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Nariko carefully wrung out the bed sheets and hung them up to dry on a large towel rack near the tub before wiping her hands with the towel she removed and folded neatly on the counter by the sink.

[+darkorange "Nariko..."]

The young maid looked up from her handiwork at the sound of her mistress’ call. She walked out from the bathroom to discover Ruka with her head stuck in her dress.

It took everything in her to hold her composure and not continue to stare at Ruka’s body from the waist down that was exposed since the dress was stuck over her head. Nariko’s face flushed slightly, and she inwardly scolded herself for her perverse gawking.

It was difficult for her not to giggle at the sight as well considering the predicament. She practically had to hold her breath so a snicker wouldn’t escape her lips.

[+orchid “Please, allow me, Mistress.”]

Without a word, Nariko nimbly unclasped Ruka’s buttons and removed the dress from over her head pulling it down to her waist before sliding her arms in the sleeves and redoing the buttons along her back, setting her hair back in order neatly when she finished.

Nariko stepped back and managed to keep a stoic expression on her face. From years of disciplined training, she knew how to control herself from slipping up. She wasn’t really afraid to slip up in front of Ruka.

Even with this boundary in place, she felt like she couldn’t contain her feelings for Ruka. As time stretched on without her, Nariko waited patiently. She felt like her patience and resolve was weakening. She wanted to truly belong to Ruka, even though she felt it was impossible. With her parents sending her off to school wedging them further apart, she was afraid how far they’d go to keep her out of the picture.

They didn’t request for her service often while Ruka was gone since she was her personal servant, but she was still required to tend to the house and keep the other staff in check.

It took her a lot of slip-ups and even harsh punishments for her to get this far and be so skilled at her job, so it was only fitting that she teach the new workers.

So if something went wrong because of one of her understudies, she took full responsibility for their mistake.

Although she and Ruka were close, she still respected her position as head maid of the house.
Even though she always felt at ease and could relax a bit more with Ruka, she NEVER disrespected her. Her loyalty and respect towards Ruka hadn’t faltered even though she was closer to her than the other servants.

Nariko stepped in front of her for a better look at the dress from the front to make sure it was orderly before her eyes scanned to Ruka's face. She gasped at the red glint that burned fiercely in her eyes and the greyness in the noble's complexion.

[+orchid "You must eat, I'll go and prepare your meal right away."]
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[center Once Ruka gathered her clothes; Her mind wondered what her parents wanted, it would be important to see them at daytime, they never come home during the day. They would say it made their skin a bit darker than normal. Racist? Ruka didn't know nor did she care to be honest.

They had stopped caring about her the moment she was born, she was a inconvince, a mistake because after all she wasn't a male, however, they still had use for her apparently to marry off to a nice noble or royal vampire and give her parents status of being the parents of whatever Ruka would become or would've become in their eyes if she had the attention of Kaname Kurin.

Although; It seemed that it hadn't gone their way, even if they heard about it or not they could not change the fact that Kaname was in love with his sister Yuki Kurin and had always been. He was just using her and the others to protect and eventually bring Yuki back to her vampiric memories.


Ruka hmmed to herself, before catching Nariko's scent again as she rushed past to the bathroom with the sheets in toe. Ruka's nose twitched in response, causing Ruka to cover it lightly, realising what she smelt before was not spray on her pillow.

It was Nariko's scent, because Nariko was running she could sense the blood pumping through the other woman's body.

..It was the same as before, meaning; Ruka eyes widened - She had almost bit into Nariko's throat. Ruka turned from the bathroom, with pink showing it's self on her cheeks.

Even though Ruka knew that Nariko was a vampire, she was certain that the other woman was below herself, because why another noble like herself or a royal like Yuki or Kaname ever want to work as a maid - And she dare think; For her. Ruka knew she wasn't the kindest of mistress's but she supposed that she was the only one that had the decency not to use her lessers has her blood banks.

But with Nariko her blood sensed amazing, almost human like; But Ruka had tasted alot of human blood, not one had become this intoxicating, even when she wasn't hungry. The times she was at the mansion before she left, before her parents forbaid her from playing with Nariko.

Ruka felt strange sensation; Her fangs ached, her pulse raised a couple of times when they would run around, she had captured Nariko once in tag, pounced on her back so she couldn't get away. Ruka was so close, so close to drinking, until her mother called for her, causing her to get of Nariko back then and rush towards her mothers call in vampiric speed, with a tremendous blush across her face.

Ruka blinked at the memory and returned to reality, before shaking her head lightly.

"Get a hold of yourself Ruka."

She quietly scolded herself before returning to her bed still in a wobbly manner, however she made it and sat down as her stomach growled once more.

"...One bite won't harm her..."

Ruka mummbled to herself as her eyes seemed to grow slitted with hunger, but she shook her head once again and her eyes changed back.

"It would kill her, I will not take blood from a maid..."

Ruka stated to herself before becoming stubborn as she's always been, to convince herself even if she needed or wanted something from someone else she'd had to think how it would a honor for them for her to take it.

Ruka felt like she was going to pass out from hunger at any moment, however she started to get dressed without her vampiric speed because she didn't have the energy to, so she went with old fashioned human speed, or not even that since she was weak at the moment.

Meanwhile Nariko was doing the sheets; Ruka managed to get her undergarments on, now all she needed on was her dress. determinded to put it on herself, she gathered the bottom hems of it and putting it over her head. But unfortunately she got stuck half way.

...How embarassing, Ruka could feel her cheeks burn before she started pulling on it, not realising she forgot to release some of the buttons behind it.

Ruka sighed when her efforts were fruitless and so she grumbled.


Hoping her grumbling of a voice was heard, all she had was her pride right now even if she wasn't well she would never let go of her pride.

[b XD Ruka is daft]
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At seeing Ruka rise, Nariko moved swiftly to retrieve her uniform from the bathroom, folded neatly by the sink and started to get dressed.

She pulled her white ribbons from her dress pocket, smoothing out her bedhead and tying it back from her face. She slid on her stockings before pulling her dress over her head and tying on her apron neatly. She tied on her hairband and washed her face before slipping on her doll shoes and hurrying back into the room.

[+darkorange "Nariko wash the bed sheets in the bath - I won't allow my parents deciding to come up here and checking."]

[+orchid "Understood, Lady Ruka."]

Nariko kept her composure so as not to set her heart in a panic. If she didn't keep her emotions in check and steady her pulse, she knew Ruka's parents would suspect something was amiss.

She grabbed the bed sheets and carried them to the tub, grabbing the lavender scented bubble bath from the cabinet. under the sink and started the tub water running. She carefully poured some of the soap in and began scrubbing it gently by hand.

She mentally cursed herself for allowing herself to get so carried away and possibly putting Ruka in a risky situation. She was so excited about Ruka's return, she paid no mind to the rules Ruka's parents had established. Now because of her carelessness, she needed to be sure to keep Ruka from getting in trouble for her actions.

Even though Ruka had proposed for her to be by her side last night as a reward for her hard work, she should have politely declined to protect Ruka.

But Nariko knew she was asking too much of herself- how could she ever say no to Ruka. She had her wrapped around her finger. Nariko would willingly do whatever she asked without question. Not because of her power, but because she trusted her.
  Nariko / Aora / 67d 21h 7m 39s
[center Ruka felt the movement, so she narrowed her eye brows - wondering what was going on, how in Lucifers hell was her bed moving. Before she decided to open her eyes, she heard;

"Mistress Ruka, forgive me for disturbing you, but your parents are here. If you don't meet with them, I'm afraid they'd believe I'd have something to do with it. I don't want to cause any more trouble for you."

At the mention of her parents being 'home' Ruka felt like shooting up out of bed, but she was a dignifed and powerful vampire. A creature that showed no fear in front of her inferiors. So she rised like the mention of her parents meant nothing to her.

Slowly, unwrapping her arms from her 'pillow' that she still didn't know what - or who it really was until she straddled her bed and moved her orange/blonde hair out the way, narrowing her eyes in disastifcation or annoyance.

It wasn't at Nariko despite what it looked like; She was annoyed because her parents at to come in the daylight, being so weak as she was the sun that was coming through her curtains irirated her eyes and gave her a migrain.

Ruka blinked a few times; Before realising that Nariko was in her bed, Orangy gold looked down upon Nariko's brown ones with a tired yet pericing gaze. For a moment Ruka wondered why Nariko was in her bed, however, after that moment of pondering she came to the inclusion that she invited her into her bed.

After all Nariko would never dare lay beside her unless invited; It was been quite a while since she had invited the young maid into her bed. The last time was when they were younger and... Her parents forbid her from having the maid in her bed again.

Ruka sighed at the realisation and turned her head from Nariko and towards her wardrobe and turning her legs over the side of her bed and slowly getting up. She still felt weak, she could feel it in her legs, her head, her stomach growled at her without mercy making even Nariko to hear it.

"You maid outside my room; Tell my parents I'm getting changed, Nariko is assisting me."

Ruka stated loudly as she could as she slowly walked towards her wardrobe to get changed and ready to meet her parents to came home far to early, she thought of having a bath and that Nariko should have one too, but that would be too suspious. So Ruka decided if her parents asked about the scent of Nariko on her. Nariko helped her change, and did her hair for her.

"Y-Yes ma'am!"

The maid called out as there was sounds of shoes scurrying away; Ruka reached her wardrobe and placed her hand on it lightly, however, it made a dent in it to keep herself up.

"Nariko wash the bed sheets in the bath - I won't allow my parents deciding to come up here and checking."

Ruka stated, giving Nariko another task rather actually having her aid her with changing even though she needed aiding, she was too prideful to ask as she opened the door to get her clothing out. Ruka felt herself getting dizzy and she leant into the wardrobe door closing it again with her arm that held her up.

Ruka was hungry; Starving in fact. - she had starved herself for maybe five days or so until she brought home by force by Kain, whom must be still asleep by now.

Ruka narrowed her eyebrows gritting her teeth at the thought of Kain of forcing her back here; Upon the orders of Kaname himself after throwing them both out from his home. Yuki - Yuki whom was in Kaname's embrace was the last thing Ruka conciously saw until she became compeletely broken it took a few more days to reach home by car.

Refusing food this long was insanity; or almost sucide if she could die from this, but actually she would become one of those ghouls without her free will to keep control of her own mind.

Ruka knew her rank could go for a year without food and just begin to show the symtoms that is without the intense pain and hunger she would feel first.

Two weeks; Ruka could recall now; She had been gone two weeks without blood. The symtoms were correct for that amount of time. intense dizziness and average feeling of human starvation.

Ruka leaned against the wardrobe and gritted her teeth before pulling it off it's hinges and throwing it to the side with detestful expression on her on her face and gathering her clothes slowly.

...She had only herself to blame for this..
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"L-Lady Ruka; Pardon the interruption but your parents have come home to the household and demand to see you miss."

[+darkorange "..Have whoever it is to come back tonight - I will not be seeing visitors at this moment."]

Nariko who was fully awake immediately jumped up at hearing this. She felt like the warmth had been sapped from her body and replaced with a chill down her spine. She gently leaned over by Ruka's ear whispering to her intensely, the urgency of the matter clear in her voice.

[+orchid "Mistress Ruka, forgive me for disturbing you, but your parents are here. If you don't meet with them, I'm afraid they'd believe I'd have something to do with it. I don't want to cause any more trouble for you."]

Nariko nervously awaited for Ruka's response, afraid if she kept persisting, she'd annoy her mistress further than she already was with being disturbed from her slumber.
  Nariko / Aora / 69d 3h 6m 8s
[center Ruka soon felt something move around her; Arms it felt like, familiar but she had long been denied it from herself, her parents, everyone from sociality.

Warmth that she hadn't felt for a very long time; The only warmth she had ever felt, even if she denied that fact; Denied the existance, scolded herself for such thoughts let alone feeling it. Ruka's ears soon flickered at a small giggle. It was most likely that Nariko thought her request was amusing - Nariko was the only one that got away with laughing at her demands because Ruka knew that the maid would do the things she asked without mistake.

So Ruka let it pass and nuzzled herself into the warmth once more; Until there was a knock on the door.

"L-Lady Ruka; Pardon the interuption but your parents have come home to the household and demand to see you miss."

...Ruka heard everything except parents, so she grumbled lightly against Nariko's throat.

"..Have whoever it is to come back tonight - I will not be seeing visitors at this moment."

Ruka grumbled out, however, everyone knew if they said such thing to her parents they would suffer a high, yet slow and painful conquience even their own daughter. The first and only time she had ever said no to her parents she was starved for a month When she learned that Nariko was sharing the same fate at the time.

Ruka had to beg her parents to let the maid go; They did but on one condition she is to never play with Nariko again and make her social status that of astrocrate a highly respected and successful one.

The orange haired woman - Once child had promised before letting Nariko out, they had Ruka go to the garden, where she met Kaname and the others. After two/three hours; Nariko was allowed to serve her again.

But Ruka kept her distance; She never allowed Nariko to sit next to her, never to eat with her, to sleep in her room, or dress her. Ruka treated Nariko like she treated the rest of the servants. Just like a servant.

Not knowing it was her parents whom came to visit; Ruka slept peacefully and soundly. that is if Nariko were to wake her.]
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Nariko's face flushed as Ruka's tongue slid delicately against her skin, her fangs lingering over her sensitive neck. She froze at the sudden action, but she wasn't scared. She always found it an honor for Ruka to feed on her. She could barely contain her excitement, her heart pounding rapidly and her pulse quickening.

Hearing Ruka's incoherent mumbles, she realized her mistress was not aware of her presence because she was still deep in her slumber. Even though this realization slightly disappointed her, she was still more than happy to have Ruka so close to her.

She felt like she'd just melt from the warmth of her gentle breath on her skin as she snoozed soundly. Suddenly, Ruka shifted her lips from Nariko's throat and nuzzled into her neck, in turn getting closer to the sensitive space under her ear. Nariko bit her lip, holding in the squeak that almost escaped her mouth so that she wouldn't disturb Ruka as she slept.

She could barely hear Ruka as she grumbled into her neck groggily.

[+darkorange "Nariko; tell the chef to season that I require whatever you have sprayed my pillows with on my breakfast..."]

After this statement, she hummed softly and nuzzled her nose against her. Her hair, slightly messy yet still lovely, fell gently over her eyes.

Seeing her in this state once again made Nariko feel even warmer. Nariko inwardly giggled at Ruka's request, not entirely sure what Ruka was asking her to do. She decided to pay it no mind for now until Ruka was fully conscious and aware of what she was saying.

She couldn't bring herself to move from Ruka when she had "trapped" her like this-she'd allowed herself this moment to be selfish. Nariko gently held her closer, a soft smile gracing her face.
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[center [b Ruka could feel the arms around her, maybe some sort of warmth within herself. Whatever it was the orangy brunette buried herself into the softness, into the thing that was holding onto her as she sobbed through the night.

The next morning, however, when she woke slowly due to the sunlight coming through her curtains. Ruka lightly growned at the offending light and buried herself into the softness that she thought was her pillow.

. . .

Her pillows didn't smell like this; Ruka had lavender scented pillows, however, this smell smelled like something sweeter, not frabricated by science or any of the like. It was due to cooking in the kitchen, making tea just the way she liked it - She can still smell it on whatever she had buried her face into.

And the sweeter scent, almost a musk but a comforting sort, an old and familar. The one scent that had always seem to comfort her, that had to be replaced by the scent of frabricated and science-made scents of perfumes, flowers, and the disgusting scents of other vampires and humans. The only one who's scent who could comfort her more than Kaname...

Yes more than him because she had to replace their scent with his, so she would focus on her status in the vampire sociality and try to focus on her Academic work.

Groggly from being half-asleep and hungry; Ruka was intoxicated by the smell her tongue flickered over the flesh when she nudged whatever the fabric was out the way from her prize, thinking that Nariko had changed her sheets or something, so nipping at whatever it was won't harm anything or anyone, she will also get Nariko to season raw meat with whatever this scent was.

So; without further a due, she used her two front teeth to gently touch whatever it was, to check it was soft enough for her teeth to peirce through. It was soft and thinking Nariko might have come in to attend to her, forgetting that the young maid had been requested by Ruka herself to stay.

Ruka grumbled out lightly;

"Nariko; tell the chef to season that I require whatever you have sprayed my pillows with on my breakfast..."

Ruka murmured as she decided not to sink her teeth in since she thought it was her pillow, instead she nuzzled into it Nariko's throat taking it's scent in her nose and the apparent Plus?... A very loud plus?.. Had Nariko been running making even her groggly hearing to pick it up?


Ruka hmmed in acknowlege against her 'pillow' of that thought, knowing Nariko would always work quickly so her morning was always the way she liked it and nuzzled her nose against the softness and sheild her eyes with her hair from the sunlight.
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Nariko's brows knitted together as she stirred from her slumber when she felt something wet trickle on her face and dampen her chestnut bangs.As her eyes slowly parted to figure out the source, she heard Ruka's muffled voice crying out.

[+darkorange Kaname... No... you can't... be in love with her... I gave you everything...Kaname..]

The pain in Ruka's voice was breaking Nariko inside. She could finally put two and two together of what happened to her listening to Ruka’s words and wasted no time trying to comfort her. Nariko shifted her position in bed to where she was over Ruka and was holding her against her chest as she gently brushed her tears away with the backs of her nightgown sleeve and used the other arm wrapped around her to stroke Ruka’s hair soothingly to try to calm her. Knowing Ruka was a light sleeper, she called out to her to wake her up.

[+orchid “Lady Ruka, it’s okay. You’re home. You’re safe.”]

As Nariko did so she averted her eyes to not watch Ruka cry, knowing her mistress hated to be seen as if she was weak. With each tear Nariko wiped, she felt a surge of anger churning inside of her. Kaname Kuran...he did this to her. For years Nariko had tried to gain Ruka’s love as her own, but he had it without even trying. He had everything that Nariko had wanted for herself, and he wasted -no, he broke it!

How dare he! Nariko couldn’t think of any woman that could hold a candle to Ruka. Yet he decided to drop her for someone else? Kaname didn’t deserve Ruka. He didn’t deserve her love. Although she was pissed, Nariko was happy he fucked up. She had stopped trying for Ruka because she always felt that she was out of her reach and she knew of her feelings for Kaname, but Nariko wasn’t going to sit by and take this any longer if it meant Ruka was going to get toyed with like this.

She knew Ruka’s feeling for him wouldn’t just go away, but Nariko promised herself that she’d show Ruka her love as much as possible to make her forget him. Maybe that was selfish of her, but Nariko didn’t care anymore. She wanted to keep Ruka all to herself. She wasn’t going to hide her feelings anymore. Nariko was still afraid to do this and make herself so vulnerable, but she would overcome any fear to keep Ruka from hurting like this.

She couldn’t afford to bite her tongue any longer. At that moment, she made the decision to make her intentions more clear. Nariko was scared of her feelings being rejected if she let too much slip at once, so she would still take her time, but from this point on, she wouldn’t lie to Ruka anymore. But for now, she’d have to be patient. Ruka needed to heal.

[+orchid “Rest Lady Ruka… I’m here now. I’ll fight the nightmares off.”]
  Nariko / Aora / 359d 3h 27m 59s
[center [+pink "I missed you, Mistress Ruka. Welcome home... "]

The light voice of Nariko stating that she had missed her Mistress Ruka, welcoming her home... Ruka's soft fiery eyes gazed down at her maid and had only blinked once in response until the young maid had seemed to had fallen into sleep.

That was then Ruka pulled Nariko closer to her, bringing both of her arms around the smaller girl and putting her chin on top of the brown haired girl's head before she breathed in lightly and let out a soft sigh before softly muttering. [+orange "I... missed you too Nariko..., more than I missed this house."] Ruka softly stated as gazed into the darkness, thinking that the young girl in her arms was fast asleep, to never know what she had said. It was true if the orange haired vampire was honest with herself... The house she was in now..

Her family home, the one she was born and raised in. It didn't feel like a home. It was one of many things she envied humans for - Their homes were filled with people who genuinely cared for them. In human homes it was 'homely', warm and felt safe. However in a vampire home. It was cold as the 'lack' of soul creature that it belonged to. It was full of strict expectations not love, warmth or anything like that.

Ruka made sure not to show interested in that sort of life, because humans were to her kind nothing but food to satisfy their hunger. But she couldn't help but feel like she would be willing to give up her family fortune and her status just to live one day as a genuinely and unconditionally loved human - or vampire because she knew she would never be human. Even though she would be willing to give those up just to be like that for one day...

Nariko - Ruka gazed down upon her maid once more. Had made her feel like she had been, still is being genuinely cared for by the young brown haired woman. Nariko... Ruka put her hand on Nariko's cheek and caressed it gently while her eyes gave no interest but the interest in sleep; Her actions showed something different. Nariko made her feel unconditionally cared for, made her feel safe, feel at home. Even though she was the mistress.

Then Nariko stirred at her touch, causing Ruka to pull back from the softness of the maid's flesh before resting the hand she used to caress Nariko's cheek on back around the maid before orange fiery eyes closed gently and Ruka was welcomed with darkness and into her dreams. That weren't so kind. She was remembering what had happened between herself and Kaname.

[+orange Kaname... No... you can't... be in love with her... I gave you everything...Kaname..]

Ruka muttered as she slept; Then soon tears slide out of her eyes, by her side Nariko laid. Ruka's tears fell on top of the maids forehead.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 24d 5h 55m 30s
[+darkorange "Nariko... you are the one person who is the least nuisance, let's keep it that way shall we?"]

At hearing this, Nariko's eyes softened with relief and her tiny smile slightly reappeared, as she laid next to her mistress.[+orchid "Yes, Lady Ruka. "] She was slightly surprised at hearing that she was one of the few who Ruka found the least annoying.Then again, Nariko always did her best to avoid being a bother to her, but even that could be difficult- for someone who didn't know her.

Nariko was always extremely cautious with her words if she spoke any when Ruka's mood was sour. She knew what to look out for when reading Ruka's emotions, whether it was something as simple as her tapping her foot as she sat down, or the way her jaw locked slightly.

She knew Ruka would be most irritable when she bit her nails because Ruka had tried been forcefully broken of it by her mother who found it distasteful of a young lady.It was usually when this happened, that Nariko would immediately make her tea to settle her nerves or give her one of the many books she read to keep her hands occupied.

Actions like this became muscle memory to Nariko which is one of the reasons why other maids and butlers were useless to Ruka. They either never cared enough to learn her either because they feared her or were obligated to care for her since they had been hired by Ruka's parents. Only Nariko was close enough to know her.

As she laid there, Nariko glanced up when she felt Ruka's amber eyes subtly focusing on her and did what she could to control the drumming of her heart. After Ruka praised Nariko for properly making her tea and placed down her cup, she paused before laying down as well and speaking again.

[+darkorange "You may come closer to me Nariko- As a reward for keeping the house in shape until I returned and taking care of me this evening without questioning how I got in the state I was in. I'm sure if I were to leave it to those other maids and butlers they would've irritated me the moment I came through the door..."]

At hearing this, Nariko hesitated, slightly caught off guard at first by her mistress' reward that she felt she had misheard her somehow.At this, Ruka's frown deepened, portraying her impatience.

[+darkorange "My arms are getting tried being like this Nariko, if you aren't in them in five seconds you'll forfeit your reward. Now come, I'm not going to bite you despite the state I'm in."]

At this, Nariko didn't waste a millisecond more and almost rushed to embrace her, yet being careful not to hurt her. Not out of fear of angering her, but because she had longed to be held by Ruka again since she had been gone, even though Ruka was forced by her parents to stop sharing a bed with Nariko when they got caught.

Being with Ruka like this now brought back so many memories, but felt a bit different now than it did before. From their history,Nariko wanted more than the relationship she had now with Ruka. Nariko felt as Ruka's warmth surrounded her as she held her closely. She could still smell the fragrance of the pomegranate tea slightly in Ruka's long copper-colored tresses and could hear the steady rhythm of Ruka's heart next to her ear as she laid against Ruka's chest. Nariko felt her face heat up as she blushed when she thought of how close her mistress' body was to hers and how much more she ached for but mentally scolded herself for letting her mind wander to such foolish daydreams.

Nariko had desired Ruka for so long, but they were from two different classes. Ruka was a noble vampire of high standing. Nariko was beneath her as a level C vampire-or at least that's the rank she believed she was to be. At her level, it was looked down upon by other vampire nobles for Ruka to be with anyone besides another noble.

In fact, many had high hopes for her to be courted by Akatsuki, mostly their parents even though they wouldn't force them to. But even if other vampires shunned her, Nariko didn't care about that anymore and was too sleepy to worry about it now anyway. What mattered in this moment was Ruka was back home, and Nariko was going to cherish every second of it.

[+orchid "I missed you, Mistress Ruka. Welcome home... "]

Nariko could feel herself calming down a bit as she stopped trying to fight the sleep taking over her tired body.
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[center Ruka even though she was ill and couldn't keep her eyes open for very long, but due to sheer will power she managed to see the attempted smile that was gracing over the vampire maids lips that Ruka assumed was out of happiness that she allowed Nariko to stay with her; but it soon faintly vanished into a straight line, which Ruka curled her own lips into a small- very small indeed frown- straight line of her own because Nariko's smile was the only one that she didn't find annoying besides her own and Kanames...

The thought of the pure blood vampire male made her lay back her side and sigh before she heard Nariko speak. [+violet "Th-Thank you Lady Ruka... I'll do my best not to become a nuisance to you..."] The comment of the girl made the B Rank vampire sigh but not annoyed sigh but a soft one as if she was about to sleep but wasn't she was thinking how on this earth Nariko thought she was nuisance to the B rank vampire it was beyond the blonde.

In fact even though Nariko seeked Ruka's attention before she left to go to the academy it wasn't annoyingly so, unlike those in the academy that seeked her attention, Nariko knew when she wasn't in the mood to be talked to or bothered when she had her eyes narrowed and her habit of biting her nails or pacing around, always giving her a cup of tea rather than asking if she was alright when clearly she wasn't unlike like those in the Academy who would ask: 'How was your day today' to her while clearly spread across her face or within her powerful aura that she didn't have a good day nor in the best of moods.

So Nariko was the least annoying female she had come across apart from that vampire that followed Kaname all over the place as his guard, though even she was annoying at times when she tried to get Kaname's attention sometimes the short light blue haired girl would come out of no where and disturb them. So yes- Nariko was the least annoying being she knew, causing her to open her lips and comment on what Nariko said.

[+orange "Nariko... you are the one person who is the least nuisance, lets keep it that way shall we?"]

She stated as she turned her head towards Nariko with a blank stare apart from her drooping eyes and once Nariko got inside her bed. It felt warmer psychically and emotionally, even though she shared a luxurious dorm with her fellow noble vampire's it wasn't like this.. Even when Kaname shared her bed when they first arrived in the Academy it get cold probably to his personality, her own and the most likely the deadly and awkward silence that was in the air...

It wasn't like this a foreign; however comfortable feeling the feeling increased as Ruka looked down at Nariko as she just finished her tea the stare of the tired made Ruka think that certain thing that she only thought in a few situations or a few that she would admit to herself- That Nariko was cute.. Yes- Ruka the wicked queen or some sort of villainous character ranked so in the noble vampire's sociality had admitted to herself that Nariko was cute right now with her tired expression, though Ruka showed no thought on her face as she calmly finished off her tea which she almost spat out just as when she saw Nariko's face.

Ruka mentality claimed that it was just the tea that went the wrong way before she set it down on the side table next to her bed as Nariko spoke again to her. [+violet "How is your tea, Mistress? Is it to your liking as usual?"] Ruka had thought her silence would've been enough for Nariko to know she found it to her liking as usual because she didn't complain like she did when those buffoons tried to make it in the Academy not even a five star tea maker could make it properly but she supposed that she would have to speak once more before she went to sleep.

[+orange "As per usual Nariko it is to my liking, not even a five star tea maker could make it for me in the academy the buffoon..."] Ruka comment as she closed her eyes faintly before opening them again, staring in the brown and cream eyes of Nariko's with her own black and orange ones, she blinked blankly twice for a moment before she closed her eyes once more before hesitantly speaking once more.

[+orange "You may come closer to me Nariko- As a reward for keeping the house in shape until I returned and taking care of me this evening without questioning how I got in the state I was in. I'm sure if I were to leave it to those other maids and butlers they would've irritated me the moment I came through the door...]

Ruka stated as she kept her eyes closed as she wondered why she had a flutter feeling inside herself, she knew that A rank vampires down to the rank that humans are turned into vampire's they still had a heart beat if they didn't they were the vampire's who's only thoughts were to kill and feed on vampire or human; However Ruka didn't expect her own beating heart to jump and get faster or louder for that moment she spoke.

even though it was far away from her mind right now Ruka never did ask Nariko what was her rank in the vampire sociality because assumed that she was human turned vampire or a little higher in the ranks even though she was an old one, she never asked because she didn't see the need to, even know. Though she was unaware- everyone except for Nariko herself knew that Nariko was indeed an A rank vampire- the rank higher than her own, if she knew would Ruka treat her like Kaname?.. or treat her the same but in a different light?..

It was uncertain and she had been keeping unaware because A rank vampires could hid their intense power aura but not the taste of their blood, which Ruka never dared take away from Nariko because how wonderful she smelled a uncertainty of being unable to release Nariko afterwards and not drink her dry had often filled her mind when she was hungry in the mansion so she used over means like animals, the other staff.

Though right now; She closed her eyes softly to sleep as her arms were wide open for Nariko to embrace into which soon she sensed the hesitance because Nariko didn't embrace her immediately, most likely because they hadn't done this since they were small and Nariko was afraid of a thunderstorm and with Ruka's super hearing and not sound proof walls she heard the crying of the maid from her bedroom all the way to the maid quarters, causing the noble vampire to get up and see what was wrong with the maid and it resulted her keeping Nariko company in her bed, and it exalted to the point Nariko nor Ruka slept alone until her mother and father found out because of the smell on her sheets the scent of the maid when the two little girls forgot to wash it and the head maid found out and reported to the Mistress and Master of the house.

Ruka came out of her memory and decided to comment on that fact that Nariko was hesitating. [+orange "My arms are getting tried being like this Nariko, if you aren't in them in five seconds you'll forfeit your reward. Now come I'm not going to bite you despite the state I'm in."] I Ruka stated with a tight frown while her eyes were still closed before awaiting Nariko to move or to say something.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 165d 15h 54m 2s
Nariko's eyes lit up with joy, a small smile gracing her lips before being replaced with the bland straight line it had been before, deeming that it had been an inappropriate moment to smile when her mistress couldn't as well.

[+orchid "Th-Thank you Lady Ruka... I'll do my best not to become a nuisance to you..."]

With that Nariko carefully crawled into the bed next to her mistress, wrapping herself up in the extra blanket next to and resting her head lightly on the large pillow, facing towards her looking up as she sipped her tea calmly. She hadn't realized how tired she had been until getting into the immensely comfortable bed. Her eyes were getting heavy as her body that was tense with exhaustion from working so hard all day started to relax a bit.

[+orchid "How is your tea, Mistress? Is it to your liking as usual?"]

It had been a while since Nariko had made her tea, and even though she knew how to make it by heart, she wanted to ensure that Ruka was satisfied with it.
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 306d 11h 54m 24s
[center [+violet [I " Mistress Ruka,if you approve of my selfish request... I desire to stay by your side."]]

Ruka eyes widened only lightly because she was drained from all her energy to the point she couldn't use her powers not even a little bit, but she was taken back that Nariko wished- no desired to stay by her side.. for whatever reason it didn't matter to Ruka, even if it were money wise, or protection from other vampires and hunters. Or that she simply desired to stay for her..

It did not matter; Ruka curved her lips in and watched Nariko to get an extra blanket from the cupboard which Ruka would often allow Nariko to use while they slept next to each other when they where children so her parents wouldn't smell Nariko on her sheets and scold her innocent maid and herself. Ruka light pale pink lips opened lightly to give Nariko a comment on her request while Nariko had her back towards her.

Then she closed her lips again as Nariko turned towards her again, walked towards her before asking where should she lay her head. Ruka opened her lips lightly again before deciding to speak.

[+orange "...You may sleep here besides me; I have decided to grant your request Nariko." ]

Ruka stated as she sipped her tea that Nariko had given her moments ago the fragrance filled her nose, and she sighed in relief and relaxation and the relaxing and comforting strong smell pomegranate and the green leaves consumed her senses before she began to drink it softly, saying no more, expressing no expressive facial movement except from her tired eyes drooping lightly but due to pride they kept open as she drank her tea silently and slowly until she was satisfied and lay back down on her pillow after she put the empty cup back on the side.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 307d 12h 57m 24s
[+darkorange "...Nariko, you shan't leave me will you ever?..."]

At hearing this question, Nariko was thrown off a bit. She had heard Ruka use this tone with her before when they were younger. She knew that Ruka wasn't trying to [i order] her to do anything even though her tone implied otherwise-This was how she indirectly [i asked] Nariko to do something from her. She was the only servant that Ruka spoke to in this manner. Nariko wondered if it was because she wanted her to decide for herself what to do.What threw her off wasn't how she asked the question, it was the question itself. Would she leave her? Nariko answered her question after a long pause, deciding how to best phrase her response.

[+orchid " Mistress Ruka, if you approve of my selfish request... I desire to stay by your side."]

Nariko didn't just mean for the night, but forever, little to Ruka's knowledge. Nariko never saw herself being anywhere but by her mistress' side. She never desired for her life as a level A vampire to be any different because Ruka made her happy, gave her a sense of purpose.

While Ruka was gone, these emotions and more were replaced by an aching loneliness and a constant state of neediness. Nariko needed to be by Ruka's side, and now that this opportunity was back to her once more, she would take any advantage she could get tonight after being deprived of her for so long.

Nariko knew her longing to be with her mistress was selfish and out of the conduct, but she didn't care as long as she could be of some comfort to Ruka. Nariko knew her mistress was broken, but Nariko would be there to pick up the pieces no matter how long it took.

Nariko walked to the storage closet of the room grabbing an extra blanket before walking back to the bed where her mistress lay. Since she intended to stay, and knew Ruka was exhausted, she figured sleeping would be the best thing for herself as well right now.

[+orchid "Lady Ruka, where do you wish for me to lay my head?"]
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 306d 12h 55m 22s

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