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"Yeah. Guess so." he said smiling back. He looked aroun and noticed a nearby hotel. "Come on." He said walking towards it. He went to the reception and saw that there was only one room available and it had a single bed.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 126d 10h 45m 43s
" Good " She says smiling weakly. She steps back and notices Death ended the call. " I guess we should stay somewhere for the night. "
  Myame / TheFallenOne / 2y 126d 10h 51m 5s
He nods slowly and hugs her back. "Yeah im alright Myame." He said groggily.

Death nodded then canceled the call and let the two be alone. He couldn't quite shake the feeling that there was more to Jason then they could see.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 126d 10h 53m 18s
She rushes to him and hugs him " Are you okay? " She asks worried
  Myame / TheFallenOne / 2y 126d 11h 24m 50s
He looked at her an the drums began to quiet down and he slowly landed on the ground. His body bEgan to turn back to his normal appearance and he hugged her. "T-Thank you." He said panting, as if he was just suffocating.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 126d 11h 33m 50s
She nods hearing Death's words " I-I'll try " Myame stands her ground " Jason you need to come back to me! " She shouts at him " Please "
  Myame / TheFallenOne / 2y 126d 11h 45m 45s
Death grit his teeth under the mask and just watched Jason. "Myame, it looks as if his kishin side is taking over. Calm him down." He answered.

"What's the matter? Don't like that song, or the drums?" Asked Kishin Jason as the sound of drums continued to grow louder.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 128d 23h 25m 15s
Myame continues to back up " Lord Death what's going on? "
  Myame / TheFallenOne / 2y 129d 18h 23m 50s
The drums became louder and he cackled then grinned. "Here come the drums here come the drums." He said then black energy surged from him. "Hey now baby baby." He said winking at Myame then floating. Black electricity flooding around him. "You're my voodoo child my voodoo child." He continued.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 135d 1h 23m 50s
Myame took a few steps back and kept her eyes fixed on Jason. " Jason you can snap out of this! " She says worried and not sure what was about to happen.
  Myame / TheFallenOne / 2y 135d 2h 3m 40s
Death huffed and looked at Jason. His soul felt, off. "Myame back away from him." Said Death as Jason opened his eyes, they were their black and red kishin form
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 135d 2h 22m 33s
She smiles as lord death answers and bows to him holding her sliced arm that had stopped bleeding. " I thin.. " She cuts her self off seeing Jason get up and turns to him " Are you okay Jason? " She looks at him puzzled since he was just out cold.
  Myame / TheFallenOne / 2y 135d 2h 40m 44s
He groans and stirrs around as the drums become louder and louder.

*In his head*

Jason was sitting at the drums, he was banging away with a drum solo while the Kishin smirked and began singing Voodoo Child. "Here come the drums Here come the drums." He said as black energy surged from the drums.

*Outside his head.* Death answered the call and looked at Myame. "Whats up?" He asked then looked at Jason and heard the drums. Jason then twitched and slowly stood up. His eyes closed.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 135d 2h 53m 10s
Myame notices the sounds emanating from his soul and looks down at him confused. " What's going on with him " She mutters and stands up and starts to call death.
  Myame / TheFallenOne / 2y 135d 3h 23m 29s
*In his head*

"What the fuck?" He said rubbing his head as he sluggishly stood up. He was in a black version of the candleit room that Soul had in his head. Jason looked around confused and saw a black and red drumkit. Leaning next to it was him in his kishin form. "Know how to play?" Asked the Kishin. Jason smirked and walked to the drumkit.

*Out of his head*

Jason stirred and the sound of drums was emanating from his soul.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 135d 3h 27m 55s

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