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[+orange It's... nothing.. N-Now I expect you follow my orders, so if I didn't make it clear the first time; Nariko.. attend to your finger Unless you want to be eaten."]

When Nariko’s eyes connected with Ruka’s, she felt like her heart jumped into her throat and her face went as red as a rose at how intensely Ruka’s eyes were piercing her. The way her voice resonated with urgency sent chills down Nariko’s spine. A pang of guilt rung inside of her from the enjoyment she got at the thought of Ruka wanting to devour her but before she could allow her mind to wander too far down the rabbit hole, she went back to the sink and began to quickly clean her cut.

After she finished cleaning the blood from her hand and the wound, she swiftly grabbed a bandage from the cabinet and applied it fairly tight. After she finished wrapping it up she turned and looked up at Ruka, raising her attended finger bashfully.

Her mind was still reeling with happiness at the realization that she had actually tasted so good to Ruka that she was losing her composure. To be fair, Ruka had been practically starving before tasting her blood, but she was immensely relieved that her blood wasn’t revolting to Ruka.

She still felt pretty embarrassed for putting Ruka in such a predicament by not fixing her error. She had not intended for her slip up to have had such an effect on her, but she should’ve just changed the fish in the first place.

Even worse, what if her parents had found out? They’d never let her hear the end of it. Knowing Ruka, she’d probably go out of her way to try to keep her out of trouble and end up in hot water herself. She bit her lip in anguish and gripped gently at the hem of her apron before bowing briefly to Ruka.

She targeted her eyes to the floor, her caramel-colored locks of her bangs falling over her eyes slightly.

[+orchid “A-Again, I apologize for causing so much trouble with my mistake. Please, Lady Ruka. Let me know how I can make it up to you.”]
  Nariko / Aora / 324d 9h 20m 27s
[center The orangy haired woman turned her head to the side lightly, as she heard Nariko come in, her eyes gazed upon the brunette in the corner of her eye. Before gazing upon the hand that was bleeding...

...foolish girl...

Ruka thought as she turned back to the wall, before pressing her middle finger and index finger to her forehead and began rubbing it gently as footsteps continued to enter the spacious bathroom.

The mistress of the household thought that it would be over soon and that they would continue with their day and their breakfast - Replace the fish of course, however that wasn't the case. The scent of the blood was now stronger as if her finger was being released from the bandage.

It was potent, causing Ruka to immeditally cover nose and mouth with one hand. As her own blood beated rapidly throughout her body, mostly towards her face, her cheeks and her ears.

How... how can she a noble vampire be effected like this by a maid of all vampires, why did it have to be Nariko to have such divine blood - Ruka had always thought she'd marry arranged or otherwise to another noble vampire, preferably to her parents male, that or deny every proposal of marriage she had encountered and spend the rest of her days unmarried.

Ruka never desired anyone in her long life except for Kaname, however, why did Nariko's blood feel that bit sweeter... Ruka gritted her teeth in her mouth as they ached.

Then all of a sudden her body shivered, startled more than just a little as she felt a hand on her shoulder as the voice came into her ears.

[+pink "What troubles you, Mistress? Please tell me if there's any way I can help you calm down."]

Ruka never felt this invulnerable, it was humillating... Hadn't she been humillated and broken enough?; Even though the assucations that was flying in Ruka's mind the older woman knew that the brunette would never do anything to hurt her, not intentionally at least - Certainly not the way Kaname had...

,However, If Nariko where to ever find someone she cared for; She didn't know if it was the blood talking, or the scent of it or of Nariko herself driving such thoughts into her mind. If Nariko found someone she cared more than she cared about her; Ruka knew her days would be more lonely than ever...

A silly thought, however, even if Nariko would never mean to hurt Ruka like Kaname. Ruka knew it would a endless and deep hole in her being just the same... The thought of it, it made Ruka grit her teeth in her gums and caused them to bleed inside her mouth.

Until another pressure went into her back softly; Ruka turned her head lightly to gaze upon Nariko. The brunette had her hand on her shoulder, her head resting upon her back as if trying to comfort the orangy coloured haired woman, however, unaware just how much more problematic she was being to Ruka by doing what she was doing.

So Ruka just turned her head to the wall again and breathed in lightly then out through her mouth, causing her back and her shoulder blades raise and fall slowly yet shakily.

[+orange It's... nothing.. N-Now I [i expect] you follow my orders, so if I didn't make it clear the first time; Nariko.. attend to [i your finger] Unless you want to be eaten."]

Ruka stated as she turned her head to the side gazing down upon Nariko as her eyes flickered from her normal fiery color to red, as her fangs bared showing her own blood that been pricked from her own gums due to her frustration, but also her flushed face.]
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[+orange "..Nariko come in and attend your finger at the sink at once…]

At hearing this command, Nariko was slightly puzzled. She was sure she had bandaged it up earlier, why did Ruka ask her to tend it? When she looked down at her hand, she realized that the bandage was soaked through and some of her blood had ended up on her hand.

She hadn’t realized she was bleeding so much. Maybe the cut ended up being deeper than she thought. She hadn’t really given it much thought when bandaging it.

She glanced over at Ruka, who was faced away from her staring at the wall like a child put in timeout, as she unraveled the soiled bandage and tossed it into the waste bin but paused when her eyes caught sight of the tips of Ruka’s ears that were flush red.

Nariko paused and approached her mistress, curiosity getting the best of her.

She still felt the tension as if Ruka was angry with her and she wanted to try and appease Ruka in any way she could, but she wasn’t completely sure what was bothering her.
When gained the courage to speak, her voice was soft with a slight quiver.

[+orchid "What troubles you, Mistress? Please tell me if there's any way I can help you calm down."]

She gently touched Rukas shoulder with her other hand that wasn’t covered in blood and rested her head on her back, a pained expression on her face.

Was Ruka angry? Was she embarrassed? Nariko wasn’t entirely sure, but she wanted to know what was on her mind.
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[center Ruka clutched at the sink feeling the mere taste of the blood go through her blood stream, despite drinking the large amount if water that she drank. The orange firery woman could feel it spreading inside her, causing her to clutch the bathroom appliance tighter, digging her finger nails into its porcliene body.

[+pink F-Forgive me, Lady Ruka! I accidentally c-cut my finger when I was preparing your fish. I didn’t think it would’ve bothered you so much…”]

Ruka turned her head to the side and stared at the bathroom door in shock, suprise amongst other things. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest as she she heard that the blood that Nariko had put in her food was her own.

...How.. How.. How could Nariko taste this divine; Rukas cheeks burnt as she turned away from the door and down at the sink, knowing now that Nariko had made a mistake, she had never made one since they were small. Also the sound of the brunettes voice it made Ruka bit her lip gently, Nariko thought she displeased her.

How wrong that was, even though Ruka knew she gave the impression that Nariko angered her. The brunette hadn't done no such thing - she had drove her vampiric desires crazy with how pleasing the blood was.

...Ruka shook her head before glaring at her herself in the mirror; She had to get a hold of herself and behave..

[+pink I-I’m really terribly sorry…i won’t let it happen again."]

Ruka removed herself as she took a deep breathe in and out before deciding to call Nariko in to attend to her finger.

[+orange "..Nariko come in and attend your finger at the sink at once...]

Ruka breathed out before she went to the nearest wall away from the sink with her front towards it and her vack to Narikos direction before gently digging her nails into her sleeves she had to keep control just until Nariko fixes her finger and the orangy fiery woman would be alright once more.

Also as selfish as Ruka could be she didn't wish for other vampires to smell or taste Narikos blood.]
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 23h 40m 3s
[+orange "What...What did you put in my food.."]

Nariko shifted her weight back and forth clutching her hand, the apples of her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. She parted her lips to speak but her words choked in her throat, not sure of how to explain her mistake.


At hearing Ruka raise her voice, Nariko bit her lip and lowered her head sadly

[+orchid “F-Forgive me, Lady Ruka! I accidentally c-cut my finger when I was preparing your fish. I didn’t think it would’ve bothered you so much…”]

Nariko felt even more foolish for her actions while she was explaining herself to Ruka. She had hoped that her blood wouldn’t have tasted so unpleasant so that Ruka would barely notice it. But it seemed as if Ruka was repulsed by her taste. A part of her was a bit saddened by Ruka’s reaction.

She had always been told stories by her mother of how the best tasting blood to a vampire is that of the one they love. She had always wondered if this was true since she had never had the experience before.

How Ruka tasted could only remain a dream to her, but she wondered if her mistress’ reaction revealed how Ruka felt about her.

Maybe she was wrong?

One thing was definitely clear: doing that was a horrendous idea! Ruka almost [i never] raised her voice. Just the way she said things were intimidating and powerful enough to get her servants to do as she had ordered and know to not cross her. So having Ruka yell at her really made her feel guilty and regret her actions from this morning.

[+orchid “I-I’m really terribly sorry…i won’t let it happen again.”]
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 1d 4m 23s
[center [+pink“L-Lady Ruka? Are you alright? I am deeply sorry if the meal wasn’t to your liking. I wasn’t my usual self in the kitchen this morning.”]

Ruka perked up her head at the sound of Nariko's voice, before that her tapping the combination that both of them only knew. She turned towards the door in the corner of her fiery eyes and bit her lower lip. The cursud heart of hers rapidly beated inside her chest. As it got louder as her ears caught Nariko's words.

Was that blood Narikos? Or was it one of the other servants that the young brunette didn't focus on her meal. How could Nariko be so out of focus; The young maid had never been so careless since they were little girls and that was a long time ago.

Ruka counted herself fortunate that it wasn't posion, however, apart of her wished it was - Now she was craving for the blood that had been split in her fish. Even in the battle of the school, she had tasted blood for the first time before she arrived at the school. Even then it only tickled the animal instincts, the bloodlust in side of her.

But this blood - It was slowly driving her crazy; It was so divine to the extent she knew only a rare blood type could be responsable, or had she starved herself worse than she had realised, her emotional imbalance was somehow effecting as well, causing her to behave this way.

...Nariko; Ruka narrowed her eyes and glared at her own fading reflection in the mirror, her face flustered beyond comprehension, her teeth aching and stomach gurling in excitement and need for this blood. Nariko was reasonable for this, even if it wasn't her blood she had foolishly allowed someone else to drip their blood into her meal.

[+orange "What...What did you put in my food.."]

Ruka demanded softly as she gripped the sink with her hands as they shuck from the blood withdrawl, but also the intense exquisite taste of the blood she had. When there was no answer, except from gentle shuffling Ruka gritted her teeth.


Ruka shouted more from her own vulnerable state and her undignifed need, the way she behaved when she was at the school, she knew she was a secret mockery within their group, she was always after Kaname for his love even when he didn't give her that she threw herself at him in hopes to be his blood bank at least to get rid of the taste of blood pills.

Ruka covered her face as her heart rapidly thudded against her chest the intensity of the blood excited her, her need for more was beyond her own comprehension, she had to get rid of the taste... Or it will drive her wild.

The orange fiery haired woman grabbed her tooth brush and toothpaste aggressively before shakily opening her mouth once more and then started brushing softly at first before she soon got rapidly aggressive to her teeth due to her own frustration and embrassement, and of course due to fact that she won't allow herself to eat a member of her staff no matter who they were.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 17d 12h 12m 47s
Nariko had been standing in the corner of the room the whole time this discussion between Ruka and her father had taken place. She had her eyes downcast and remained silent, but flinched when she heard the sound of the slap Ruka's father had given her. She bit her lip in frustration, knowing she was powerless to help Ruka in a situation like this.

Hearing his demands to Ruka to apologize to Kaname stirred anger within her for him not defending Ruka. How could he even call himself a man to allow Kaname to belittle his daughter? Ruka had every right to be upset with how Kaname had used not only her but her friends as well.

Now that Nariko was more aware of what took place with Kaname that upset Ruka, she was glad she had kept quiet and not pressed her further about it.

Nariko kept her hands overlapped in front of her and did her best to calm herself as her father kept barraging her mistress with insults. It pained Nariko that she couldn’t act against Ruka’s parents even if she desperately wanted to.

Doing so would only get both of them in more trouble, and maybe even get her sent away from Ruka forever. Nariko couldn’t risk such a terrible fate.

Suddenly, there was a clatter from Ruka’s plate causing Nariko’s eyes to dart from the floor to where Ruka was seated across from where she stood. Seeing Ruka’s body tense up briefly after tasting the fish made Nariko immediately regret her decision to not replace the fish she had gotten blood on.

Ruka arose from her seat.
[+orange “Excuse me for a moment…”]
Ruka left the room quickly.

Not too long after, Nariko bowed respectfully excusing herself from Ruka’s parents quietly before following behind her to be sure Ruka was okay. She watched her rush into the bathroom and heard the sink faucet begin to run.

Her heart dropped at the fear that her blood had been that revolting to her Mistress to possibly make her sick to the stomach. Nariko gently raised her right arm and rapped the bathroom door with her tiny fist. She waited until the sound of running water come to a halt.

[+orchid “L-Lady Ruka? Are you alright? I am deeply sorry if the meal wasn’t to your liking. I wasn’t my usual self in the kitchen this morning.”]

Her thumb nervously brushed across the bandage on her finger as her left hand dangled at the hem of her dress skirt.
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 17d 17h 39m 48s
Once Ruka watched Nariko leave her presence; The orange fiery woman fell to her knees sliding her body against the wardrobe that she broken. The vampire felt sick, due to her own neglect to her body.

Even now; Even though she trusted the brunette the most - Ruka couldn't allow Nariko the true extent of damage she had brought upon herself, this hunger, this pain that gurgled in her stomach, making her feel sick in want of food that she rejected even when Nariko had offered her last night.

Ruka knew she was being foolish; She knew her actions were wrong, all of them were wrong from the moment she outbursted in Kaname's home when she couldn't take it anymore, watching him swoon, wrap his arms around Yuki's frame at every minute - No second he could.

Ruka never seen him so affectionate towards another person, however, she didn't realise who Yuki was from the start until Kaname had brought back her memories. As he had bluntly told her; She and the others were simply minor chess pieces of his game to protect or revive the queen of the board.

Even his own loyal servant seemed to have no idea what was going on, however, remained loyal and emotionless as ever as if she knew all along and simply played along with her masters moves.

When the fiery orange haired woman had gathered some strength, after breathing in and out a few times, even swollowing the vomit on her pallete as undignified and disgusting it was to do it she knew she wasn't fast enough to get up and throw up outside her window.

Once up on shaky legs; Ruka walked slowly as dignified and proud as her body would allow her to be, before opening up her door and walking towards the dining room, before a maid came walking towards her, bowing to her.

"Miss, Head maid Nariko requested me to tell you that your breakfast is served."

Ruka eyes narrowed at the young maid, due to the light of morning and her own aching body, also due to the fact that she didn't enjoy anyone's voice at this moment of time except Nariko's, however, unfortunately Nariko wasn't there with her - So she simply nodded in response before deciding to give a vocal one as she walked past the girl.

[+orange "Tell Nariko I shall be down shortly, and to follow my orders in the presence of my parents."]

Ruka stated as she walked down the staircase with a hand softly gracing the surface of the railing, most if not all would think because she was a high dignified woman, but really she was making sure she didn't fall and if she did she would catch herself with some form of grace.

The other woman followed suit on the other side of the side of the railing, passing Ruka with a side glance until the lady of the household glared at her softly, causing her gaze to turn away and towards the floor below in order not to displease Ruka further.

The maid was the first to reach the bottom and her pace was much faster than Ruka's causing her to be the first to enter the dining room - In hopes follow her own orders to key point.

,However, the maid came face to face with Ruka's parents talking to Nariko about her work in the household and she was doing a sufficent job in keeping it spotless and kept the other members of the staff in pristen condition, however, when it came to their daughter.

Ruka's mother pipped up first requesting, or rather demanding in a soft tone how long was Ruka going to keep them waiting, to only have her husband grunt before turning over a page of the newspaper he held in his hands.

Before commenting, that he wished to talk to her about some rumours that they heard about Kaname's estate. Before Nariko could answer Ruka came walking in.

[+orange "Please excuse my lack of hospisality mother, father - I wasn't aware that you'd coming home at such short notice..]

Ruka commented gently before she sat herself down on her chair; while giving a discret gentle expression in Nariko's direction in the corner of her eye as she picked up her knife and fork in her hands before slowly cutting her eggs first.

"Your father and I came home due to some rumors from Kanames estate."

Ruka haulted her cutting for a moment, however, she didn't give much of a facial expression, in fact she lowered her eyebrows lightly as if she was exhausted with everything around her, especially the mention of anything regarding Kaname and wished only to sleep. However, Ruka as per usual kept her feelings and her opinion on it to herself and hmmed lightly towards the statement.

[+orange "Is that so?...]

Ruka mumured before she placed the piece of egg into her mouth and chewed it lightly, as her eyes kept a tired expression to her food rather than to her parents. Until her father slamed one of his hands on the table, enough to cause a dent in the table but not enough to break it or cause any of the equipment or food to fall off.

[+red "Do not act innocent Ruka, did you or did you not make a show of our family name front of Kaname?!"]

The aburben coloured haired male demanded an answer from his daughter, while his wife held his arm gently with a ghostly touch from her gloved hand as the elder woman sipped her tea without much of a emotional response to her husbands outburst.

Ruka was silent for a moment, as if she was trying to figure out how to explain what happened, however, knowing her father he had only wanted a yes or no answer from her, even though he knew the answer already.

Even if she didn't; He wouldn't pick her side over Kaname's - Another opinion Ruka never spoke of, her parents were boot lickers to those higher in rank of them. Then again she was no different than them with Kaname, however, she had some self-worth, some dignity - At least at first...

[+Orange "He provoked me, daring to state that I was a merely a pawn in his game to retrieve his beloved sister Yuki. I have indeed stained our family name by losing control and getting upset..."]

Ruka stated in a ghostly matter, like if she couldn't care less about what was to happen to her or could happen to her, however, truly she cared very much she had not only made a mockery of herself by rising to his insult, however, she had made a mockery of her family for causing such an undignifed scene.

Ruka didn't gaze up on her father, instead she kept eating until her fathers reaction, which earned in a sharp slap across her face.

[+grey "I don't want to hear your excuses Ruka."]

He hissed as he glared down at her, causing her to look at in the corner of her eye. It did hurt, however, she just seemed very exhausted, or angry due to her lightly narrowed eyebrows.

[+grey You... Will apologise to lord Kaname and Madam Yuki, it seems that leaving you alone in this house and allowing you to attend that filth of a school has made you grow soft with those emotions of yours.. I knew I should've turned your mother before your birth..."]

Ruka gritted her teeth within her mouth; How... How could her father tell her to apologise to Kaname, when she had nothing to apologise for, at this moment she had wished her father had slapped her harder or even punch her into the next room instead.

He had to mention her flaw; How she would never be a proper rank B vampire no matter how she acted, or how much she tried in her studies or her hunting skills when she was just a young vampire.

As long as the human part of her ruled over her emotions, as long as it gave her a beating heart unlike the ones in her parents chests or rather they had the power to control their feelings better and shut off the emotions they deemed as a weakness.

[+orange ...Yes father...]

Ruka stated as she sharply shallowed her eggs in her throat that she couldn't thoroughly enjoy at this moment and went to cuting her fish instead as her father only seemed to nod in response as he went to drinking the blood given to him and his wife started to silently drink hers without much of a response to what her husband had said.

...Of course her mother would never stand and defend her; So she sucked in her cheek and ignored the sting on it, before she continued to eat until her tastebuds tasted something... Divine! Ruka dropped her knife and fork elegently as she possibly could, before she stood up quickly.

[+Orange Excuse me for a moment...]

Ruka stated before lightly bowing her head and quickly walking off without allowing everyone to say anything to her to hault her, as she walked out the room to a nearby bathroom. Turning on the tap and quickly scooping water into her hands and drinking it as quickly as she could while her face grew hotter and hotter with need for more whatever that was in her fish.

She had that fish before now, however, it never tasted that good before. Ruka gazed into the mirror as she saw her reflection fading and her body shook due to the lack of blood in her system. The eggs didn't give her anything she needed, she just enjoyed the taste.

So being starved of what she truly needed to only be introduced to whatever it was, in her fish. It was driving her emotions crazy, she covered her nose and mouth with her hand as her cheeks burned with want - No need for whatever Nariko had done to her fish, or someone had done to her fish behind Nariko's back.
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[+darkorange "..Very well; I'd rather not have my parents to see me like this, however, It seems I don't have much of a choice...If they require an answer from you. do not answer, I will explain why I'm like this if they choose to bring up the topic."]

Nariko nodded and turned to leave, but before she did turned once more and let a small smile slip across her face before hurrying off downstairs towards the kitchen. She straightened out her apron before walking up to the sink and washing her hands thoroughly and drying them with the hand towel by the sink.

She opened the refrigerator pulling out fresh fruits, assortments of high-quality fish, and a carton of grade AA eggs, along with a gorgeous porcelain plate from the cabinet. She washed the strawberries, a pineapple, and a few apples before placing them on the cutting board.

As she carefully prepared them, a flush had spread across her face from letting her mind wander. She still had the image of Ruka’s body fresh in her mind. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t help but admire Ruka’s beauty even when trying to keep her composure.

After she had finished dicing the fruit, she neatly decorated it on her mistress’ plate. After cleaning the board and putting what was left of the scraps in compost for the gardener later, she unwrapped the fish and began cutting it neatly as well.

When she was alone like this, she couldn't help but think about her mistress, especially after an encounter like that one. Of course, she had bathed Ruka before, but tried to avoid staring at her body like a pervert.

But even still, her mind wandered with perverse thoughts as she thought about how adorable she looked trying to force her head through the buttoned dress, and how cute her underwear was, and how beautiful her skin probably looked underne-

[+orchid “Ah!”]

Nariko hadn’t been fully paying attention while she was cutting the food and accidentally sliced her finger while cutting the fish for Ruka’s meal. She silently cursed herself for being so clumsy and careless, before putting her finger in her mouth and licking it. She rushed over to the sink to rinse the blood off before pulling a first aid kit from the kitchen closet.

She quickly bandaged her finger up and glanced at the cutting board.

[+orchid ‘I’m such a fool! Now there’s blood in her fish! What should I do?!’]

She cupped her chin in deep thought.
[+orchid ‘Maybe she won’t notice it? It should be fine, right? It’d be too embarrassing to explain how I made such a mistake! Just hope she won’t hate it.’]

She placed the fish on the plate neatly before cleaning the knife and cutting board that we’re covered in the blood as well. She pulled out a frying pan and fried Ruka’s eggs over easy and sliding it onto the plate before topping it with some fresh herbs.

She rushed the plate and silverware to the dining room along with a cup of blood tablet mixed in water. She respectfully bowed to Ruka’s parents greeting them with a ‘good morning’ when she had finished her task. She called over one of the younger maids to send her to Ruka to let her know her meal was ready.
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 23d 8h 30m 57s
[center Ruka could hear Nariko's foot steps coming towards her; The orangy haired woman could feel her cheeks puff up a little in stubbornness, her cheeks still burned with embarassement, even though she was weak.

Ruka could still feel the human like thumping of the heart within her, it was due to being the high level vampire that she was, however, she knew if she kept treating herself like this the heart of hers would stop, she would turn into those ghoulish beasts that hunted vampires and humans alike in order to become somewhat humanlike again.

The heartbeat was beating a little faster than usual, due to the embarassment of her predicaement or of that Nariko- Ruka immeditally shook that thought from her head.

That would be oburd; Ruka wasn't... She wasn't... attached to Nariko - She did feel some attachement towards the other woman, she had to in order for the brunette to even be in her presence during this predicement.

Nariko was the least annoying person she had ever known; Dear Ruka think it, Kaname had annoyed the orangy haired woman more than Nariko, in fact the brunette never annoyed her once, the only time she was ever annoyed in Nariko's presence was of her embarrasement not at the girl.

[+purple Please, allow me, mistress]

Ruka flinched only lightly as she felt her dress being touched because she couldn't see anything, until Nariko unbuttoned the dress and tugged down her head, causing her hair and head to pop out soon enough, along with still pinkish-red hue to her cheeks,luckily enough Nariko couldn't see the colorful display.

Ruka let out a small breath and pursed her lips in and out again, before relaxing them and wondering why was she reacting like this; She didn't react like this in the bath when Nariko bathed her, even though she was semi-concious, she knew Nariko's smell anywhere, her soft touches, her expert procision of taking care of her hair and the right scent in her bath, so her nose didn't burn from being senstive to the smell.

It took only a moment for Nariko to finish the last button, however, Ruka didn't realise until those soft hands ran through her hair and took it out gently from in her dress and softly layed it down her back, where it displayed in all it's soft fiery glory.

Ruka turned to the turn of her eye and saw Nariko look at her in a indifferent way, like she was observing her work, if the woman had dressed her properly. Disappointment... Why did that feeling of disappoint flash into her being, she didn't even know what she was disappointed about.

Did she want more of a facial expression from Nariko - Just a small smile or something, because having that look from Nariko made her feel somewhat self concious, and she never had that feeling before besides with Kaname, so she just turned her eyes back to the front, until Nariko deciding to stop gawking at her like a displeased stone statue.

Then before Ruka knew it Nariko was in front her, probably checking the front side, the same reaction or lack there was of. Ruka had expected some. sort of reaction, a smile, or something that made it Nariko seem that she appreciated Ruka's beauty.

,However, despite the confusing feeling Ruka gazed towards Nariko in the same way, watching the young brunette's eyes and where they went. They went from her feet upwards towards her face where she gasped at.

[+purple You must eat, I'll go and prepare your meal right away."]

At Nariko's comment; Ruka realised just how weak she seemed if her eyes had changed also, she could feel them straining and her pupil had changed from it's normal form to a slitted shape.

She couldn't allow her parents to see her in this state, but what else could she do? Also Nariko would get into trouble for it. She just needed a tiny bite.... Her fangs ached...

Ruka opened her mouth to either speak or ready herself to aim for Nariko's throat, however, she turned away to the side like if not looking at Nariko would her deny the temptation.

[+orange "..Very well; I'd rather not have my parents to see me like this, however, It seems I don't have much of a choice...If they require an answer from you. do not answer, I will explain why I'm like this if they choose to bring up the topic."]

Ruka stated before she began walking slowly, after all she felt dizzy due to the human level of starvation but she was able to stay on her feet.
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Nariko carefully wrung out the bed sheets and hung them up to dry on a large towel rack near the tub before wiping her hands with the towel she had removed and folded it neatly on the counter by the sink.

[+darkorange "Nariko..."]

The young maid looked up from her handiwork at the sound of her mistress’ call. She walked out from the bathroom to discover Ruka with her head stuck in her dress.

It took everything in her to hold her composure and not continue to stare at Ruka’s body from the waist down that was exposed since the dress was stuck over her head. Nariko’s face flushed slightly, and she inwardly scolded herself for her perverse gawking.

It was difficult for her not to giggle at the sight as well considering the predicament. She practically had to hold her breath so a snicker wouldn’t escape her lips.

[+orchid “Please, allow me, Mistress.”]

Without another word, Nariko nimbly unclasped Ruka’s buttons and removed the dress from over her head pulling it down to her waist before sliding her arms in the sleeves and redoing the buttons along her back, setting her hair back in order neatly when she finished.

Nariko stepped back and managed to keep a stoic expression on her face. From years of disciplined training, she knew how to control herself from slipping up. She wasn’t really afraid to slip up in front of Ruka.

Even with this boundary in place, she felt like she couldn’t contain her feelings for Ruka. As time stretched on without her, Nariko waited patiently. She felt like her patience and resolve was weakening. She wanted to truly belong to Ruka, even though she felt it was impossible. With her parents sending her off to school wedging them further apart, she was afraid how far they’d go to keep her out of the picture.

They didn’t request for her service often while Ruka was gone since she was her personal servant, but she was still required to tend to the house and keep the other staff in check.

It took her a lot of slip-ups and even harsh punishments for her to get this far and be so skilled at her job, so it was only fitting that she teach the new workers.

So if something went wrong because of one of her understudies, she took full responsibility for their mistake.

Although she and Ruka were close, she still respected her position as head maid of the house.
Even though she always felt at ease and could relax a bit more with Ruka, she NEVER disrespected her. Her loyalty and respect towards Ruka hadn’t faltered even though she was closer to her than the other servants.

Nariko stepped in front of her for a better look at the dress from the front to make sure it was orderly before her eyes scanned to Ruka's face. She gasped in suprise at the red glint that burned fiercely in her eyes and the greyness in the noble's complexion.

[+orchid "You must eat, I'll go and prepare your meal right away."]
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 68d 5h 14m 49s
[center Once Ruka gathered her clothes; Her mind wondered what her parents wanted, it would be important to see them at daytime, they never come home during the day. They would say it made their skin a bit darker than normal. Racist? Ruka didn't know nor did she care to be honest.

They had stopped caring about her the moment she was born, she was a inconvince, a mistake because after all she wasn't a male, however, they still had use for her apparently to marry off to a nice noble or royal vampire and give her parents status of being the parents of whatever Ruka would become or would've become in their eyes if she had the attention of Kaname Kurin.

Although; It seemed that it hadn't gone their way, even if they heard about it or not they could not change the fact that Kaname was in love with his sister Yuki Kurin and had always been. He was just using her and the others to protect and eventually bring Yuki back to her vampiric memories.


Ruka hmmed to herself, before catching Nariko's scent again as she rushed past to the bathroom with the sheets in toe. Ruka's nose twitched in response, causing Ruka to cover it lightly, realising what she smelt before was not spray on her pillow.

It was Nariko's scent, because Nariko was running she could sense the blood pumping through the other woman's body.

..It was the same as before, meaning; Ruka eyes widened - She had almost bit into Nariko's throat. Ruka turned from the bathroom, with pink showing it's self on her cheeks.

Even though Ruka knew that Nariko was a vampire, she was certain that the other woman was below herself, because why another noble like herself or a royal like Yuki or Kaname ever want to work as a maid - And she dare think; For her. Ruka knew she wasn't the kindest of mistress's but she supposed that she was the only one that had the decency not to use her lessers has her blood banks.

But with Nariko her blood sensed amazing, almost human like; But Ruka had tasted alot of human blood, not one had become this intoxicating, even when she wasn't hungry. The times she was at the mansion before she left, before her parents forbaid her from playing with Nariko.

Ruka felt strange sensation; Her fangs ached, her pulse raised a couple of times when they would run around, she had captured Nariko once in tag, pounced on her back so she couldn't get away. Ruka was so close, so close to drinking, until her mother called for her, causing her to get of Nariko back then and rush towards her mothers call in vampiric speed, with a tremendous blush across her face.

Ruka blinked at the memory and returned to reality, before shaking her head lightly.

"Get a hold of yourself Ruka."

She quietly scolded herself before returning to her bed still in a wobbly manner, however she made it and sat down as her stomach growled once more.

"...One bite won't harm her..."

Ruka mummbled to herself as her eyes seemed to grow slitted with hunger, but she shook her head once again and her eyes changed back.

"It would kill her, I will not take blood from a maid..."

Ruka stated to herself before becoming stubborn as she's always been, to convince herself even if she needed or wanted something from someone else she'd had to think how it would a honor for them for her to take it.

Ruka felt like she was going to pass out from hunger at any moment, however she started to get dressed without her vampiric speed because she didn't have the energy to, so she went with old fashioned human speed, or not even that since she was weak at the moment.

Meanwhile Nariko was doing the sheets; Ruka managed to get her undergarments on, now all she needed on was her dress. determinded to put it on herself, she gathered the bottom hems of it and putting it over her head. But unfortunately she got stuck half way.

...How embarassing, Ruka could feel her cheeks burn before she started pulling on it, not realising she forgot to release some of the buttons behind it.

Ruka sighed when her efforts were fruitless and so she grumbled.


Hoping her grumbling of a voice was heard, all she had was her pride right now even if she wasn't well she would never let go of her pride.

[b XD Ruka is daft]
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 142d 7h 58m 24s
At seeing Ruka rise, Nariko moved swiftly to retrieve her uniform from the bathroom, folded neatly by the sink and started to get dressed.

She pulled her white ribbons from her dress pocket, smoothing out her bedhead and tying it back from her face. She slid on her stockings before pulling her dress over her head and tying on her apron neatly. She tied on her hairband and washed her face before slipping on her doll shoes and hurrying back into the room.

[+darkorange "Nariko wash the bed sheets in the bath - I won't allow my parents deciding to come up here and checking."]

[+orchid "Understood, Lady Ruka."]

Nariko kept her composure so as not to set her heart in a panic. If she didn't keep her emotions in check and steady her pulse, she knew Ruka's parents would suspect something was amiss.

She grabbed the bed sheets and carried them to the tub, grabbing the lavender scented bubble bath from the cabinet. under the sink and started the tub water running. She carefully poured some of the soap in and began scrubbing it gently by hand.

She mentally cursed herself for allowing herself to get so carried away and possibly putting Ruka in a risky situation. She was so excited about Ruka's return, she paid no mind to the rules Ruka's parents had established. Now because of her carelessness, she needed to be sure to keep Ruka from getting in trouble for her actions.

Even though Ruka had proposed for her to be by her side last night as a reward for her hard work, she should have politely declined to protect Ruka.

But Nariko knew she was asking too much of herself- how could she ever say no to Ruka. She had her wrapped around her finger. Nariko would willingly do whatever she asked without question. Not because of her power, but because she trusted her.
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 142d 6h 46m 59s
[center Ruka felt the movement, so she narrowed her eye brows - wondering what was going on, how in Lucifers hell was her bed moving. Before she decided to open her eyes, she heard;

"Mistress Ruka, forgive me for disturbing you, but your parents are here. If you don't meet with them, I'm afraid they'd believe I'd have something to do with it. I don't want to cause any more trouble for you."

At the mention of her parents being 'home' Ruka felt like shooting up out of bed, but she was a dignifed and powerful vampire. A creature that showed no fear in front of her inferiors. So she rised like the mention of her parents meant nothing to her.

Slowly, unwrapping her arms from her 'pillow' that she still didn't know what - or who it really was until she straddled her bed and moved her orange/blonde hair out the way, narrowing her eyes in disastifcation or annoyance.

It wasn't at Nariko despite what it looked like; She was annoyed because her parents at to come in the daylight, being so weak as she was the sun that was coming through her curtains irirated her eyes and gave her a migrain.

Ruka blinked a few times; Before realising that Nariko was in her bed, Orangy gold looked down upon Nariko's brown ones with a tired yet pericing gaze. For a moment Ruka wondered why Nariko was in her bed, however, after that moment of pondering she came to the inclusion that she invited her into her bed.

After all Nariko would never dare lay beside her unless invited; It was been quite a while since she had invited the young maid into her bed. The last time was when they were younger and... Her parents forbid her from having the maid in her bed again.

Ruka sighed at the realisation and turned her head from Nariko and towards her wardrobe and turning her legs over the side of her bed and slowly getting up. She still felt weak, she could feel it in her legs, her head, her stomach growled at her without mercy making even Nariko to hear it.

"You maid outside my room; Tell my parents I'm getting changed, Nariko is assisting me."

Ruka stated loudly as she could as she slowly walked towards her wardrobe to get changed and ready to meet her parents to came home far to early, she thought of having a bath and that Nariko should have one too, but that would be too suspious. So Ruka decided if her parents asked about the scent of Nariko on her. Nariko helped her change, and did her hair for her.

"Y-Yes ma'am!"

The maid called out as there was sounds of shoes scurrying away; Ruka reached her wardrobe and placed her hand on it lightly, however, it made a dent in it to keep herself up.

"Nariko wash the bed sheets in the bath - I won't allow my parents deciding to come up here and checking."

Ruka stated, giving Nariko another task rather actually having her aid her with changing even though she needed aiding, she was too prideful to ask as she opened the door to get her clothing out. Ruka felt herself getting dizzy and she leant into the wardrobe door closing it again with her arm that held her up.

Ruka was hungry; Starving in fact. - she had starved herself for maybe five days or so until she brought home by force by Kain, whom must be still asleep by now.

Ruka narrowed her eyebrows gritting her teeth at the thought of Kain of forcing her back here; Upon the orders of Kaname himself after throwing them both out from his home. Yuki - Yuki whom was in Kaname's embrace was the last thing Ruka conciously saw until she became compeletely broken it took a few more days to reach home by car.

Refusing food this long was insanity; or almost sucide if she could die from this, but actually she would become one of those ghouls without her free will to keep control of her own mind.

Ruka knew her rank could go for a year without food and just begin to show the symtoms that is without the intense pain and hunger she would feel first.

Two weeks; Ruka could recall now; She had been gone two weeks without blood. The symtoms were correct for that amount of time. intense dizziness and average feeling of human starvation.

Ruka leaned against the wardrobe and gritted her teeth before pulling it off it's hinges and throwing it to the side with detestful expression on her on her face and gathering her clothes slowly.

...She had only herself to blame for this..
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 142d 19h 19m 20s
"L-Lady Ruka; Pardon the interruption but your parents have come home to the household and demand to see you miss."

[+darkorange "..Have whoever it is to come back tonight - I will not be seeing visitors at this moment."]

Nariko who was fully awake immediately jumped up at hearing this. She felt like the warmth had been sapped from her body and replaced with a chill down her spine. She gently leaned over by Ruka's ear whispering to her intensely, the urgency of the matter clear in her voice.

[+orchid "Mistress Ruka, forgive me for disturbing you, but your parents are here. If you don't meet with them, I'm afraid they'd believe I'd have something to do with it. I don't want to cause any more trouble for you."]

Nariko nervously awaited for Ruka's response, afraid if she kept persisting, she'd annoy her mistress further than she already was with being disturbed from her slumber.
  Nariko / Aora / 1y 143d 12h 45m 28s

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