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There was once 5 elementals that ruled the world in harmony. This harmony has been kept in balance for centuries but now the time has come for the 5th elemental, the god of darkness to rise. In the year 2011, first signs of creatures appeared. Monsters born of darkness and nightmares appeared and terrorized cities. In the year 2016, the monsters now rule the world and survivors cling to their only hope of survival. The four guardian elementals. Will the 4 guardians of creation be able to stop the Nightmares of darkness? Or will the darkness consume the world and eradicate all life?

This is a group roleplay.
Romance is allowed but no instant romance.
You can be an elemental, Nightmare Lord , Nighmare Monster, or human
PM me Skelly before requesting.
Posts have to be at least 100 characters. They don't have to be long so don't be intimidated by my opening post.
There can be multiple Nightmare Lords but there can only be one 'God of Darkness'
You can add a background or any extra info if you wish but is prefer for it I he discovered within the rp to provide a more natural flow


Age: (15-25)
Gender: (obvious)


Name: Torés Cruse
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: High Nightmare Lord
Personality: Introverted, Timid, Judging

Name: Lucrezia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Fire Elemental
Personality: Impatient, Tempered, Cold

Name: Ashen Hall
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Air Elemental
Personality: Bubbly, care-free, and nerdy

Name: Seth Pentagus
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Nightmare Lord
Personality: Cunning, Sadistic, Optimistic

Name: Kana Pentagus
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Kind, Determined/Stubborn, Protective.
Small History: Separated from her brother a year ago she's had to learn to survive on her own. But still has been searching for Seth who she believes is alive.

Usename: Arya
Name: Alra
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Water Elemental
Personality: turbulent, quiet, a tad bit of a joker
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Roleplay Responses

Ffiaidd gave a small nod at the reassurance that the threats weren't directed to him and that no harm was meant. Funny, he thought. Most humans thought that all demons, nightmares, et cetera were full of hate. Misconception. The opposite of love isn't hate, the opposite of love had always been indifference. At least hate was an emotion. So, true to the thoughts of a creature made to be the opposite of love, Ffiaidd simply let it go.

Kind of like how he gladly let the pretentious nightmare lord go when Seth started floating himself. That was something that Ffiaidd didn't enjoy about being a nightmare; he had to be in dragon form to fly. but nonetheless. Just meant he had more decisive modes of travel with specialties.

He listened intently to his lord speaking, nodding as he spoke. Ah yes. The other worlds. Earth as just an appetizer, and easy little dish to get them warmed up for the rest of the sentient worlds. The Shadow Trackers caught his interest when they were brought up. Interesting... Basic forms, with advanced melee weaponry and heightened awareness of potential darkness. The spikes on the tails reminded Ffiaidd of one of the statues he'd smashed in what the humans called a 'museum'. What was it's name again? Ah yes, a stegosaurus. Perhaps some humans would be in museums once the colonies were strongly developed here.

After a brief inspection of the creatures while they circled, Ffiaidd nodded. They seemed like another of his lord's best work. Though they did appear to be individually moderate difficulty in a battle, he supposed a large group of them would be able to take down a large enough opponent if said opponent had no abilities that burst from themselves and outwards. But what creation didn't have their flaws?

Swiveling his massive head back to the darkness where Tores floated, Ffiaidd changed just his throat into a minor human one, just enough so that he could grit out basic sounds to make rudimentary words. [#700000 [b "Where world first?"]] he choked out, words sounding like the resounding boom of deep ice breaking. Words were painful in that form, but he had no desire to attempt the even more horribly agonizing process of changing his whole body back but his sides and arms to maintain his wings, and often his tail. That was far more unpleasant. Made him look like some sadistic 'angel' though as some of the humans had screamed during his first appearance. The agony was well worth the chaos then.
  Fƒiaidd / criesfromthepast85 / 2y 249d 16h 34m 27s
He sighed as he looked at Fflaidd.
"No offense to nightmares." He said apologetically.
"And that threats was more directed to Seth." He assured his favourite nightmare. He then nodded to Seth with a stern face.
"Oh yes. Why I called you here." He stated and another dark pulse emanated through the city. The three appeared in a pitch black void. Stars quickly filled the void. He was showing them a large interactive map.
"As you may know, we are after much more than just this planet. The whole universe is filled with darkness. And there are other deities of both dark and light for each planet. Our goal, is to either recruit or destroy them." He said with an evil grin. The void then changed back to pure darkness. Wolves made of darkness with red eyes and large spiky tails and ferocious fangs, seemed to circle the three.
"These are new nightmares I've spawned. Shadow Trackers. Able to pick out large trails of darkness and any potential darkness, from all across the universe and dimensions." He explained.
  Torés Cruse / DarkVulpis / 2y 283d 19h 54m 41s
When hearing the thank you Seth smiled almost mischievously, knowing full well that Tores must've felt embarrassed saying that. But then added [b "The keyword is 'try'. For there to actually be improvement you need to make an effort to change Tores. Or else it really is pointless"]

When his ear was pulled he let out a faint 'gah' and when he flinched, yelling into an ear was irritating, [b "I got it. I got it. Man so mean to me when I was trying to help"] Seth put on an exaggerated tone as if he did nothing wrong and his actions were justifiable. If this was an anime you'd see a chibi fake tear and a sparkle in his eye but alas its not so none of that. [b "Heh. Sorry"]

Almost sensing the dis-satisfaction from Ffliaidd the bottom of his feet turned pitch black as black energy formed at his feet, however it was faint like air. He notioned the bird to let him go and when he did Seth now stood on mid-air. Then said [b "So whats this special meeting about? Unless you wanted just to hang out with us.."]
  .:: S e t h ::. / Renn / 2y 283d 22h 17s
Ffiaidd admittedly felt a bit insulted. First off, he hadn't done anything to deserve being destroyed. Ffiaidd was one of Tores' most loyal followers and thus far had done everything requested of him. Second off, being a nightmare was a punishment? Really? Rude. Just rude. It was pretty awesome being able to block out the sun just by soaring past without having to use a ton of energy making himself huge. Plus he had constant weapons like an ax growth on his tail, horns, sharp teeth, the constant stealing of heat from the air, clawed wings... He would say being a dragon-like nightmare was a pretty nice gig. So hearing being a nightmare be called a punishment was a little more than insulting.

He gave a deadpan look at Tores but didn't object. He just tried to stay as level as he could so that his lord could finish yelling at Seth. Honestly, they were both like children. Seth was the high and mighty one who thought they were invincible, Tores was the constantly angry one with temper tantrums. And Ffiaidd knew he himself wasn't without faults. He was apathetic, blunt, and sarcastic with people that were of no real consequence to him. 90% of the time he would gladly just crush everybody around him nightmare or not and rest in the sun overlooking the devastation. He had no patience for stupidity. It went through his mind that he could just crush Seth right here, but that would more than likely end very poorly for him. So he kept his maw shut and just let out a displeased grumble.
  Fƒiaidd / criesfromthepast85 / 2y 249d 16h 34m 10s
"There you are you little annoyance." He growled as he shrunk to his normal form and floated in front of his two subordinates. He hated Seth, but he also quite liked the guy. He helped keep Torés calm while also making things interesting.
"Yeah I know. And this is the last time I will say this but." He started and breathed in deeply before looking to the side.
"Thank you for helping me and trying to keep my anger down." He said with honest gratitude. Half mumbling because he was embarrassed to show any emotion besides hatred and anger.
"Don't let that go to your head or I'll exterminate the both of you." He growled before flying closer and pulling Seth's ear.
"And don't sleep In again or I'll turn you into a nightmare." He barked loudly in his ear while yanking it.
  Torés Cruse / DarkVulpis / 2y 289d 12h 40m 35s
"Aw ._." Seth accepted the lift/being carried. Not a problem at all. If anything it was to be expected when Tores was at this anger stage...this is why Seth was determined to work on his anger issues.

When brought to the overlord Tores he gave a peace sign casually and said "Yo"

"So you got so mad that you ended up the span of 3 minutes. That kind of behavior is why you almost got defeated by the elementals. And don't use the excuse of 'oh I still won' to defend yourself. It's something you need to work on to prevent that from happening again" he began to lecture him like he often did "We can't always reach you in time ya know.."
  Phantump / Renn / 2y 289d 13h 10m 4s
Ffiaidd listened and watched Seth, about to answer when the shrieking grew louder and the air turned bitter with dark energy. [#700000 "I suppose that we should take that as a yes, or at least you are about to be in trouble. And I have no desire to be caught in your crossfire."] He glanced boredly over his shoulder out of the building. [#700000 "Forgive me, Seth"]

That was the only warning he gave as he transformed, filling the space easily and even bursting out the outside wall. That worked perfectly for his purpose anyways. He grabbed Seth in his claws, mindful not to prick the nightmare lord, and flew out of the building to their master. Unable to speak human language in this form he just shrieked and gestured with his head to Seth to indicate he had retrieved the nightmare lord.
  Fƒiaidd / criesfromthepast85 / 2y 314d 5h 5m 29s
Tores just tood there in the middle of the city, completely agitated and annoyed. He roared then became his normal form and floated high in the air. He closed his eyes and sensed the city area for his nightmare and nightmare lord high subordinates. He never truly saw anyone as a friend. The closest he ever had to a friend was.....was....
"DAMMIT!!!" He roared and a large surge of black lightning shot from him and surged through the city. His eyes went black and he became extremely agitated. The thought of his sister making his bloodlust rise. He flew through the city towards his subordinates, sendig large shockwaves throughout the city and shattering each of the buildngs.
"GET!! HERE!! NOW!!!!!" He roared again as he raised his clawed gauntlet into the air. A large meteor sized ball of darkness appeared above it.
"I AM NOT IN THE MOOD SETH!!!" He added as he started to angle his clawed gauntlet towards the building they were in.
  Torés Cruse / DarkVulpis / 2y 315d 21h 11m 32s
As the city trembled from the havoc that Torés was causing. Seth remained peacefully on a couch that wasn't to badly damaged, if anything it was dusty. But none the less here he was ignoring the sound outside [b "Not much improvement from last time.."] Seth was VERY well aware of Torés weakness's and jumping ahead and being impatient was one of them. So this was one of the ways Seth tried to get him to improve...There were other methods but this one just benefits himself the most.

A few minutes later he felt a poke. If it was Torés he would've started yelling so definitely not him. Opening one of his eyes to see who it was: of course it would be Fflaidd. He let out a sigh

[b "Yeah I heard the call. I just decided to take a ten minute break before goin'. You know. Before work"] he let out a yawn [b "So. Am I in trouble?] he then asked with a hint of mischievous, as if he was completely innocent.

[b "If not you can join me. I'm attempting to grade Torés at the moment"]
  .:: S e t h ::. / Renn / 2y 315d 21h 47m 10s
Ffiaidd sighed in exasperation at the knowledge of who the other person needed was. Seth always seemed to push their lord's patience. He groaned as he turned back into his dragon form, flapping off to help his master search. It didn't take long for Ffiaidd to locate Seth by his scent, no matter how tainted it was with human blood. Flying ahead he found the building Seth was asleep in and reverted to humanoid before going in. Once Seth was located the nightmare monster sighed and stepped forwards to poke Seth's cheek with one clawed finger. [#720000 "Seth, wake up. Our master calls and is currently re-ruining the city looking for you"] he said in an attempt to get the nightmare lord up and about.

The dragon-like nightmare could understand where Seth was coming from, wanting to take a nap. Earth was exhausting with its stupid sun and gentle breezes. That's why Ffiaidd had been taking a nap before being called, though he supposed perhaps Seth's duties did not allow for those as often as the lord would like. Ffiaidd preferred not to ask questions usually, so for now he stuck with just trying to wake the other up before Tores got really upset and destroyed all of Ffiaidd's work rounding up live humans for pets.
  Fƒiaidd / criesfromthepast85 / 2y 318d 20h 49m 16s
Torés smirked as one of his favourite nightmares appeared in front of him.
"Just quite bored. And we need to activate phase 2 of my plan. Taking over the world with darkness was just the first step." He stated with a sigh. He began to grow impatient waiting for Seth.
'Whats taking that pain in the ass so long?' He groaned in his mind. He then growled out loud and became a giant black bipedal fox, with large curving horns, massive teeth and large black dragon wings. Nine tails sprouted from his waist as he roared.
"GET HERE NOW SETH!!!" He roared as he stomped through the destroyed city. He needed his strongest and most loyal subordinates to continue his plan. It was going to be the greatest fun he would ever have.
  Torés Cruse / DarkVulpis / 2y 320d 13h 35m 3s
What a dull day..

Seth let out a yawn. At the young mans feet was a bloody mess of some humans, his handy work of course, each with multiple wounds that indicated a slow death. While it was most often the case they had to convert the humans into nightmares or lead them to the zoos: Seth time to time liked to have his little play with them.

Rubbing the side of his face he smeared some blood onto his pale complexion as Seth looked up at the sky. Sensing Torés' call a cheeky smile crossed his expression.

[b "I feel like a nap.."] He looked around, spotting a building that looked like it used to be an apartment complex [b "..Eh I wonder if he can wait 10 minutes o3o or have to drag me over"] yes even though Seth had quite a high position in the ranks: he liked to be a bit cheeky with Torés, especially since he knew that sometimes he can be a bit of a kid. Which was adorable.

And then proceeded inside the building to chill for 10 mins. If they actually waited for him show up: he'd arrive in 2 minutes after waking up.
  .:: S e t h ::. / Renn / 2y 320d 21h 24m 0s
Ffiaidd had been lazing around on top of a building, large sides rising and falling steadily as he oversaw the gathering of humans from one of the few remaining places the little creatures had holed themselves up. His body held the scars of battles, red circles on his body steadily thrumming on the now ice-covered roof. The ice didn't chill him though, considering that all the energy previously in the area had been absorbed by him. The churning energy store kept him plenty warm.

When he noticed the dark pulse he groaned, shoving himself upright and yawning. He must go back to his lord. With a few beats of his wings he was in thew air, a few more and he was headed towards the signal. Upon reaching the building he grasped onto the tall rod with his claws, transforming as he slid down. By the time Ffiaidd was at the bottom he was in his humanoid form. [#720000 "You called, my lord?"] he asked in his growling voice, bowing to the smaller person.
  Fƒiaidd / criesfromthepast85 / 2y 326d 7h 15m 59s
Torés sighed as he stood atop what used to be the Empire State Building. He was thinking over the death of his sister and his termination of the elementals. He wasn't quite sure what happened to them. He believe e killed them, but did he? He will never know. He not cared about one thing from their confrontation. He now had the darklight. He looked out over the city and saw his nightmares rampaging through te streets, destroying everything in sight and killing humans. While some humans were spared and herded to his 'zoos'. Most were converted to nightmares. He let out a large dark pulse throughout the city. Signalling his two closest subordinates to come to him. He needed to discuss his next move with them. Fflaidd the High Nightmare. And Seth, his second in command Nightmare Lord.
  Torés Cruse / DarkVulpis / 2y 326d 18h 33m 5s

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