The Nightmare is Life (Zani)

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Ripper stirred awake and looked at the human growlin and began trying to crawl away but ended in howling in extreme pain. "Stay away filthy human." He growled.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 2y 195d 11h 34m 9s
Kui was walking through the forest when BAM a big ball of darkness fell though the sky.Kui ran towards it as fast as she could to see what it was.She saw a hurt wolf with blood on it.She asked it "Are you ok?"
  Kui Koi / Zani / 2y 195d 11h 37m 5s
In the city of New York on a starry night, it seemed incredibly peaceful with the cloudless sky and happy cheers coming from the city. That peacefulness soon ended when in the sky over a large forest, clouds began to form and swirl around unnaturally making a large black hole in the centre. A large ball of darkness fell from the centre and hurtled towards the forest and crashed down. The darkness disappeared revealing a strange wolf with horrifying features, he was covered in scars and blood which only some of the blood was his. He had lost consciousness as he fell through the hole.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 2y 196d 1m 55s

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