child, and Hong had to explain that he had none. The only other time was when Hong collected the four as young teenagers, to send them away from the only home they knew forever. [#01A9DB [b "Ryland.."]] Eli cautiously spoke the mans first name. [#01A9DB [b "What.. What's happened?"]] Eli was worried now, and only began to notice the lack of activity throughout the house. How vacant and lonely it seemed.

Hong closed his eyes for a moment, his brows twisting downward. [#219333 [b "Two nights ago, our heroes sat down and ate a huge meal together to celebrate the capture of a terrorist. They were poisoned."]]
[#01A9DB [b "A-Are they hospitalized? Are they sick?"]]
[#219333 [b "They're dead, Eli-"]]
[#01A9DB [b "But- That, that can't be right! Halen, he must have sensed it in the food-"]]
[#219333 [b "Halen disappeared the night after, completely unharmed."]]
[#01A9DB [b "W-We need to find him then- he, he can tell us who did this- we-"]]
[#219333 [b "We think it was him, Eli! He's incredibly suspicious!"]]

Eli went very quiet, save for the few whimpers and snuffles as the glimmering blue shined down his cheeks. Halen was a hero, there's no way he would have done something like this. That's what Eli told himself, what he wanted to believe. Eli idolized every single one of those heroes, it was traumatizing to think them all dead.

Hong ignored the whimpering glow stick as he covered his face in his arms while he leaned over the table. Instead, Hong stood up straighter to face the other three. [#219333 [b "We don't have time to mess around and get depressed. They're dead, and you four are the only ones left to avenge them. I know you've been treated like accidents your whole lives, and I know it was my fault but today it changes. I'll train you day and night, you will feel it in your [i bones] but you will gain a talent greater than what you were born with. With our tools, you can find Halen and [i take him down.]]] Hong dropped four cellphones onto the dining room table in front of them. One was blue, one black, one peach, and one red. Eli only flinched at the sound of them hitting the wood, but wouldn't look up to see what it was.

[#219333 [b "I know this will be hard for some of you, but let me remind you that this is not optional. As long as Halen is out there, you four, as products of the national heroes lab, [i cannot] abandon this task. Anything to add? If not, grab a phone and find a place to sleep-"]] Hong was interrupted by a deep, low grumble. Eli peeked up, his face smeared with blue. [#01A9DB [b "I'm sorry.. Noa smells wonderful and it's making me very hungry.."]]
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