Dragon's Blood

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A creature with two lives. A man and a dragon. Two souls trapped in one body with two forms. The monster of the two is unknown, but the dragon, a Komodo which is a giant, is wingless, and can't breathe fire, is nameless while his host, the Human is named Ryuu.

Ryuu is the soul which this story is based around. When in control, He's gone out and placed a high bounty reward for the death of his other half, and inevitably himself too. As he travels, the reports for his dragon side stay spread out and knowledge of the bounty also spreads, drawing interest from dragon hunters all around.

But when he's found out to be the one who's asking for the bounty and sought out by a lone dragon hunter, Ryuu doesn't know how to convince himself that he could help when he is the one who is the hunted...


[+FFFFF Greetings all! This is an RP idea that I've just put together. I do have some terms though so here they are;

1. No GM.
2. Enchantments and spells are welcome here.
3. Pictures don’t have to be with the posts.
4. A simple Skelly would be appreciated for the Characters.
5. Ships are acceptable.
6. Try not to stall unless it helps the plot in some way.
7. Multiple characters can be use.

And that’s it. The other character here is a lone dragon hunter and here’s a Skelly base for anyone to use for this;

Others: Like a Bio, Background, Likes, Dislikes, weapons, etc.

For those interested PM me and title the topic of the message ‘Dragon’s Blood’.
Alright! I look forwards to seeing who all comes.~]

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