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[Center [I Welcome to my Boredom chat~]
[Center Im Bailey]
[Center [b Rules!!]]
[Center Don't be an ass.]
[center No fighting]
[Center Anyone who pisses me off or Offends me will be Banned]
[center That's All! Have fun!]

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Loooks at her* a lot of quizes here arent there XD
  Kiryu / Kiryu / 3y 157d 23h 42m 16s

If there was a sexy man What would you do?
A). Kiss him
B). Cuddles him
C). Fuck him
D). ALL of the above.

  Toriel / Fuyuko / 3y 157d 23h 43m 26s
Looks boredly at the girl and shrugs┬╗ i choose none of em
  Kiryu / Kiryu / 3y 158d 30m 33s
A sexy woman appears before you. What do you do?

A.) Worship her.
B.) Worship her.
C.) Worship her.


D.) Love her.
  Vicious Wolf xD / IcianPrincess / 3y 158d 12h 4m 18s
I wonder why my chat is off that is wierd i deeed.
  Kiryu / Kiryu / 3y 158d 12h 8m 55s

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