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He watched her for a moment as he slowly ate and then sighed as he leaned against a wall. "You are a strange one. Most would try to kill a demon, even if they didn't know they were a demon until later. Also, most demons would kill any human they found. The only reason I have spared you is because I am not most demons. You should be grateful for that." He said as he soon finished the food and looked down at her. He just couldn't figure it out as to why she would have even helped anyone with the world the way it is.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 165d 17h 25m 1s
Yumi watched him closely, her hand staying on her bow. Yumi was a kind girl she could never send out anyone who was dying and did nothing to her yet. She was so scared of him her heart pounding, she new he could her it and smell her fear. She felt like so many different feelings where swarming around her. Yumi's hair was long and beautiful laying around her and falling off her shoulders, she was really pretty girl. "I cant just leave you to die" she said poking at the fire kinda shaking, she was so defenceless it did not matter if he left or not he could kill her if he wanted to anytime.
  Yumi forest / xBunnyx / 4y 166d 14h 18m 45s
He had his hands on the doorknob before he heard her. He thought for a moment before he heard her. Wondering for a moment, he turned around and looked at her for a moment before he sighed. "What game are you playing? I can tell you are scared and that you don't really like that you just saved a demon. And yet... you offered me something to eat and with that, asking me to stay for a little bit. Why?" He asked her as he took a step towards her and then slowly took the freshly cooked meat. He was curious about why she was doing this.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 167d 20h 10m 39s
Yumi watched him closely "you guys are evil" she said in a almost whispering voice. Yumi moved a little closer to the fire "so what happened to you" she said, she was trying her best to not freak out her heart was still beating so fast. In all truths yumi would die with out someone there to protect her she had no way of defending her self and there is so many people an demons who would just kill her to steel her things. "My grandpa died three days ago" she said poking at the fire and letting him and her some meat.
  Yumi forest / xBunnyx / 4y 172d 13h 31m 44s
He heard the girl and looked up to her before he looked at the food. He stood up and pulled the food away from the fire as he looked to make sure it wasn't burned that badly. "I have no reason to kill you. That feud is far behind us. Has been for a few years. Anyways, you should eat. It might be a little bit before you get a rabbit like this again." He said to her as he finished checking it over and then stretched a little bit. He soon looked at her one more time before he smiled a little bit. "You humans are so scared of us. It is actually really funny." He said before he started heading for the door.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 172d 20h 1m 17s
Yumi was so tired from dragging him back, she was so much smaller then the sleeping man. "hmmm almost done" she said turning it on the stick. Yumi grabbed some of the water a drank it, her eyes flicked to him as he started to move, she moved away from him. When he spoke she first time she got very scared "y..your a demon" she said shaking. Yumi backed up to as far as she could get in her small home her heart pounding. "how did i help a demon... please don't kill me" she said shaking in fear. the food was about to burn she did not take her eyes off him or move.
  Nori / xBunnyx / 4y 172d 20h 49m 15s
As visions and thoughts of the world he was ripped from years ago when this whole event started. He was still fast asleep as he was picked up and carried to the house in the forest. He had been out the entire time as he was given some water. After she started cooking some food, he smelled the food cooking and the smiled a little bit before he slowly opened his eyes. He raised an eyebrow before he said "I smell food. It is almost done cooking too. I can assume that you are the one that killed that small creature, little human?" He sighed as he slowly sat up and gently rubbed his temples.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 172d 21h 23m 57s
Yumi lived all her teen life with her grandpa, he had taken care of her all this time since the apocalypse, he died a week ago it broke her she was left alone in the forest. Everything was taken over by forest after 5 years of being left alone trees grew and all kinds of plants and animals. Yumi had learned to hunt by bow but she would never be able to fight of any predators let alone demons. Yumi walked out of her small tree home with her bow and claimed a tree and looked around, her sharp eye saw a rabbit, her hand pulling back on the bow strings, she toke a deep breath and let go of the strings as she breathed out the arrow going straight threw its eyes. "Yes" she whiskered to her self. Yumi was about to jump of the tree when she saw something move she looked fast, it was a person passing out she jumped down and ran over picking up her kill on the way. Yumi looked down at him not knowing he was a demon she dragged him back to her small home. Yumi cooked the rabbit and held up his head to feed him some water "sir are you Kk" she said to the lifeless body so she wrapped him in a blanket and sat by the fire making sure the rabbit does not burn.
  Nori / xBunnyx / 4y 173d 13h 40m 20s
It had been five years since earth had experienced the apocalypse and demons had been risen from hell. All was chaos as the demons had attacked the humans and the humans retaliated against the demons. After a year of fighting, it all calmed down and the realization of all of them needing to survive.

With forest all around, Jack Philton was walking through the forest to get to the town on the other side, what was left of the town. Ever since civilization had ended, nature had started reclaiming earth and it made travel worse with important landmarks gone or hidden. Even demons had trouble traveling since most didn't have wings. Jack was no exception and he paid the price as he felt the world spin for a moment before everything went black. He had passed out from lack of food and water.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 174d 17h 35m 15s

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