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Nariko at seeing them enter froze at the sight of the tall wild-haired male,his eyes cold and threatening as he pushed past her.She couldn't see Ruka's face but she knew her scent well knowing it was her the ominous male was carrying inside. She started to follow behind the man carrying her mistress,worried that she was physically hurt,but sensing the tension coming from him,she believed it best she stayed away.She had been so excited about her mistress returning home and now it seemed like someone had took a pin and popped her bubble.
[+red "Maybe its best i try to find some way to help..." ] Earlier,in the bathroom that was down a few halls from the sitting room, Nariko had prepared a hot bath in the heated tub for Ruka so that she could relax when she came in from the cold weather.She had even prepared Ruka's favorite for dinner,tempura udon.

She hoped that her hard work had not been in vain.After about half an hour of contemplating in her head,she mustered up the courage to go back up and check on her.Politely,she knocked on the door gently.[+red "Hello,may i come in please to see Lady Ruka?"]
  Nariko / Aora / 4y 149d 3h 17m 19s
It was in the middle of the night when Ruka was in front of her families manion gate. It was also the middle of the night but luckly enough being a vampire had it's perks, so she could see clearly and so could her guest Kain, who was helping her get home because even though she was a fersome creature of the night she was a emotional wreck after what happened with Lord Kaname... She loved him so, even now after a weak or so her being was breaking for him, begging for him to need her blood again..

Though she knew he would never need her again , he wouldn't act like he was attracted to her again even if it was for her blood, to torture her heart more she had wished even if she were to keep Kaname's attention for that purpose only.. she would gladly accepted it because it was better than having no attention from the powerful male vampire, who she had always respected as her lord but loved as a man....Yuki or should she say Lady Yuki now, either way she was ... the source of Ruka's torment..

Ruka wanted to kill the girl for taking Kaname's attention from her for good, but the power that the new previously awakened vampire had was far beyond her own.. Yuki was Kaname's sister and lover now, so Ruka couldn't touch the girl because she knew Kaname would never forgive her even if she just put a scratch on the brunette's face...

Now she was home.. where she could rule over anyone in it and not feel so small, so weak, so vulnerable like she was now, she was so depressed so distraught, broken and crushed that her companion Kain a fellow vampire who went with her to the same academy as Lord Kaname and his beloved sister Yuki. Was helping her walk towards the house because Ruka's family car had broke down a mile down the road, so they both had to walk the rest of the way to the mansion.

The orange haired man was less distraught, in fact he had a expression that he was bored and a little annoyed about the rain but other than that he didn't express any emotion not even to Ruka because he didn't believe in sympathy and of course he was certain Ruka was the kind of woman that didn't appreciate sympathy even at a time like this because it would only make her seem weaker and she would rather die and feel weaker than she was now, so he was doing her a kindness by helping her walk on her own feet even with the blonde girl's eyes were blank with sorrow like she had already drowned herself in it and the rain was only there to cover the tears she was shedding.. or rather making tears for her because she already cried them all out...

Either way Kain didn't speak to Ruka, who started using him as a boyfriend to try to get her mind of Kaname recently, the two of them where close now to the point Ruka would let Kain see her vulnerable side because he wouldn't give her a sympathy expression or any words, just held her when she needed him to and slept next to her when she started to cry in the night, Kain was closer to her than any other 'boyfriend' Ruka had and despite he felt some feelings for the blonde he didn't think they were as strong as Yuki's and Kaname's feelings for each other, but it was enough for him to know he cared for Ruka and didn't like the thought of the woman like this, so he thought the sooner they got to the mansion door the better they could get dry and get Ruka to bed.

Soon they where at the door, at this point Ruka couldn't walk anymore, so Kain had to carry her in bridal style but he put his coat on top of her to cover her vulnerability because he knew she would hate the thought and the knowlegment that somone had seen her like this without her say so or absolute trust.

Once he did that he knocked on the door and once it opened he stared down at the maid in front of him giving her a unreadable expression that seemed deadly with the weather the darkness and being the creature he was, he opened his mouth faintly to speak to the lowly maid that belonged to Ruka's family.

[+Orange " Move aside now maid..."]

Kain's voice was dark from his need to get Ruka inside dry so the world wouldn't witness her weakness anymore, a vampire shouldn't have emotional weakness, emotions shouldn't exist in a vampires life but they felt them none the else like if they where human... Being around human's have made Ruka soft and made her undying loyality for Kaname seem like love...

Love was something that vampire's shouldn't feel because it could cause a creature to become like Ruka a emotional mess when the emotion 'Love' is only one sided.. Kaname only felt lust and need for Ruka's blood and because of Ruka's feelings for him it was enough for her.. As long as she got the vampire lords attention she would accept anything from Kaname.. but even that got taken away from the blonde by the once human... no a girl who had always been a vampire, who regained her powers and memory of her family and Kaname, became the lover of the one Ruka was devoted to...

Kain gritted his teeth at his memories of it and shoved passed the maid if she didn't move to take it out of his system because he didn't need or want human emotions clouding his goal to make Ruka become herself again, so he next destination was Ruka's room, which he immeditally walked to, not caring if he was followed by anyone..
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Nariko hurried around the estate cleaning swiftly everything that came to mind.The living room was tidied effortlessly,the kitchen glew radiantly,and the many bedrooms decorated with new furniture that had been brought in the day before. Nariko saw fit that only the best would do for her mistress Ruka. She was returning home and was finally on break from school, so she made sure that everything was in its place to her perfection.
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