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[center [size12 The Junker was about to say something, but something stopped him and that was Jesse McCree picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder. This was an odd feeling, but at the same time, it was kind of nice as well. He wanted to know what the blonde haired Sheila wanted to say. He was hoping it was about yesterday's little battle that Jamison and Jesse had snuck off to even though Jamison had no business even thinking about participating in.]]
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[center [size15 [u Rainmaker:]]]
[center [size12 [i a professional practitioner of ritual incantations or other actions intended to cause rain to fall and a very influential person.]]]

[center [size12 [i When one is a [u Rainmaker], they are the most influential person of the group. People look to Aurora like she is an amazing person, despite her abusive nature and obsessions with being perfect, without knowing that people already believe she's perfectly imperfect.]]]

[center [size12 [i [u A Rainmaker] can also reference a medicine man/woman. She has a small ability to heal and/or boast her fellow soldiers and partners.]]]
[center [pic http://userimages01.imvu.com/userdata/41371727/badge_5d28a6b767b53678377128063fb4a94b.gif]]

[center [pic http://rondapalazzari.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c61d353ef01a73dd5d2b6970d-pi]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NjlsfSk.jpg]]

[center [size15 [b General Information:]]

[size12 [b Full Name:] [i Aurora "Birdie" Rainmaker.]]
[size12 [b Also Known As:] [i A. Rain. Rainmaker. Birdie.]]
[size12 [b Age:] [i 18 years old.]]
[size12 [b Species:] [i Native American Spirit, Bird.]]
[size12 [b Gender:] [i Female.]]
[size12 [b Sexual Orientation:] [i Bisexual.]]
[size12 [b Relationship Status:] [i Single.]]
[size12 [b Height:] [i 5 foot 2.]]
[size12 [b Weight:] [i 155 pounds]]
[size12 [b Bodily Build:] [i Built & Muscular, Skinny Though.]]
[size12 [b Eye Colour:] [i A dark, forest green.]]
[size12 [b Hair Colour:] [i Auburn..]]
[size12 [b Scars/Markings:] [i Several battle scars and warrior paint.]]
[size12 [b Occupation(s):] [i A member of Overwatch.]]
[size12 [b Personal Quote:] [i "I find success in waiting for the correct moment to strike."]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/o77dun7.jpg]]

[center [size12 [b Personality:] [i Aurora is a very intellectual being. She finds herself very critical and skeptical of most things, including her own self. She doesn't find time to joke around and play games, when she constantly feels like she needs to be on guard. She rarely finds her having any type of fun when she could be bettering herself in combat and intelligence. People find her uptight, but really, it is all a coping mechanism for things that has happened to her before.]]
[size12 [b Biography:] She was raised in a small tribe of natives up in the Northern tip of Alaska. She was raised in a life style of killed or be killed, especially by Polar Bears and other dangerous creatures and when the industries and researchers came to Alaska, her tribe was the first to suffer. She was kidnapped and forced into all sorts of experimentation, which caused loss of emotions, but enhancements of her ability to fight, especially with a bow and arrow. She was created to be an assassin for Talon, though that didn't last long when she began regaining bits and pieces back because of her spiritual beliefs and energies that she had always believed in when she was born. Though, it was too late for her to leave as a human, she was stuck with a pair of wings and high skill of fighting. This was made known to Overwatch when she escaped the facility and her warrant out to bring her back to the researchers had gone public that she was a dangerous human on the run. Overwatch and their track history with Talon had given them more want to seek out this archer and that was what they did. When Aurora joined up with Overwatch, she did not feel like a part of them because of how empty she felt. One who is asked to join such a prestigious organization should feel amazing, but no, Aurora lost her family and that what was going to drive her to kill everyone and everything that would cause anyone close to her any kind of harm.]]
[center [size15 [b Aesthetics:]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w9cZkks.jpg]]

[center [pic http://rondapalazzari.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c61d353ef01a73dd5d2b6970d-pi]]

[center [size15 [u Male Version:]]]
[center [size14 [i Alo "Birdie" Rainmaker]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/A6retfy.jpg]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Bq4kV3Z.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Tadnt9d.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/rKLuWGp.jpg]]
[center [pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/73c6a8da0d46109de9f6e9ea6dc2f9c9/tumblr_inline_mxek1t1tK81s2pyq9.png]]
[center [size15 [b General Information:]]

[size12 [b Full Name:] [i Isabella "Imogen" Monet Martinez.]]
[size12 [b Also Known As:] [i Imogen is preferred.]]
[size12 [b Age:] [i 23 years old.]]
[size12 [b Species:] [i Human]]
[size12 [b Gender:] [i Female.]]
[size12 [b Sexual Orientation:] [i Bisexual.]]
[size12 [b Relationship Status:] [i Single.]]
[size12 [b Height:] [i 5 foot 4.]]
[size12 [b Weight:] [i 115 pounds]]
[size12 [b Bodily Build:] [i Thin.]]
[size12 [b Eye Colour:] [i Dark, sometimes appears purplish.]]
[size12 [b Hair Colour:] [i Black.]]
[size12 [b Scars/Markings:] [i See biography for info.]]
[size12 [b Occupation(s):] [i Hacker, works for herself.]]
[size12 [b Personal Quote:] [i "I can hack anything and anyone."]]

[center [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/a5530d53a0e6f45c5c18a8674912c274/tumblr_mqzrabywAS1sng6opo1_500.png]]

[center [size12 [b Personality:] [i Nothing is too serious for Imogen, she can always find some kind of comic relief in any situation. She couldn't count on her fingers and toes how many times she has been kidnapped just because of the skills she possess and she never once got scared, she would normally have a big laugh about it. Maybe it was to her detriment, but honestly, she learned that being scared all the time didn't really help out. Being scared clouded judgement. Imogen is also extremely intelligent and knows her way around the large city that she lives in. She is normally in the loop about everything that goes on, rather it be money laundering or a drug deal, she knows everything.]]
[size12 [b Biography:] [i When Imogen was younger, she was known as Isabella Monet Martinez. Isabella was a very sweet child, who lived in London with her adoptive family, the Martinez who loved her dearly. Her mother did not want Isabella, so she had given her up to the family that had begun raising her. Imagine a native UK born girl that spoke not only English, but Spanish and later down the road, Isabella had begun learning a lot more languages, soon becoming multi-lingual. The Martinez prided themselves in their academics and definitely instilled that in Isabella, who soon became Imogen. Imogen was an online name that she had adopted as she grew older and once she had left her adoptive family's home and begun living on her, Isabella had soon become Imogen.]]
[center [size12 [i Imogen was a kind of famous internet star that no one knew a single thing about. She was very good at hiding her personal life from people, but soon she realized that there was much better people out there than her. This was when she took to an underground crew that specialized in genetic mutation for the sole purpose of hiding one's identity and Imogen wasn't going to pass that up. She was given some heavy tattoos that gave her a kind of super power that allowed her to control things from her finger tips and even turn invisible. This was something that she could definitely use to her own advantage. She even gained the ability to hack anything and everything, even people.]]]

[center [size15 [b Aesthetics:]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/cNd9nlK.jpg]]
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[center [size12 Albany listened to the clacking of the boots that soon caught up with her. Jesse McCree, can't escape him, can she? She eyed him from the corner of her eyes before briefing shrugging. Of course, she was sore. She really wanted to take a hot shower and relax a bit, but the idea of food sounded much better. Shower than food? Food with who? McCree, that was a bit risky and could cause further conflict between the man in charge and the cowboy. She knew that Reyes was a tab bit over protective of Albany, rightfully so. She was still technically new and Jesse knew exactly what he was doing. Trying to swoon her over. It was cute, on both ends. Boss man trying to be protective and cowboy trying to use his charm to win her over. She chuckled at the thought before feeling a hand on her face. She almost snapped his whole arm off his body, but by the time she reacted, he was gone.]]

[center [size12 As Albany approached the door to her room, Reyes stepped in front of her. He was blocking her way to her room, which made her eyes narrow, glaring at him. [i [#778899 "What?"]] She huffed softly before crossing her arms over her chest. [i [#778899 "I want to take a shower, Sir,"]] she gritted her teeth on the last word. He just chuckled, [i [#FF0000 "you know, the boy McCree, is just trying to swoon over you because you're the only female that gives him any kind of time?"]] Reyes explained before Albany grabbed his shirt and physically moved him to the side. [i [#778899 "And you think I don't know how to handle him? Obviously, I can handle myself,"]] she placed her hand on the door knob, back against the door. [i [#778899 "Don't get mixed up in my business, Reyes or I'll have your job,"]] she raised an eyebrow at him, smirking before entering her room and shutting the door behind her.]]

[center [size12 Albany was known for being passive aggressive, especially towards Reyes and even threatening to take his job meant that either Reyes was overly fond of her or scared of her, one of the two. She didn't think he was scared of her, she leaned more towards the fact that he had a cute crush on her, just like McCree.]]

[center [size12 She shook her head, pushing the thoughts of the two men and why they may be acting this way away from her thoughts and decided that a shower in order to relax after that mildly tough mission. She removed her clothes and walked into the bathroom where she began showering, but soon after a good wash, it turned into a bath. She relaxed like that for a brief while. Her head tilted, submerging into the water as she looked upwards, through the water with thoughts of how much of a horrible state her home was. She couldn't go back there, ever again.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Dressed in something a little less intimidating, a simple pair of leggings and a slightly baggy, hanging off her shoulders, white coloured shirt, she felt a lot better now. She stretched, feeling her body loosen a bit more than how it was before she took a shower. A lot less tense than before. She sighed, placing her hands on her hips. Now, she had to decide rather a night in bed with some books or a night out at a bar with McCree would be better.]]

[center [size12 After a moment of contemplation, she tossed that white shirt onto the bed and changed into a simple, white v-shirt with a leather jacket with patches and such sewn in with the sleeves cut off and even spikes added on the shoulders. All things considering, she looked more intimidating than when she was fighting, but that wasn't the point here. She pushed her feet into a pair of combat boots and added a couple of simple accessories that didn't over do that outfit and left the room. She shoved her phone, wallet, and keys into her pockets and made her way to McCree's room.]]
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[center [size12 Jesse had done and seen a lot of messed up things in his short, twenty one years of living and couldn't seem to every get his life back on track since the day he was orphaned and handed over to the Blackwatch leader and God Father, Gabriel Reyes. Even in middle and high school, Jesse was a certified fuck up, but Gabriel had a power over most everything and managed to keep him enrolled. Jesse was the type of kid that did and said things without clearly thinking it over before. An open mouth, insert foot kind of thing.]]

[center [size12 Jesse thought over his past from the day his parents died in front of him and to the present. He had done many good and bad things. When he was younger, he was immediately put into the Dead Lock Gang, a notorious group of outlaws that trafficked illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the southwest United States. He was a kind of surreal experience for a young kid, but nevertheless, he was perfect for the job. Who would check a child for illegal weapons and military hardware? He was small enough to fit through tiny spaces and even hide easily. His parents were smart, but not smart enough since they ended up dead and he ended up losing an arm. But things kind of changed when he came to live with Gabriel Reyes, a man who knew his parents, but not in a good way.]]

[center [size12 The relationship between Gabriel Reyes and the McCrees was kind of strange in a sense of good and evil being in a relationship, you know? Gabriel was a part of the organization that wanted to bring the Dead Lock Gang down, but yet, he was Jesse's God Father. It was because of the type of person Reyes was. A good man, but stern and strong. He knew that Jesse didn't know any better and offered to help when things had gotten worse for the McCrees. He did take very good care of Jesse until he decided to go down the path that he did. Gabriel isn't one for free loaders, obviously.]]

[center [size12 Jesse sighed at the thought of even speaking to Gabriel at this point, but decided to not think further on it before glancing down at his metal arm. He sometimes could remember the pain, but never what had happened. His mind had blocked it all out. He winced before jumping as if he was startled. He looked over and to see the youngest Shimada standing besides his car.]]

[center [size12 Jesse pressed his lips together and closed his eyes, looking like he was in pain. In a sense, he was. When Genji had walked up to him, it had actually scared Jesse pretty bad, but he had made himself hide the startled expression behind a pained one. He chuckled softly, shaking his head. [i [#FF0000 "I don't really play guitar, I just kind of strum it like an idiot, y'know?"]] He found amusement in his statement and continued to chuckle. He flicked the cigarette away, feeling as if the smoke bothered the Shimada. He had never seen the kid smoke before, so it was polite to toss it away.]]

[center [size12 Jesse took a long look at Genji before noting that Genji had seen the large amount of things in the back seat of his truck. He sighed softly, [i [#FF0000 "you know, I got kicked out of the old man's house, right?"]] He felt like Genji and him were close enough that he could tell the male that without feeling like Genji would judge him. [i [#FF0000 "Kinda fucked up and now I'm stuck 'ere, tryin' to make somethin' of myself,"]] Jesse felt like he sounded defeated and really, he was. The expression on his face was too real for him to hide it or lie about it, so he just shrugged.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Oh,"]] Jesse began moving things off of the front seat, carefully holding his guitar before gesturing for Genji to get in. [i [#FF0000 "Did you want to sit down? Maybe talk some more? I don't know if ya got anythin' important t'do,"]] he chuckled nervously before unlocking the truck.]]
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[center [size12 Jesse McCree was never one of them privileged children, like the Shimadas were. He didn't really even have a family from around the time of middle school and onward, but he was taken in my an excellent man by the name of Gabriel Reyes, a close friend of the McCree family that had agreed that if anything were to happen to Jesse's family that he would take Jesse in. Though, Gabe really had never planned on something actually happening until a social worker showed up with little, 13 year old Jesse standing behind him with tears welding up in his eyes. His arm had been removed and replaced with a mechanical one. A bad situation that had gone far worse than anyone had planned on it. The boy had gotten hurt, as well as his parents being dead. Gabe's only words were, [i why didn't anyone contact me sooner? The boy's arm is missing.] His family had been a part of a gang, the Deadlock gang, which had gotten in some trouble and things lead down a worse road for the McCrees, leaving Jesse in Gabe's care. Gabe had a soft spot for the little cowboy, so even though he looked unwilling, he actually did not mind taking the boy in.]]

[center [size12 Gabriel got Jesse through the rest of middle school and onto high school, in a more privileged setting, so Jesse could experience the best and that was how the Shimadas had been introduced to Jesse. He met Hanzo and Genji, a couple of intimidating looking Asians that made Jesse mildly uncomfortable, maybe it was the mild attraction that Jesse held towards the younger of the two Shimadas. He knew, for sure, that Hanzo scared the shit out him, but he wasn't going to admit to it or anything. He would just make awkward jokes and walk away when he felt like he was being a tab bit too weird, but that was his high school career which was a total waste since he took around 2 and a half semesters of college and immediately dropped out. Was Gabriel Reyes proud? Oh no, he was not. Kicked Jesse out of the house and told him that he had to figure things out on his own. Jesse took this as a challenge and tried his hardest.]]

[center [size12 Jesse did odd jobs until he found himself a small gig at a local bar, bar tending, which wasn't his favorite things, but the chicks digged him and he couldn't complain too much about the money. He was still homeless, currently living out of his shitty looking, red truck. [i Ol' Betsy] as he called her. Gabriel would try to contact Jesse to see how he was doing, but Jesse ignored him. He felt like he wanted to do this on his own and didn't want Gabe trying anything like helping. Jesse was a stubborn one and Gabe soon remembered that and stopped bothering the cowboy.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Jesse was reclined backwards in the front seat of his pick up truck when he heard two very familiar voices that were passing by. He tipped his signature, dusty hat upwards, opening one of his eyes and stared at the two Shimadas walking by. They weren't so much arguing as they were having a slightly heated debate over the whole [i family business] thing. He had witnessed a few conversations about this before, but nothing too detailed, obviously it was a kind of secret-y thing. He chuckled to himself before sighing. He figured it was time to move his truck anyway. College campus was the best place to park and not get tickets for sleeping in his car. He found himself a pretty nice spot, creepily close to where the youngest Shimada always had his classes, but it was on purpose. He was going to work up the courage to actually talk to him again, sooner or later. Hopefully sooner rather than later though.]]

[center [size12 Jesse rolled down the windows of his truck, the ol' crank handles before lighting up a smoke with a heavy sigh. He was clad in a simple, red flannel that showed off his mechanical arm, and a pair of simple, faded blue jeans and his boots. He seemed comfortable enough. He made enough money not to have to worry about much, other than the fact that he didn't have a home. Rightfully so, he couldn't complain since it was his doing. He could afford his favorite things and manage to keep his truck in good conditions. He held his guitar against his body, propping his feet on the dashboard as he began strumming a gentle tone, puffing away on his cigarette with a chuckle. What fun to spend his day doing this. Hopefully, it might catch the attention of the youngest Shimada. Jesse doubted that though.]]
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[center [size12 Ol' Reinhardt always getting the Junker's hopes up about bringing the rag tag team of misfits back together. He huffed softly at the thought of it never coming back together, shaking his head for a moment before looking back at the blonde beauty. He sighed longing at her, looking over her desk at the scattered pieces of papers before reaching for them, tiding them up carefully, which was odd for the chaotic junker, but it was something that he felt like he had to do. Something to make her less of a nervous wreck. He tried his best to keep them orderly though, smiling at the idea of him actually helping someone out, like Angela. They were so opposite that it kind of threw him off that they would even get along as well as they do. It must be the longing for company and the fact that he followed her to the school to teach, not the other way around. He felt like he was helping her by just being here. He felt like she would have gone bat shit insane if he hadn't followed her. Someone had to keep the insanity at bay and who else would be perfect for the job other than the insane Junker?]]

[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Mercy?"]] A name he rarely used nowadays due to the fact that they don't even go by those silly code names any longer. Something he could never get used to. Mercy was the last name he struggled to not say. Angela, beautiful name as it may be, but it didn't have the same ring to it like her old name. He sighed discontently before pouting.
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[center [size12 Albany was once a peace officer in Amsterdam. She kept order between man and machine, but that didn't last long until the omnic crisis became as large as it did. She was stuck in a war that raged on for a long as it until Overwatch came in to help out the officers of Amsterdam. She was stuck in carrying on her normal, boring life in her smart apartment flat or begin a new chapter in her life. She opted in the better option. Something new, she shrugged off the choice and began her journey to the Swiss base where she met her new commanders. A band of very different people. An older lady. Ana Amari was her name, the Mother of Overwatch. Jack Morrison, the Strike Commander. Gabriel Reyes, the man who started Blackwatch and asked her to join up with them.]]

[center [size12 Albany was the first of her kind to join up with Overwatch. Most of the people who worked for them used weapons, not just fight their hands. She was a hand to hand combat specialist that had a knack for sneaking around and doing things behind the scene. Almost like a sniper, but in someone's face and breaking their necks. She was highly praised for her kind of fighting ever since she joined up with them.]]

[center [size12 Once Albany joined up with Blackwatch, her job were solo missions into enemy infested areas for information on what the humans were going to do with Omnics, but this time was different. Gabriel Reyes offered to come with her, it was more for him to see how she worked on her solo missions. Plus, the mission was heading to her home town where things were getting a bit out of hand, just like what had happened in King's Row a few weeks earlier. Things were getting worse. Omnics were getting control over humans and it wasn't looking too good for them.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Albany woke up, stretching as she sat up in her bed. She smacked her dry lips before finally crawling out of the bed. Today was the day that her and Jesse were going back to her home town and see how everything was holding up after the initial attack from the omnics. She believed that her home town was in a worse position than how she left it. Her heart strings pulled slightly at the thought of it.]]

[center [size12 Approaching her dresser, she pulled out her outfit. A pair of thermal, black leggings and a thermal, black, and thick crop top that was long sleeved. She slowly taped her hands up, ready for the ass beating that she was about to develop to these robots. It wasn't that she hated them, she was so angry that they had gone rogue. She then turned to something that was hanging on the wall. Her special, black staff that she used if she was in a bind when she was fighting. It was heavy and extremely deadly staff. She had it to where she could carry it on her back. She threw it over her shoulder as she prepared herself to leave. She remembered that Jesse was going to meet her right outside her door.]]

[center [size12 Albany exhaled slowly before glancing over herself in the mirror. She tied her hair up, looking at the sides of her head, making a mental note that she needed to shave the sides of her head once she came back from the mission. For now, she had to deal with it. She then exited her room, looking up at the cowboy with a roll of her eyes. [i [#778899 "Always so angry, Reyes. Ever thought about smiling every once and while?"]] She scoffed, rolling her eyes. She couldn't help, but to end a laugh though. He was adorable, in his own, dark kind of way.]]
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[center [size12 A single, large gust of violent wing caused her to take off from the ground. She had a good view of the ground below her, following the boy's movements closely. Most of her abilities caused a large amount of damage. Her skills were put in place to take care of larger enemies, not little ones, like this kid. She dodged the shards of light that were flying her way before her wings began glowing and she charged towards the ground, causing a large shift in all the people around her and even inflicted damage upon the kid. She took off once more, keeping herself up high enough not to be hit by the shards of light.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I think I may have under estimated you, kid,"]] Aurora chuckled as she carefully lowered herself to the ground. She didn't want to hurt him, but if she had to just to prove herself to this organization than so be it. Her wings still extended, but not as far as they extended when she had taken off the first time. They had a slight glow about them as she began charging her spiritual energy that would could heal herself and damage the kid when she finally released it.]]

[center [size12 Aurora floated off the ground once more and soon notched an arrow in her bow. She aimed, taking into consideration the arch that it would create once she allowed it to leave her hand. Once she calculated enough, she fired. It was just a basic move, nothing too special. She waited for a moment, floating effortlessly through the sky before she realized how unfair it must be for the kid for her to be in the air. She slowly lowered before taking off into the kid with full speed. Her wings tucked into her back as she closed in and she brought up her arm, smacking into him harm with her forearm and elbow.]]

[center [size12
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[center [size12 Jamison did what he could to finally snap himself out of his thinking and finish his shower. From what it felt, he had been in that shower for 30 or more minutes, but truly it couldn't have been more than 15 or 20 minutes. He drew back the curtain, making that foreign creaking noise that the curtain holders made as they slid roughly against the shower rod. He looked up at it before chuckling quietly. Jamie reached for the towel, but ultimately stumbled over the edge of the tub and fell to the floor, bring the curtain plus the rod down with him as well. He landed with a rather loud thud.]]

[center [size12 With towel clutched in hand, he laid on the ground for a long moment before laughing. Not just a mild laughter, but that crazy, giggle that he was famous for. [i [#FFBF00 "It's fine 'n here, Sheila!"]] he called loudly, so she wouldn't come in and see him laying there in an indecent kind of way. He quickly managed to pull himself up from the cold floor, wrapping himself with the towel all the while still managing to hobble around with his metal limbs to help.]]

[center [size12 Carefully drying himself off, Jamison glanced in the mirror as he used his good hand to wipe the fogged parts away. He opened his mouth, checking out the solid gold teeth that he had since he could remember and laughed at him. He was more worried about his teeth than anything else about himself. [i [#FFBF00 "Blondie,"]] he mumbled softly as he opened the door from the bathroom and exited carefully before sitting down on the edge of a cot, carefully reattaching his limbs, so everything would be easier for him now.]]

[center [size12 Jamison's body slowly began developing soft, purple and red marks that signaled that he was bruising from his fall that he had experienced when he was getting out of the shower. He didn't realize it until he had caught another glimpse of himself in another mirror inside of her office. He chuckled at him before looking at the blonde Swede, offering her one of his infamous grins. [i [#FFBF00 "May have hurt me self, love,"]] he mused, making sure his towel was wrapped tightly around his waist when he finally had gotten up and walked over to the woman at her desk. [i [#FFBF00 "Oi, Doctor Ziegler, will ya take care of me?"]] He acted overly dramatic for the hell of it as he leaned himself against her desk.]]
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[center [size12 Jamison Fawkes had never met someone that matched, or even exceeded, his level of stubbornness. Angela Ziegler was that one person that was more stubborn and relentless than he had ever witnessed or experienced before. He couldn't help, but to smile just slightly as he cracked up his bottle of water and took a slow slip from it. He even softly chuckled along the plastic top of it once he had closed it. His almost shining, amber eyes eyed her closely before feeling the softness of the towel being lain over his shoulder. He hummed in a mused tone before nodding just slightly.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Yer too good fer me, Sheila,"]] Jamie murmured softly as he pressed his cheek into the towel, finding himself almost struggling to stay awake. He was fighting the sleeping thoughts that this towel was bringing him. He picked up the fork from Angela's soft, delicate looking hands before slicing a thicker piece of the cake off and slipped it into his mouth, letting it sit there for a moment before actually chewing it and finally swallowing it. All he needed to make it until lunch time. The Adderall took his ability to eat and actually have an appetite away, which wasn't too bad since he did force himself to eat a lot especially if he was around the blonde doctor for more than a few minutes.]]

[center [size12
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[center [size12 The Junker boy held a certain level of respect for the doctor, not only because she had a very caring hand with the kids at this school, but she had dealt with his burns and other injuries that he had gotten from his wild experiments. He couldn't help, but to have this glimmer of happiness in his eyes and almost perked up when he heard her voice ring through the quietness of the empty halls. Everyone was still sleeping at this point, but them. It was only 5 or 6 in the morning for them. Class didn't even begin for another three/three and a half hours. He cleared his throat and slightly improved his posture, but it didn't last long. He had this natural slouch to his posture that he hadn't quite gotten rid of.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Mornin', Sheila,"]] he offered as he yawned. He then glanced around for a place to set the food and drinks down for them both. He couldn't help, but to nervously chuckle as he almost dropped everything. Jamison kept himself from doing so though because he didn't want to ruin her morning, especially since it appeared that she had been up for a while now, most likely working on paper work and anything else to ready the new studies for the new year.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Looks like ya haven't slept in ages, Blonde,"]] he turned his attention solely on the blonde haired woman as he reached up, placing a hand gingerly on her cheek. He pouted his lips, noting that he most likely couldn't talk much about sleeping since he lacked it just as much as she did, plus he was somewhat injured from the night long experiments that he had been getting ready for his new students. He chuckled before letting his hand fall back to his side. [i [#FFBF00 "I know the doctor doesn't particularly like sweets for breakfast, but think of it like a... Treat? Y'know? Somethin' that ya do when ya been workin' a lil' too hard?"]] Jamie mused in an amused way before grabbing her hand and pulling her back towards her desk where everything was sitting, waiting for her to eat.]]

[center [size12 All the teachers stayed up late and worked extremely long hours, sleep was a foreign concept to them and that didn't bother any of them. The idea of putting these children in place to do better for the world is their number one priority and if they had to lose sleep then so be it. Jamison hadn't had a full, 8 hour night's rest in a very long time. He didn't know what it even felt like to not be tired, but he could live with it, along with his Adderall and coffee. He was better off than most of the teachers, thankfully. Seeing Angela in the mornings made his day a lot better, so there was that too.]]
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[center [size12 Jamison Fawkes was a pretty hyper active, annoying little shit that didn't really know when he needed to shut his mouth. He often found himself getting into trouble and digging himself into holes that he more often than not barely gets himself out of alive. It was mainly with his peers, like Soldier: 76 or even Ana Amari, he found himself at the bad end of the barrel of their gun. He managed to talk himself out of bad situations and even made people like him, in the end. He was generally a good person and most people did like him, they were just generally annoyed with what he said and how much he did talk.]]

[center [size12 Jamie was from the Outback, where had not only survived the full on, aggressive Omnic Crisis and even lived through bringing what society that they could bring back. He had joined up with a group of people called the Junkers and formed a large gang and even made money. It was a good life and something that didn't last very long, especially for Jamison. He had not only lost his leg when he was little, but soon he had lost his arm as well. All because his friends had turned on him since he had discovered a treasure, something that he had kept hidden from everyone, even his trusted bodyguard, Roadhog. Everything ended fairly quickly and Mako did what he could to get Jamison back to working order and even get them the hell out of that disgusting, irradiated hellhole. Then they found Overwatch, who had gladly taken them in, but with a price. That price was, no more criminal activity and they had to work with their team. Something Roadhog did without an issue, but Junkrat had some struggles with it since he did fight with everyone.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Jamison had been kind of a good friend to a select few people in the Overwatch community. Angela, or Mercy as most people called her. Jamie preferred calling her Sheila or even Blondie. He always had nicknames for people, especially the ones that he actually liked. He did like Angela, she was kind, loving, and beautiful. He had grown close to her over the past couple of months, especially after a harsh breakup with Pharah, something that Jamie didn't really particularly understand. They were a wonderful couple that Jamison was even jealous of. [i Pharmacy] as most people called the pairing, such a wonderful couple.]]

[center [size12 Sometimes beautiful things aren't meant to last more than the moment that they were created. But, Jamison was there to catch Angela's fall and made sure she was okay. He knew that she wasn't and definitely was not going to push her any further than what she felt comfortable doing. They still had to work together, though it was in different departments, different areas. That was definitely a perk.]]

[center [size12 Jamison was gentle, nevertheless and did what he could to make sure she was doing well for the day. He would get her breakfast, something healthy as always. Doctors were weird like that, but this day was a bit different. He had saved something special for her. [i Angel food cake,] ironic right? A sweet that he loved more than anything.
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[center [size12 Imogen sat quietly as she listened to the story that Clint shared with her, though a lot of it didn't follow what she actually knew about him. He probably knew that she knew that his story wasn't all that truthful, but she decided to allow him to continue. She didn't have to comment about everything she knew or that would get boring after a while, right? She didn't enjoy the fact that she knew a lot about people that she hadn't even met. She wanted to be sociable and know people at face value, not this creepy, stalker kind of knowing people, but it was a sad fact of her life that she had to live with now.]]

[center [size12 [i [#A569BD "I let SHIELD find me because I want to take down an organization of people in the U.K. and I plan to bring this to Fury's attention when ever I speak with him,"]] she said in a firm voice. It was obviously something that was very near and heart to her heart, something that she was going to end with or without SHIELD's help.
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[center [size12 Aurora was never one for social gatherings, let along sitting among strangers to eat something that she did not particularly enjoy, so she took to her room and nibbled one the snacks that had gathered along her way in her travels. Not very satisfying, but enough to fill her until the following day. After eating what could fill her up, she then took a shower which seemed to have lasted a lot longer than she had really hoped it would and was soon in the bed. It was no later than 10:30 P.M. when the lights were out and she was fast asleep.]]

[center [size12 Sleep never came peaceful for the Native American, but it wasn't something that she couldn't handle. She had frequent nightmares, especially about the day her whole life changed. Only little things in it were different, but she knew she could have changed her whole future with a few changes in herself. The dream was her body's way of telling her that she could have done so many things differently. It was torturing her, which in turned made her heart beat race and it finally woke up her up in a small panic. She sat up, head in hands, as she began the process of calming herself down.]]

[center [size12 A process that took a while, but soon she was okay. Her breathing and heart rate returned to a normal level and that was when she glanced over to the clock. It wasn't even 2 A.M. yet. She grimaced before laying back down. Tonight was definitely going to last a lot longer than she had hoped it would.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Aurora awoke the next morning a little bit earlier than the rest and that was confirmed by the lack of noises that she could hear. She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her auburn hair was wild and messy, her eyes were slightly dark and filled with sleep, but nothing that a quick cup of coffee wouldn't fix. She picked herself from her bed and got dressed. Same outfit from before. Her weapon tucked neatly against her back, as well as her wings. She knew that the Overwatch authorities knew about her wings, but she still liked the mystery of the unknown and hopefully, it would give her the advantage.]]

[center [size12 Aurora ran her thin, calloused hands over her cotton, black shirt before gaining the courage to finally exit the room. There, she found the halls silent until she ventured further towards where she believed that the eating area was and the sounds of people moving about, conversing with one another finally hit her ears. She stopped at the edge of where the hallway ended and the eating area started, looking at all the different faces. She found the one person that she could recognize. The boy from before, new just like her. She licked her chapped lips before grabbing a tray of what looked like toast and eggs and a glass of milk before sitting besides him. She didn't really like the idea of friends, let alone conversing with someone that she did not know, but this was better than continuing to be the weird loner type.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Are you nervous?"]] Her accent made her birthplace instantly found. She looked at him with curious, bright green eyes before offering a kind smile. She barely spoke, but the words were firm and strong. She then began eating on the toast, but ignored the eggs for a brief people of time. [i [#778899 "I think you'll do great, especially if you have experience with these people before,"]] she murmured in between bites.]]

[center [size12 Aurora felt confident within herself after conversing with the other new kid. She knew he couldn't before any younger or older than her. They seemed to be around the same age, so she knew that being peers would given them a kind of common ground. She had to learn better communication skills to get her through these exams that she was about to be faced with.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Aurora stood at attention in front of the man named Soldier: 76. He went by that and don't dare ask for his real name. She and the other new person. She looked serious, like her head space was solely focused on the tests at hand. There was three parts and she had to at least pass two of them to continue on further into the organization. She knew that she had this in the bag without any kind of issue. She just hoped that her nervous did not get the best of her. The only nervous tendency that she had was the slight shake in her legs, but she managed to take several deep breaths before walking out in front of the much larger than her man that had the red visor over his face. He was just a bit more intimidating now than he was before.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Good morning, new recruits. The first of the three tests that we are going to do today is the Field Test. This may sound unorthodox, but you two will be fighting one another as a training exercise. Use any and every thing that you have to your advantage,"]] the man explained before taken a step back. The large room that they were standing in did appear to be a large training room from what Aurora deducted.]]

[center [size12 Aurora looked at the kid that she was standing next to before frowning a bit. She really did not want to fight him. She was here to put Talon to an end, not needlessly beat up some high school looking kid that seemed extremely introverted, more than he should be. She took several paces back from him. She had a feeling that he was a lot stronger than he appeared to be. Her wings slowly extended themselves outwards, flapping a few, large gusts of wind at the boy to knock him back a few feet. She wanted to at least see what was coming to her, so she could react correctly.]]
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