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Lestat had lost the love of his existence the minute he chose to drain her in order to destroy Akasha. Now many years later, a musician has caught his eye, whether for good or ill. This musician resembles his lost love a great deal. Will he pursue, or let her fade amongst the other humans he exists around?


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[right [pic]] Maven smiled up at him, "[B I'll get used to it, promise.]" she said. Hearing he enjoyed doing what she had so enjoyed really made her heart swell, and deepened the smile at him.

She tucked her hair behind her ear again, eyes moving down to his smile as it widened. It was a rare, brief look at his teeth. Strong, bone colored, sharp. She tucked her lips in a bit, fighting the glint of interest in her gaze. There was no question about how handsome he was, and Maven could clearly remember her night in the pub, flirting openly with him and had to glance away a bit bashfully.

She sobered at his admission about a lost love. Maven's chest tightened. No wonder he was sort of closed off. That was something completely out of your control. "[B I'm so sorry. My condolences,]" she murmured, "[B That's incredibly hard.]"

Her brows arched at his second admission, smile returning. "[B You're quite the tease, Vampire Prince. I am as well. I'd love to talk music with you sometime.]"

She cleared her throat, shifting a bit and called after him. "[B I look forward to interrogating you, if you'd allow. We're going to a club over the weekend if you'd like to join, called the Raven and Rose if you'd like in the city.]"

With that she went into the cab and then on to their hotel.
  Tweedy / 11d 10h 5m 19s
He quietly shakes his head, the soft smile not leaving his lips. [+red "If I had an aversion to showing you around, I would not have suggested it. Like I said, I'm not much of a talker, never have been."] He says gently. [+red "You could not had dragged me anywhere had you put all your strength into it. I enjoyed showing you things that most people have forgotten or no longer care for. It was a nice change of pace."]

He smiles a fang revealing smile upon being asked what he liked to do. [+red "Sorry, Little Raven, that's a secret. I'll let you guess the next time we hang out, should you wish it."] He says, his amber gaze flashing briefly in the dim light. [+red "Contrary to what you may be thinking, I do not do this that often, as it stands, the last woman I tries to get to know...she became someone very important to me, and a short while later, she died."] He says, his tone growing sad, even after all these years, he still missed Jessie and regretted what had happened. [+red "I will however tell you one thing, I enjoy playing the violin."]

He smiles in farewell as a cab pulls up to them. [+red "You know where to find me, while you're in town. I'm there almost nightly."] Bowing silently, he walks away and soon vanishes into the night, intent on finding his next meal that was not the musician that was slowly waking his heart.
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[right [pic]] He seemed angry with her, and she felt awful as he strode ahead of her, back turned. Perhaps he was simply indulging one last, lingering fan who was fanning his ego, and he was done with it now. It felt gross.

What shocked her was his stop to turn to her, voice soft. She blinked, looking down when he indicated her knee. "[B Oh, I'll be alright. I'm a big girl, I've had worse.]" Maven smiled at him. "[B Thank you for the concern, though.]"

It was a bit of a walk, but they eventually made it. His touch on her elbow did make her smile, and she had to hide it behind the pretense of looking around. He was such a strange creature, but fascinating.

Maven gazed at his hand for a moment, however, when he pulled out his money clip, bewildered. Everything in her, namely her pride, was telling her not to accept, and he could see it, apparently. She didn't need handouts. It made her uncomfortable to receive it. Didn't he need it? Was it her starving artist, post-college mentality and instinct that was making her hesitate, or an internal revulsion at the idea that he thought she needed handouts? Having never really had enough to be considered 'plenty' or 'comfortable', she thought didn't Lestat need this more than she did? There was no need to be polite in such a way with her.

Her eyes arose to his, flushing a bit at his insistence and did as she was told.

"[B Please,]" she said, "[B you've done wonderfully. I'm actually still stunned we did this. It was fun, I had a good time.]"

Her smile weakened, fracturing. "[B Did you have a good time, at least?]" Maven asked, looking at him. Her face was soft, but there was an earnest seriousness as guilt set in. "[B I feel like I essentially drug you around, again. It seems we do a great many things [i I] like to do. What do you like to do?]"
  Tweedy / 12d 11h 17m 30s
He glances over his shoulder at her and her aad countenance tugs at his dead heartstrings. Muttering under his breath he stops so she can catch up, and speaks, with effort, in a gentle tone. [+red "You have no need to apologize for falling. Accidents happen. But I would recommend getting that tended to when you get to the hotel. You don't need to get an infection."] Gently gripping her elbow to offer support should she need it, he leads her back to where the studio is. Pulling out his wallet, he hands her enough to cover a taxi fair and a meal. Seeing the look of reproach on her fair he says [+red "Humor me, Little Raven. I was raised to act as a gentleman. You got injured in my company, it is only right that I aid you where I can."]
  Lestat / KathyCross / 13d 2h 33m 30s
[right [pic]] Maven startled hard, pulling back from him a bit when he was just [i suddenly] there. Her mother tongue was yanked from her in a swear.

"[B How did you get there so fast?]"

His soft touch immediately let her relax, sighing at his chastising. Maven had to admit, he had a way of making her feel childish and embarrassed. Her face flushed, her hand sliding up his arm to his shoulder to get her balance as he gathered her back to her feet. There, she could stand on her own, hand sliding away with a soft pet to his shoulder in thanks.

"[B Yeah, you're right.]" She was having a hard time looking at him, her embarrassment keeping her gaze elsewhere. "[B Thank you, I can walk now. Just a scratch.]"

On her feet again, she brushed her hair behind her ear, tossing a glance at him. His face was terse, his gaze dark and displeased. With all of these kind of nearly failed interactions, she wasn't feeling at all confident with him. She felt like she kept getting chances over and over again to make a good impression, but wasn't managing it.

"[B I'm sorry,]" she murmured as they moved out of the house and into the open, night air. Unfortunately it was an assumed risk, going into places like this. Especially not dressed in very good walking shoes. Didn't make it any less embarrassing, however.

It was a good adventure, however. Maven had somehow managed to spend such a precious, surprisingly long amount of time with him today. That excited her, and somehow he kept inviting her on these, so perhaps this wouldn't be the last time.
  Tweedy / 13d 11h 38m 4s
He shakes his head as she continues to explore the upstairs of the building. His gaze moves back to the setting sun outside the window. A loud thump draws his attention, followed by the metallic scent of blood. His amber gaze darkens in color as his hunger is brought to the front of his mind. Using the speed of his kind, he appears next to her. Gently he places a hand on her and and gently helps her stand, trying to ignore the scent of her blood. [+red "I think you've had enough exploring for tonight Little Raven. We best get you back."] He says in a controlled tone.

It was taking all of his of restraint to not pin her to the nearest wall and drain her of all of her blood. After making sure she could stand and walk, he quickly leaves his old home, eager to be away from her and find a meal to satisfy his thirst.
  Lestat / KathyCross / 13d 13h 4m 41s
[right [pic]] Mavis smiled in return, encouraged by his positive response.

"[B I'd like to look upstairs really quick,]" she responded, gesturing with her phone. "[B And I'll be right back!]" She kept up the French language, familiar with it though a bit unpracticed. It came with pauses as she recalled the vocabulary. Germany and France were neighbors, and her family traveled enough that she was able to learn a lot when she was growing up. Her words were basic, but understandable.

The promise of more exploration made her chest tighten in a good way, the promise of more of him, too, made a guilty, girlish part of her respond in kind.

She turned, eager to see more, and eager to make sure she didn't keep him waiting too long. The creak of the old timbers tracked Maven's footsteps upstairs everywhere she went.

Lestat could hear her movements, uninterrupted. Pausing, a slow creak as she shifted weight, one foot to another as she looked around, and would walk again. Until there was a hard tap, a squeaking [i Oof!] and a sliding thump, her phone clattering across the floor to who knew where, spinning into the darkness.

In her haste, avoiding some rubble, she missed a warp in the floor that caught her, and sent her sprawling. Braced on her elbows and one knee, Maven sighed through her nose, cursing softly. Shifting her weight onto her hip, Maven drew up her knee, stinging, and looked at it. Unfortunately, her artfully distressed jeans had done little to protect her skin, and in looking at it she saw a smear of blood across the exposed flesh, beads of blood welling and leaking into the crevices of her skin. Hissing through her teeth, Maven bent and swiped her tongue over the wound. Gritty, but she'll be alright. It'll hurt much more tomorrow, though. More blood was beading on the wound.

Perhaps that was warning well enough to call it a night, especially with the fading light. She hadn't wanted to use her phone's flashlight to drain the battery.
  Tweedy / 13d 16h 55m 51s
He turns to face her as she speaks, a soft chuckle escaping his lips as she asks him in French. Responding in kind, though with a far more cultured accent he says [+red "Je vais bien. Ne me dérange pas, je ne parle pas beaucoup. Comme il fait plus froid, je pense que ce serait mieux si vous retourniez à votre hôtel. Nous pouvons explorer plus demain si vous le souhaitez."] The small smile gracing his lips does not fade as he waits for her reply.

It was nice to speak his native tongue again. He has not done so in many years, as those who primarily speak English.
  Lestat / KathyCross / 13d 17h 45m 28s
[right [pic]] Maven explored around all of the rooms, taking pictures. The late evening light was fantastic in the dilapidated interior of the stone and wood house. But she kept returning to the foyer, looking up. Light filtering through one of the upstairs windows, and down through a hole in the second floor. She looked up at it, face peeking into the light.

A shiver seized her shoulders, briefly, and Maven shook it off. "[B ...should have brought a better coat,]" she murmured. The sun's descent brought with it the nightly cold, but before then it had been comfortable. The house, being shadowed as it was to begin with, had its own, special cold to it.

She smiled at Lestat in his dejected position by the front windows. Maven's head tipped, the look fading a bit. "[B [i Est-ce que tu te sens bien?]]" she asked softly, smiling a bit sheepishly for her accent, trying the French. He didn't look very good, so she asked, hoping he wouldn't take offense. Her look was soft, smiling at him, trying to be welcoming.

Men often weren't- good. With emotions. Stuff like that. And she knew she was a stranger, sort of. But she hoped to reach across some of the gap she could feel with him. Between everyone he was around. It made her think of this house, in a way, like it was. Out of the way, reserved, and uninhabited, not interacted with. She wanted to explore it, and didn't want to trespass on him and make him flee the situation, further into that emptiness.
  Tweedy / 13d 18h 9m 52s
He watches in faint amusement as she slips between the gaps in the gate and heads towards the house. Shaking his head he slowly follows after her, old memories playing like ghosts before his eyes. Once the reach the door, he simply pushes, using his enhanced strength and the door comes open with a faint groan of protest. Letting her go inside first, his amber gaze takes on the decay that has made to inside barely recognizable, yet here and there some pristine tile or marble still shows. [+red "I'm not sure if that should be a compliment or not."] He murmurs to himself as he hears her comment about stubbornness.

Walking away from her, their steps leaving imprints in the dust, he waits by one of the windows, not wanting to see what had become of childhood home more than he already has.
  Lestat / KathyCross / 15d 21h 18m 24s
[right [pic]] Maven spent hours wandering around, looking at the necropolis and running her hands over certain aspects of the stonework, enthusing about the architectural aspects of the things he showed her. That was when she [i did] speak. Maven had the propensity to gaze about in quiet, taking in everything; the birds, the stones, the colors of the fading evening. His colors in the fading evening. She tried to hide that, untucking her hair from behind her ears and letting it fall to obscure the sides of her face.

She took pictures, trying to capture only candids. Lestat seemed hardly interested in being photographed, but she saw a glint in his eyes that appreciated her inquiry at least.

"[B This is my favorite kind of thing to do,]" she said at one point, reaching her hands up into the evening air and spinning a bit, moving over so she could run her hands over the bottoms of the branches of one of the cemetery trees. She couldn't stop smiling.

Her favorite part was, perhaps, the house. It was gated, technically, but Maven felt that distinctly teenage urge to explore it crawl back up in her after lying dormant for so long. There was a gap in it that was just asking for her to wiggle through and go see, and take pictures. For the moment, she just leaned her palms against it, letting her weight fall a bit forward to tuck her face between the stakes so she could get a better look.

She spent a bit of time just looking, as did Lestat, until he spoke up.

"[B It's very beautiful dust, isn't it?]" Maven said, voice soft as she took in the crumbling architecture. She looked over at him.

"[B Let's go look,]" she said, shifting towards the gap in the gate. "[B Stuff like this is so powerful,]" Maven's voice carried on the cooling air as she moved. "[B It hurts to look at, it makes me sad. This poor thing, abandoned. It makes me want to fix it, but I can't. But it's still beautiful, simply a different beautiful now. The beauty against the lichen, the decay of something... it's- hard to describe.]"

She slipped through easily, eager to at least get closer on the outside. Maven would judge whether it looked safe enough from closer up. Or maybe she didn't care.

"[B It's got energy. Imagine what all it's soaked up in all its years.]"

Maven reached its walls, gazing up, and put a hand on it, standing in what was left of the entrance way. "[B This thing is [i still] here, probably as stubborn as the people who built it.]"

She darted inside.
  Tweedy / 16d 9h 49m 43s
He lets out a soft chuckle at her enthusiasm before quietly following her out of the studio. Shaking her head slightly as he sees the bustle of people he silently turns away and starts to walk away from the studio, his hands in his pockets. [+red "Keep up Little Musician, there's a lot to see before night falls."] He says, his voice carrying easily on the faint wind.

For the next several hours he leads her to different cemeteries and even to his old house. It was now ruined beyond disrepair, and it made him a bit sad. [+red "This once was the home of a noble family, the line has completely died out, and all that is left them is all but dust."]
  Lestat / KathyCross / 21d 13h 23m 55s
Maven glanced at him, putting a hand up to tap his arm, "[B Sorry,]" she said, giving him a bit more space again when the heavy cart and crew members departed.

But when his words registered a bit she arched a brow at him, giving the fellow in front of her a glance over. Appraising eyes seemed to consider that a moment, and though she didn't make a comment aloud, it didn't seem like she was turned off by the idea, having taken his comment as innuendo and jest. "[B Don't threaten me with a good time, rock star,]" she responded.

Her gaze returned to him, anticipation blooming in her. She adored gothic revival architecture, and she resisted the urge to get any closer to him as a result, clasping her hands. "[B That means it's the best exploring, with someone who knows it all,]" Maven said, givign him a smile. "[B I want to see it all. Little glimpses of the old world in between the slats of the new.]"

Looking around the studio a bit as it seemed space was becoming scarce a bit, Maven getting shuffled a bit towards Lestat again with the movement of people. With the interviews finished and the crew moving for teardown, she felt it was time to go. She tapped at his arm again, "[B Let's get out of here,]" and gave a nod towards an exit.
  Tweedy / 138d 16h 43m 52s
He feels a small jolt as she brushes up against him. If he were still human, he was certain he would be red in embarrassment, not from her being close to him, but the reaction he had. Subtly taking a step away, he shakes his head in amusement. [+red "Careful Little Musician, get any closer and I may be tempted to take a bite."] It may seem like he was teasing, but he was being honest. Blood always calls to him, but hers seems to be even more alluring. [+red "I do not know if I would call it exploring, for me at least. Though I'm sure you will enjoy the area. Most of the designs were old gothic, back when Frankenstein and Dracula were just little thoughts in their authors minds."]
  KathyCross / 138d 19h 12m 16s
Maven, skillful at deluding herself as any person is, pretended that the smile she got from him didn't summon a warmth inside of her. It was an honest smile that he gave this time. Not a sneer, nothing teasing. It seemed genuine. And the idea that he was keen on keeping his promise to her added to it. Maven had been most certain that he was just humoring her the other night over drinks, making a flippant comment.

A smile of her own summoned at his comment on tedium. "[B Well, allow me to take your attention from it, then. I've got time, and I'm restless.]"

Glancing to the side and seeing oncoming crew with set and equipment, Maven took a step closer to Lestat to clear the way for them. Once there, she looked up at him, smiling softly as excitement at the prospect of [i going out] with him came up a bit more really.

"[B Let's go exploring.]"
  Tweedy / 139d 12h 56m 40s

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