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[center [size15 [u The Past:]]]
[center [size12 Aurora was a young girl, living among her friends and family in a remote location in the northern part of Alaska. The group of people that she belonged to where the Inupiat people, a group of people that had grown concerned with the oncoming of climate change that soon would be the turning point of Aurora. A group of researchers had came into their lands, which caused a bigger concern of climate change when they become to set up their facilities and soon, Aurora and her people attacked, but that attack did not last long before people were either captured or killed. Aurora had been captured. She was the most furious and volatile of the group. Her eyes screamed hate and her claws screamed killer. When she was strapped down to a table, she knew her life was going to change and it was for the worse.]]

[center [size12 Aurora awoke, still strapped on this table, with this feeling of uncomfortable tension and she was faced with a small group of people, no more than three. Her eyes, that deep and dark green, glared holes into these people as they explained what they had done. All she could feel was angry. No sadness for her family and friends that were killed, just angry for what these people had done. The only emotion that she was told that she was going to ever feel again. She was determined to leave. Her angry would help her to do just that.]]

[center [size12 The spirits of the loved ones that she had lost would help her plan and execute her escape. She would kill if she had to, though she did not want to. She wanted to make it out of here as quickly and quietly as she could manage.]]

[center [size12 Quietness and quickness did not last very long when she set off an alarm when she had tried getting into a room that held all of her things inside of it. She wasn't going to leave in such a degrading piece of cloth that was almost like a hospital apron. She busted the lock off the door and changed into her native outside, a pair of cloth pants that were loose around her legs, but tightened at her waist and ankles. She shoved her feet into a pair of snow boots and pulled her shirt over her body as she wrapped her animal skin shawl around her shoulders. She took a hold of her bow and quiver of arrows before escaping once more.]]

[center [size12 This was only the beginning of what Aurora could possibly become. She hadn't even the slightest clue that escaping this facility could bring some of the most amazing possibilities to her attention. She was too focused on getting the hell out of there to even think about what she was going to do next.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Aurora had managed her way from the northern tip of Alaska, to where this Overwatch was. She had caught word on them looking for her. She hadn't realized that the facility that she had escaped from was actually a villainous organization that wanted to turn her into something evil, instead of using her for good. That was what Overwatch was going to do with her, right? She had doubts, but it was the only thing that could save her right now. She looked like a bum, someone that couldn't even feed themselves right now and she was looking up at a man that seemed more annoyed than happy to even see her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Rainmaker? Aurora Rainmaker?"]] He read off of a clipboard as he cocked an eyebrow at her. Aurora tilted her chin upwards at the man, nodding her head. She really did not talk much, she had always been that way, but especially now after she had her mind altered, she was scared to even hear the sound of her voice right now.]]

[center [size12 Aurora knew that she appeared very strangely to the normal person, but Overwatch.. Weren't they a band of misfits and freaks? She had strange, red marks on her face which was a type of native american paint that she wasn't ever going to take off, plus she had some pretty intense ink on her right arm. She wasn't dressed much better, still wearing the indigenous clothes that she had left Alaska in.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "We are waiting on a second person to get here, so for the time being, just sit and relax,"]] he explained in a deep, powerful voice. Aurora nodded before turning on her heels to sitting back down on the large, animal fur and skin shawl that she had. She hadn't the slightest clue of what was going to be in store for her after today. Overwatch was getting back together, finally. If only they had been together when Talon had attacked her home land, she felt a certain level of hate for the Overwatch members, but those feelings would soon leave her once she got used to her surroundings.]]
  aurora / GH0UL / 10d 13h 51s
[center [size15 [u Aurora Rainmaker:]]]
[center [size12 Overwatch Oc idea:]]

[center [size15 [u abilities:]]]
[center [size10 [i Basic Fire: Charge Arrow, slightly less accurate, but very powerful.]]]
[center [size10 [i Secondary Fire: Homing Arrow, more accurate, but less damage.]]]
[center [size10 [i First Ability: Transform, quick take off via wings and slamming into the ground to cause slight damage around her.]]]
[center [size10 [i Secondary Ability: channels spiritual energy into an ally to boast them or drain health from an enemy.]]]

[center [size10 [i [u Ultimate:] Fall From Grace, Jumps up and swoops down to grab an enemy for a n immediate death, or if she doesn't grab an enemy, she slams the ground and causes an immediate death to those around, but only affects a small area around her.]]]

[center [size15 [u Backstory:]]]
  GH0UL / 16d 11h 15m 40s
[center [size12 Many were wiped out in the omnium’s explosion, there were a few survivors. They called themselves the Junkers, scavenging the husk of the omnium for parts and pieces, and forming a lawless society in the shadow of the ruined facility. Among the Junkers was a man once called Jamison Fawkes in another life, before the explosion and fallout. Now called Junkrat, he spent his days reclaiming metal and components from the ruins of the irradiated omnium. Junkrat was just a little mad, affected by the lingering radiation in the area, and that little spark of madness turned into a dangerous obsession with explosives.]]

[size12 [center Junkrat wasn’t really a remarkable individual, beyond his skill with explosives…but one day, while out salvaging the omnium, he came across an incredibly valuable secret — one that immediately caught the attention of his fellow Junkers. Nobody really knew the exact nature of what he’d found, but it didn’t really matter — Junkrat immediately became the target of bounty hunters, gangs, and other mercenaries looking to get their hands on whatever it was he’d stumbled into. That’s when Junkrat met up with Roadhog. Offering him a 50/50 cut of the spoils in exchange for his own protection, Junkrat left the Outback right along with Roadhog, embarking on an international crime spree with his new bodyguard. Now the targets of a much larger manhunt, both Junkrat and Roadhog appear to be crossing the Atlantic to North America… but their intent is completely unknown. As far as anyone can tell, they’re simply sowing chaos wherever they go in a series of bank robberies, heists, arson, and other crimes.]]

[center [size12 Regarding the long standing with the massive amounts of mercenaries and bounty hunters, he soon teamed up with the last standing Overwatch soldiers, like Mercy and Soldier: 76. This provided him with a bit more protection, other than his trusted body guard, Roadhog. There were several problems that he would occasionally run into that made him highly uncomfortable. His heart may be made of the purest gold, but he still was an asshole when it came to certain things that he didn't like. That certain thing was omnics. They really grinded his gears sometimes, no pun intended. Whenever he would run into Zenyatta, he would make it painfully obvious that he couldn't stand him sometimes. He would, sometimes, call Zenyatta a [i Pile of Junk] or mutter under his breath about how the explosion back in Australia should have killed him too. All of that hatefulness sometimes caught up to and that was where the ever so annoying Jesse McCree would come into play, trying to play some kind of old world sheriff. Junkrat would always roll his eyes and ignore him.]]

[center [size12 Junkrat wasn't hard to please though. As long as he had a room, away from everyone, and no one bothered him, he was good to go. He generally liked to stay strictly to his area of the very large base. His partner in crime, Roadhog's room was right down the hallway. It wasn't like he was becoming more of a basket case than he already way by secluding himself. All of this was still really new to him, a learning process that would take awhile for Junkrat to grow accustom to. He wasn't used to being around naturally good people all the time. He was used to causing chaos and blowing shit up, but all that almost came to a complete stand still when he started working along side of the Overwatch team, or at least what was left of it.]]

[center [size15 [b ~~~]]

[center [size12 Junkrat started the day, just like every other day. Same routine, everyday. He pulled himself from the filthy bed sheets and kicked the thin, top sheet away from himself with his good foot. He was an extremely hot natured person and he couldn't sleep with anything heavier than a top sheet, so no blanket or comforter. His soot covered skin felt dry, almost flaky as he smacked his lips, rubbing the sleep from his amber eyes. His room wasn't so much a mess than it was very cluttered. Bombs, explosives, his giant RIP-Tire, and several other things that could all be traced back to Junkrat. He looked around, sighing heavily. He felt a little off today though. It was his skin, primarily. He pulled himself completely from the dirt covered bed before looking back at it. Did he really want to wash his sheets today? His sheets were very much [i him]. Small little bombs and giant, yellow happy faces were printed all over them. They were once white before they had been given to the little misfit of a man. He made them unmistakably his.]]

[center [size12 No one really considered Junkrat to be a clean person and he wasn't going to start now. He kicked the sheets back onto the bed, throwing a pillow that had fallen off during the night back onto it as well before turning around to the mirror. His sun kissed, scarred body was covered in soot and dirt. He then smiled widely, showing off the actually surprisingly nice teeth before shaking his head. He knew that if he was to leave his room today, he would be made to shower. He did not want to argue. His off feeling was making him a tab bit more docile than usual. Maybe a shower would help? Junkrat wasn't going to believe it until he could experience it. He hadn't even put his metal parts of him on just yet. He hobbled his way around the room, carefully. He had gotten quite good at functioning without them.]]

[center [size12 Junkrat pulled off his night shorts, as well his underwear. He causally tossed them aside, on the floor before heading into his own bathroom. Because of how rarely he used his personal bathroom, it was pretty clean. Some dust and dirt, but that was about it. He pulled the white shower curtain back before turning on the water, cold water to be exact. Since he ran hot, he preferred cold showers. He grabbed his tooth brush and tooth paste before jumping into the shower. From there, he brushed his teeth before setting the tooth brush and tooth paste on the back of the toliet that was right next to the shower and continued to wash a month or more worth of soot and dirt off of his body. He felt just a bit better, but completely.]]

[center [size12 Junkrat stood completely under the water, letting the chilled almost icy water fall over his scarred body before exhaling slowly. Maybe what was making him feel a bit off was what McCree had said to him the other day when Junkrat had insulted Zenyatta again. It kind of sat with him for a while before he had gone to bed and now, it was still bothering him. Yes, Junkrat was a bit of an annoying and couldn't slow down for five seconds, but seriously, his heart was made of gold and he was a lot more kind than people gave him credit for. The words rolled back over in his mind before he shut the water off and stepped out, grabbing one of the towels out of the closet. [i Fuckin' cowboy,] he rolled his eyes before drying himself off. He tossed the towel off to the side, uncaring of where it had landed, not giving a second thought to it. He hobbled his way out of the bathroom and into the bedroom to look for those metal parts of him, a forearm/hand and the peg leg. He finally located the chilled, mechanical parts and connected them correctly before scavenging for something to wear. He opted for a pair of his black, tattered shorts and no shirt. He stretched before finally shoving his single foot into his old, dusty boot and looked at the door. He could hear a couple of people out there. It sounded like it was breakfast time, but Junkrat wasn't even hungry.]]
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[center [size15 [u .The GHOST program.]]]
[center [size12 River had been a long standing worker for the L0ST pharmaceutical company, well over 5 to 10 years. His father worked for them, as well as his mother, and they had grandfathered River in when he was the rip age of around 18-20 years old. He is 29 now. His mother and father never really talked about work when they came home. They loved the white picket fence life and River was a good kid, sometimes going out and doing bad things, but he did meet the love of his life, Mack, when he did his bad things. Things started to calm down for him though, around the time he was asked the lead the GHOST program and was injected with the Fungal Infection as known as MOLE. Most of the people that had been infected with a full dose, like River, had died. River was strong enough to take the injection and be able to live a normal life. No one suspected a damn thing.]]
[center [size12 MOLE was an infectious fungus that attached itself to the brain of the host when injected. River had small ticks and such that had started when he was infected, but nothing else. Most people experienced several headaches, hunger that could never be satisfied, and eventually became so powerful and strong that they took on humans and began eating them. River never had to deal with that. Still, no one caught onto anything strange happening with him. River had a few things that changed within him, stuff that couldn't be noticed by people. He had improved eye sight and hearing, immense strength and agility, but his downfall was, those damn ticks. He hated them so much. Small twitches that caused him to drop things and run into things. He became a bit of a walking accident and blamed it on stress from work, everyone believed him.]]
[center [size12 Later through the years of being the head of the GHOST program, he noticed things that he did not particularly like. There was another program that had started and it was built around innocent people being kidnapped and put through some intense experimentation that they never could survive from. River wanted to leave L0ST so badly, but because of his parents, he couldn't. He was stuck and he was worried that something worse could happen other than what was already happening. A breakout, that was what he was worried about. River, thankfully, wasn't infectious, he was fine. He couldn't cause a breakout because of how he reacted to it, but if someone who reacted negatively to it and got out, everyone would be in some deep shit and River did not want to be at fault for it any longer.]]

[center [size15 [u He was going to leave.]]]

[center [size12 Leaving wasn't exactly an opinion for him because of all the information that he had on L0ST and soon, he came to the realization that Mack had been kidnapped. This wasn't okay, obviously. He wasn't going to let anyone hurt the man that he loved with all of his heart. Mack had been there for him through all the stress and ticks that he had been experiencing and almost turned a blind eye to the terrible place that he worked at because River did love his job, to a point, but sometimes, you can't just sit idly by when bad shit happened. He was going to save Mack and get the hell out of there, next plane to half way across the world.]]

[center [size15 [b ~~~]]

[center [size12 With all that said, River packed his bag. A handgun, enough ammo for the time being until he could get his hands on some more, and plenty of other supplies that he could use along the way. He suited up in a thin, black body suit that helped with his agility and wrapped himself a coat, as it appeared to be snowing pretty hard outside. He holstered his gun to his side and left without another word, clutching the note that he saw, on his kitchen counter, from L0ST confirming that they had kidnapped Mack and put him into their new program.]]
[center [size12 River wasn't a very loud or out spoken individual. He kind of cold and distant with most people. He did not care for much emotions, unless it was with Mack. He was intelligent, collected, and quiet. All three very highly valued at L0ST Corp. He was one of their top employees, even surpassing his parents that had been there for damn near half a century. He did not much care for them any longer anyway.]]
[center [size12 River slid into his large, black jeep and headed out. It would take a bit of time. It was about an hour drive and he could only imagine what was even happening with Mack right now. River did know this about the program. It was still a work in progress and some things were still a bit new about it.]]
[center [size12 It all centered around a family, which are the patient zeros, kind of like River was with the GHOST program. A kind of crazy family that was completely okay with letting L0ST do this to them. They were needy people that wanted people around them all the time and they even took care of these people in extremely cruel and unusual ways. The family were a bunch of freaks that was infected with the fungus in a way where they really couldn't die and could still think for themselves. It was much more complex than River ever thought it would be. He had a bad feeling from the get go when they started talking about the program.]]

[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]

[center [size12 As River got closer, he decided to part his jeep further away, from the large plantation style home. The home was huge, like it had about three separate parts to it. A large home that had a lot of hidden secrets in its dilapidated exterior and interior parts of the home. He was extremely familiar with the secrets that were hidden inside. The family was regenerators, just like him. They were the small group of people that were kept in a controlled environment to keep a close eye on them. River was the only trusted, infected human that could walk free within the civilian community. He didn't have an issue with controlling himself when in a high level stressed situation.]]
[center [size12 River looked up at the home with a heavy sigh. He felt like a part of this was his fault. He wanted to live a normal life and that caused Mack to get involved. If only he had just kept his head down and allowed L0ST just continue doing what they were doing. He fucked up and knew he did and he hoped that Mack understand everything.]]
[center [size12 As River approached, he noticed a slight movement of a shadow and turned, gun drawn as he scanned the area and as he lowered it and lowered his guard, he was attacked. Knocked to the ground, as he scrambled to get up, he felt a sharp pain in his left arm. A slicing motion through it and soon, he saw his arm from the forearm to his hand was separated from his body. He screamed out in pain, trying to get away. It was a struggle between the two and soon, the father had won. This new version of the original version was insane, almost as powerful as River. He had passed out soon after and dragged inside.]]
[center [size12 Of course, the family knew who he was. It was their mission to keep River there now. Soon, L0ST employees would be there to get him and take him away, but for now, River was stuck. His arm was going to slowly regenerate back, but that took time. For now, he was strapped to a chair and his head bobbed downward, breathing slow and steady. He was passed out.]]
  river / GH0UL / 29d 4h 49m 24s
[center [size12 Imogen hasn’t always been the tech geek, hacking genius that she is to this day. No, her old name used to be Isabella Monet Martinez. She had stopped going by her birth name around the age of 15 or 16 when she felt like she was ready enough to leave the safety of her parents in the slums of London. Her parents had adopted her when she was very young from a young mother, who didn’t have any interest in raising a child, so the young mother just gave Imogen up without any kind of payment or adoption papers. It was highly unprofessional, but the Martinez family didn’t have the ability to have children, so they weren’t complaining when they had little Imogen in their arms and took her home for the first time. Imogen was a calm child, never really caused any issues until she found her love for computers and the bitter sweetness of hacking. This would lead her into a world of trouble that she soon found herself into when she turned about 14 years old.]]

[center [size12 When Imogen hit the age of 14, she had learned how to completely hack any type of network or computer without being found out until one day she had received an anonymous email with a couple of threats and terrible language in it, telling her to stay off their turf or there could be some bad consequences for her and even for her family. Imogen valued her parents and the rest of her family way too much for her to continue on with her normal name, Isabella. She adopted the name Imogen after that and become completely anonymous on the internet and no one knows who or what she is nowadays.]]

[center [size12 When Isabella became Imogen, she left her parents behind. She told her mother and father when she was walking out of the door with just a backpack, that they need to forget about her. Pretend that she never existed. She couldn’t tell them what had happened or what was going to happen, or they were try to involve themselves. She told them how much she loved them and that she would okay in the end and for them not to worry about her. It would be hard since these were the people that raised her and taught her what she needed to know for life and now, it was time to put that knowledge to the test.]]

[center [size12 Before Imogen was going to leave the UK and head to America, she had stopped by one of the underground, cybernetics places that made these amazing tattoos that actually served a pretty awesome purpose for someone like Imogen. She was laying, face down on a table and was tattooed on for almost a full day. It was these thick, purplish black lines that stretched from the back of her ear, her neck, back, arms, and legs that would give her the ability to hack anything or anyone from her finger tips. She even had a heavy, metal spine that ran down her own spine on the outside of her skin. It allowed her the ability to disappear for a brief amount of time. This was her super power now.]]

[center [size12 Imogen went from her cozy flat in the slums of London to the extremely busy and always moving New York City. It made her a bit tentative for a moment before she realized, at this point, she could get whatever she wanted without ever spending a single penny. She had that ability and was definitely going to use it to her advantage till she could get some kind of life for herself.]]

[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]

[center [size12 It had been about 6 months to a year since she had come to America. She hadn’t heard from her parents, so she was thankfully for that. They must have taken her advice. She did, sometimes, check up on them via webcams in the home, but other than that, she made sure not to make her presence known to them. She worried about them just as much as they worried about her. Parents will always worry themselves to death.]]

[center [size12 As Imogen had gotten more familiar with the different types of major companies and organizations in the area, she came across something called [i S.H.I.E.L.D.] and the [i Avengers]. All of that had peaked her interest and made her more curious as she began looking through the piles of information that she managed to hack into from her own, little flat. She had large, purple screens that were out in front her. She had made these screens with just her hands. She looked over everything, each member and even passed members with careful, purple eyes with a smirk on her lips. She wanted to get up close and personal with these people. They seemed like her kind of freaks and misfits.]]

[center [size12 Imogen looked over all the ties that all the members of this organization had with one another. It was like a giant diagram that was out in front of her. She was completely obsessed now and everything soon came crashing down for her. All the screens turned red, warning signs were flashing, before it finally stopped and all the screens went black. [i No… NO. Dammit,] she thought to herself before trying to pull up the screens once more. Nothing was working to get back into this network. It took her forever to get into it the first time, but now, everything was being denied.]]

[center [size12 As Imogen was completely focused on trying to get back into network, her door came crashing down. It was a small group of three people, all dressed in black with the S.H.I.E.L.D symbol on the right side of their chest piece. She turned, standing still for a moment. Her hands in the air to show that she means no harm to these people. [i [#A569BD “I didn’t expect you guys would be crashing down my door so soon. You do work fast,”]] she chuckled at herself before one of them stepped forward, demanding that she come with them. [i [#A569BD “Oi, its chill, mate. I’ll come. How long am I goin’ to be gone? Do I need to grab me overnight bag?”]] She asked, curiously of course. It was more of a condescending sounding question, but the man nodded and one of them followed behind her to make sure she wasn’t going to try anything [i funny] on them.]]

[center [size12 Once she had grabbed her backpack that she used to come from London to America, she was now stuffing full of the things that she needed with a heavy sigh. She felt a bit stupid for being caught, but maybe, this was going to be an [i either you join us or we kill you] kind of situation and in her case, she would definitely join them. Once all of her things were gathered, she was led kind of roughly out of the flat doors, probably to never return there again.]]

[center [size12 She was forcibly removed from her home and in their defense, it was because she had stumbled upon their whole organization secrets and whatnot and now, she was in their custody. She looked around as they entered the building, she was led down a long hallway before they stopped. They explained that they had orders for her to stay with a specific person until they decided on what to do with her. She didn’t like the idea on just being stuck with someone she didn’t know, but it wasn’t like she could refuse at this point.]]

[center [size12 She was soon left in a very large, almost looked like a giant living room. She guessed that it was where everyone hung out in. Like a mega break room. She looked around at everything, curiously. She had her backpack set aside by one of the many couches. Her back didn't just contain clothes and other things that she would need, but it continued a computer, her personal computer that she liked to keep with her at all times. Though she preferred her old, massive desktop that she had at home, but beggars can't be choosers sometimes.]]

[center [size12 She moved her fingers over everything. She had an obsession with touch. It was mainly because she could actually hack machines and computers by simply touching them with her right hand which had the ability to do most of the hacking that she did. [i I definitely got myself mixed up into something that I might have trouble getting out of. Oops,] she chuckled softly.]]
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[center [size15 [u Overwatch Rp Search]]]
[center [size13 [i I decided to make a search thread for this because it is easier for me to advertise this instead of harassing everyone on ES rather they know this game or not.]]]

[center [size12 I am extremely addicted to Overwatch, here as of late and I have read through the majority of the lore and I have been wanting to do more roleplays about it.]]
[center [size15 [u Pairings:]]] [center[size12 [i The bolder characters are who I prefer to play.]]]
[center [size12 [b Junkrat] x Roadhog]][center [size12 [b Junkrat] x Mei]][center [size12 [b Junkrat] x McCree]][center [size12 [b Junkrat] x Mercy]][center [size12 [b Junkrat] x D.VA]] [center [size12 [b Junkrat] x Reaper]] [size12 [center [b Junkrat] x Sombra]] [center [size12 [b Sombra] x Reaper]] [center [size12 [b Sombra] x Widowmaker]]

[center [size12 I may be open to other pairings, so if these aren't something you would be interested in, share your favorite pairings with me!]]

[center [size15 [u Some requirements:]]]

[center [size12 I do post well over 1000 and 2000 characters a post, so I would like someone to return the favor, or at least over 1000 characters. Give me something to work with.]]
[center [size12 I always love to be friend my writing partners, so don't be afraid to ask for my skype or PM me even if its not about the roleplay. I don't bite. I just like talking about how awesome shit is with my friends.]]
[center [size12 If I do anything wrong, let me know. Some people might know the Overwatch history better than I do, or anything... Just let me know if I have anything wrong in my post.]]

[center [size15 [u Message me!]]]
[center [size12 I hope I hear from some fellow Overwatch fans soon. Just PM me or message me on here. I cannot read the Real Time Chat stuff because of my adblocker, so please message below that.]]
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"on a steady diet of soda pop & Ritalin"

friendly neighborhood asshole

Jamison Fawkes. Junkrat. Ka-Boom

In my defense, I was left unsupervised.


  GH0UL / 42d 6h 32m 37s

friendly neighborhood asshole

So, I should be good on posts for a while since I got super far into my college work. I might be picking up some more roleplays in the near future. I still don't know just yet.

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My life is one big, sad aesthetic
.vacation suicide.

i wish you would
take a swing at me

bong rips. nipple slips.

.fuck it.

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[center [size20 [u Hello & Welcome]]]

[center [size15 I have not made one of these in a really long time, but I am lacking in roleplays currently. I have been itching to be back out there.]]

[center [size15 [u First off;]]][center [size12 Let me explain what kind of partners I am looking for.]]
[center [size12 Myself, personally... I write well over 2000 characters and I believe in quality over quantity. I understand writers' block all too well since that has been the demise of a lot of my roleplays, or I have put them on hiatus until I get the inspiration back. I don't like just dropping roleplays anymore.]]
[center [size12 I prefer my partners to actually communicate with me, rather it be on ES private messages or on skype, I actually prefer skype over anything, to be completely honest.]]
[center [size12 I prefer my partners to be older than 18 years of age and know how to handle any kind of [i taboo] content. Like gore, abuse, or even sexual content. I do know ES's rule of no sexual content on site, so I have a few options of where we can take it or just time skip it all together. What ever my partner is more comfortable with.]]
[center [size12 If anyone is interested, I would like them to contact me via private message, preferably as this thread will be locked to prevent unwanted comments.]]

[center [size15 [u Genres I prefer;]]][center [size12 Fandoms.]][center [size12 Dark themes.]][center [size12 Violence.]][center [size12 Supernatural.]][center [size12 Romance.]][center [size12 Fantasy.]][center [size12 Slice of Life, with a twist.]]

[center [size15 [u My fandoms;]]
[center [size12 Stardew Valley/Harvest moon.]][center [size12 The Fallout series.]][center [size12 Resident Evil.]][center [size12 Steven Universe.]][center [size12 Overwatch.]][center [size12 Game of Thrones.]]

[center [size15 [u Genres I do NOT like;]]
[center [size12 Strictly Romance.]][center [size12 Pregnancy.]][center [size12 Plain Slice of Life.]][center [size12 Teenage Angst.]][center [size12 High School/College settings.]]

[center [size12 Feel free to PM me with any questions.]]
[right [size10 hope to hear from you soon!]]
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Viktor Nikiforov.

age: 20 years old.

gender: genderfluid.

sexuality: bisexual.

occupation: college student/supervisor/cashier

theme: ~

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