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"I guess so." He added as he saw a montrously large creature stomping towards them. Creating earthquakes with each step. "Cerburn. How is my little doggy." He asked as Cerburn growled then shook its tail.
  Herald of Chaos: Cerburn / DarkVulpis / 2y 359d 25m 1s
Looking around the forest, she was wowed by his abilities. "So. Keeping your lab hidden away? You're like a mad scientist." She joked.
  Penelope / MoonPieRanger / 2y 359d 54m 33s
He smirked as she grabbed his hand and the two disapoeared then reappeared in a forest.
  Lord Shade / DarkVulpis / 2y 361d 21h 45m 36s
She held his hand, a little wary of his red eyes. She wondered if he would show off his vampire powers again.
  Penelope / MoonPieRanger / 2y 361d 21h 47m 36s
"Of course you can, just grab my hand." He said as he made his irises blood red. He was going to show her another cool trick
  Lord Shade / DarkVulpis / 2y 363d 5h 14m 39s
Maybe she would get to go there someday. She wondered if she would want to. It might be intimidating to meet a super being. Then again, she met a vampire and that went well. "Can I see your experiments?" She asked.
  Penelope / MoonPieRanger / 2y 363d 7h 11m 17s
"In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean." He answered and looked at her. He always made new species, so he could enhance his powers and repopulate the world if it ever was destroyed.
  Lord Shade / DarkVulpis / 3y 2d 21h 47m 57s
She was shocked. A whole island? She couldn't help but wonder about the moral implications of creating super-beings. What were they like? She had so many questions. But instead she just asked "Where 8s this island?"
  Penelope / MoonPieRanger / 3y 2d 23h 12m 48s
"Well mostly, I have an island full of new species and variants of others." He said to her proudly.
  Lord Shade / DarkVulpis / 3y 3d 4h 7m 2s
"Huh. Super beings?" She wondered why he was doing that. "Have your experiments been successful?" She asked curiously.
  Penelope / MoonPieRanger / 3y 3d 7h 36m 45s
"Well as I told you yesterday. I can gain the abilities of an individual through their blood because of my Pure blood trait. I experiment with my blood and the blood of others to create new 'super-beings'." He explained.
  Lord Shade / DarkVulpis / 3y 6d 4h 54m 55s
Not feeling like the second option, she asked "Experiments? What kind of experiments?" Was he a sadistic killer who tortures innocent people? Or maybe he built robots. It was so open-ended. She kinda wanted to see what he meant.
  Penelope / MoonPieRanger / 3y 6d 4h 59m 16s
He grinned at her question and laughed. "Well I usually continue my experiments or seduce a human girl and drain them." He stated to her.
  Lord Shade / DarkVulpis / 3y 7d 21h 14m 53s
She took a moment to think. What would she like to do on her first day as a vampire? She faced him and said "I'm not sure. What do you usually do on such a nice day?" She was sure his answer would surprise her.
  Penelope / MoonPieRanger / 3y 7d 23h 4m 6s
"So what do you want to do today." He asked with a younger sounding voice like that of a teenager. The sunlight acted as a sort of fountain of youth for vampires and inncreased their physical and mental abilities tenfold.
  Lord Shade / DarkVulpis / 3y 8d 2h 11m 2s

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