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Lestat had lost the love of his existence the minute he chose to drain her in order to destroy Akasha. Now many years later, a musician has caught his eye, whether for good or ill. This musician resembles his lost love a great deal. Will he pursue, or let her fade amongst the other humans he exists around?


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Maven glanced at him, putting a hand up to tap his arm, "[B Sorry,]" she said, giving him a bit more space again when the heavy cart and crew members departed.

But when his words registered a bit she arched a brow at him, giving the fellow in front of her a glance over. Appraising eyes seemed to consider that a moment, and though she didn't make a comment aloud, it didn't seem like she was turned off by the idea, having taken his comment as innuendo and jest. "[B Don't threaten me with a good time, rock star,]" she responded.

Her gaze returned to him, anticipation blooming in her. She adored gothic revival architecture, and she resisted the urge to get any closer to him as a result, clasping her hands. "[B That means it's the best exploring, with someone who knows it all,]" Maven said, givign him a smile. "[B I want to see it all. Little glimpses of the old world in between the slats of the new.]"

Looking around the studio a bit as it seemed space was becoming scarce a bit, Maven getting shuffled a bit towards Lestat again with the movement of people. With the interviews finished and the crew moving for teardown, she felt it was time to go. She tapped at his arm again, "[B Let's get out of here,]" and gave a nod towards an exit.
  Tweedy / 23d 19h 21m 58s
He feels a small jolt as she brushes up against him. If he were still human, he was certain he would be red in embarrassment, not from her being close to him, but the reaction he had. Subtly taking a step away, he shakes his head in amusement. [+red "Careful Little Musician, get any closer and I may be tempted to take a bite."] It may seem like he was teasing, but he was being honest. Blood always calls to him, but hers seems to be even more alluring. [+red "I do not know if I would call it exploring, for me at least. Though I'm sure you will enjoy the area. Most of the designs were old gothic, back when Frankenstein and Dracula were just little thoughts in their authors minds."]
  KathyCross / 23d 21h 50m 22s
Maven, skillful at deluding herself as any person is, pretended that the smile she got from him didn't summon a warmth inside of her. It was an honest smile that he gave this time. Not a sneer, nothing teasing. It seemed genuine. And the idea that he was keen on keeping his promise to her added to it. Maven had been most certain that he was just humoring her the other night over drinks, making a flippant comment.

A smile of her own summoned at his comment on tedium. "[B Well, allow me to take your attention from it, then. I've got time, and I'm restless.]"

Glancing to the side and seeing oncoming crew with set and equipment, Maven took a step closer to Lestat to clear the way for them. Once there, she looked up at him, smiling softly as excitement at the prospect of [i going out] with him came up a bit more really.

"[B Let's go exploring.]"
  Tweedy / 24d 15h 34m 46s
A soft laugh escapes his lips as she all but stutters her sentence. A soft smile crosses his lips as he waits for her to properly form her words. [+red "I gave you my word to give you the tour, and I'm not one to go back on it."] He shakes his head when asked if he needed to do anything else before being free. [+red "Thankfully, this interview was the only thing I had to do today. I may enjoy making music, but I am not one for the paparazzi or interviews. I find it very tedious if I am being honest. But, it comes with the territory, so I'm afraid I cannot complain as much as I would like."]
  KathyCross / 34d 3h 39m 0s
Maven startled hard, taking a step back and almost squaring up to the man when he all but appeared beside her.

She hissed a bit, pushing a hand over her hair, "[B God, you read minds, don't you! How else do you keep appearing the moment I think about you?]" the woman accused with a shake of her head and looked away from him, feeling her face heat.

She closed out her phone from the text she was drafting to Oliver from the other evening with a sigh and pocketed it, turning her attention to Lestat now that he was here.

She felt a little stab of uncertainty at his apology. It shouldn't matter, it wasn't like they were friends or anything and he bailed on her. He just happened to keep appearing in places she was. [size10 Unless he was looking for you...? Maybe he wants to be?] He was offering to give her that tour she had (half) jokingly suggested. Something gripped at her heart that felt like excitement and made it flutter a bit with the grasp.

"[B That's good though, did you have a nice time?]"

He was apparently here for a perfectly logical reason, which was to also get an interview with this same network. Lovely, the old rockstar's return was beginning to feel so- would it overshadow their band at all, she wondered? He was a cult classic, after all... Much more mainstream in her world, at least. Something big and untouchable and beautiful and far away.

Maven lingered at the edge of the set, watching from offscreen as Lestat sat and laughed and smiled, pleased with the attention on him. He looked almost shining under the studio lights, his hair looking a myriad of blond and brown. And the nice thing about him being preoccupied meant that she could stare without his notice. Always a gift. And so she did.

Maven wasn't a voyeur, no, but she was a studier. She looked at the qualities people had around her, finding what made them interesting and individual. Her eyes traced his features; a straight nose, the smile lines on his face as his lips pulled back from fangs. They looked real. They matched the rest of his teeth perfectly and didn't look set in at all. Maven wondered if he had gotten caps. Something permanent and expensive.

But her attention snapped back into reality when Lestat's little pet name for her came up. Little raven. A little raven had given him the idea. She felt another roll of warmth over her, making her insides shudder with self-conscious glee. Surely he was joking! But it certainly was a bold, flattering thought to have inspired him, even in part. Her hands closed around her phone.

Her eyes followed him as he walked back out of the lighted area again. She stayed where she was, watching him slink along as he did. He certainly liked to walk like he owned those slim, second skin leather pants. She wouldn't lie, his style had inspired hers a bit way back when. Leather pants for her, however, weren't ever something she wriggled into, as good as they would look. She just hated peeling them off again. Her eyes arose back from his legs when he came back up to her, wondering if- oops. Was she staring? She hoped he wasn't going to take that negatively, oops, oops.

"[B Hey,]" she greeted him softly. "[B You- I would- um. English.]" she flattened her hand out in a stern gesture, breath huffing through her nose as she stuttered as hard as she did. Try again.

"[B Tour sounds great. I'm actually glad you remembered that. When are you free?]" Her head tipped a bit, glancing over Lestat before her, "[B Any more attention you need to bask in, rockstar?]"
  Tweedy / 48d 10h 40m 18s
[+red "So, vampires are your favorite monster are they? I should feel flattered."] Lestat says as he all but appears out of nowhere by her side. He lets out a soft laugh upon seeing her startled look. [+red "My apologies Little Muscian, it was not my intent to startle you."] He waits for her heartbeat to settle into a steadier pace before speaking again. [+red "I apologize for up and leaving last night. But I bumped into a very old friend of mine, he is not often in this area, so I decided to make the most of it."] Before he can start another sentence a backstage person taps him on the arm. [b "Its almost time."] He nods before turning back to Maven, [+red "I have to get this interview done, but after let me know if you still want that tour."] Smiling he nods to her and follows the stagehand to the interview area.

[b "So Lestat, what made you decide to revive your band?"]

[+red "Let's just say a little raven gave me the idea."] He says with a smile. The interviewer pauses for a moment, blush dusting her cheeks.

[b "Will you only be doing one concert like you did in Death Valley?"]

[+red "I don't really know. I may, I may not, you'll just have to see."] And in truth, he didn't really know, it all depended on how long the idea stuck with him.

[b "Okay, last question, pretend you actually are a vampire, how would you view humanity?"]

A soft laugh escapes his lips, pretend to be what he actually is. He shake his head and smiles a fang revealing smile. [+red "Humans should cherish the little bit of years they have, they never know when their little flame of life will be snuffed out."]

The interviewer smiles a bit before they cut to commercial. Lestat wastes no time and heads backstage once more. That was one part he did not miss, the interviews, always so tedious.
  KathyCross / 49d 5h 19m 57s
"[i And what do you think of vampires?]"

Maven laughed a little, tucking some of her hair behind her ear and glancing away from the interviewer. "[B They're my favorite monster. I like their duality between the monstrous, and the sort of seductive, dangerous beauty type of thing that hides the monster facets.]"

"[i Do you wish they were real?]"

Maven sat back a bit in her chair, gazing in thought, a hum on her tongue. "[B Mm, I don't know. I like the idea, I think. But- that is knowing that there's- only mortals stalking me in the night. Because- you know there's nasty people everywhere. I don't know what I would do if I met one... you know?]"

She finished the interview with thanks, and a handshake from the woman. The nice thing about her was that she hadn't asked about what cup size she was, what her sexual anythings were... That was her biggest fear now that interviews were a potential reality. This had been her only one, with the band. But she was glad to be finished with it.

She glanced down at her phone now that she was off of the set, seeing Oliver's name lit up in a notification. The evening they had met had ended with Oliver showing back up to the bar and telling her that Lestat had split with some old guy, an old friend. She didn't remember quite clearly if he meant old like they had known one another or if the other person was an elderly gentleman. It didn't matter. She squashed the little trickle of disappointment and went on with her evening.

But it sat with her the things that he said. Insisting on her being in constant danger, of being so frail and weak and unknowing. It was chafing on her. Did she really seem so pathetic? It made her feel disgusting... But a big, full of himself celebrity like him probably didn't give a shit how he came across.

She pocketed her phone again and started back to grab her things.
  Tweedy / 49d 9h 58m 40s
Marius gazes at the young one in front of him, a hint of amusement shining in his gaze. [b "That used to be the case, before they lost one of their own. Now, should they feel we are a threat, they will alert the hunters, and we will have another war on our hands."] Guilt flashes through Lestat's gaze before he hides it away. He knows that it is due to his actions, along with Akasha's that things had become the way they were. [+red "The girl intrigues me for reasons that shall remain my own. I do not need to explain my actions to an infant who had not even lost his heart beat yet."] Marius let's out a soft sigh and places a hand on Lestat's shoulder. [b "Come now. Do not pick a fight on the very night I come to see you. Show me around, it's been quite a few years since I've been here."] Nodding slightly Lestat pulls himself free and walks away. Marius waits a moment before speaking to Oliver. [b "Advice the others not to antagonize him. Do not forget he and Akasha nearly drove this world back into the dark ages. I do not wish to deal with that a second time. We cannot afford it this time around. The humans would fight back, and I'm afraid to say that we would lose."] With that last sentence he follows behind Lestat and vanishes into the night.
  KathyCross / 56d 18h 2m 0s
[right [pic]] Oliver kept himself still, watching Lestat. The man wasn't pleased with him before when in the company of humans, and he had no idea how he would respond one on one like this. And seeing the look in his eyes as the pther vampire turned to him, he felt a little trickle of fear well in him... And anticipation.

Something about immortality now and again made him reckless. And Oliver wondered to himself if he was seeking something destructive, or honestly curious. Looking to learn some insight from an elder vampire.

The taste of something even headier, however, bloomed on the air as another vampire's essence overtook Lestat's. And now, seeing the two bodies, Oliver realized that ancient thing he had tasted, that [i presence] was this other vampire. The power trickling along his skin, making his hair stand on end at the back of his neck. It was this ancient one. And he was very near to Oliver, stepping into the alleyway with them.

"[+goldenrod And- age hasn't lost you your interest in life?]" Oliver asked, curiosity on his tongue. "[+goldenrod Or... just because she hearkens back to yours?]"

He was but an embryo, it felt, next to the combined stock of this Marius and Lestat. But at least Lestat- his age, Oliver would say as he rolled what he felt like around in his mind, in the pit of his stomach... 3 centuries and some change? A rough estimate, but it was a fathomable age to him. 1700's. Palpable. History. But Marius- he seethed with the quiescent pendulousness that he would imagine a mountain would, if it were to be conscious. Could be tasted like Oliver knew how.

Fascination filled him. Questions. Yearning teased at Oliver, but he stayed silent.

But a question came from him before he could be quiet. "[+goldenrod Don't the Telemascans just observe? Not a part of it?]"
  Tweedy / 56d 18h 13m 51s
Lestat lets out a soft sigh as the woman's body goes limp and falls to the ground. Irritation fills his gaze as he turns to face the young immortal. However before he can form a retort, another voice calls out [b "I would like to know that as well."] Stepping out from the shadows Marius let's out a small chuckle upon seeing the look of surprise on their faces. [b "Come now, surely you knew I would check in on you, once in a while."]
Lestat simply shakes his head, a smirk crossing his lips. [+red "Always a flair for the theatrics, huh Marius?"] Marius does an overdone bow before standing up straight again. [b "Of course. Now then, please answer the young ones question. I myself am curious as well."] Letting out another sigh, Lestar simply leans against the wall behind him, the body of his victim obscured by his shadow. [+red "The musician does not provide for me. I am well off enough that I need no ones aid in that regard. As it stands, she simply intrigues me for her resemblance to someone I once knew. I simply wish to observe her, and I cannot do that if she is dead. Protecting her entourage simply happened. You know how the media now a days reacts to the deaths of celebrities. A hooker they do not care, but a well known band, well they will investigate, and we do not need the Telemascans, or the hunters after us."] Marius listens quietly before sighing softly. [b "You do make a fair point, but you cannot always be around to protect them."] [+red "I'm well aware of that, and nor do I plan to. The minute my intrigue is satisfied I shall step away."] He was lying, but they did not need to know that.
  KathyCross / 57d 6h 24m 39s
[right [pic]] Presently, Oliver's curiosity got the better of him. Why had Lestat chosen this human to hover around? Certainly, she smelled rich, vibrant and alive, and he had all the fascination with her aspects as he did with many mortals. But what attachment could she possibly give him?

"[+goldenrod I'm going to go get a drink,]" he said, tapping Maven on the arm. "[+goldenrod If I'm not back by the time you leave, it was a pleasure meeting you.]"

"[B Here,]" Maven said, grabbing another card. "[B Keep in touch. It's always nice to find another like-minded bat running around here.]"

His smile widened, making a show of tucking the card in his inner pocket, and then making a bow to the both of the women. He took his leave, then, following the vague thrum of Lestat's presence. He left a trail, like ripples in water. But he had a tinge of scent to him. Something ancient lurked in him. Something alive.

And soon he was following the man and for a bit keeping himself relatively hidden as he could. The nice thing about being a young vampire, despite his self consciousness about it, was that you could fly relatively under the radar. He wasn't skilled enough to hide himself, yet. But he was just madiocre enough just to be passed. Call it a skill.

Until he was the only beating heart in the alleyway, when Lestat finished off his victim. Oliver still held the little scotch glass with his whiskey in it that he had stolen- out of habit- in his hand.

The blond vampire leaned his shoulder on the corner of the whitewashed building, gazing at Lestat, and crossed his ankle over the other. He took a sip of the alcohol in his hand, swishing it around his mouth, his teeth, feeling the dry sting, and then spit it out onto the pavestones.

"[+goldenrod Indulge a young whelp,]" he called softly to the other. "[+goldenrod Why protect a mortal, and her entourage, no less- if you did not want her for yourself?]"

"[+goldenrod Does she provide for you financially?]"
  Tweedy / 57d 14h 53m 47s
Aspen's face grew still, looking to Lestat with a surprised scowl on her face. "[+purple God, you sound like my grandpa.]"

Maven had to laugh, "[B Lestat, you're a little late in the evening. Oliver made the same comment, and you'll find Aspen is a bit too lesbian to have that issue.]"

Ah, there was that pet name again. Nickname. That was it. Stop being weird, and thank goodness your thoughts are only your own. No one need know your embarrassment. The idea of touring with him was exciting however.

Aspen and Maven watched him disappear into the mash of people.

With ears gone, Aspen glanced between Oliver and Maven. "[+purple He's not as fun as I hoped he would be.]"

Maven looked at her, pursing her lips a bit, feeling the urge to apologize for him. "[B Well, he's a little older than us.]" At this Oliver rolled his eyes in what appeared agreement, because the girls had no idea. He himself was a might older than them, a young man in the 1980's, and now something close to 57 with the same face as these cute mortals.

The German frowned, "[B I don't know, of course he's going to be different than what we see on TV. We all have personas we give them. But- it seems like a fire's gone out of him. He was so-]" she pushed her mouth to the side, screwing up her face a bit as she reached for the words. "[B Dimmer. That's what it is. There's less flames. Maybe he's sad, too.]"

Aspen sighed, shoulders slumping a little and Oliver tipped his head to the side a bit, eyes following after the direction of the elder. He wanted to comment, to say that that happened with those on the precipice of 'ancient'. Immortals, truly, weren't that everlasting. And he had a sense, a wonder, if Lestat was nearing his precipice. He didn't have the stink on him, however. Well groomed as always. He remembered the outrage the brat prince had given the community seventeen years ago. His 'death' and disappearance. But it seemed the roach was clever, and still remained.

Aspen arched her brows at Maven though, "[+purple Well, well, who knew you had so much game!]" she nudged the taller woman who laughed a bit, shrugging. "[+purple When are you going to tell him we're leaving for Paris in a week, though?]"

Maven shrugged. "[B He's a big boy, he can ask me. Invitation's open to whenever. That's saying he wants anything more than to network with me.]" He did say he was reinvigorating his band. It was general coversation between musicians, collaborations and such thrown about easily. But, he did say it so soon. Perhaps he really was inspired. By... her?

Maven's eyes cut to the side, immediately quashing that idea. Stop assuming. He saved your stupid ass from a bunch of randos, and then happened by you on a goth circuit of bars. It's nothing.

But her thoughts were drifing again, listening to Aspen, Oliver and the rest talking. It was generally her part in conversation, to listen. She listened a lot. Only thing with Lestat was he didn't talk a lot, and so she had to compensate. Or, he caught her coming down off of terror and adrenaline where she [i couldn't] stop talking.

  Tweedy / 59d 12h 19m 13s
Lestar shakes his head at Aspen attempted to flirt with him and Oliver. [+red "Careful with whom you tease, you may not enjoy it when their attention is on you."] He says quietly. His gaze goes back to Maven she makes a joke about him being scared. [+red "No, Litte Muscian, I am not scared. I haven't felt fear in many years."] And in truth hadn't, not since he had held Jesse's body until cooled. [+red "I will show some of the places I took inspiration from for some of my old music videos. But that will have to wait for another night. If you will all excuse me."] With that last sentence he walks away and blends in with the rest of the bar patrons. He had no intention of leaving while they were still here and among vampires, but it was becoming difficult for him to ignore his thirst and still appear intrigued by their chatter.
  KathyCross / 57d 22h 46m 41s
The band laughed along as well, catching his on-brand joke, though they assumed it was for coloring his persona.

Maven gave an exasperated puff, "[B These weak Englishmen are too soft for absinthe, too. I can't find a proper one anywhere, even here! Your bars don't think little Eastern European bats like us want the tough stuff, I suppose?]" the foreigner joked, half serious, waving her free hand towards the bar with a shake of her head.

Nils and Rye gave a toast in Finnish to her on that, raising their glasses, and Aspen stuck her tongue out. "[+purple Gross, no thanks. I'd rather take a tall drink of water,]" the tiny woman crooned, humor in her gaze as she nodded towards Lestat. She winked, all in good humor, and waggled her eyebrows at Oliver, beside Lestat who laughed, putting a hand up as if to hide his face, porcelain cheeks in no way reddening.

"[B I think you will do fabulously,]" Maven said to him, giving him an appraising look. "[B Don't tell me you're scared, big vampire?]"

Maven frowned a little at that, hearing him wistful, worrying. Again, he was quick to change moods, it seemed. Perhaps something was bothering him like it had been the last time they met. But she endeavored to put a little, crooked grin on her face for him, not sure how yet to treat these moods. It was a weekend, this was the fun stuff. She would try and be distracting and chipper for him.

"[B Running away to join a band isn't living it to the best? My, my, you've got standards I don't yet comprehend, sir.]" She nudged his arm a bit, making an effort to keep light. "[B Besides, I've got a very patient therapist for whatever else I've got on my mind.]"

Anders set his drink on the table, "[+red Gods, mine is a saint.]"
  Tweedy / 59d 12h 51m 4s
[+red "I'm good for right now, thank you. As it stands, they don't care my preferred drink. Too high in iron they said."] Several of the vampires let out amused chuckles, knowing that he meant he preferred blood over alcohol. Sadness fills Lestat's eyes as Maven speaks of mortality. He quickly tries to hide it and puts a small smile on his lips. [+red "If that is what you would like, then I shall endeavor to do my best."] He pauses for a moment before taking her card. As he looks it over his posture stiffens as her scent hits him full force. Taking a discreet step away he puts her card into his jacket pocket. [+red "I would not be so focused on mortality that it becomes your main thought. You only have one life, live it to the best of your extent. You never know when you're own mortality with end."] His voice had grown sad towards the end. While many of the vampires relished in being immortal, he did not. He constantly felt alone, and he knew that he would always be alone, until the end of days.
  KathyCross / 59d 13h 28m 19s

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