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[h3 [center MECHA]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/goJwEM5.jpg]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/eKfkUYX.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/82Ui3aU.jpg]

[b Username: Dragoncita]

Name: Avrictus Yavudrrun

Alias: Four arms and Brute , occasionally called 'Rick' for short by Daitaro

Age: Actual Age - About 137 years old
In Human Form - Appears to be mid to later teens

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance: In his true form, Avrictus is close to 10ft in height and pretty hefty. As a Megasaurian, he is equipped with 2 pairs of muscular arms, a powerful tail, wicked claws, and a tough layer of scales. His scales are several different hues of blue, a row of dark blue spines running down his back to the tip of his tail. Avrictus also has a pair of black horns upon his head. His blood is an unnatural bright, glowing golden hue
Human form, is seemingly the complete opposite of his true form. Avrictus is only about 5ft and 9in. His skin tone is pale, a top his head a mess of black hair. He's rather scrawny, but nothing too extreme. Avrictus' eyes are a pale purple
Usually Avrictus wears clothing that is breathable and gives him mobility, so nothing too loose, and nothing too tight. He wears a special [https://i.imgur.com/fej20K8.jpg bracelet]. The bracelet was crafted by none other than Daitaro. It was built with some pretty high tech which in turn, gives Avrictus his 'human' form.

Biography: Avrictus originally wasn't suppose to be where he is now. Being the son of a beast whom is a Major Galactic Criminal Lord, well, he was suppose to step up to the plate and be the 'big bad boss' his father wanted him to be. This, however, didn't go as planned.
Instead, Avrictus really had no interest in the Criminal Organization Empire created by his father. No, he was more so interested in exploring the outer realms of the galaxy without fear of the rest of the worlds trying to kill or capture him. Though, being who and what he was, as well as the ever watchful and demanding presence of his father, Avrictus was instead stuck with brutish ways.
Eventually though, he managed to sneak out, escaping on a hijacked spacecraft. He, of course only knowing the savage ways that were drilled into his head, did release the pilot, but then forced the pilot to drive the ship away to safety.
Once pulling into a port far away, Avrictus left the hijacked ship, though being his size, he couldn't exactly blend in with the rest of the population. Pretty much lost and alone, Avrictus seemed more like a lost child. It was by chance, he was found and befriended the tech and mecha pilot known as Daitaro.

Personality: Avrictus may come off as a cruel brute at first, but that was just the way he was raised.
He's been trying to get better at being 'nice' and 'asking' for things instead of using force and intimidation, though he can pull these tricks out in a moments notice
When introduced to a new environment, etc., he seems to revert to an almost childish state, usually being extremely curious and occasionally getting into trouble without meaning to

Species: Megasaurian
Origin: Originally, the Megasaurians come from the Planet Zeron E11

Occupation: Currently living and helping Daitaro with his projects
Rank: N/A
[h3 [center Daitaro]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/9aR6vAy.png]

[pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/godeater/images/8/8b/Aragamisoldier-Buster.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130125140445]

[b Username: Dragoncita]

Name: Daitaro Sasako

Alias: Tin arm , Genesis

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Appearance: Daitaro is an average height male, being close to 6ft, but not quite, more like 5ft and 6in. Skin tone is a very lightly tanned, blonde hair, and eyes an emerald green. From finger tip to elbow, both his hands and forearms are metallic/mechanical.
A simple black pair of pants, work boots, long jacket with a long sleeved shirt underneath is his choice of clothing. Also tends to wear a simple hat on his head.

Biography: Despite being young, Daitaro is definitely way ahead of the game. Even when in childhood, he was considered a prodigy, figuring out usually intense and difficult situations with ease. He exceled with electronics and technology, beginning with minor robots.
Though as he grew older, he set his sights on bigger, more complex designs and creations. As such, Daitaro has created several mech units. He has been highly sought after by several different galactic nations in order to create mech units.
He had been in a market place when he came upon the child-like Avrictus. Despite the other's brutish appearance, he approached while others ran. He offered the Megasaurian a place to stay, though there was of course a catch. Avrictus would need to pull his weight, and help Daitaro, which in turn he did.
Now, he is quite happy with his new friend and companion

Personality: As a child, Daitaro didn't quite fit in with the rest of his classmates. Having a more intelligent outlook and genius streak, he often preferred keeping to himself with his books and small contraptions
Daitaro is calculating and observant. He picks up on things swiftly, reading body language, etc. with little effort

Species: Augmented Human
Origin: Originally from Earth, though has explored several other planets

Occupation: Mecha Pilot and Builder
Rank: N/A

Mech Unit: [b [i *Genesis*]]
One of the first mechs ever built by Daitaro. As such, it has had plenty of upgrades since when it had first been built. Most likely even in the future, it will still be getting upgrades when Daitaro sees it fit.
Genesis is 'humanoid' in appearance, being mostly bipedal. It is not the largest of mechs, but is still more than capable of holding it's own against powerful threats. It is surprisingly agile and quick for a mech, being able to flip, land back on its feet, and so forth. Though Genesis relies mostly on hit-and-run tactics
The mech wields what appears to be a massive busterblade. Through some strange tech, the same busterblade can transform into a great cannon.

[h3 Possible mechs for Avrictus]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/idrryXw.jpg]

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/004/409/817/large/alice-bruderer-gunwalker-1200.jpg?1483510688]

[pic https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/012/405/656/large/alice-bruderer-doodleman-2-1000.jpg?1534637611]

[pic https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/006/732/614/large/heng-z-6.jpg?1500866103]

[pic https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/008/465/344/large/lon-whon-171211.jpg?1512976097]

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/014/863/809/large/yeongjin-jeon-ironcape1.jpg?1545973749]
  -:MECHA:- / Dragoncita / 5d 21h 14m 9s
Recently started playing, enjoying it, as made by the same people that made the [b Godeater] Series
[h3 [center Video Game: Code Vein]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/qnATII3.gif]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/fN8AVuy.gif]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/wQNlgp3.gif]
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 15d 7h 57m 30s
[h3 [center Naberius: Old Profile]]
[center [b [u *Human Form]]]
[pic http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_JxNAfb8ronA/S9VBfufa8sI/Ab4/-iQlsBkboPg/s1600/EvilAnime3.png]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/LGGnzLQ.jpg]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/9YNaAOz.jpg]

[hr ]

[center [b [u *Demon form*]]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/mmD8r.jpg]
[h3 Basic Skelly]
[b Name: Naberius]
Age: Depends
Species: Usually a demon though can be a vampire
Other Info: He has his true form, though mostly stays human in order to not draw attention to himself
The only hint that shows he isn't human is the air tends to get hotter around him. Not to mention, when he's hungry, his eyes glow a brighter red and his stomach starts growling
[h3 [center Favorite Posts]]
Naberius had sensed he had been spotted. He made no move as his hidden eyes came to settle on the female. She was staring straight at him.
[#8f000e ~Damn't~] he thought [#8f000e ~Stupid daytime...damn'tdamn'tdamn't~].
The demon finally allowed his red eyes to slow glow from the darkness. Might as well let himself be fully known. Besides, he could sense her fear. His pupils narrowed, almost serpentine as he glared at her. However, Naberius said nothing, only glared at her, growling softly.

[hr ]

He laughed at her reply. Well, he had to give her credit, this one wasn't stupid...which meant an even greater challenge. The demon's red eyes glowed brightly as her fear rolled off of her in waves. He made no move to stop her, knowing he could easily track her, especially now that he had her scent memorized.
Besides, the hunting was the best part for him. The demon preferred his prey to run before finally taking them down. It made things...interesting for him. Naberius turned around, seemingly disappearing, but then reappearing before her.
The demon grabbed her by the wrist, growling low, heat rolling off of his form, [#8f000e "Ahahah, now where do you think you're going?"]

[hr ]

Naberius looked up, his eyes glowing brightly with rage. He started to stumble along, using the wall as support.
[#8f000e ~Oh you've done it now~] he thought to himself, growling low [#8f000e ~You're not going to be given the choice of dieing fast, I'm going to make your life a living [b hell]~].

[hr ]

[#7a000b "Seems we rrran into some trrrouble,"] he growled, his 'r's sounding more like growls as he glared at her with his red eyes. The pupils thin slits, soon lost in the vast redness of his eyes.
Naberius' eyes shifted downwards, seeing her wound...and the blood. Without thinking he reached his hand downwards, allowing it to be soaked in her blood. He then brought his hand back towards his face. The demon then licked the blood, giving a soft moan suddenly.
He looked back to her, [#7a000b "Yourrr blood...it's so...I don't know, but it is nothing like I've tasted in my long life."]
Naberius then proceeded to finish 'cleaning' his hand, seemingly purring. It was intoxicating...her blood. It was true, it was different than any other human's blood he had tasted before.

[hr ]

He barely heard her, ripping apart the body. The demon snapped up anything that was edible, even crushing a few of the smaller bones in his strong jaws. Naberius continued to feed, moving on to the next male, and then the next.
The demon soon gorged himself till he could feed no more. His form shimmered, changing back to human. He shook his head, still fuzzy on what exactly happened. The only thing he truly remembered was the woman's sweet blood...and the need for more.
But right off, he didn't feel like moving. He gave a soft sigh, using the sleeve of his coat to wipe the blood from his mouth. Naberius knew he let himself go out of control...having eaten too much. Four full grown men was a lot to digest for a single demon. He grimaced as he felt his stomach twist, trying to digest the sudden overload of human flesh.

[hr ]

Forcing himself to stand, he groaned, holding his now slightly distended stomach. He leaned against the stone wall, cursing to himself in his mind. Naberius knew he would need to move, to get away from what had happened here. It would only be a matter of time before someone came along, finding him and the remains of the humans.
Naberius made himself stagger forward, still holding his stomach. He felt the grinding and heard it growl in protest at his movements. It would digest faster if he wouldn't move...but he needed to. The demon slowly, but finally managed to find a place to rest...an old, empty building.
The demon stumbled in, looking around. His red eyes dimmed to a dull glow, feeling sick. Naberius could sense no others, guessing this place had been empty for several years now. Well, meant it would give him a few days to digest without being bothered.
He staggered over to an old couch, flopping down on it, resting on his back. Naberius heard as his stomach continued to try and digest. Occasionally he'd wince as he felt his stomach twist, trying to crush a certain bone or such.

[hr ]

Naberius chuckled darkly. How cute, they were trying to protect this half-breed. If only they knew. Out of the corner of his eye, he took note of the other demon who was trying to make the illusion of being bigger.
[#8f000e "An incubus, hmph. I have no quarrel with you...besides, I prefer someone who [b fights back] instead of having humans come crawling to me to get into bed with me...disgusting."]
His gaze looked back to the human. Naberius blinked his red eyes, [#8f000e "Is that 'pointy' object supposed to do something? By all means my dear, run me through, it will do nothing."]
Then he heard the girl. His eyes glowed brightly. Naberius' lips curled back as he gave a cruel smile, showing sharp fangs, [#8f000e "Deary me, did I hear something about [i spiders]?"]
As if on cue, there was the sound of movement. Clicking could be heard, something was coming. On either side of the demon, 2 massive, [http://digital-art-gallery.com/oid/111/640x368_19192_Arachnophobia_2d_horror_alien_spider_monster_picture_image_digital_art.jpg spider-like beasts] crawled forward. The creatures' red eyes glowed as they clicked their mandibles.
Naberius gave another chuckle, [#8f000e "Ask, and you shall recieve young ones."]

[hr ]

The demon continued to watch with no expression. In fact, he had a bored expression on his face. He leaned back against a wall, continuing to watch the show. The demon honestly didn't expect the spider-like creatures to last long...they were but 'light-infantry' so to speak. There were plenty of others that Naberius could call.
His attention was brought to the newcomer, another male...heavily built it appeared. Naberius opened his jaws slightly, allowing for better scent collection. Hm, this scent seemed somewhat familiar. Though, he couldn't quite remember; can't remember every victim now can he?
The demon faked shock, [#8f000e "Mymy...such language...and in front of a child?"]
He yawned, showing sharp fangs. Naberius was still leaning against the wall, seemingly bored, [#8f000e "Humans...you think so highly of yourselves...it is such an undeserved arrogance."]
Strangely, he still made no move to attack. Nor did it appear any back-up was coming.

[hr ]

Naberius simply smirked. The air around him seemed to heat up, shadows swarming, [#8f000e "Hey, I had to go eat something...otherwise I might end up eating someone here. You know how that works with me."]
He then looked over to the lady as well. The demon held a hand up, palm out, [#8f000e "I'm good, as I mentioned, just ate. And it was quite a large meal at that."]

[hr ]

The demon rolled his eyes, giving a huff, [#8f000e "If you [b must] know, I ate a police officer."]

[hr ]

[#8f000e "What? He pulled his gun on me, so I had all right to defend myself,"] Naberius shot back.
The demon crossed his arms across his chest. He shot a glare the other way, eyes glowing red, pupils thin slits.
  Naberius / Dragoncita / 17d 8h 25m 20s
[h3 [center Happy Holidays!]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/uihTWWS.png]

Christmas profile; quick and simple
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 21d 22h 52m 9s
[h3 [center Chu'mana : Old True Form]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/Ckkb8.jpg]
  Chu'mana / Dragoncita / 30d 20h 52m 31s
[h3 [center Profile - 2019]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/M1pKZ37.png]]
[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/c1de59618b46768c48e1d21836229ada/tumblr_plem3h8fYa1ufnwh1o1_540.gif]]

[center [i [b 'Awakening from deep slumber']]]

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/7dedfc41595a5e0a9c64473cedbfac4d/tumblr_plem3h8fYa1ufnwh1o3_540.gif]]

[center [i [b 'Sovereign of fire']]]

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/37afefd02e1d399710f7ae947186f1a0/tumblr_plem3h8fYa1ufnwh1o2_540.gif]]

[center [i [b 'Cower as my wings eclipse the Sun']]]

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b7f950e0493528f0aff74a92951a1c43/tumblr_plem3h8fYa1ufnwh1o4_540.gif]]

[center [i [b 'For the Titan of the Skies has come']]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/M1pKZ37.png]]
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 30d 21h 25m 38s
[h3 [center Moonswallow Siblings]]
[center [b [u Fenrir Moonswallow]]]
[pic http://i524.photobucket.com/albums/cc329/dragonreno/anime%20neko/SleepingWolf-boy-1.jpg]

[pic http://i1241.photobucket.com/albums/gg501/riceninja28/4912511416_1a16b5f4c6-1-1.jpg]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/eRzfxTC.jpg]

[center [b [u *Older *Appearance 20-40 perhaps*]]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/wcs7iK4.jpg]

[center [b [u *Wolf Form*]]]
[pic http://th01.deviantart.net/fs30/300W/i/2008/052/2/c/White_Death_On_Black_Wings_by_nekonotaishou.jpg]

[hr ]

[center [b [u Luna Moonswallow]]]
[pic http://i592.photobucket.com/albums/tt7/Sara_Shadow/Fantasy/Wolf.jpg]

[pic http://i992.photobucket.com/albums/af45/UKNOWTHEIROUTTHEIR/Anime/2009-07-02_0029.png]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/MZyBY56.jpg]

[center [b [u *Older *Early to later 20's*]]]
[pic http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn146/Genie_Queen/Ookami/b816f0f6.gif]

[center [b [u *Humanoid Wolf Form*]]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/GmwwtAg.jpg]

[center [b [u *Puppy Form*]]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/LuyZCyx.png]

[center [b [u *Wolf Forms*]]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/EsdAr.jpg]

[pic http://i51.tinypic.com/2le6hl5.jpg]
[h3 [center Basic Skellies]]
[b Name: Fenrir Moonswallow]
Species: Human/wolf hybrid
Age: Depends
Gender: Male
Other Info: An escaped science experiment. Built to be the perfect weapon for war
Elder brother to Luna Moonswallow
Only children, Fenrir and his little sister Luna were taken into a lab and experimented on, the scientists were trying to come up with the perfect weapon of war, coming up with Luna and Fenrir, however Fenrir didn't want any part in it, so he killed their tortures and now is on the run
Being brother and sister, Luna and Fenrir rarely stray from each other's sides, Even threaten Luna, and Fenrir won't be afraid to kill you

[b Name: Luna Moonswallow]
Species: Human/wolf hybrid
Age: Depends
Gender: Female
Other info: Escaped science experiment. Built to be ultimate weapon for war
Youngest sister to Fenrir Moonswallow
  ::Moonswallow Siblings:: / Dragoncita / 32d 23h 43m 33s
[h3 [center Possible Deity]]
[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/020/197/241/large/mist-xg-ddd2s.jpg?1566812068]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/020/436/901/large/mist-xg-eees.jpg?1567759346]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/008/341/352/large/mist-xg-life2.jpg?1512119296]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/005/628/885/large/mist-xg-5ss2.jpg?1492577528]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/005/667/075/large/mist-xg-23.jpg?1492846703]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/005/118/773/large/mist-xg-s.jpg?1488598223]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/001/645/296/large/mist-xg-love-letter.jpg?1450076615]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/021/902/173/large/rudy-siswanto-dark-star-cho-gath-artstation.jpg?1574145679]

[hr ]

[pic https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/021/871/752/large/samael-memento-specimen-8.jpg?1573243283]
  Dragoncita / 34d 21h 33m 10s
[h3 [center Argeos]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/TVrmoE8.png]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/o3mlQRS.jpg]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/DmR15C4.jpg]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/5py4QV3.jpg]
[h3 Demi-God Support Group RP]
Appearance: Drawings/paintings or Anime only
Name: Argeos
Nickname: N/A
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Mythical Parent: Mushussu - Giant, guardian draconic beast - ancient Mesopotamian mythology.
Abilities inherited from Parent: Has a human form, Heightened senses and strength, can harden his skin into scales, can only breath a scalding smoke instead of full on flames
Occupation: Owner of a Library
Likes: reptiles, goat meat, reading a good book, the small 'hoard' he owns
Dislikes: Very loud disruptive noises, when the books are disorganized, when the supplier of his goat meat is unable to provide it
Fears: Severally injuring or even killing someone by complete accident due to his immense strength, changing to his true form in front of humans, the loss of his library and all of the books
+Gentle and caring
+Wise, having learned many things from the books he reads
+A calm individual

-Can become very aggressive/overprotective of his 'hoard'
-Is hesitant when helping someone, especially if it involves using his strength
-There are times he may seem aloof, the draconic nature taking over and seeing itself above the rest
History: It is unclear how Argeos came about. His father, the dragon beast that guarded the great gates of Babylon so long ago, and killed by poison, some how managed to pass on his power to a youth, a child who was none other than Argeos.
His mother is even at a loss. However, she raised him just as any mother would their child. Argeos grew up, living a relatively normal life, other than the fact he was often outcasted when he went to school. Most was due to other children and students being fearful of getting hurt by him. Even at such a young age, little Argeos showed incredible strength.
It was out on a camping trip when he took to his true form for the first time. He had been very frightened, but who could blame him? Suddenly transforming into a giant, draconic beast. It took quite awhile for him to calm down, with the help of his mother who didn't run when she saw his new form, only shook her head and sat holding his head as he cried.
Though the years passed, and he learned to control his abilities, to some extent. There were still times when strong emotions would trigger his abilities, such as fear or anger. Argeos now owns his own library, happy with the books that make up his 'hoard', as well as a few other things, but those only he knows about and keep well hidden.
Extra: Can willingly make his horns and tail appear
Argeos has a pair of glasses he occasionally wears, though he doesn't need them
  -:Demi:- / Dragoncita / 44d 8h 3m 37s
[h3 [center Sadao]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/nv97LhF.jpg]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/ou93mbx.png]
[center [b [u *Basic Skelly*]]]
[b Name: Sadao]
Gender: Male
Species: Albino Snake Demon
Other Info: When angered, his 's' actually becomes a hiss
[h3 [center Bounty Hunter]]
[b Puppeteer: Dragoncita]
Puppet: Sadao
Aliases: The White Serpent
Age: Appears to be in his mid teens, Actually somewhere in his 800's
Gender/Identity: Male
Species: Albino Snake Demon
Universal★ID#: 074-294-561
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Right hand to the leader of a criminal organization - Wanted
Bio: N/A

Dead or Alive: Alive
Reason: Murder, theft, accomplice to the leader of a major criminal organization
Description: Often seen as a very young male, pinkish hair that goes to his neck. A pair of blunt horns appear to be on either side of his head. Most notable feature is a long, white serpentine tail
Last Seen: Skulking around the edges of a city on Earth
Reward: $700,000
[h3 [center -----]]
[pic https://d.facdn.net/art/kroeger94/1464330407/1464330407.kroeger94_vesta.png]

[pic https://d.facdn.net/art/leviadraconia/1429641209/1429641209.leviadraconia_sketch_14small.jpg]

[pic https://d.facdn.net/art/bakura-sama/1410780478/1410780478.bakura-sama_glass_tooth_.png]

[pic https://d.facdn.net/art/neohim/1348400339/1348400339.neohim_rage.jpg]

[pic https://d.facdn.net/art/yarik/1441392284/1441392284.yarik_razasnek.jpg]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1d/11/ca/1d11ca4dc4f65c9a5eae3aa5ea9af5c7.jpg]
  Baasarn / Dragoncita / 49d 9h 25m 51s
[h3 [center Knights?]]
[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Pixiv.Id.15188369.full.2774407.jpg]

[hr ]

[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Saber.%28Gawain%29.full.2774406.jpg]

[hr ]

[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Pixiv.Id.15188369.full.2774405.jpg]
  Dragoncita / 49d 19h 59m 22s
[h3 [center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=253256 King Rigeulus Dahaka - Human Forms]]]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/38/ff/e4/38ffe4a4c900c9459be6e11d14d401d3.jpg]

[hr ]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/04/f0/10/04f010db1a2705dfc66fef5490169884.jpg]

[hr ]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5d/87/c0/5d87c03ee168f33760e68bb39d11712b.jpg]
  ADragonsHoard / 68d 7h 49m 9s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deaGmiTezmo]
  ::DraujinOOC:: / ADragonsHoard / 70d 7h 49m 14s
[h3 [center Daxton]]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/ySNWvsg.jpg]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/WmEFuGu.jpg]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/mK3Pq5V.jpg]

[hr ]

[center [b [u *Ra - Ash Aragami*]]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/oxuLd2U.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/cDPyMEh.gif]

[pic https://assets.rpgsite.net/images/images/000/065/068/original/God-Eater-3_Ra_Art.png]
[h3 [center Basic Skeleton]]
[b Name: Daxton]
Age: Usually early 20's *Depends*
Gender: Male
Species: God Eater
Powers/Abilities: Wields a Weapon known as a God Arc, able to shift between long blade, assault gun, and shield
The weapon has the unique ability to 'devour'. The long blade form takes an aragami form, the blade becoming a 'tongue'. The 'devour' is able to chomp down on enemies, stealing their energy and transferring it to Daxton, giving him a boost for a short bit.
This 'burst' lasts for about 5 minutes before it wears off, though he can keep the 'burst' state going as long as he keeps 'devouring'
He sure he has more power, and 'Ra' has ensured it, that Daxton has more powers which are waiting to be awakened
Personality: Confident, caring, when pissed off becomes a force to be reckoned with
Bio/History: He was only a child, an orphan, when Daxton was taken away and injected with the oracle cells. The Oracle cells didn't instantly devour him, which in turn made him into a God Eater.
The port he was with, however, treated their God Eaters as if they were nothing more than dogs. In fact, that's what they were called, 'hounds'. They were sent out to kill aragami, then came back to be locked into a large prison cell.
Though as time passed, Daxton's port finally fell due to a massive aragami attack. He managed to save several of the other children as well as God Eaters, transporting them to safety. Daxton did everything to protect them in the desolate world.
Eventually, Daxton won their freedom, and now owns his own port. Course, there is plenty more to the story, which he may be willing to tell, as well as his partnership with the Ash Aragami that he calls 'Ra' due to its similar appearance of the Egyptian God
Other Info: Daxton is one of few who is able to actually communicate with Aragami. As a result, he has an aragami that often sticks with him. The creature appears as a fiery ball that hovers around him. Though when agitated/threatened, it will show its true colors

God Eaters are from an apocalyptic world that is ravaged by creatures known as Aragami. These Aragami are composed of thousands of cells that have been called Oracle cells. These cells have only one impulse, to devour anything and everything in their path.
God Eaters were actually once humans, but had been injected with oracle cells through the bracelet which is seen around the wrist. Those who become God Eaters, are able to wield powerful weapons. Those who are rejected by the oracle cells, they are quickly destroyed before they become aragami themselves.
As for the accepted God Eaters, they are put to work, killing aragami and protecting areas known as ports.

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