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Lestat had lost the love of his existence the minute he chose to drain her in order to destroy Akasha. Now many years later, a musician has caught his eye, whether for good or ill. This musician resembles his lost love a great deal. Will he pursue, or let her fade amongst the other humans he exists around?


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He hesitates for a moment, his amber gaze searching hers. He could smell the wine on her breath, and his gaze grows a bit sad. [+red "I came to apologize, for many things. The first being that I had overreacted and acted without care to your own thoughts and feelings. The second, is that I have not been entirely truthful to you."] He falls silent for a moment and mentally steels himself. [+red "I treated you most unfairly. You see, you greatly resemble a woman I had loved several years ago, and a great many a times my mind has convinced me you are her. She was my whole world for a time, until due to my own arrogance and foolishness, she was killed."] He glances down at the flowers in his grasp, something showing in his gaze that made him, a powerful vampire, seem vulnerable. [+red "For years I blamed myself until I decided to lock my heart away. I never wanted to go through that again. And for a time, I succeeded. Until you."]

He turns and leans against the wall by the door, his voice trembling slightly. [+red "That night we met you resembled her so closely that everything came flooding back, and I became so protective that the idea that you had no need of my protection never entered my mind. It is not an excuse for my actions, and I had thought to distance myself after this last incident as there are a great many things you do not truly know about me."] He pauses for a moment. [+red "I am a vampire, Maven. It is not just a gimmick for my music. I have been this way for several hundred years. You know me simply as Lestat. But my full name is Lestat de Lioncourt. I was born in France, in the year 1760. I was turned in the year 1791."]

Keeping his gaze on the ceiling he tells her his history, the death of his family and fledglings, the creation of his band and music, his whirlwind love story, and tradegy with Jessie. When he is done, he turns to face her again. [+red "And there you have it. You know all of my secrets, though I doubt you believe me."] He says a bit sadly.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] Maven swung her feet out in the cooling night air, listening to the streets beneath her. It was familiar, being in small, winding streets with night markets and life in all of these summery crevices. She focused on that for the time being, the hard bite of the wine, and the cake's forgiving sponge.

That was until the knock on the door roused her attention and she glanced back, pausing. Her eyes moved to the open bottle of wine beside her.

"[B Did I order you a sibling?]" she mused softly, frowning and setting the plate aside. "[B I hope I didn't.]"

Gathering her footing, Maven sighed and stepped carefully over her indulgent setup to make it back to the French doors of the balcony to push through the lacy curtains and to the door of the suite.

Opening it, she was met with a face that she wasn't entirely sure she would ever see again and stepped back, confusion crossing before disquiet. Maven had since changed from street clothes to something comfortable, for staying in, and had slung her hair back in an attempt to save herself trouble later if she honestly couldn't set the bottle aside.

"[B Les-]" she hesitated on the words, glancing down at his hands and what they bore. Her eyes went immediately back to his. "[B What are you doing here?]"
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Marius smirks as the wind carries his name. [I That was certainly quick.] He thinks to himself. Shaking his head he goes back to his hunt. A lovely brunette will do. Once finished he goes to find his fledgling, though he hadn't been that in a long time now. Finding him sitting on a roof he sighs and sits next to him. [+blue "I believe you overreacted my friend."]

Lestat stays silent for a moment, though there was sadness in his gaze. [+red "Perhaps. But you are correct. She is not made for our world. I'll not have her share the same fate as Jessie."] He murmurs.

Marius sighs. [+blue "You little idiot. She is not as trusting or naive as Jessie was. You would see this if you stopped seeing her as her. This human loves your music and the things you can show her. And I do not like to see you unhappy. Go to her hotel, apologize."]

Lestat glances at him before nodding and jumping off the roof. Landing with the grace his kind possesses, he heads to her hotel. On the way he stops and picks up a supermarket bouquet. Once in the hotel he follows her scent and reaches her room. Sighing quietly he knocks on the door and waits. Apologies have never come easy to him, but Marius was right, she deserved one, and to know the truth about him.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] Maven stood there, helplessly, angry and alone again. Her chest hurt, and she felt so [i coddled] as she was left again by someone she would rather have talked to, and the man she had come out here to see in the first place.

Her hands were shaking, clenched, and she stamped her foot. "[B This isn't fair! None of you will [i talk] to me!]" she shouted into the night, feeling her fingernails cut into her palms. She dropped into a crouch, frustration pushing her fingers through her hair as she felt the threat of tears for a moment. Sharp. Maven took a breath and stood again, hearing the taxi driver calling for her in concern. She released her hands, turning sharply and poking her head into the taxi.

"[B Can you wait here a second? I need to pay my tab first.]"

With that she strode inside with a huff, approaching the bar again. The guy gave her a hesitant glance over. "[B Hey, about that message, can I leave it with you?]" she handed him the paper she had used for it. A where and a when about band practice. She... hoped he would show. She wasn't deaf, she had heard what he had said. Not bothering to look at her, talking as if she wasn't there. Her face twisted, frustrated all over again. She just wanted to know him, it was her dream come true to work with him. He had critique about her range, that meant maybe he knew what it [i was].

With that she left back to the taxi, the tender assuring her he would pass it on. "[B Take me to the Red Raven,]" she said, tapping the back seat. "[B We have a few stops to make.]"

She talked idly with the driver as they went, leaning her head on the back of the seat on her crossed arms. "[i Bad breakup, huh?]" he asked.

Her face pinched, sighing and turning her head away. She felt that threat again. "[B It didn't even get off the ground...]" she said softly.

Maven sighed, as they pulled up to the next tavern. Standing, Maven tipped the man and asked him to wait, jetting inside to leave the message that she needed to earlier. Next stop, the Crimson Swan.

Then, she retreated for the evening. It called for one last stop to the corner shop that was still open for a rather fine cake she would be eating all herself. Maybe the taxi driver was right, it certainly [i felt] like a breakup. He just left her. Just like that.

Once she was in her room she set out her choices. A bottle of dry, red wine and the cake and sat out on the balcony, letting her legs hand over the edge through the railings.

Thinking for a moment as she took a bite of the cake she sighed, "[B Marius, huh...]"
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Lestat notices her expression and lets out a sigh before pinching the bridge of his nose. He mentally counts to ten before speaking again. He knew that expression and hated being the cause of it. [+red "I apologize. That bar is not one that is safe for a woman to enter on their own. Not because I think you cannot protect yourself, but because those in there enjoy any act of cruelty. Plus there are certain rules for those that enter there, I had neglected to inform you of them, as I had never has need to before. You say those patrons would have helped you, but I can guarantee you they would not."]

He looks over as Marius leaves the bar and walks over to him, his gaze landing on her before flitting back to Lestat as he draws near. Mentally sighing, he decides to help his old friend. [+blue "Pardon my opinion, Young One, but Lestat is correct, as much as it pains me to admit it. The Admiral's Arms is not one of your well policed modern bars. This place is for the dregs of London, it is no place to a musician."] Hessys before turning to Lestat, and lower his voice enough that is seemed like he was trying to chastise him without her hearing, when in fact she could hear everything. [+blue "You are a complete fool Lestat. You know what kind of people frequent that bar. You could have gotten her killed, and then where would you be?"]

Lestat remains silent as he lets go of her arm and puts his hands in his pockets. He could see the anger and hurt in her gaze and did not think he could fix this. Just another fuck up. [+red "See to it she gets back to her band mates Marius. You need not worry about me leaving London, I can see that it will not happen now."] He says before walking away and vanishing into the night.

Marius sighs and mutters under his breath about idiotic fledglings never learning. He looks at Mavis and manages a polie smile that reveals his fangs. [+blue "I am assuming you came via taxi, i shall wait with you until one arrives. A word of caution, do not continue your pursuit of Lestat. Ever since he lossed Jessie, he has not been the same. He often seeks out dangerous things to remind himself that he still exists, but often forgets that not everyone is like him. He wrong to ask you to come here, for he has frequent this place for so long that he forgets the danger of it for others."] He falls silent as a taxi pulls up. [+blue "Go back to the light, Young One, there is nothing for you hers. But should you ever need aid, simply think or speak the name Marius, and I shall be there."] He says before walking away and vanishing in the same manner as Lestat.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] 'His next meal.' Mavis' face heated at that, her eyes narrowing on the man. That wasn't any of his business. She stood up from her half perch on the stool, bringing her head above his, eyes hard. "[B Okay, dude, listen-]"

A hand clamped down on her, yanking her hard away from the man and causing her to stumble a bit over the edge of the bar stool stand back to the floor. She caught herself on a stranger, apologizing, flustered, still catching up to how quick... As she got her balance, caught between the hand holding onto her, and then a third, final set of hands pulling her again out of the first stranger's grasp and into who she belatedly realized was Lestat's control.

She was beginning to feel distinctly like a girl in a movie, and not in a fun way. Her temper was already flaring, her body resisting being held again, head pulling away before Lestat made it to whisper to her. She growled something angry, hurt out in her mother tongue and did as she was told, face hot with embarrassment now. People were looking. She shook Lestat off as she stalked outside. Whatever weird little reverie about Lestat she had had for a moment was gone as she was pushed away. Her hands went to her pockets, thumb wrapping around the body of her folding knife.

In the cool night air, she caught her breath, looking around with half a mind to just leave. Her pride was wounded and she was incensed after all the manhandling.

Lestat soon joined her, a lecture on his tongue before he even crossed the distance to her. Mavis' fists clenched, her teeth giving an audible squeak as she fought the words threatening to tumble out before he finished. His hands on her, one of the few times he ever deigned to touch her, initiate any contact. And it was again in admonishment. That seemed to be this horrible theme with them.

She threw up her hands partway through, "[B No, Lestat, apparently I don't.]" Her knife was held - closed - in her palm. He informed her again of her frailty, of her unreliability. Ah, foolish mortal, wee dame, poor girl. It made her mad. It brought flashes of that first night to her mind's eye. This was nothing like that, why was he treating this exactly like that? She had frozen, she had been overpowered that day. That was [i different].

And not even a breath after that, nearly those exact words tumbled out of those fine lips of his just like some screen diva romantic lead.

"[B Lestat,]" she bit, the word harsh in her mouth. She paused, trying not to start a fight, breathing. Trying not to cause a scene. She huffed her breath out; voice controlled, even. "[B He was a creepy bartender. It's not a big deal, I was [i handling] it. You're acting like I'm walking into a den of monsters, not a bar.]"

She gestured to the open doors to the bar. "[B There's people everywhere! If I had a problem I would have asked for help, [i I'm not a child!]]" Mavis found her voice rising, eyes meeting his. She held his baffled gaze, or his amused gaze, whatever he was reflecting back at her with, resisting the urge now to throw his hands off. He was being gentle, and he was being concerned but she was so frustrated. She was so [i pitiable] in front of him.

Her hands hovered in the air, caught in her thoughts, lacking gesture as she tried with upheld palms to ask for a spare moment of silence so she could regather before he lectured her again. It was partially a warning. "[B You're making a lot of assumptions about how this [i foolish mortal] thinks, Lestat.]" She said, voice hard, but cooler than it had been, but there was venom in how she reworded his name calling.

Mavis looked up at him, realizing he really didn't know anything about her. What she did. Self defense classes, the knife in her pocket, nothing. All he saw was her anxiety around him, trying to make a good impression, caught between her wonder at his appearance before her, and in being so excited forgetting her surroundings. She likely [i was] pathetic and that made her feel suddenly hollow. Her eyes dropped, expression cracking a bit as she sighed, as if it would quell the angry heat inside of her. She could practically feel him gearing up for another slew. Mavis wanted out of here before the other man who grabbed her would come out, assuming he too would have another slew in store for her. Stupid foreigner. Silly girl. It made her sick.
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The creature stiffens and his smile is gone and his tone becomes cold. [+orange "Everyone knows of Lestat, or a some call him, the Brat Prince. What could someone like you want with him, if not to become his next meal?"] He asks in a sinister whisper.

Marius enters first and right away his gaze zeroes in on Mavis. As he gets closer he picks up the conversation and sighs before literally yanking her away. [+blue "Honestly. To not even know a flesh eating ghoul. What has happened to humanity."] He mutters before turning a glare on to the ghoul.

Lestat comes in and sighs as he sees Mavis behind Marius. He shakes his head as he sees the ghoul and bites back an angry hiss. Getting over to Mavis quickly he grabs her arm and pulls her against him, close enough that he can whisper in her ear. [+red "When I turn us around, hurry to the exit, but do not run. Stay outside. I will be there momentarily."] He says before turning them towards the door and all but pushing her towards it.

Once he sees her exit the bar he turns his gaze on the ghoul, his amber gaze flashing in the dim light. [+red "Now I thought there was a common rule of courtesy here. Or have such things been disregarded since my last visit?"] He says, his tone soft yet it still instilled fear in the creature.

[+orange "I meant no harm, no harm at all."] The ghoul says before whimpering as Marius appears behind him, blocking his escape.

[+blue "I think you did my friend. Why else would you call her Lestat's meal? You know the rules about revealing us to others, especially to humans. While we may choose to reveal ourselves if we should wish to, that is our choice. For someone else to attempt it, rings of a threat."] He says before looking to Lestat.

Lestat simply smirks before turning his back on the two. [+red "Do as you like Marius. We'll get a drink when you are finished."] He says before the ghoul lets out a fiendish wail. Lestat smirks even more before heading outside to check on Mavis. [+red "You know, when I said to leave a message I did not intend for you to come here on your own. Apparently my repeated warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Do you have any idea what could have happened to you had Marius and I not arrived? You would be dead, as none of the other patrons would have helped you. In fact they would have reveled in it. Do you understand now, why I had warned you? I had thought you had some common sense, but clearly I was wrong. You're just as foolish as all the other humans. You think you're invisible until you're staring death in the face."]

His tone was cold and harsh, but there was an undercurrent of worry and concern as well. His grip however was gentle as he grips her arm. [+red This is the last time I ask you to heed me. Do not roam about London on your own at night."]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] Making her way inside, Mavis noticed that there wasn't a line outside to get inside the place. She entered easily, the door open, the muggy breeze passing through into the smoky interior. She paused by the door, letting her eyes adjust, welcomed by the wailing tune of a singer. She blinked, looking at the couches and the tables all full of people languishing all over one another.

In some cases languishing was a deep understatement with the level of involvement she saw. Her brows arched. It was like the 00's again, for what she remembered of her ill-advised, teenage clubbing days in Belfast, Berlin and home sweet home. She sucked her teeth, averting her eyes with a bit of a smile and waded her way to the bar.

There, she caught the tender after a few tries. He was a tall, lean individual with a defiant mohawk that somehow still had bounce to the ends. He leaned so close the tips of his hair tickled her forehead as she leanedin to try and speak to him over the music.

He flicked his head to the side, a ghoulish grin on his face with too many teeth, but there was a coy sort of humor in his eyes. "[+orange Your perfume is fantastic...]" he crooned.

Mavis blinked, shocked, and laughed a tittering pass-off, waving her hand. "[B Oh, I'm not wearing any. But, thank you! I'm happy I smell clean after all this heat this week!]" She smiled at him.

He stayed close, speaking at a low tone she could somehow hear just fine over the music, feeling like she herself had to be just shy of shouting. His head tipped, "[+orange Can't see your foundation line either, nice blending...]" His eyes rolled towards her.

Her brows arched, leaning back immediately, "[B Okay, um. Thanks man, but I'm just here to leave a message,]" she said, keeping her tone personable, but her gaze guarded. This might be a place, she thought, to come with a group in the future. Not alone. Aspen was busy, and so were the others. She preferred generally to go with Aspen so they did get talked to, because the boys kept most conversation away from them just by being there. It was a blessing when it was needed.

"[B I- feel kind of foolish, but do you know Lestat?]"
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Marius grumbles under his breath as Lestat explains that he would be leaving and had no present time on when, or if he would return. [+blue "Fine Lestat, but you'd best not do anything foolish. I won't be there to help you, and the other covens are not like ours. Now, how about one last visit to our old bar huh? A proper goodbye for now."]

Lestat smiles a bit sadly and simply follows his old friend and mentor to the Admiral's Arms. This place held so many memories, maybe he would return someday. Who knows.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] Mavis' face fell a little before she tipped her head, wrapping her head around how he likely communicated without. Her eyes caught on the tip of a fang, feeling something tighten in her at the sight of it, and raised to the look on his face. It was softer than she was used to on him, his confident guarded aspects, always looking like he was hiding or resisting something. The glimmer in his eyes was gentler it seemed. It didn't come as a reflection of something, she noticed additionally. His eyes glowed like an ember of a dying fire in the back of a grate as he looked to her. Odd. She wondered if it was lenses..

The human's attention snapped to his next statement.

"[B That's so far from here,]" she protested, brow creasing. "[B I'm sorry to have taken you so far afield-]" Her heart sank a bit, feeling bad since he was leaving so soon, here just at her behest did he even make the appearance, and to a lackluster performance no less. She bit her lip a bit, "[B But- I will. I promise.]" Her head dipped a little lower, feeling a bit flustered, and looked to him through her lashes. "[B Thank you for visiting, at least. I hope your meeting goes well.]"

With that he'd likely disappear into the crowd as he was wont to. Mavis stood there a moment, feeling not a bit like she had cooled down after the stage lights and taking her eyes from him to allow him his exit. Her head was abuzz, and it wasn't just with a dehydrated indulgence in the drink he had gotten for her. Something about him letting her stand so close in the loudness of the club, his eyes on her, his [i smile] was making her realize what she had just asked of him. Stay. Please.

Mavis felt her face flush, looking away, down into her drink. She finished it, and went to return to her band mates for shelter, feeling as if things weren't in focus, weren't real. It wasn't the alcohol. It was not only that she had asked him to come along, but that he had agreed.

The next night, after they had all parted ways for their second night at that club, Mavis was walking down the street on her own again... Her phone was out, making her way to the Admiral's Arms because she still couldn't sit still. So, she was using the maps so that she could make it, easily before close, and catch one of the taxis probably lined up outside near that time, after a cocktail or something.

She could smell the heavy incense, and something underneath. Kind of like the smell of reptiles, but sootier, older as she started wending her way down through the alleys and quiet streets. She smiled at a couple who walked past, their eyes glinting in the distant streetlight, eyes returning forwards. She wondered who Lestat's friend was... what kind of company he kept.
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He smiles apologetically, her fangs poking out slightly. [+red "I do not have a cellphone unfortunately. I have had no need for one. However, you can leave a message at the Admiral's Arms. It's a bar I like to frequent more often than Crimson Swan or Red Raven. Simply tell them my name, and I'll get the message when I get there."] He says quietly. [+red "Now I think it best if we return you to your band, I have a meeting with an old friend in a few hours."] He says, which was true, Marius just didn't know it yet.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] Maven's eyes widened, something raw and hopeful lighting across her features, closely followed by a bewildered, excited smile. Her hand met the cool cup of his palm.

"[B It's a deal then! I'm- really happy about that,]" Her smile widened before it curled a bit, bashfully, and she tucked some of her hair behind her ear.

"[B I look forward to whatever secrets you have in store for me,]" she said, letting him have his hand back.

She would talk to the band about his potential assistance another time. In the meantime she was overjoyed he was coming along at all. "[B Is there a way I can reach you? So I can tell you when we can have you over?]"
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He thinks about leaving London and traveling again. He had done it before, with his band, so it would not be new. He tilts his head back, amber gaze fixed on the ceiling as he thinks. There was nothing keeping him here save ghosts and old memories. Perhaps it would be good for him to travel, it was either that or go for a long sleep. Coming to a decision, he smiles and holds a hand out to her. [+red "I shall join you, it will do me well to travel abroad again, and who knows, perhaps during free periods I shall show you more forgotten places."] He would have to let Marius know,it wouldn't do for him to worry and chase after him.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] "[B We are blending those,]" Maven said, setting her near-finished glass aside and gesturing to cross her fingers. "[B And I will. It may entail coming to band practice sometimes, seeing how we do it and if you all get along. They're an energetic bunch, they tire me out on occasion.]"

"[B Nothing like that,]" she asserted, cutting the air with her hand, brow pressing. "[B If anything, would you be interested in helping vocally? I know I need it,]" she said, her gaze up at him gaining a bit of a self conscious slant before it slid away.

"[B We won't be in London forever,]" the woman added, eyes moving over the crowds, one hand rubbing up along her arm, fingertip playing over the texture of a later-discovered scab from when she fell the other day with him on her elbow. "[B I'm hoping at least we can keep in touch, if that would be something you'd be alright with.]"
  Tweedy / 167d 7h 26m 34s
He stays silent for a few minutes, contemplating her invitation to join them. [+red "Its an intriguing offer, but I'm not certain what I could offer to your group. I have never done your genre of music before. Its either rock and roll, or melodies on the violin. I do not know anything else."] He says softly. And it was true, while he loved playing the violin, rock and roll and had helped him come alive, and now that too was gone for him.

[+red "Speak with your band first, and if need be, I shall audition. I do not wish for you to add me simply because of who I am, I would prefer to earn my place."] He says. It was a matter of pride for him. He never liked handouts when he was alive, and now was no different.
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