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The basis of this RP is that you are a girl in high school and on one eventful walk home you meet an injured sentient wolf that turns out to be a demon infused with the power of dark matter and black holes. You find out that he has developed amnesia and does not remember anything about his past

Romance RP
Pic and character required


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The vortex swirled and made Ripper disappear and made Roxy appear in his place with the same powers and the temptations in her mind.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 16h 27m 11s
[b "Fine, give me the power to stop him!"] She yelled, growing aggravated with the rules of the vortex.
  Roxy / FallenAngel16 / 3y 46d 22h 40m 0s
"Remember he isn't from hell. And it controls the DNA of others you could give someone the power to stop him or make someone else have his powers and replace him." He said
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 23h 1m 19s
[b "Then cast him back to hell!!"] She yelled, growing annoyed. She couldn't save Midnight, she had to try to save the world from Ripper but she couldn't kill him, it was so damn complicated.
  Roxy / FallenAngel16 / 3y 46d 23h 6m 43s
Nothing happened. "He can't die. He literally can't. Reality would collapse." He said as Ripper was about to escape.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 23h 11m 34s
[b "Okay...I wish...I wish Ripper was dead. I know I can't save Midnight just keep Ripper from hurting people! Send him back to hell!"]
  Roxy / FallenAngel16 / 3y 46d 23h 13m 34s
"Change something or make something new that can save the world. If Ripper is free he will destroy this world." He said as Ripper began exiting the vortex.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 23h 18m 52s
Roxy breathed deeply, [b "What do you mean I can't save you, Midnight I don't understand what you want me to do!"] she cried out, thrown back onto her back as the vortex threw her back again.
  Roxy / FallenAngel16 / 3y 46d 23h 20m 47s
The vortex glew and pushed her back again. "You can't save me without making a paradox." He said then sighed. "That vortex doesn't just alter time it alters space too." He added.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 23h 26m 47s
[b "What?!"] She gasped as the vortex brightened and pushed her back, making her fall to the ground. [b "I-I don't understand..."] She spoke, rubbing her forehead, [b "Ummm...I wish there was no such thing as the big bad wolf and that Midnight was just normal."]
  Roxy / FallenAngel16 / 3y 46d 23h 29m 54s
The vortex glew brighter then denied her thought and pushed her back. "Something that won't become a paradox. something drastic and immensely powerful will have to do." He said in her mind
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 23h 34m 38s
The vortex? Roxy had just reached outside of her house, she saw the white and black covering figuring that this had to be the vortex so she went back inside. She closed her eyes and started to think that she wanted to keep Ripper from ever appearing.
  Roxy / FallenAngel16 / 3y 46d 23h 35m 57s
He growled as he hit him and saw her running. He dug his claws into the ground and sucked in air. He then roared loudly. In his mind Modnight howled even louder. A large black and white swirl of energy covered the house. "Make sure you are inside the Vortex and think about what you want to change in the past." He said In her mind.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 23h 39m 0s
Roxy heard a snarl coming from directly behind her and froze, breathing shakily. She gripped the pool stick tightly in her hands as she turned around coming face to face with Ripper. [b "AGHH!"] She screamed, swinging the long stick at his head hoping to hit him before she would run toward the yard.
  Roxy / FallenAngel16 / 3y 46d 23h 41m 35s
On the ceiling was a most made of darkness it dropped down and became Ripper and he snarled loudly while baring his fangs.
  (Ripper) / DarkVulpis / 3y 46d 23h 45m 1s

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