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One foot forward at a time, the Princess made and it led her further into the water.
Pursing those pouty lips, Sasha breathed out with a little whimper as the coldness of the water snugged around her tiny waist as she continued to move forward, letting the water completely surround her - letting it overtake her skin as she bent her knees.
This was exactly what she needed.

Tilting her head back, leaving her clothes unattended and not aware that there was a peeping tom in the midst, Sasha let the strands of her hair soak in the water for a single moment before letting her head straighten up and her eyes open. Standing up upon the ground below, the water wrapped a few inches under her breasts.
It truly was exactly what she needed. No interruptions, no worries. No cares.

Well, almost no interruptions.

[i “Oh Princess, I thought you had gotten yourself eaten up by the cougar stalking by last night.”]

Gasping, Sasha turned around in the water fast and quick - placing both of her hands upon her chest and sunk back down into the water again with the bend of her knees. Eyes quickly glanced upon the Prince's dick for a split second before it vanished under the water.
It was the first time she had ever seen a man's intimates and she wasn't exactly ...upset she saw it.
Perhaps..wanting to see it again, maybe..

[b "There was a cougar stalking by, last night?! ... are you serious?...."] she responded, raising her eyebrow as she watched Alex swim in closer which caused her eyebrow to raise and her heart beat so fast in her chest.

[b "I slept ...okay. I was warm by the fire and ...because of you. I woke up, you looked peaceful so I didn't want to disturb and ...I wanted to wash myself."] she replied, gazing upon Alex with her piercing green eyes. She somewhat left out the reliving herself part as it wasn't lady like and really, he didn't need to know...

The water soon became warm from their body heat and once more, Sasha listened to Alex's words which made her tilt her head up - sigh softly and closed her eyes - listening to the sounds of the birds and somewhat silence..
[i “How does it feel to be able to enjoy the silence instead of the hustle and bustle of the kingdom?”]
[b "This ... is a magic moment. This...silence except from the birds..has to be the most beautiful noise I have ever heard. No voices but ours...no noise from the demands from people, no noise of scuffing feet of all the maids and all the help. For the first time, I am bathing naked with no one counting down the time on when I needed to get out. No eyes looking at me, except for yours. I'm...free.."] she muttered softly, tilting her head back - letting her eyes peer into his own as she slowly removed her hands from her chest under the water.

Alex was out so freely.
Perhaps it was her turn to stop being so ..uptight and let go. It was the first time she was naked infront of a man.

She was nervous ...

Alex was ..a man, incredible and ..ever so tempting...

"I should get out now .." she muttered as she broke the glance between the two of them and slowly began to make movement passed the Prince.
  Sasha Monroe / MeisjeKelly / 1y 260d 6h 28m 15s
Alex was a common male, but he was forced to be a man in the moment when he woke up completely alone in the middle of the forest next to a rock-surrounded pile of ashes. The scent of burning grass, dirt, and sticks lingered over his hair, his clothes and his skin. He felt like a smoked pig in that moment. Though it was cool outside in the morning and the sunlight was barely breaking through the leaves above them, he felt the heat already reaching and bubbling at his skin surface. The sweat droplets had covered his forehead and he could only feel in skin-to-skin areas the sweat beading up and making his skin sticky.

He moved, stretching his body and giving air to the sweaty areas of his body before it sparked a thought in his head. He was still curious to find out where the princess who had sworn that she was wanting to be a little more independent went off to. Even though Miss Independent thought she had the strength to be on her own, she had no common sense in the woods that surrounded and stood between the two kingdoms. He lifted his eyes, turning his head in a full circle. There wasn’t any sounds around him, but there was a bubbling brook that wasn’t too far from their sleeping place just to make sure they had water when they were thirsty.

He stood, dusted off the dirt and shook out his hair, feeling like a true man and not a manicured female with a penis hanging between his legs.

He looked around once more, still not finding a path that the princess would have taken. Getting a good look at his surrounding, he took off in a direction of what he hoped would be the footprints in the dirt of the princess and hopefully not one of a big creature traveling through the night. The air was full of condensation, coating his lungs and filling his body with heat that he didn’t want. It was difficult to breathe in some areas, but he kept moving. The heat was coming in and out as he walked under and through shady areas just trying to stay out of the sunlight and the heat’s grasp.

He let the twigs snap underneath his boots as he walked. He let the leaves rustle and the branches move out of his way thanks to the power of his hands to manipulate the earth as he made his way through it. It was not but a few minutes when he came to a clearing that led to a lake. The sparkle hitting off the trunks of the trees gave him a little bit of instinct to wash off so then when the female would show her face, he was decent smelling and looking. Though, the moment that he broke through the bushes and clearing of the trunks, he already saw the female’s head bobbing in and out of the water. She was enjoying the cool and crisp liquid on her skin and from the looks of it, he was going to enjoy it too. About a hundred feet away from him lay the pile of her clothes.

With a moments hesitation, he turned back into the shadows and made his way over to the area that the female was. With sneaky precision and feet like a tiger, one silent and one with his eyes on his prey, he slowly unbuttoned his clothing, taking off one piece of clothing at a time in the shadows. Removing his boots and stockings first, he left them at the edge of the shade. From there, he removed his flannel, unbuttoning it slowly, letting his bare chest, though sparkling from sweat beads, free to the lake side and to the female.

However, he still couldn’t see if she was looking his direction. He continued to make his movements serious and well timed. Letting the flannel, though so thick in texture and fabric, hit the ground, he finally reached for his pants, unbuttoning it and letting the strings come untied in a few moments of handiwork. Soon, he was in his under garments. Glancing at her pile of clothing and noticing no straps or anything else on the female’s shoulders, he knew that the woman was naked within the water’s hold.

Oh how his body stiffened from the jealousy that he felt as the water sank into her skin, wrapping her like velvet, fully encasing every crevice her body had to offer. His thoughts were growing darker as the last little bit of clothing, his under garments included, fell to the ground, leaving him bare to the world…to the country side between the kingdoms. He wasn’t afraid of his body, he was very comfortable within his frame.

Walking into the water, he called for the female.

“Oh Princess, I thought you had gotten yourself eaten up by the cougar stalking by last night.” He said, his eyes traveling over her frame, hoping to have surprised her.

The cool water as it hit his private parts, he felt himself stricken in movement and he shivered slightly. “The water is a lot colder than it first felt. “ He said, gritting his teeth as he tried himself to get used to the temperatures that surrounded him. He was smiling while secretly wanting to scream like a young child on the inside of his chest. He let out a groan as the water fully developed him up to his shoulders.

“I must have been sleeping good to let you get away from me darling.” He said as he stepped closer through the muddy bottomed water to reach her. The water was refreshing and he would dread putting his clothes back on due to the heat that it would induce on his body.

“How does it feel to be able to enjoy the silence instead of the hustle and bustle of the kingdom?” He asked.


Srytka watched as the sun slowly rose. The sheets were empty and cold around her. She straightened her gown and ran her fingers through her hair as she curled her knees up to her chest. Through squinty eyes, she touched her face with the bottoms of her palms and stretched for a moment. She didn’t want to get up and not find Alex where he should be. She didn’t want to get up and go into their royal chambers to find her husband with his mistress within their bed. She didn’t want to face the reality that was her life anymore. Squeezing the sheets in between her fingers and pressing them to her face, she screamed into the fabric.

It was muffled that no one outside of the corridor heard her cry for help…for sanity, for anything other than her life. She knew her place and she knew that if she were to divorce or even think of it, she would be forced to find somewhere else to live…Would that be so bad though? What about Alex? Where would she go? Her older hands wouldn’t be able to catch the meat that she would need to survive. So many decisions would surround the one big decision to live…

She shook her head as tears fell down her face…
  Alexander O'Connell / AWritersLove_ / 1y 262d 23h 40m 44s
The amount of walking, Sasha's feet were beyond destroyed.
It was the miles they walked.
It was the sticks on the ground that in which she stepped up - stood up and scraped her skin upon her legs or her cute ankles.
It was the rough leaves and it was also the blisters that were forming on her little toe.

However, the Princess had something to prove.
She was a not a prissy little thing that Alexander or her parents saw her too be. Sasha was strong - independent.
[b "Yeah... I'm strong...and independent. I cant do this ...no problem..."] she would say to herself as she walked side by side against Alexander, only to at time, lean in close and grasp his arm tight at sounds she had never heard before.

The animals of the night.
[b "I'm going to die. I'm going to be eaten up...I miss home!..."] she screamed in her head. The good vibes of her being strong were gone.

Sasha tried to hang in there and was so close to giving up until finally, they reached a point where both of them would rest.

With a fire built, feeling warmth on her skin - Sasha took a seat on a log that Alex rolled forward and together, they sat next to one another in silence up until a question was spoken and Sasha replied.
Smiling to herself.

[i “Well I’m glad you’re not a full princess.”]
[b "I will always be a full princess. Just like you will always and forever be ...a full Prince..."] she replied back softly, keeping her eyes on the fire.
Hands reached out and held the palms to the flames, feeling them warm up, looking down the moment Alexander excused himself from the log only to release himself.

Oh to be a man.
To go wherever one pleased in the forest, to stand up.


Settling in for the night, it was a good 30minutes later that the two decided to call it time.
There was no beds.
No blankets.
No walls covering them for privacy. It was just them two alone together in a forest beside a fire that crackled and popped.

[i “This isn’t like your stays in homes. There is no blanket… so the only warmth we have is the fire.”]
[b "Lucky me..."] Sasha replied as slowly, she laid down onto the ground beside the fire, her jacket rolled up turning it into a pillow. Her beautiful dress was tainted now from the brown soil of the earth.
Eyes widened the moment Alex shifted in behind her.
[i “And each other.”] Alex whispered in Sasha's ear which caused the Princess to raise an eyebrow, but bit her lower lip the moment she felt his arm snake around her delicate waist.

Shifting a hand from the ground, it was there in a quick moment that the palm of her soft hand, rested upon Alex's own as it was gently placed against her stomach.
A part of her wanted to turn around and place a kiss on his lips, to show, despite their differences, she thanked him for looking after her...
Beside him, she felt safe, like nothing bad would ever happen to her and it was within moments that the Princess...fell asleep in the arms of her Robin Hood.

As the sun rose in the morning sun, Sasha opened her emerald hues and stared straight head, glancing at the fire that had simmered down. The first thought she had was that she was still alive. She actually survived a night in the forest...well....Alexander was there to keep her safe as no one knew the forest as good as he.

Slowly removing herself from the arms of the boy, standing up - it wasn't long until Sasha looked at the Prince before turning away - heading off in a direction that while hidden, relieved herself quickly, not watching to be caught or seen and she became disgusted in herself.
This was not what a Princess should of done.

However it was heading back to camp that a glisten in the distance caught her eye.
Walking to it, Sasha smiled wide as there...rested a lake.
The sun glistened against the water and rushing to it - Sasha's fingers unlaced her dirty dress.
Pushing it off her body following her corset - her undergarments, alone in the forest - the princess stood naked.

Tilting her head up - Sasha bit her lower lip as the sun's warmth danced along with her skin, toes touched the water that released a sigh from her lips.
Sliding hands up her naked frame - fingers ran through her long hair that she unpinned - letting the long strands fall against her back before slowly - wandering into the water...
  Sasha Monroe / MeisjeKelly / 2y 61d 17h 27m 17s
Alex had been walking for hours with the princess, and his feet were starting to bruise, but he knew that he could handle the pain, as well as the setting sun that was happening to disappear over the trees. He had looked around, sure to listen to every sound. They had seen signs of life everywhere, but not actual life itself. He was used to going out and being in the woods by himself and his horse, something that his mother forbade him from doing for a while, but he was still into sneaking.

The land was rugged around them and the branches of new trees were hanging low. As a gentleman, he pulled the branches back for the princess as she walked. He was a little upset about the way that she wanted to blame everything on his family, but she had to know that it wasn’t all his family’s fault that these things happened. Neither one of them were apart of the original drama. Only their parents, and it was unnecessary for them to argue about it since they couldn’t even remember it.

Throughout the time they walked, she would come closer to him again, sure to enwrap her fingers around his arm when there was an unknown sound. He did nothing but smile, tap her hand and wait for her to release him as he continued up with his pace. He knew where he was going, but these trails were so worn down, he was going off of mid memory. His horse would be able to pick them up a lot easier than he, but unfortunately his pride and joy was in the stables….

Pressing his lips together, he couldn’t barely see anymore in front of him so he knew that it would be a good time to stop. Finding a nice clear spot, he found a rock and dug out a pit for the fire starter. It took a few minutes as he motioned for the princess to sit on an accompanied fallen tree and make herself comfortable while he got a fire started. Taking a bit of time, soon they were sitting by the fire and letting the wind carry by. Asking his question to her, seeing if she really liked being out here, being free. Her answer wasn’t quite expected.

“Well I’m glad you’re not a full princess.” He muttered, looking at the trees around them. The sky had taken a dark turn, and it was normal for the moon to rise and soon it was above them, giving them light other than the fire. He felt the heat hot against the toes of his boots. Raising his hands to the flame, he felt them quickly heated to satisfactory temperature.

He didn’t feel the awkward lull in their conversation until she was speaking…so uhm…yeah. He lifted a brow and looked in her direction. “Yes, Princess?” he asked, seeing that she wasn’t sure quite what else to say.

“Enjoy the scenery. Please excuse me.” He picked himself up and headed a little bit away from their campgrounds to relieve himself.


Srytka looked at Thomas sitting stuffly across from her. His eyes were down or looking outside of the window. She had begun to see age on his face and all she wanted to do was touch it. She wanted to give him what he wanted…but she felt her own skin wearing. She wasn’t the young and beautiful ripe age that she was when they had first met. Now she was starting to wear and he wanted younger blood…

It wasn’t too long before they were arriving at the castle, back in their home where he quickly desolated her, making an excuse to leave her alone in their chambers. She held her footing at the window looking down on their town…They had so many things they had to do, so little of time before Alex would need to take a queen and have an heir. She ran her fingers through her loose hair and leaned against the ledge of the window for a moment before she headed to get undressed and get into bed. Alone.


Settling in for the night, he spread out some coals and dirt over them to keep their bed a little warmer as they slept. “This isn’t like your stays in homes. There is no blanket… so the only warmth we have is the fire.” He said softly, and then whispered a little more. “And each other.”

He was still trying to get over the past, and he himself knew that he wasn’t apart of it though he was young during the time that it was happening. He was around the age of three before Srytka had come into his and his father’s lives. He waited for her to come near him and there he wrapped his arm around the princess and held her close to him. To keep her warm, he kept her by the fire and his back to the outside. The chill didn’t bother him very much as it usually did.
  Alexander O'Connell / AWritersLove_ / 2y 67d 4h 24m 22s
Perhaps spilling her guts out in the open like that, was not appropriate.
One had to remember, being cooped up in a castle - behind closed walls her whole life, people making her say and do things, Sasha forgot her voice and never spoke on how she was feeling.
It was outside in the open - away from it all that Sasha finally spoke and didn't hold anything back.

However - it was being too honest that she turned her head and watched the Prince ever so carefully taking several steps forward away from her - down the embankment and spoke words that she knew, she had crossed a line.

[i “You don’t know my step mother. You didn’t even know she really existed until tonight or maybe recently when I came into your life.”]
[b "I heard stories growing up. Sure, I thought it was all nonsense but tonight, I saw her and I saw my Mother's face...."]
[i “I know mean to snap at you, but if you do not know the entire story, then you shouldn’t be down talking anyone. Despite that, realize that your father is going to kill any suitor anyways. Neither him or your mother want to let you go. Remember that. It’s not just my family.”]
[b "I didn't mean to ...say it like that, in that way...I... For so long I haven't been able to open my mouth and this is the first time I have ..and I'm kind of ruining it ...."] she muttered, standing tall and poised like a princess under the moonlight as she looked down at Alexander who stood in the low embankment.

Within moments, the princes lifted up her couture dress and took a step down followed by one foot then the other until she was toe to toe with Alexander, looking up at him as he was indeed taller than herself.
His hands were out, wanting to help the Princess but all she did was smile.

[b "I don't need help. Lead the way..."]


[+blue “Srytka and Thomas have left.”]
[+green "Good. I don't know why you invited them in the first place, Hughes, honestly. The last time she was here, people were scrubbing dried blood off the floor and I was pout in the dungeon at your command..."] she muttered, a little ..somewhat pissed off that her husband invited the enemy to her home.
[+blue “However, I think that Sasha has left as well. Unsure if with them or on her own accord.”]

Turning her head, Wendy's eyes left the crowd and stared upon her husband to seemed to be calm.
[+green "What do you mean, our daughter is gone? ...No no no ...Hughes. If your sister has gone and so has that boy ...."] she spoke, now in a worried manner.
It was a tone of voice that Hughes nodded and ushered a guard over - saying that Sasha was to be found immediately.

Standing up from her seat - Wendy's stared at her guests and spoke out loud - speaking that the party was now over, for all to go home as she removed herself from the throne and wandered through the crowd that separated and rushed out - worried, sick in the stomach.

She knew, it was aa mother instinct that her daughter was no where to be found but Wendy's ran up the stairs - unbecoming of a Queen from the way she ran.
Coming to Sasha's room - Wendy opened up the door and stepped in - looking around and brought a hand to her mouth - standing still in the middle, at the end of her daughter's bed.

[+green ..."HUGHES!....Sasha is gone..."]


Hours went by and Sasha was close on calling it quits.
At times, Sasha reached forward and grabbed Alexander on the arm due to howling noises - high pitch screams and the occasional rustling in the bushes.
[b "What was that?.."] she repeated herself over and over until finally, the moment she was close on opening her mouth saying - no more, Alexander stopped walking, let the Princess go and left her standing in the middle of the woods - miles from home and made a fire.

It was impressive.

Wood and a spark created heat and ..a way to cook food if needed be. Speaking of which, Sasha's tummy started to growl.

Emerald eyes watching the Prince roll a log close to the fire and for him to take a seat, she too did the same and sat down beside him slowly, breathing in - enjoying the heat of the brisk evening air.

[i “Are you sure you like freedom as much as you thought you would?”]
[b "I'm not going to lie. My feet hurt and I'm hungry and I thought I was going to die multiple times ...but this is fun..."] Sasha nodded slowly - keeping her eyes upon the fire, hands on her lap as she started to feel butterflies.

For the first time ever, she was alone with a boy.

[b "So um ...yeah..."] she spoke softly, shifting gaze from the fire and looked at Alexander.
  Sasha Monroe / MeisjeKelly / 2y 73d 17h 56m 5s
The woman stared back at him and Alex was completely confused. Her looked at her as they now were able to move through the tunnels and they were standing outside in the dark, in the cool air compared to the stuffy air that was the ball that was put together by her parents in celebration of her birth. And now, he as the bad boy of the century was stealing away the princess by always getting himself caught in the line of fire.

He liked the burning sensation apparently.

He pressed his lips together as he looked backward, looking around, not seeing a single soul around them. When he asked what they were to do now, the words that came tumbling out of her mouth made him sympathetic. He knew how it felt. He knew the way that she felt so locked in. He was lucky that it was because of his step mother that he was the way that he was. A rebel, one that was the one for the freedom. He knew what freedom felt like and it was standing in the cold now with the princess where it was coming more and more apparent to his father who sat in the carriage, moving their way through the forest back to their kingdom.

Srytka leaned back against the seat, looking at her husband who she knew was no longer interested in her. She felt her heart break just a little bit. Biting her lip slightly, she ran her fingers through her hair and held her shoulders back, sure to not show weakness in front of the man who she called husband…more just like a partner. Inhaling deeply and exhaling just as breathlessly, she was worried about her son…She was worried about how he was going to get himself hurt in the hands of Hughes. Hughes didn’t care who he was or how he was, he didn’t care about his lineage and that he wasn’t actually Srytka’s blood and that they weren’t related. No, he didn’t care. He just cared that the fact that he was in the arms of his daughter and that there was a possibility that the man was going to hurt her.

She knew Hughes, whether he liked it or not.

Alex, taking in a deep breath, felt the cold air fill his lungs as she again spoke that she wasn’t like his step mother and all he could do was shake his head, moving toward the tree line. “You don’t know my step mother. You didn’t even know she really existed until tonight or maybe recently when I came into your life.” He said, rolling his eyes.

He looked forward, walking down the side of the hill that the castle was built on. He took his time going downward, sure to know where he was going, and whether she was following, he was glad that he had gotten out. “thank you for pulling me out of there. Thank you for giving me a way out and not into death, but—” He stopped and looked up at her as she was now taller than him. “Before you start to claim that my step mother did all the hurting, you should consider your father as an abuser as much as my step mother.” He narrowed his eyes in her direction. “I know mean to snap at you, but if you do not know the entire story, then you shouldn’t be down talking anyone. Despite that, realize that your father is going to kill any suitor anyways. Neither him or your mother want to let you go. Remember that. It’s not just my family.”

Hughes looked out in the crowd, not seeing his daughter anywhere. Walking up to his seat next to his wife, he looked at Wendy. “Srytka and Thomas have left.” He sighed heavily. “However, I think that Sasha has left as well. Unsure if with them or on her own accord.” He said, glancing at the crowd, people were still mingling and going on just as normal as anything else. They weren’t paying attention to the king and queen as they were worried aobut where the princess was.

Glancing to the side, he got the attention of the guard that was standing near their chairs. “Find Sasha and bring her to me.”

The guard immediately went to where the princess had moved and followed the direction to her room, but found it empty. They continued their search quickly through the entire castle. Hours later, when everyone was leaving to go back home, drunk and partied out, they came up empty handed.

Alex, knowing how to make a fire, was gathering wood for their fire pit. He was still a little ticked off about her comment and how she would down talk his step mother in such a fashion, but then he understood her upbringing. They constantly disowned his step mother, no matter what good she ever did for them. He knew there were differences in the story that she was told and the actuality that was spoken to him. Yet, he wasn’t there, so he didn’t know the exact details as well. Would Srytka lie to him?

Finally getting a fire started, he sat down on a log that he had pulled up and looked at her. “Are you sure you like freedom as much as you thought you would?” He asked after they had walked through the forest for hours.
  Alexander O'Connell / AWritersLove_ / 2y 74d 20h 30m 4s
[+green "...Sasha! .... get back here!"]

It was running to Alexander that she reached out and grabbed his hand tight, dragging him away - making him run at the same pace so one of them would not be lagging behind.

Through her home, she ran in a way that was not fitting for a Princess - fast, trying to get away from everyone and everything.

Coming to her room, Sasha pushed Alexander in - following by herself before closing the large door and locked it from the inside only to shift passed the Prince and flicked up a rug that hung on the wall and motioned behind - unpicking the lock with a pin in her hair ad pushed the door open.
Holding out her hand, she smiled as Alex took it and followed her in. As the two stepping into darkness, the door snapped closed behind them and the rug fell back against the wall - leaving the two in somewhat privacy.

Sasha laughed softly before turning her body and wandered through the tunnels fast - hand still holding Alexander's own tight.
Twists and turns of the tunnel led the two outside.
The stars sparkled in the sky it was breathing in a breath of fresh air, Sasha tilted her head back and smiled - closed her eyes and took it all in.

[i “What do you want us to do now?”]
[b "You know, all my life ...I have been bound by those walls. My whole life I have been guarded around the clock...day and night, never being able to enjoy anything on my own. All I have ever wanted was for a day to be free, alone...to do whatever it was I wanted, but they never let me. Tonight, for the first time, in my life...I danced with a boy. For the first time, I took a risk and danced with you..so why stop there? I needed to get out...and as for what do we do now? ...I don't know..."] she spoke softly, turning her head to Alex - opening her eyes and shrugged. [b "Keep on running?..."]

Everything in Sasha's life was set up meticulously. Right down to the fork and the color ribbon in her hair.

It was because of Srytka ..that Sasha was always so protected and guarded, but there also came a time that Wendy and Hughes needed to take a step back and understand that their daughter, was no longer a child.
Sasha was strong and could easily take care of herself.

[b "I know about your step mum. She hurt my family. She hurt my mum which is why my Father stepped in the way he did. I also know ..that he way you looked at me and danced with me...that you are nothing like her ..or her upbringing. My father...will not understand that, which is why he pulled you from me..."] she spoke softly.

[b "The King would have taken you to the dungeon, regardless if you were with your parents or not. This is your way out. I gave it too you. Go ... just go and run..."]
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 84d 13h 7m 38s
Alex was not a man of sorts to just walk away from family or duties as much as he wanted to sometimes. He would stand his ground, and even against his father. And at this time, seeing how he was acting with his mother even though he wasn’t officially related to her, he wasn’t about to stand by and watch the debacle go to town. His eyes traced his father’s as he growled for him to go. The ladies that were hanging on Thomas’s arms were seeming to let go of him despite his hold on them. [+red “You shall not move.”] He whispered to them.

Alex moved forward and looked straight into his father’s eye. [b “If you wish to not be such a fool, you would stop messing with other kings’ wives. If you wish to have alliances, stop acting like a horny boy.”] He growled. His father was not easily coming to terms with the tone that his son had laid upon him.

[+red “Do you really think you can scare me off boy?”]

[b “Of course not father, but I’m going to hold you accountable for your reputation as well as mine for our kingdom and our people. We have manners, as well as standards. These women may not, but your wife does. You don’t seem to care about her opinion, but as your son and prince, and future king I feel you should respect her in all ways possible.”] Alex was not about to back down to his father.

Srytka stared between the two of them, completely in awe of Alex as he was standing up for her, even though he didn’t have to. It was just weird his sudden turn to make sure that his father take care of her…She never thought he cared to even look at his and her relationship, but it was nice to see. Thomas, however, was upset with the fact that his son was pointing out all of his flaws in front of people and they were starting to draw a crowd.

[+red “Let’s go then, before you continue to make a fool of me.”] Thomas growled, pulling Srytka by the elbow and dragging her practically to the carriage. Alex was walking behind them, sure to make his disappearance as the princess came and grabbed him, He didn’t even utter a sound as the man whipped her robin hood away from his parents and had him following her up to her room where people had seen, but didn’t say anything. They didn’t try to stop them in the case that the princess was trying to show that she wanted to see the boy, however, her parents, guards, and herself were the only ones that knew that it was her room that she dragged the boy into.

Srytka had looked back and looked around. [b “Where is Alex?”] She said, worried. Thomas grumbled, pushing her toward the carriage. [+red “Go, Srytka. We are leaving. He’ll catch up on horseback. You know how much he hates riding in the carriage anyways. He’ll be back by morning light.”] He said, his nonchalant answer made herweary as Alex was the one who had protected her. She was sure that the young man was going to ride with them to ensure that her life wouldn’t be put in danger…

She wouldn’t doubt Thomas for thinking of such things either.

Alex looked at the princess. [b “Are you mad?”]

He was wondering what the princess was doing, opening the secret door, what plan did she have lying ahead through the castle walls? He watched her carefully, she was seriously stepping into the wall hole and was going to disappear into the darkness. He shook his head, and looked around, but could feel the draw of his excitement of a girl whisking him away instead of the other way around.

It was new for a change.

He followed her. It was nice to go on adventures, and he was sure that his mother was fine. His father would come to his senses and know how important she was to the kingdom with her background of living so roughly. He knew that, but he also knew her love for other things…things that Alex was not aware of…

Walking through the coridoors, there were turn after turn and he was following behind, steady with her hand in his as they did so. Through the passageways they were carried through the castle down even deeper before coming to an exit that lay deep in the woods. Rats that have taken homestead in the castle passageways snuck out with the two as they had made their grand escape…

[b “What do you want us to do now?”]
  Alexander O'Connell / AWritersLove_ / 2y 84d 15h 18m 26s
Sasha believed in love.

Her Mother and Father shared a bond and effortless affection for one another that radiated through the Kingdom.
Just watching them, made Sasha believe that there was someone out there for her ...and only her but never in a million years did she believe it was the Robin Hood from the forest.

Then again, Sasha didn't really have many acquaintances with men. It was as if, the King and Queen were hiding them all away from her. They were, as the two of them heard of a Prince - handsome and brave, but the step son of their enemy.
Only now, they were not careful enough. Alexander was here - dancing with their beloved Sasha.

Watching Hughes wander off to follow his sister to confront her about all this mess, Wendy turned her head and motioned for one of the guards to saunter her way.
It was whispering in his ear that she directed that he follow the King and keep an eye out - also making sure that the Princess was heavily guarded and watch in the side lines.
If anything was to happen tonight, they would be victorious.

Turning back - Wendy's eyes peered at the boy that used his charm to make her daughter fall under his spell.

[u "Not a chance in hell..."] Wendy muttered to herself, a glare forming on the beauties face but it seemed to all go away and a breathe of relief the moment she saw her Husband wander back in - onto the dancefloor to take control.

Dancing with the boy that made her heart flutter - Sasha could not remove the smile from her face. Moments ago, they were in the library and yes, she thought impure thoughts but she wanted him gone.
Now, she wanted him to stay.
If he wasn't holding her - she would of floated away but with all good things, they had to come to an end and it did, the moment her Father wandered over and took his daughter in grasp.

[i “I’d like to dance with my daughter.”]
[b "Daddy, what are you doing? ..."] Sasha spoke softly as her eyes stared upon the King for aa fraction of a moment before turning head - gazing at Alexander who seemed to feel the same as she. Disappointed and eager to say no ....
He didn't.
Alexander simply bowed and allowed to King to take over which somewhat destroyed Sasha on the inside to watch Robin Hood walk away into the crowd.

[b "What's the matter with you? ... We were dancing..."]
[i"You are too never, see that boy again. Do you understand me? ... I have built this Kingdom up with my own two hands, not to let some boy squander it..."] Hughes spoke as he tilted his head down at stared upon his daughter.
[b "You don't know him..."]
[i "I know him and his family better than you, Sasha..."]

Turning her head, Sasha watched as Alexander and his parents wandered through the crowd and headed for the door. It all clicked the moment she saw Srytka.

[b "That women, she is your sister... the one who wanted Mum assassinated...."] she muttered, turning back and looked at her Dad who simply nodded.
[b "No...."]

Letting go of her Father, Sasha grabbed her dress and ran from the floor - through the crowd of people who separated to give the Princess room only to grab the hand of Robin Hood -completely disregarding Srytka and Thomas and continued to run out of the Ballroom - down the hall, around the corner - up the stairs and through a door that was her bedroom - pushing Alexander in and locked behind them both.

Moving across her room - Sasha pushed a rug painting out and slipped in-between it and the wall - pushing a secret door open.
[b "Come on ...hurry..."]

A little adventure, that was all she wanted.

Strict routines.

No more.
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 87d 19h 28m 5s
Syrtka wasn’t sure what to say in the moment.

Her eyes were focused on the man that she called brother, the one who had given her so many happy years of her life, and now…after everything…and despite their differences, she hoped that things would have changed. She figured time would have touched their relationship, numbed the hurt. Looking at him now, her fingers gliding across the balcony railing, she realized that this was never going to change. It was never going to be different or even close to how they were when they were young and close.

Their bond had been so strong.

His eyes were stern. He was not going to budge in the matter and all she could do was sigh heavily. [b “If your daughter is anything like you, then she will persevere , Hughes. Do not be oblivious to her actions.”] She stated, standing just as sternly as he now. She held her hands at her middle and clenched her fingers together with hopes she could gain strength from the amount of pain that she was feeling in that moment. He wanted to remove her again from his life, and all she could remember was his words that he had spoken way back in the days where all they had were each other.

It was standing in the dirt, their clothes rough and ruined, tattered and torn, together they stood with their fingers laced as they walked through the forest. She was brave because he had been brave, and now, as she looked him now, she was under the will power of the queen, and there was nothing he could do. She would either use her body or her power to overcome him, and in that moment she realized that they were in the same circumstance.

She was under Thomas’s control, and he was under Wendy’s.

He wouldn’t stand for the point of view. His manhood wouldn’t tolerate it, and she knew that. It would have to be his stand, his thoughts, his actions where he would see that this was not right. Her eyes turned to the side for a moment, looking at over the kingdom where he then responded, having taken a moment himself as well.

[+green “Srytka, I mean what I say. I do not want you near me or my family again. Leave the kingdom before I have to drag you out by your hair.”] He threatened.

She smiled and shook her head. [b “Hughes, we are grown. We have flourished where we are. I’m not trying to overstep my boundary. Thomas is making alliances here. Not with you of course, as you clearly will not stand for it. About my son, about your daughter though, I remember all the sacrifices you had given up to get to Wendy.”]

Hughes’s eyes narrowed. [b “it was not much of a sacrifice if I was relieving myself of a weak link.”]

Srytka chuckled. [b “If you were doing that, you would have cut Wendy off.”] She lifted her hand when he had begun to speak. [b “I’m not here to stab you in the face with my point of view. Just know that if you see what I see, then realize this, your daughter is falling for my son. I’m not stepping in—”]

[+green “You need to step in and end that. I will not allow my daughter to associate with you or your kind. Wendy and I will not tolerate it.”]

[b “If you are so certain, fine, I will handle it on my end. Find her another suitor. Find her a distraction, do what you will, but when I find her with my son, I’ll let them wed.”] Srytka said, knowing exactly how to stab Hughes directly in the heart.

[+green “Srytka…”] He growled.

[b “But that won’t happen, will it? You’ll find a better match right? I hear the Prince of Thails is looking for a bride.”] And as they both knew of the reputation he had…A play boy, a user, one that was going to be the next King Henry with five wives.
[+green “Just deal with it as you must.”] He said, moving away from Srytka and heading straight inside.

Srytka shook her head at her brother, seeing all of what Wendy had done to him. She could see his manhood, at least of what was left of it as he walked away. Shriveled and unused. She couldn’t help but laugh as she walked back in, watching her brother walk up to Sasha, asking her to dance as a father daughter dance. [+green “I’d like to dance with my daughter.”] He said, interjecting.

Alex, lost in the middle of his sentence, turned to look at the king, seeing the sudden resemblance between his mother and him. [b “Uh…yes sir.”] He let go of his daughter and felt a blush overwhelm his cheeks as he stepped aside, letting her finish the song with her father in which Srytka came up behind him and touched his arm. [b “We are leaving, Alex.”]

His eyes and glanced down at his mother, feeling her touch. [b “The gathering isn’t close to being finished.”] He said. There were still many things to do, but Srytka simply shook her head. [b “Reluctant as I am to leave because I know your intentions, we are not welcome here anymore. Unfortunately my rebel days have come to haunt not only me, but you since you are relation to me.”]

He held onto his mother’s hand for a second. [b “Is it the king…your brother?”] She didn’t even have to nod as it was simply the look in her eyes that told him everything. He nodded, [b “I’ll find my coat.”] He said, sighing.

[b “Thank you son.”]

He kissed her cheek and together they walked away from the dance floor. She found Thomas amongst the women and she was not particularly happy. She knew her place now. Pressing her lips together, she urged him aside and told him the news. [+red “Take the carriage then. I’ll be home in a few days.”]

[b “Father, let us go.”]

Alex growled.
  Alexander O'Connell / AWritersLove_ / 2y 87d 23h 6m 3s
Arm outstretched - Sasha gave off a sweet, light smile as she felt the palm of her hand rest gently into Alexander's own and gripped softly and within moments, the two sauntered onto the dancefloor and bodies were pressed up against each other's own.

A hand in his - the other resting upon his shoulder while his hand was gently placed against the corset upon her waist.
Tilting her head up - Sasha gazed upon the Princes as there feet moved in sequenced and danced with one another round and round the floor while the crowds of guests watched.
This was the moment Sasha felt a little twinge in her heart.

A pull of her heartstrings.

Sasha did not fall easily. This was a big warning to keep away but she did not care.

However this boy - wanted to make her jump and fall forever. Eyes unable to tear away from one another - in the background, Wendy and Hughes watched their only daughter with great concern. Especially now with Srytka and her husband in the same room that held a massacre years before.

[blue "Hughes....who is that boy? Ive seen that look I his eyes before...you had that with me a long time ago. I don't like this. Your sister is here and now this ...."]
[green “I am sure you would know who’s son it is. You know everyone in this room…but I have a feeling that he is somehow related to my sister who is currently walking out. If you excuse me.”] Hughes spoke and Wendy turned her head and watched her husband push the chair back and stand up - motioning out of the room before turning back and watched her daughter fall.

[blue "Shit..." she muttered to herself - looking away to Thomas on the other side of the room looking just concerned as she and Hughes.


Sasha focused on the handsome boy in front of her who stared into her eyes as deeply as she did his own - forgetting everyone and everything but continued to dance - feeling her knees buckle along with feeling as if she was dancing on a cloud.

[b "You are a good dancer...."] she spoke softly giving off another little smile. [b "Who are you here with?.."]
  Sasha Monroe / MeisjeKelly / 2y 88d 18h 25m 18s
Alex was brave to go up to the princess, in the middle of the room of strangers, in the room where their enemies sat at the head table watching them so closely. Every moment was watched, and the moment their fingers intertwined the young couple was immediately counted as a pair. While the princess had many suitors, always one that the queen approved of, this one was catching her attention.

The prince, who was unrelated to the woman who he called mother, watched the princess closely as she came into his arms, pressing his muscles on the back of his shoulders just slightly. His heart was racing in his chest. He had walked away from his mother the moment the song was over to ask his mystery girl to dance. Knowing she was a princess of the rival enemy, and the main spotlight of their evening, he wanted nothing more than to hold her and be the one her loving eyes laid on.

He was not one to fall easily. He was not one to immediately let his wall fall, but he could see something in her eyes that made him want to. Her lips had parted to produce the two words that gave him his nickname [i Robin Hood]. He would take it and let her call him that any day of the week. His gut told him to run, but his heart wanted to figure out exactly what she was to him and what potential she held…What future they could have…

[+red “Thomas…that mystery girl Alex has his eyes on is their daughter.”]

Thomas nodded his head. [+blue “That produces some conflict, but I know my son to have a purpose for his romantic relationships. They never last long.”] Srytka shook her head, running her fingers through her stray hairs flowing next to her face. [+red “That is not the point. What if this lasts? Hughes and Wendy will destroy him if given the chance!”]

[+blue “They won’t touch him if they love their daughter.”]

Srytka released him, looking at her husband for the first time. [+red “You don’t know Hughes. He will stop at nothing to destroy Alex because he’s in my life, he’s important to me. And he will do anything to hurt me since I left.”] Thomas straightened his face and looked straight into his wife’s eyes. He knew that she was worried but not in this public of a place. Whispering angrily yet firmly, he reached for her elbow. [+blue “Srytka. My son can handle his own. I raised him to be a man and he will fight his battles. And if it comes down to it, we will fight beside him. Until then, you shall shut your mouth. We are in public trying to regain allies. I am not going to have you ruin that for my kingdom.”] The tension between the two could be sliced with a butter knife. So easily…so quickly… Srytka remembered her younger years when she was forced to bow to a hierarchy…forced to kneel to the crown…

She had sworn she would never do it again.

[+red “You will not speak to me like that again.”] She said evenly, removing her arm from his grasp and walking away from the man she loved. Thomas didn’t follow her, but only turned back to join in a conversation that was about the kingdoms and their plans for the next few years and societies. Srytka was left to be on her own and Hughes, watching from the sidelines up at the table could hear the unsatisfactory tone of his wife as she was still focused on their daughter dancing with a mystery man.

[+green “I am sure you would know who’s son it is. You know everyone in this room…but I have a feeling that he is somehow related to my sister who is currently walking out. If you excuse me.”] Hughes stood up from the table, excusing himself from his guests as he walked down the stairs and followed his sister out to the gardens.

Srytka felt the fresh hair hit her face, blowing back her mid shoulder hair. Her face was sprinkled with freckles from the many days she had seen the sun. Her hair, still deep auburn, flowed backwardly in waterfall curls. Inside, she felt like she was going stir crazy. She wanted to run free through the forest, far from the responsibilities. She wanted to feel the weight of her blade in her hand, and she wanted to climb the many trees in the nearby forest…

Instead, she leaned heavily against the balcony railing, in a golden dress with her hair perfectly styled and make up plastered on her face. She was no longer able to hold a weapon, and her joints ached with age. She was not able to run freely anymore, nor was she able to get away from the amount of responsibilities she held. She was required to be something more than a commoner. She was required to be a queen and now…with the king of her kingdom in there without a single care about her, she was left alone to face the fact that she had settled yet again.

But she would never let Alex know that.

[+green “Srytka.”] Hughes said, looking at his sister with stern eyes.

She turned to look at him as evenly as she could. [+red “Hughes.”]

He dipped his head for a second, acknowledging her place in this world now. [+green “I was weary letting you on these grounds.”]

She nodded her head in response. [+red “You have done great with the place, Hughes. You and Wendy have sure grown up since I had last seen you. I hope that the immaturity of our youth is behind us.”] Hughes stared at his sister, knowing what she was capable of, but knew with their age, hoped that there would be some sort of stability in their interaction.

[+green “It is. I wondered why you had stormed off from your husband. I wished to make sure you were all right. Though, your son is causing a stir with my daughter and my wife is not happy with it.”] He sighed.

[+red “I cannot help who Alex falls for. However, he is my step-son by right. I would not be a provider of incest, nor would I allow it.”]

[+green ‘Good we have a understanding.”] Hughes straightened his jacket. [+green “However, I wish to never see you or your son around my family again.”]


Alex stared down at the princess, watching her hair fall as they swayed to the second song. No one was brave enough to cut into their dancing. [b “You are a rebel for dancing with someone who is not apart of your kingdom or in your good favors.”]
  Alexander O'Connell / AWritersLove_ / 2y 177d 19h 21m 8s
Two teenagers.
Horny and full of hormones were in the same room as one another and the closer that Alexander got, the hotter Sasha became, that and it didn't help the fact that she was standing in front of a fire - the flames dancing alongside the wood that burned.

Alexander stepped in closer to the Princess and all Sasha did was watch him ever so carefully, somewhat fearing for her life because she did not know the man but also ...quite excited to know she was in a situation she was not familiar with.
[+red “Perfectly understandable. A princess has a lot of pressure to remain calm in such a chaotic environment. And one who does not wish to have such a bright spotlight in her face can get a little weary and asphyxiate herself…”]
[b "A bright spotlight is only good for some time. Keep shining it on me ...and all Id want to do is hide, which is what I'm doing now. Well I was hiding but then I got caught ...by you...."] she spoke softy, turning her body and felt it ever so close to the Prince.
It was in that moment that her heart started to beat fast and flutter away, tilting her head up and stared at Alexander as he was taller - masculine and ever so handsome.
Like Robin Hood.

He was in the forest when they met.

It was then in the moment that the two kept quiet and stared into each other's eyes.
Words did not have to be said.
The eyes and ..the way they stood near one another said it all. Sasha did find this man to be quite appealing. An adventure and it sparked her curiosity.

All good things had to come to an end and before she knew it - Alexander was taken away by the arm by a hand that was strong built and looked like he didn't take any crap from anyone or anything. However it was with that movement that she knew her alone time was over for - following a few metres behind - Sasha walked it of the Library and back to the ballroom and breathed deep, smiling as again she spoke to her friends, some her own and some her parents.

Cheeks started to hurt as Sasha stood on the sidelines as guests danced to one another, talking and tried to have a good time but it good tuned even better when Alexander wandered through the crowd and found the Princess.

[b "Robin Hood...."] Sasha spoke softly, with a smile as the guests stood away from the Princess - watching the man who was not familiar to them and yet Sasha stood tall and strong poised.
[+red “May I have this dance?”]

Giving off a smile, a real one as she reached out and placed her hand ontop of Alexander's own as they both wandered onto the floor - looking at one another as they sauntered only to stop and Alexander took the Princess in close to his body and snaked his arm around her waist.
Sasha could not look away.

This man was unfamiliar to her. Perhaps that was why she was addicted already to him. A straight line she was riding until now - her straight life was becoming wavy and different. It was exciting.

Hands on Robin Hood, the two danced infront of the guests and ...the parents.


Standing up from her Throne, Wendy raised an eyebrow and stood - watching her daughter dance with a boy. A boy she did not know, a boy who was not a civilian of their kingdom as she knew every single one.
Turning her head, she glanced at Hughes who too - did not have a good look on his face.
[+blue "Hughes....who is that boy? Ive seen that look I his eyes before...you had that with me a long time ago. I don't like this. Your sister is here and now this ...."]
  Sasha Monroe / MeisjeKelly / 2y 181d 8h 17m 25s
Standing there in the room with a rebel attitude, he could feel his mother’s instincts running through his veins. She had been the one to sneak around and find ways into places she shouldn’t have been. He was inspired by her stories, but he knew that she would do all that she could for the right reasons, at least in her mind. Over the years after his father had met her, he had finally found their castle to be home. Srytka had been more of a mother than any other woman his father had brought into his life. He could remember the many nights that she was tucking him into bed telling him about the adventures of her and her brother and how many different things they had seen, the places they had been to, and the many varieties of people they had come across. In the present, Alex remembered all these things and wanted to make his own memories and stories…instead of just being a prince.

He smiled at her, watching her figure lean slightly into the fire. Her hips were tilted forward and her face was still and her lips tight. The way that her hair framed her face made her that much more attractive. Her fingers were entangled as her eye sight rested on the flickering flames that burned the wood in front of them. Hormones, wild thoughts, and pure instincts caused him to move closer to the girl, standing beside her as he slowly moved his hands to restrain around his back out of respect of the princess.

[+red “I guess you’re wrong about this Princess…Too many people, I needed…air, room to breathe…” ]

He nodded in agreement, remembering the amount of people that had tried to pay their respects to the princess in regards to her birthday. He could practically feel the pressure that rested on her shoulders. [b “Perfectly understandable. A princess has a lot of pressure to remain calm in such a chaotic environment. And one who does not wish to have such a bright spotlight in her face can get a little weary and asphyxiate herself…”] The closer that he stood next to her, the more he spoke with her, he could feel the pressure of his blood pulsing through his veins. His heart rate was up and pounding in his ears. He was nervous…which is unusual for the overly conceited prince. He knew when women were falling for him, and yet, this woman didn’t even act like she was bothered by his presence.

Inhaling slowly, he glanced to the side, seeing a figure in his vision when he all the sudden felt a grip around his arm. [+green “Your highness, your father is wanting your presence with the crowd. And you shouldn’t be alone with the princess without supervision.”] Mitch had stared at him directly.

Having been slightly frightened, Alex’s eyes slowly returned to normal size as he recognized the guards face. Nodding his head, he glanced at the princess. [b “My apologies, Princess Sasha. It seems that I have over stepped my boundaries.”] He glanced back at Mitch. [b “I’m right behind you.”] He said, removing his arm from the guard’s grip, feeling a red tint to his cheeks from embarrassment and slight anger.


Srytka felt a wave of relief the moment that Mitch and Alex came into her view. Alex’s face showed all of what he was feeling. Facial features tight and his shoulders were strained as he walked. He was upset, and Mitch looked tough and rigid, refraining from showing any emotion at all. Thomas glanced to the side, removing himself from the conversation and glanced at his son as he walked up. [+red “Where have you been?”]

[b “Attending to a friend.”] He had said, glancing at Srytka. She reached out for his hand. [+blue “I was worried about you darling. I apologize for pulling you away from whoever you were attending to. We are in unforgiving territory.”] The anxiety showing in her eyes made Alex feel even more guilty as he reached to hold her hand in response. [b “And I apologize for worrying you.”] He said and she smiled at him as she came close to him resting her hand on his arm as she nodded toward the dance floor. [+blue “Dance with me darling.”] He gave her a smirk and placed his hand over hers. [b “Of course mother.”]

Together, they moved out to the dance floor and there, they moved in trained steps of the waltz of the kingdoms. While the seconds ticked by, Alex’s eyes kept searching the crowd wishing to see the princess somewhere…

[+blue “You seem distracted dear.”] She said.

[b “I am. I found my mystery girl.”] He exhaled.

She lifted her brow and moved accordingly outwards and spun before being brought back into her step-son’s arms. [+blue “Do tell. I wish to hear all about her.”]

He smiled at her comment. Instead of questioning and down talking his decision, she was always welcoming information without putting much unneeded advice. [b “She reminds me of you.”] A soft giggle passed her lips as her cheeks filled with color.

[+blue “Is that a good thing or should I be worried?”] She asked.

[b “It’s a good thing mother.”]

It was in that moment that his eyes rested on the princess and the song had come to a close, causing him and his mother to do a parting bow. [b “I shall ask her to dance.”] Srytka nodded with a smile, but after following his gaze, she began to falter.

The mystery girl was Hughes’ daughter…

Alex was already too far away in the direction of the princess when Srytka had realized it. Fear filled her chest as she stepped back, finding Thomas shortly thereafter.

They needed to leave…

[b “May I have this dance?”] He asked so boldly in front of the crowd watching them. A group of women stared at the princess, and watching the prince as they waited for her response. It was the moment of pressure, but only with hopes of having her feel safe enough to breathe.
  AWritersLove_ / 2y 181d 23h 40m 54s
There came a time in anyone's life that one would feel there just had to be more to life.
Sasha was having one of those moments, right then and there in the library. Sure tonight was amazing and both her parents had put so much effort into giving her the best birthday party in all the land but ..was this all there was?
Beautiful dresses, parties and expensive jewels?

All Sasha did was follow a schedule and always did everything by the book and the truth was - she just couldn't do it. It was all becoming a little too much. Not once, had she ever done something for herself but then - with a knock on the door ...her luck changed..
Seeing a figure in the window, Sasha gasped but growled the moment she knew who it was - the man she had encounter on the road. Wandering to the window, she opened it up and stared at the handsome man but gave a smart ass comment, one that he smiled at and returned words that were just as smart as the ones that left her lips moments ago.

[+red “I am intrigued that you think of me as Robin Hood. You didn’t invite me, but your father invited my family.”]
[b "Well, my Father made a mistake...] she muttered back - raising an eyebrow.
[+red “Will the beautiful princess let this valiant soldier in?”]


A slight laugh was made by the Princess before taking a step back - letting Robin Hood enter the room through the window.
He was incredible to look at. The way his arms flexed as he lifted himself up and stepped into the room before pushing the window back down.
Sasha felt naughty.
A bad Princess for letting a stranger into her home without supervision.

It was just them two.


Outside, the parents of both the Prince and Princess were getting concerned as they had not seen their offspring for quite sometime. They were getting worried and they had every right.
Alone in a library were a Prince and Princess - a male and female - young with hormones making them tempted, horny ..and both had a curious nature.

Speaking to her Guests, Wendy smiled and nodded before turning her head, listening to her husband as about where their daughter was.
Wendy raised an eyebrow and she too looked around the room for Sasha.
[+blue "Honey, Sasha is a curious girl. She is around somewhere, making friends, I'm sure. You need to trust our daughter..."] she spoke softly, looking at her Husband who from the look of him, became weary.

[i “Why is the main life of the party hiding alone in her library? I thought the princess would love to be celebrated a little more?”] Alexander spoke.

Sasha raised her eyebrow and stared at the boy, listening to his words before giving off a shrug - wandering over to the fireplace and stood infront of it - feeling the warmth of the fire. It was comforting to feel this considering it was a cold winter's night outside.

[b "Well, I guess you are wrong about this Princess...."] Sasha spoke bold - eyes staring at the most intoxicating man she had ever seen. He was a bad, and he knew it too. [b "Too many people. I needed...air, room to breathe..."]
  Sasha Monroe / MeisjeKelly / 2y 183d 6h 47m 43s

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