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[center [size12 [#778899 my storage thread & journal combination]]]


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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/RRzESGA.png]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6uh19KE.png]]
[center [size15 [b General Information:]]

[center [size12 [b Full Name:] [i Nathaniel Young]]
[size12 [b Also Known As:] [i Nate. Nathan. Blue. Nerd. Experiment 182.]]
[size12 [b Age:] [i Unknown]]
[size12 [b Species:] [i Humanoid experiment]]
[size12 [b Gender:] [i Male]]
[size12 [b Sexual Orientation:] [i Homosexual]]
[size12 [b Height:] [i 6 foot 4]]
[size12 [b Weight:] [i 150 pounds]]
[size12 [b Bodily Build:] [i Thin, but Muscular]]
[size12 [b Eye Colour:] [i Dark brown with blue strips]]
[size12 [b Hair Colour:] [i Dark blue.]]
[size12 [b Scars/Markings:] [i Has a large, birthmark looking thing on his back, but has no memory as to where it came from. It is actually from the experiments that were ran on him.]]
[size12 [b Occupation(s):] [i Works for the Government]]
[size12 [b Personal Quote:] [i "Curious and Curiousier."]]]

[center [size15 [b Personality:]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]

[center [size15 [b Biography:]]]

[center [size15 [b Misc. Information:]]]
[center [size12 [b One:] [i Nathaniel is an experiment, who believes that he has had a life before becoming a part of the project that he is currently working for and even has a life now, married and living with someone.]]]
[center [size12 [b Two:] [i Nathaniel's experiment is almost a drug like state that causes him to turn mental and kill things, more like people.]]]
[center [size12 [b Three:] [i On the outside, Nathaniel is sweet, goofy, and a giant nerd. Instead, he is mentally destroyed.]]]
[center [size12 [b Four:] [i The people who are running the SCP knows more than what they are telling anyone that works for them.]]]
[center [size12 [b Five:] [i Nathaniel has strips of blue in his dark brown hair. He says it looks pretty.]]]

[center [size15 [b Aesthetics:]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/OHq8cXh.jpg]]

[size10 [right [i profile inspired by Pucelle]]]
[size10 [right [i aesthetic was done by me]]]
  nathaniel / GH0UL / 34d 20h 47m 26s
[center [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL65E33789AA7052BC [u [size15 Maverick Aspen]]]

[center [size15 [i I think its time we]]][center [size15 [i blow this scene.]]]
[center [size15 [i Get everybody and the]]][center [size15 [i stuff together]]]

[center [size20 [i OK]]]
[center [size20 [i 3, 2, 1]]]

[size23 [center [u LETS JAM]]]

[center [pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/lynu2HZ.jpg]]
[center [size15 [b General Information:]]

[size12 [b Full Name:] [i Maverick Aspen.]]
[size12 [b Also Known As:] [i Maverick. Cowboy. Space Cowboy.]]
[size12 [b Age:] [i 29 years old.]]
[size12 [b Species:] [i Human.]]
[size12 [b Gender:] [i Male]]
[size12 [b Sexual Orientation:] [i Pansexual.]]
[size12 [b Height:] [i 6 foot 5.]]
[size12 [b Weight:] [i 170 pounds]]
[size12 [b Bodily Build:] [i Thin, but Muscular.]]
[size12 [b Eye Colour:] [i Soft brown]]
[size12 [b Hair Colour:] [i Dark Brown.]]
[size12 [b Scars/Markings:] [i Scars here and there]]
[size12 [b Occupation(s):] [i Former Hitman, now Bounty Hunter.]]
[size12 [b Personal Quote:] [i "Whatever happens, happens"]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/uvJEfTd.jpg]]

[center [size15 [b Personality:]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]

[size15 [center [b Biography:]]]
[center [size12 [i Maverick grew up with his mother and father in a very well off part of the solar system, Mars. Mars was home for most of the wealthy and rarely the poor and misfortune. His father was classified and no one knew what he did exactly and his mother stayed at home to take care of him. Whatever Maverick's father did eventually got his father and mother killed and him kidnapped by a man named Naru Kagamai. Maverick later found out that his father worked for Naru, as a hitman and now, this was what Maverick was supposed to do at 15 years old. Thankfully, shooting guns came as a natural thing to the puffy haired boy. This went on for many years until Maverick realized why his father was killed. He had made a mistake in a hit and Naru didn't like mistakes, everyone was supposed to be perfect and that caused the swift demise of Patrick and Maria Aspen, leaving Maverick orphaned.]]]

[center [size15 [b Misc. Information:]]]
[center [size12 [b One:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Two:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Three:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Four:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Five:] [i ]]]

[center [size15 [b Aesthetics:]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Vfzo3OQ.jpg]]

[size10 [right [i profile inspired by Pucelle]]]
[size10 [right [i aesthetic done by me]]]
  maverick / GH0UL / 34d 20h 47m 45s
[center [size12 Maddox kind of just watched from his seat as Alaric took care of the Raider. He bit into his sandwich, almost in an uncaring fashion. Raiders weren't a big issue for him. He had taken care of numerous of these psychotic humans that took a cocktail of drugs that were made from twisted minds, which meant that pain meant nothing to them. Maddox finished his first sandwich before Alaric was finished with the Raider.]]

[center [size12 Maddox dusted himself off as he stood up. He cleared his throat, approaching Alaric and pulling out his own pistol. He cocked the gun and fired a single round into the Raider's hand. [i [#FF0000 "I've dealt with enough of these pricks to let them live any longer,"]] Maddox spoke rather calmly, putting his pistol away. [i [#FF0000 "Let them come,"]] Maddox winked at Alaric.]]

[center [size12 Maddox wasn't a stranger to such violence. He had done worse and worse has been done to him for him to care about the real danger of being killed if more than dozen came into the area. [i [#FF0000 "There is probably a camp of them near by. Raiders live in a weird fashion, actually. They don't live in massive packs. They live with about 10-12 of them with a leader over them. There are several Raider gangs in the area, but all of them wouldn't jump to each other's aid because the less Raiders there are, the more drugs and violence to themselves,"]] Maddox explained before walking back over to his second sandwich, which he wanted to finish before anything else happened to interrupt his meal.]]

[center [size12
  maddox / GH0UL / 35d 23h 28m 0s
[center [size12 When McCree and Pandora parted ways, Pandora was running over how rough the meeting with Gabriel and all of them could be. She wanted to check it out, but she knew that she would most likely not be allowed. For several reasons, but the main one being that she was still somewhat new to the organization, as well as her criticism and briefing on missions was probably held a bit differently than how McCree was treated. She could definitely tell that Jesse McCree, the resident Cowboy, was held a pretty short and tight leash. She wanted to see just how tight though.]]

[center [size12 Pandora got back to her room, shutting and locking the door behind her. She exhaled quietly, still feeling a bit off from the whiskey that they had drunk together. It was all and all a very nice night, especially for her first real night after a mission. She never realized how much a bed could be calling her name after a mission and getting somewhat drunk with the cowboy. She quickly changed her clothes and crawled into bed for the night.]]

[center [size12 When Pandora woke up the next day, she felt surprisingly great, like she could take on the whole world. She got up, changing into what appealed to her uniform. Well, not so much of a uniform, something a bit more Overwatch looking. It was a jumpsuit, of sorts. It darker versions of the Overwatch colors. She felt actually comfortable in it, like she was becoming a part of the team. It was really nice.]]

[center [size12 When Pandora finished getting ready, she heard a few people walking around, outside of her room. It sounded like Gabriel and Jack talking about McCree and when the meeting was going to start. She was kind of excited to easedrop on this.]]

[center [size12 Waiting for them to leave, Pandora slipped out of her room. She really did not have much to do today other than some training and talks with Angela Zieglar, the doctor, about everything that she had been through. Same old, same old stuff.]]
  pandora / GH0UL / 73d 50m 20s
[center [size20 [u Warg:]]]
[center [size12 [i The ability starts out as vivid dreams in which the warg sees and perceives the world through the senses of an animal. Over time and with practice, a warg can enter the mind of an animal at will.]]]
[center [size12 [i Warging is a separate ability from Greensight, the psychic ability to perceive future and past events in dreams. However, some people who are wargs can also possess greensight. Wargs, also, have the ability to take over human's minds, but cannot easily enter the minds of other humans to control their actions, though few even attempt it.]]]
[center [size20 [u Second Life:]]]
[center [size12 [i If a Warg is inside of the mind of an animal that dies, a Warg can survivie it, but can end up traumatized by the experience. But if a Warg dies while inside the mind of an animal or human, the Warg can take over the body of whatever it has taken control of.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Y9I8ubi.png]]

[center [pic ]]

[center [size15 [b General Information:]]

[size12 [b Full Name:] [i Raven Magi Delanoir]]
[size12 [b Also Known As:] [i Raven. Warg. Witch. Skinchanger.]]
[size12 [b Age:] [i Unknown]]
[size12 [b Species:] [i A human that possesses magical skills]]
[size12 [b Gender:] [i Female]]
[size12 [b Sexual Orientation:] [i Heterosexual]]
[size12 [b Height:] [i 5 foot 4]]
[size12 [b Weight:] [i Around 120 pounds]]
[size12 [b Bodily Build:] [i Short & Skinny]]
[size12 [b Eye Colour:] [i Bright Blue]]
[size12 [b Hair Colour:] [i Onyx]]
[size12 [b Scars/Markings:] [i Tribal markings on her face and torso]]
[size12 [b Occupation(s):] [i Works as a witch]]
[size12 [b Personal Quote:] [i ]]]

[center [size15 [b Personality:]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]

[center [size15 [b Biography:]]]
[center [size12 [i ]]]

[center [size15 [b Misc. Information:]]]
[center [size12 [b One:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Two:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Three:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Four:] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b Five:] [i ]]]

[center [size15 [b Aesthetics:]]]

[center [pic ]]

[size10 [right [i profile inspired by Pucelle]]]
[right [size10 [i aesthetics done by me]]]
  raven / GH0UL / 102d 6h 39m 35s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Y9I8ubi.png]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ajJNSL6.jpg]]

[center [size15 [b General Information:]]

[size12 [b Full Name:] [i Amelia Eloise Beaulieu]]
[size12 [b Also Known As:] [i Itsy Bitsy. Sweets. Birdie.]]
[size12 [b Age:] [i 16 years old]]
[size12 [b Species:] [i Witch/Pureblood]]
[size12 [b Gender:] [i Female]]
[size12 [b Sexual Orientation:] [i Bisexual]]
[size12 [b Height:] [i 5 Foot 3]]
[size12 [b Weight:] [i 160 Pounds]]
[size12 [b Bodily Build:] [i Plump]]
[size12 [b Eye Colour:] [i One Eye is Blue & The Other Eye is Green]]
[size12 [b Hair Colour:] [i Short/Dark Brown to Light Brown]]
[size12 [b Scars/Markings:] [i Dusted Freckles Across Face]]
[size12 [b Occupation(s):] [i Student/6th Year/HufflePuff]]
[size12 [b Personal Quote:] [i "I made food, guys."]]]

[center [size15 [b Personality:]]]
[center [size12 [b Patient:] [i Amelia can basically out wait most anyone. She prides herself in this trait. If you can be patient enough, you can achieve most anything that you want.]]]
[center [size12 [b Calm:] [i Even in a high stress situation, Amelia manages to keep her head about her. She is generally the person that people come to when they need help in a dire situation because of how calm and collected she is.]]]
[center [size12 [b Helpful:] [i Amelia will always be there, no matter what. You want a midnight snack, she has to covered. You want someone to help you with homework, she's there. You need someone to talk to, Amelia is your girl to go to.]]]
[center [size12 [b Wallflower:] [i Amelia is never the center of attention though. She sits on the sidelines and watches as people go about their lives. She likes to people watch, as well.]]]
[center [size12 [b Cynical:] [i Amelia's most negative trait about herself. She finds that she believes that people are out for themselves and never takes a moment to care about other people like she does. Though, she does not mean to think this way, but sometimes, she can't help it.]]]

[center [size15 [b Biography:]]]
[center [size12 [i Amelia Eloise Beaulieu is from a small town in France. A town that was known for witches and wizards, hardly any muggle born people lived there. She was raised in a very comforting household which had home cooked meals, plants, and animals all around. Her mother was a witch that specialized in healing magic while her father was more into animals, which was why their home was always filled with some sort of animal. A family of witches and wizards that wanted to see mature grow in a positive way.]]]
[center [size12 [i Amelia remembers the day that she received her invitation to Hogwarts. It was well after the Wizard Wars and everything else that happened there. The school had gotten a much better reputation for itself and soon became a much more wondrous place than it had been before. She accepted in a heart beat and left her parents behind with small tears in her eyes.]]]
[center [size12 [i Through the years, she met wonderful people. She learned to make healing potions and spells through it all, something that she really wanted to do. She had learned so much already, but things started to take a turn for the worst. Once you think that one bad thing is over, another one creeps around the corner. She had taken note to people disappearing, especially pureblood witches and wizards. Something that she could not help, but to find unsettling since she was from a pureblood family.]]]

[center [size15 [b Misc. Information:]]]
[center [size12 [b One:] [i Amelia's hobbies include cooking, gardening, painting, and sewing. She has a deep passion for all of those and can be found anywhere, doing at least one of them.]]]
[center [size12 [b Two:] [i Amelia's pet of choice is an orange tabby, which was given to her by her aunt. It's name is Jupiter.]]]
[center [size12 [b Three:] [i When Amelia received her wand, she was chosen to have a very rare wand. A 11 and a half inch Acadia wood wand with a Dragon core. What makes it rare is the type of wood it is made from.]]]
[center [size12 [b Four:] [i Acacia wood is considered extremely rare in the case that it is difficult to match to a witch or wizard and only shows its true power to a witch or wizard that is truly gifted.]]]
[center [size12 [b Five:] [i Amelia finds herself making food for any and every body at night. Her house's area is right next to the kitchen, so might as take advantage of that.]]]

[center [size15 [b Aesthetics:]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/7xTZH7J.jpg]]
[center [pic https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/10/25/18/31/elegant-1769669__340.png]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/E8Td5rt.png]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Y9I8ubi.png]]

[center [pic ]]

[center [size15 [b General Information:]]

[size12 [b Full Name:] [i Sebastion Elliot Jones]]
[size12 [b Also Known As:] [i Sevey.]]
[size12 [b Age:] [i 18 years old]]
[size12 [b Species:] [i Wizard/Muggle Born]]
[size12 [b Gender:] [i Male]]
[size12 [b Sexual Orientation:] [i Homosexual]]
[size12 [b Height:] [i 6 foot 3]]
[size12 [b Weight:] [i 155 Pounds]]
[size12 [b Bodily Build:] [i Thin. Lanky. Tall.]]
[size12 [b Eye Colour:] [i Blue]]
[size12 [b Hair Colour:] [i Dark Brown]]
[size12 [b Scars/Markings:] [i Freckles Across His Nose]]
[size12 [b Occupation(s):] [i Student/8th Year/Ravenclaw]]
[size12 [b Personal Quote:] [i "I have a million things to do."]]]

[center [size15 [b Personality:]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]
[center [size12 [b :] [i ]]]

[center [size15 [b Biography:]]]
[center [size12 [i ]]

[center [size15 [b Misc. Information:]]]
[center [size12 [b One:] [i Sebastion plays Quidditch. His position is the Chaser.]]]
[center [size12 [b Two:] [i Sebastion is known for fights, in a sense that he stands up for everyone, rather they are a Ravenclaw or not. He constantly finds himself bloodied and beaten several times.]]]
[center [size12 [b Three:] [i You can find Sebastion curled up with a good book in front of the fireplace with something that Amelia has made for him, in the middle of the night.]]]
[center [size12 [b Four:] [i Sebastion has a 12 inch Aspen wood, Unicorn core wand.]]]
[center [size12 [b Five:] [i Sebastion's family is from a small town in Norway. His father was a muggle, while his mother was a pureblood witch. He primarily focuses a lot of his magic into Spell Creation, which is actually extremely hard to do since most spell creators have to have a great understanding of magic and the world is comes from.]]]

[center [size15 [b Aesthetics:]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/s2hIH2L.jpg]]

[size10 [right [i profile inspired by Pucelle]]]
[right [size10 [i aesthetics done by me]]]
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Do you want me to make you Aesthetics/Moodboards?


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Helpful links that Darcy had:
  aries / GH0UL / 216d 20h 33m 32s
[center [size20 [u Special Containment Project:]]]
[center [size13 [i A project that has been created by the government in secrecy where experiments have taken place and those experiments are placed in containment to be closely monitored by special scientists and researchers that have been hand picked by the project's main creators. These scientists and researchers are trustworthy, intelligent, and don't have much of a life outside of what this project is and will never be able to return to normal society, after the project is completed.]]]
[center [pic https://media.giphy.com/media/S37o0ObkuLLUc/giphy.gif]]
[center [size13 [i These experiments are not just tangible creatures. They can come in the form of pills, inanimate objects, and even whole rooms. They do not have to have a hostile look about them to be able to kill you. The government is pretty good at disguising killers as normal, every day items, like a room or a bottle of medication. One experiment can cure the effects of another one. But they are all locked away for a reason. Research, studying, and keeping the small amount of scientists and researchers that are there, safe and sound, so they don't try to run away and tell the whole world about what the government is doing.]]]

[center [size20 [u List of SCPs:]]]
[center [size12 [u [b SCP-012:]] [i This SCP cannot move when people have direct line of sight of it. It is sealed in a heavily guarded, where it cannot escape, even if people aren't looking at him. When going into his room, no less than three people need to be there and when people blink, they have do it at different times, to keep direct line of sight with it. When it isn't in direct line of sight, it can kill people by snapping their neck or strangling them.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-087:]] [i This SCP can infect a human with a virus that slowly turns them into a zombie. Effects are not cured by another SCP. They are long term and result in death within a few weeks of being infected, if you aren't killed first.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-134:]] [i This SCP can cause mass suicide. Modeled after the movement called People's Temple. This SCP isn't a humanoid, it is a room filled with noxious gas. Effects are cured by SCP-198 when it proved to be far too powerful.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-198]] [i A SCP that was created just to cure SCP-002. It is in an emergency glass case by SCP-002's room for safety measures, but most people know to keep away from SCP-002 to keep that from happening.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-243:]] [i A creature that is locked further into the facility and attempts to manipulate people into getting free, by capturing their deepest thoughts and using it against them. If more than one person is around this SCP, the SCP cannot attempt this kind of brain manipulation and will simply level them alone.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-256:]] [i A very harmless SCP. When hearing people around it, it will cause random doors to open and close as a way to get their attention, or even to be an bother to the scientist and researchers their. It cannot open doors to other SCPs' rooms though.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-314:]] [i If provoked, can cause sudden death by heart attack. A simple SCP that is contained in a small room, chained to the wall. Dealing with this SCP does not happen very often and normally has to be prepped before thinking about dealing with it.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-345:]] [i A voice that lures people away from their current task and can only be viewed in the dark, through night vision goggles. Isn't extremely hostile, but does cause issues with some of the scientists and researchers when they are trying to work.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-378:]] [i An endless hallway that causes mass confusion and normally people get lost and has to be rescued from the endless hallway, some eventually die.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-423:]] [i A stuffed bear that is in a locked room and inside of a chest that is under lock and key. If approached the stuffed bear with scream and cause mass growths to grows inside of the person's body and eventually causes death in a few seconds.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-520:]] [i A bottle of medication that if ingested will cause the person to relive the memories of a World War 2 Holocaust survivor. Extremely vivid experience which will end in death, by the person having a massive panic attack, hyperventilating, and ending with the person killing themselves with whatever they can get their hands on.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-546:]] [i A very large, white creature that when it spots a person and it isn't in its containment area, will run up to them screaming and slicing the person's head off with razor sharp nails.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-620:]] [i A black mist that you can only see out of the corner of the person's eye. Not hostile, just annoying.]]]

[center [size13 [i These are just a few of the creatures that are contained in this facility. Most of them are just violent creatures that weren't created for any purpose other than to kill people that come into contact with them. This job, at this facility, is not for the faint at heart and the few people there have been trusted to a do a very important job and not to talk about this with anyone other than the other works.]]]
  GH0UL / 235d 15h 21m 52s
[center [size20 [u Astrophile:]]]
[center [size15 [i A person who is in love with stars.]]]
  GH0UL / 241d 21h 7m 36s
[center [size20 [u .Let's Dream Together Before I Die.]]]
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/29/38/4c/29384cb083dc6f3ee4b26265bc9c6c5c.jpg]]
[size12 [i "One day, I will die," the Drifter spoke.]]

[center [size12 [i Both lay under the sky together, dreaming.]]]
[right [size12 [i "I am scared for that day," the human spoke back.]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/6sjkmzq.jpg]]
  aries / GH0UL / 261d 16h 32m 31s
[center [size20 [u .The Queen Needs A King.]]]
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/951b40b7c98f50e4d3ae3f9e1e85d9d7/tumblr_ojclrrHJld1w1likmo1_250.gif]]

[size13 [i "Do you fear me?" The wolf asks quietly.]]

[center [size13 [i The She Wolf stands before the Man.]]]
[right [size13 [i "No," he answers to the wolf.]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/HM0QyYW.jpg]]
  nymeria / GH0UL / 263d 16h 37m 15s
[center [size20 [u .She is the Meka Queen.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/nTzPccG.gif]]
[center [size15 A young girl by the name is Reoko Hideki is a solar system famous Meka Racer. Not just the run of the mill racer, no she is wanted by almost every bounty hunter in the universe and never seems to be caught until one day. But did she want to be caught? That's the real question here. She always plans several steps ahead and could easily evade anything and anyone, if she really wanted to. She had the space craft knowledge and even a vast knowledge of most of the universe.]]
[center [size15 Young Reoko had stuck in her hands into most crimes other than the horrendous crimes such as rape, sex slavery, and anything along those lines. She sticks to mainly interstellar hacking and robbery. She had killed a man or two in her line of criminal activity, but no one knows about that. Though her most famous hacking spree was on the interstellar bank that belonged to the government. She had out with a few million, but never got caught until now. Bounty hunters were on her tail once again, but maybe this time, she purposely slipped, allowing people to find out who had done it just so she could get a glimpse of the man, who had been hunting her down for how long now?]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gT6RMVj.gif]]
  GH0UL / 277d 4h 10m 31s
"on a steady diet of soda pop & Ritalin"

friendly neighborhood asshole

Jamison Fawkes. Junkrat. Madness

In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

  nymeria / GH0UL / 277d 18h 14m 48s
[center [size20 [u Bang, Bang. You're Dead.]]]
[center [size15 [i A tale about a Space Cowboy and his rag tag team of misfits that collect bounties to hopefully get food in their bellies for another day. Life as a bounty hunter isn't as glamorous and great as one would think it is. It's a hard life, hoping you get enough to get food to keep yourself from starving. Even though our Space Cowboy, [u Maverick] is an elite bounty hunter, he still sometimes struggles to get by.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WmwLWGy.gif]]
[center [size15 [i In 2071, roughly fifty years after an accident with a hyperspace gateway made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity has colonized most of the rocky planets and moons of the Solar System. Amid a rising crime rate, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) set up a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters chase criminals and bring them in alive in return for a reward.]]]
[center [size15 [i The original crew are Maverick Aspen, an exiled hitman for a powerful organization, and his partner Randy Watson, a former ISSP officer. Maverick and Randy have dealt with some major problems in their journey, the team get involved in disastrous mishaps leaving them out of pocket, while often confronting faces and events from their past: these include Randy's reasons for leaving the ISSP, and Maverick keeping himself as low as a bounty hunter can from the eyes of his former employers. For now, they keep to themselves on board their large ship named the [u Rocket Queen]]]
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[center [size15 [i Maverick's previous line of work consisted of being a professional hitman, which is why he is considered and elitest among his fellow bounty hunter peers. Even though he may be considered young, around the age of 30, he has been in business of killing people since he was around 15 years old. He was taken under the wing of a man named Naru Kagamai. A man that ran a multi-million dollar company that had pushed Earth to where it could no longer be livable, but no one knows that, but Maverick. Naru had many people that he wanted dead and guess who did that for him? You guessed it, it was young Maverick Aspens, the young, professional killer. By the time he reached the age of being aware of how bad his actions where, Maverick was stuck and felt like he could never leave until he met Randy, who helped him escape.]]

[center [size20 [u You Gonna Carry All That Weight?]]]
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[center [size15 [i Maverick couldn't live under the radar of Naru Kagamai for very long, especially now that he was a top tier bounty hunter. He couldn't live in a peaceful life no more. He was stuck on the run once again. Flittering through space, from one planet, to another. He never felt safe anymore. What was Maverick to do? He hadn't a single idea, neither did his friend, Randy.]]]

[center [size20 [u See You Around, Space Cowboy.]]]
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