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“W-what’s… Happening?” It took him a moment, as the world slowed and he began to drift. In front of him, nothing but clear blue skies with the peeks of mountains in the distance. Staring down, he could see the cliff’s edge disappearing from below him and the snowy nothingness straight down. “Where…?” He didn’t get to finish that thought as the world suddenly sped back up and he started to fall with the air being pulled from his lungs as he tried to scream. Fall down, down, down into the near blinding nothingness that was around him.
It didn't take long for the snowy fog to clear and the ground to come rushing up to meet him as he hit the slope and slid down rolling till he stopped at the bottom of the cliff. There was nothing but the white and grey of the shadows and snow that covered the ground and stuck to the boy as he laid still. The only difference now was the few patch's of pink in the snow where he had rolled and darkening red around his form where he'd landed on some rocks that he'd landed on and had his left arm and chest torn open.
But his chest was still rising and falling and his eyes were closed tightly as he cringed with the numbing pain that had spread over his body from the fall. His body began to relax as shock set in and opening his eyes he watched the world begin to fade to nothing but darkness.

And the stage has been set!
Okay here are the rules.

1. This is a Quality over Quantity RP, It doesn't matter how much you write as long as it drives the plot in some way.
2. No god mode...
3. Rp will be in third person.
4. Any kind of character can be used.
5. Skelly would be appreciated but isn't needed

Skelly Example:

So PM me if interested.

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