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[center [pic http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs48/i/2009/224/1/9/Good_vs_Evil_by_T_traxx.png]]Welcome to New-end a city unlike any other. Well minus the recent appearances of mask crusaders and strange incidents happening all around the city.

Its an eco-friendly city. Who just so happens to have the ultimate underground. Although New-End seems like a wonderful place. it isn't . . .There was a cover up or at least that’s the current rumor’s running ramped throughout New-End. They say whatever it was that it lead to the result in New-End’s creation. A city built on top of another city to hide away the secrets.[hr ][center [b : Basic plot :]]
[center Basically you pick a role . This will be a free style RP. Which means we make the story as we continue to RP and develop our characters along the way. ] [center [pic http://www.firsthdwallpapers.com/uploads/2013/10/Anime_city_225771.jpg]][hr ][center [b : RULES :]] [size10 [b || # || here they are|| important details]]
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In an upscale apart complex, River Floyd, aged twenty-eight, watched the evening news with disgust. It was almost impossible to not have heard about the vigilante terrorizing the streets. The media had given the individual the name of Smog, and although some bloggers had taken a liking to the man and his methods, others have called his methods of crime-solving criminal, barbaric, inhuman, and unethical. The city had problems, everyone knew that, but what it didn’t need was some maniac running through the streets and assassinating people, at least that’s what River believed.

River had seen many horrible things during her time in the Special Operations Task Force, what Smog was doing was nothing new. However, that was far away, in lands distant and hostile. This was home, people were glorifying this person, and people were dying. She resolved to do something about it.

She had been acutely aware of her abilities for a long time, and had reaped the benefits all through her military career. Aside from her abilities, she was a highly trained ex-special forces. She knew how to follow someone undetected, how to survey someone from afar and gather intelligence from the street. River’s home town had become hostile territory, and it was time to get back in that mindset.

Gathering intelligence without getting caught could be a difficult task, she had to secure a base of operations away from her own home. She chose a low-end hotel in a sketchy part of town, got a room on the third floor that was a fair distance from both the fire escape and the elevator, and set to making it defensible. There wasn’t much about Smog that was known to the general public, so River was going to treat this as a high risk mission. She would change rooms every three days, change hotels if she needed to. But first, she needed a clue, something to begin her search. She took to the web and began looking into all sorts of conspiracy theories about Smog, and although most of them were clearly fantasy, there could be some truth in them.

Next she needed to establish how much information Smog had access to. River created a list of criminals living in New-end that could be discovered through free, public access websites and databases. It was quite an extensive list, with crimes ranging from sexual assault to white-collar crimes like fraud. She taped them up to the walls, and made printouts of all the known Smog victims.

Most of the victims were criminals, but there was one that bothered her. A completely innocent man had been killed at the same time as several criminals. She couldn’t discern if the man was killed by the criminals or by Smog himself, she would need the police records to figure that one out. There was a second death, more recent, that was also curious. Another innocent man, seemingly, was killed not far from the hotel she was staying at. He had been nearly decapitated, but was found in possession of narcotics.

This brought up a new theory: was Smog working for someone? Were these premediated attacks? There wasn’t enough data, she had reached an end of her access to public knowledge, and needed to hit the streets.

She wandered the city streets for several hours, listening, looking, acquainting herself with the local populace. River moved about unnoticed in unremarkable and forgettable attire. She did carry with her an expensive DSLR camera, a small in form factor Fujifilm. She explored the scenes of the crime, took photographs of them, and moved on.

In only two days she had gathered everything she could without talking with people directly, but there was one avenue she hadn’t explored: online illicit activities. She was familiar with the dark corners of the web, perhaps there was more information to be had there?

Once back at the hotel she started a search. It was late in the evening, her windows drawn, her door locked and reinforced with wedges, a chair, and a bar screwed into the back to disperse force applied to it. She was looking for hitmen, people with access and knowledge for assassination, anything that might hint at being related to the crimes already committed or for advertisements that could lead to crimes yet to come.
  River Floyd / Cancer / 3y 148d 21h 9m 22s
Fumbling with a teeter tottering mountain in hands. He forced himself to bear the weight of a cardboard box filled with a bunch of miscellaneous things such as main frames, keyboards, fans, ports, drives, an abundance of various wires, spare parts, and scrap metals. All of which he acquired through diverse means.

Bursting out a window and dog rolling wildly out onto a fire escape. A young juvenile in the making viewed the world upside down from a test dummy's position with his legs draped over his head. The male panicked. He didn’t even hesitate to grab the iron railing. Propping himself upright only to come face to face with a quick drop and a sudden stop. Looking back. The sound of gunfire growing along with muffled yelling was a good motivator to get his butt in gear.

Gripping the handrail. Metallic eyes darted around rapidly in his delay whether to go up or down. The impeding sounds caused a few beads of sweat to form above his brow. Then the unexpected, a down pour of glass. Rained upon him. Forcing him into motion once more. So up and over the railing he went. There wasn’t much time for second thoughts at this point. He had after all not only set them up but refused service with a classic ditch & run as well.

Crossing his arms. Shielding his face from the shattered shards. He prepared for impacted crashing hard onto his side on a dumpster laid piled in snow before bouncing off and tumbling onto the surprisingly soft, white blanket that caked everything within New-End.

Having the wind currently knocked out of him. Left him stunted and gasping uncontrollably for air. Clouds of frost grew in clusters above him. He was lucky his little suicide stunt didn’t kill him- The sound of footsteps on metal. Clanked loudly from high above as some men laughed. Their conversation muffled entirely by the scarves wrapped around their necks. Reaching up. He stood in the knee deep snow. Body trembling do to the lack of winter attire.

He endured the hassle of hiking past the thick blanket as fast as he could though. Thanks to the cold that numbed his body and the adrenaline that made it possible for him to keep on going. He was able to stumble out onto the thin layer that cake most of the streets before he began to sprinted blindly down the city's maze of alleyways until colliding into a stranger(Jack).

He fell on his but with a thud. Wincing his eyes widened upon the sight of a guy wearing a gas mask. Almost immediately he scrambled to stand back up on his own two feet. Only to receate the scene of a newborn deer on ice.

Feet slipping out from under him. He reached for the nearest object to regain his balance and stand. [#0099cc “M-m-my apolo-gies-”] His words as staggered as his ragged breathing. Glancing up he found himself holding onto the stranger's(Jack's) arm for support.[#0099cc “Eh?!-"] He released the gas masked guy in a panic just as a gunshot went off. The sound of which echoed down the alleyway and him stumbling forward. While clinging to his left shoulder. Sucking in air to avoid letting out a scream. He ended up having a coughing fit instead.
  Tech the Virus / Cursethewhitecat / 3y 149d 2h 29m 27s
She was landing. Michael was surprised, but not particularly displeased. Before, she had envisioned that she would have to talk, craning her neck upwards, but the girl being on ground level was much more convenient. While she was descending, Michael had noticed something unusual. Once people had caught sight of the horned girl, they fled in terror, but at this, Michael remained rather apathetic. Villains weren’t wanted for no reason. Rick had taught her how to use the H-Com and exactly what the screen on the little red device detailed, particularly her chosen entry. The Glass-Winged Demon was her alias, likely not her real name, and it thankfully gave Michael her appearance. However, the offenses she was charged with and abilities she possessed were not mentioned, and Michael could only surmise that she could fly based on the given picture of her flying. Helpful. However, she was thankful that she at least had a picture. Rick had told her that some of the entries, despite all odds, had even less information. Michael watched as she descended, noting her arms folded across her chest. She had definitely seen that pose before, and the shepherdess did not interpret it as friendly. Though her desire to befriend the girl and her open admiration of her wings still stood, they were now tinged with a certain weariness. Once the girl landed, she smoothed her hair back and spoke to Michael. She listened attentively to her.

Undeterred by the winged girl’s aggressive pose, Michael bowed her head slightly and began with pleasantries, “Before I can answer your questions, I should probably introduce myself. My name’s Michael Shepherd. You can just call me Shepherd if you want though, it’s what my people in my family usually refer to themselves as once they’re chosen by Guidance here,“ she held her crook up slightly and shook it. Though the bell swung in a way which it should have rang, it didn’t make a sound. Michael briefly considered lying about herself. It would likely make the situation less confrontational, but she quickly dismissed the thought. She would not lie to anybody who she was. “Shepherd is also my Hero name. Or at least, that's what I put down for the application. It’s a tradition. Though, I don’t think I’d mind too much what people call me.” She rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment, “Yes, it’s kind of a tacky name, I know, but I do look like what I’m called. Anyways, as far as me wanting to have a demonstration of your powers, I think I’ll have to pass for now. After all, your reputation as a villain does precede you,” Michael gave Glass-Wing a wink, though from anyone else’s perspective it would seem more like the unseasoned shepherd was having a stroke, “I called you over because I wanted to talk to you. Doesn’t really matter where, we can talk here if you really want, but I was hoping that we could talk over a cup of coffee, or, if you’ll indulge me, while I go after a pair of android butlers. I want to see this “android technology” that the people of New-End speak so highly of. Of course, if this doesn’t suit your taste, you can pick a location.” The shepherd’s breath came out in puffs of steam in front of her, “Maybe somewhere maybe a little less cold. You don’t look like you’re dressed for the weather, and I don’t want you to catch a cold. But, it’s up to you.” The shepherd glanced down at the young villainesses feet and then to her wings. Michael’s grip tightened around the crook. Despite her calm composure, she had no doubt that there were uncountable ways that this could go wrong.
  Michael Shepherd / HomoLord / 3y 171d 15h 38m 59s
"The minor fault aside, the surface is unaware of our presence. We would like to keep it this way. In exchange, your transfusions will be free, for a time, and that time is short,"

The mysterious voice echoed through the cathedral, though no body was present to put it to. The other man, an elderly man with some strange disease, was on his knees.

[b "Thank you! Thank you! We will keep them out of your ward as promised!"]

The man left, and the cathedral now appeared empty.

"What a pathetic man he is. Trapped here as we have been, he comes to me for aid, only to suffer more. They are well at hiding my home from those who would dare intrude,"

A minor fog filled the Cathedral before dissipating, revealing a large beast. The beast was covered in fur, had a pair of horns, and a single arm larger than the other. Aside from that and its towering size, there was nothing special about this beast.

"I saw them, Laurence. Those above who would call themselves heroes. They were there, and I could smell their blood. Disgusting blood, a heroes blood. Laurence, I will rid them of this place, and destroy their precious city. We will see the light of day again, but for now, the night is the only time we can go out. The shadows are our guide, our comfort, our shroud. Stray to far from the shadows, and we may be at risk,"

The beast shrieked and moved towards the back of the cathedral. It's head was just parallel to a platform near the middle section of the wall. Here, sat a man hidden in the shadows, who placed his hand on the beast, before it faded away into nothing.

It seemed this man would only be active in the above city during the night. Yet fate always had its way.
  Azrael / MistakenIdentity / 3y 172d 11h 34m 15s
Glass wing circled around, gazing down at the snow covered city. He wasn't sure as to what or who she was looking for but after being so high in the sky she was getting frigid. The tempter on the ground was freezing and in the air with the powerful winds, it was almost below zero. With a short sigh Robin hovered flapping her wings slowly as she gave it one more look over not finding anything interested. But as she hurt a shout she jumped her heart skipping a beat as she looked around trying to find the source of the foolish soul who was yelling at her. As she gazed down she spotted a girl, older then her by a few years, dressed in a brown cloak and hood holding a staff with a bell on it. She didn't like like as if she belong in the city, especially New end city. Robin narrowed her eyes as she watched others bring there attention to the sky, most responds a terrified gasps and hurrying along. A mother quickly pulling her distracted child along trying to get out of the area, everyone who was anyone in the modern age quickly dispirited, having seen the news and other media's to know of The Glass Winged Demon. Everyone except for this girl, whats wrong with her? Does she have a death wish? Did she hit her head as a child? Robin wondered as she studied. Finding no threat she decided to land

Slowly losing altitude with her arms crossed. The young girl titled her had an ill smirk on her face as she raised a brow. Once her feet touched the ground she drew her hand though her hair, the blue locks falling back to their natural position, from the flown back look the sky had made on it.

[#c722ce You aren't every bright girly huh? But thank you for the compliment. I like your sense of what you call style...I guess. I worked hard on them, as you can see. They can do some ever special things if you would like to see]

The young girl offered, a large grin on her face. Her eyes like daggers as she peered at the other girl, her boots crunching in the stone as she took a step back placing on foot behind the other. Robin placed her hands on her hips.
  Robin Strongarm (GlassWing) / Kingkazu / 3y 178d 15h 34m 30s
[size11 [tab] Michael found herself whisked into the cafe by a sympathetic barista. The hostess was a large woman, easily dwarfing the green apron she wore and with each movement, she displayed her exceptional physique. Michael was beginning to believe that she was flexing on purpose. The barista had been watching the shepherdess struggle with her new-fangled technology outside her cafe and had taken pity on her. Michael had initially denied profusely she needed any help and especially did not need to use the hero’s discount for a cup of decaf, but the cafe’s owner was fairly forceful in offering it. Contrary to the hip glass and steel exterior, the inside was fairly homey. It was surprising how much of the cozy leather upholstery, oak counters, electric faux-fireplaces, and old people Michael had missed from her vantage point outside. As Michael was soaking in the sights of the cafe, the owner brought her a cup of coffee.
[tab] Michael glanced up quickly, “Oh! Thank you! You mustn't be so hospitable to someone you’ve just met. Please, allow me to pay you back in some way.” The hostess waved off Michael’s attempts at restitution and leaned over the counter into Michael's personal space.
[tab] "Real talk kid, you refusing my hospitality?" asked the hostess threateningly, "I don't think I like that kind of attitude. ‘Specially in [i this] cafe, I don’t appreciate any of that. So how ‘bout we rethink your response to me offering you coffee, huh?”
[tab] Michael slowly brought out her knapsack while maintaining eye-contact with the now growling barista. Eyeing her biceps, which looked like they belonged more at home on a Renaissance era sculpture, the shepherdess shakily dug out a golden coin the size of a coaster and placed it on the table, “I-I think we should discuss payment in a civilized manner,” she stammered, “I d-didn’t really think that the motel clerk would be okay with this but you seem nice so…” Michael trailed off under the hostess’s intense scrutiny and made herself as small as possible in her stool. Taking her withering gaze off of Michael for a moment, the barista slid the coin off of the counter and into her waiting hand. She imperceptibly shifted under the surprising weight of the coin and brought it up to her face to examine.
[tab] “Is this real gold?” not waiting for Michael to answer, she bent the coin in her hands before the design caught her eye. The hostess reshaped the coin effortlessly, while Michael looked onward, a bead of sweat making its way down her face. She read the front of the coin aloud, “Arcadia?” the barista looked up at Michael, puzzled, “Is that a country? I’ve never heard of it before.”
[tab] “I can’t say that Arcadia’s a country really,” Michael began, finally beginning to sip her coffee, “we don’t have a ruler of any kind. Just a bunch of shepherd’s milling around. We don’t have any cities or buildings either, besides a bunch of temples and my family estate. As far as you never hearing about it before, that's pretty normal. It’s a shame really how nobody’s allowed in. Its the most beautiful place ever. Back home, I used to just sit down on a rock in one of the meadows in Arcadia and just watch the sun move across the sky.” Michael stared off dreamily as she recalled memories of sitting on a rock and watching the world march onward without her. The proprietress set the medallion-like coin back down on her counter and shook her head. Michael pushed the coin back to her, “No, you have to at least accept this or I’d feel aw-” she began, determination creeping into her voice.
[tab] “That's not it. You’re too soft. Gushing about how you’d 'sit down and enjoy watching time pass over a meadow' to some barista you just met at a cafe shows me that much. You’re a new hero in town, you can hardly figure out how to use an H-Com, you don’t look like you could put up half a fight from you pissin’ your pants over little ol’ me, and to top it all off, you’re damn nice. You know what this tells me, kid?”
[tab] Michael missed the rhetorical question completely, “It gives you a good idea of who I am…?”
[tab] “No, I still have no idea who you are or whatever Arcadia is. What it does tell me is that you aren’t gonna last for more than a stinking week in this trash dump of a city. You think you can just walk out on the streets and be nice to a murderer and he’ll just tip off his hat to you and be off on his way, reformed and [i not] about to blow out whatever kind of cotton candy you’ve got in there instead of a stomach? Hysterical!” She stopped her tirade short and stared at Michael, her breathing heavy. Michael peered back, calmly meeting her gaze. She sipped her coffee. Suddenly, one of the old men came up to the counter, where the two were engaged in a tense staring contest, and promptly interrupted it.
[tab] “Hey Cindy, you mind getting me a cup of coffee? Or you just gonna keep menacing the lady here?” he asked curtly.
[tab] Cindy shifted her boring gaze onto the hunched-over senior, “How about, [i Rick], you wait your turn and I’ll get to you! I’m trying to teach this kid how this place works!”
[tab] He put on his best scolding face, “I’m sure you are, but you’re depressing up the place. Nobody comes here to listen to any of that, most of us are ready to drop dead at any moment!” motioning to all the elderly sitting in the cafe. He sat down in a stool next to Michael, giving the shepherdess a reassuring smile. “Besides, if anyone ought to tell this girl what's what, it shouldn’t be the lass who just got out of high school,” the old man muttered. He turned back to Cindy, who at this point was ready to tear out the counter, and judging from her strained muscles, was already attempting to. “Just get the coffee for me and then you can [i venti] all you want later alright?” The old coot laughed at his own joke and prompted a smile from Michael as well, who up to this point had been watching the two silently. The situation now slightly eased, the hostess turned and stomped off to prepare a cup for Rick. Hopefully un-poisoned. Michael examined her ancient savior closely, now that Cindy wasn’t in a staring contest with her. He was dressed in a green striped sweater with a hand embroidered “If found return to Lizzy” message on the back, a grey duckbill cap perched atop his bald head, and a wealth of wrinkles on his cheerful, stubbly face. Oddly enough, no matter how hard Michael looked, she didn’t find a matching “I’m Lizzy” sweater worn by anybody in the cafe.
[tab] “That was very kind of you for calming her down. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do.” Michael frowned slightly at the memory, “I’m not sure if I could cheer her up, since this is all so new, but I was going to try,” she said sheepishly.
[tab] “No need to thank me, you would have won even if I didn’t barge in on you two. I saw that look in your eye, and she did too,” he took Michael’s coffee, much to her surprise, and took a swig. Suddenly his eyes widened and he turned around to spit out the drink, “Decaf?! What kind of sick freak drinks that kind of stuff?” he spluttered.
[tab] “You’re spitting all over my counter you fossil!” Cindy shouted at him from her position at her stove. She was boiling a new pot of water on the stove for the coffee, something that Michael was watching with fastidious interest.
[tab] “Yeah, yeah, I’ll clean it up, you just keep on cooking alright?” He motioned for Michael to pass him the roll of towels on the counter, which she was all too happy to oblige. “Sorry about that, it’s kind of a gut instinct. Hope I didn’t scare you too much.”
[tab] “I think after Cindy, I’ve gotten used to things like this,” Michael said, ripping herself a towel and helping him clean up his mess. Rick gave her a knowing smile as he sat back and let her do the cleaning.
[tab] “Well anyhow, what the she-gorilla said-”
[tab] “I’m still here you know!” the she-gorilla cried indignantly.
[tab] “Anyways,” he continued, ignoring the seething hostess, “she brought up some good points. I saw you out there poking at your H-Com, and it looked like you’ve never used a phone in your life. If you’d like, I could give you some tips.”
[tab] Michael scratched the back of her head and gave a weak smile, “Well, what would you say if I were to confirm that I never used a phone before?”
[tab] Rick blinked. “Okay,” he began, changing his tone to that of someone addressing a toddler, “so if you don’t mind taking out your H-Com, and if you don’t know what I’m referring to, it's the red thing you were tapping at. I’m going to give you a couple of tips on using that thing. Luckily for you, I’m not as slow to embrace tech as the rest of this retirement home.”

[tab] Rick had walked Michael through the intricacies of using the H-Com in only a trying half hour, which considering her previous attempts, was not half bad. In this time, Cindy had finished up Rick’s coffee, which was not in a cup, but rather in the form of a large soup pot. Michael could see why Cindy took so long in preparing it.
[tab] Michael’s eyes widened at the sight of the gargantuan serving of coffee and she turned to the Rick, who was smacking his lips in anticipation, “You can drink all of that?”
[tab] “Well,” he began, giving the still glowering Cindy an appreciative grin, “It’s Cindy’s brew after all. I wouldn’t mind drinking this for the rest of my life. Anyways, Cindy, I taught the goatherd here how to work her H-Com. Think I deserve this.” He produced a pair of oven mitts from his back pockets and took the pot back to his table. At his table, his sweater quickly camouflaged him back into the cafe aesthetic.
[tab] Michael looked back at Cindy. She was cleaning the counter with a rag, avoiding eye contact with her. Wanting to start some sort of conversation, she scanned the cafe and after a while, found something interesting.
[tab] She coughed, finally getting the hostess’ attention, “Excuse me, Cindy, but who are those black suited people, and who’s the girl between them? Do people usually have that kind of protection with them?” Cindy followed Michael’s curious gaze to the two men clad in black and their young charge between them.
[tab] “I think the better question is [i what] those are,” she saw the shepherdess’ confused expression and elaborated, “Well those aren’t people. They’re androids, or robots if you have those in Arkansas or wherever you’re from.” Michael mouthed those unfamiliar words, and looked up back Cindy, face uncomprehending. The proprietress muttered under her breath and attempted to give an explanation to the third world country girl again, “Okay, let's just put it this way. They are not real humans, they are mechanical. They are made of metal and rubber, not meat. You know meat right? You can eat meat, but you can’t bite into metal, and you can’t eat rubber. Understand?” Rick was giggled like a schoolgirl back at his table.
[tab] Michael nodded uncertainly and narrowed her eyes at the trio outside. As they passed out of her line of sight she spun around to face Cindy, “So those are men of metal and flesh? That means they use some kind of technology like in my H-Com, right?” Cindy gave an exasperated nod and began massaging her temples with her knuckles. Michael sat with a contented smile, but dropped it and threw yet another question at Cindy, “Wait, how’d you know they weren’t people? They walked and looked exactly like regular men. And what about the girl in the frilly skirt between them, is she made of metal and rubber too?”
[tab] Cindy shook her head, “I know its an android because it’s got the Strongarm logo stamped on the side of it. Just take my word on it, I don’t think you’d understand what I’m talking about.” Michael remained silent, knowing the brawny girl in front of her was right. “Logo” didn’t sound like a real word. Cindy continued, answering the shepherdess’ second question, “And I think that girl isn’t an android. Three androids walking together doesn’t really serve any purpose.” She put her finger to her lips thoughtfully, “I think that must be the Strongarm heiress in that case. Those are the newest model of Sebastian androids, so they aren’t even on sale yet. No idea what they’d be doing around these parts though.”
[tab] Michael began wriggling in her stool, clearly restless and about to leave. “Thanks for being so helpful Cindy. You are really friendly aren’t you?” Cindy said nothing. Michael smiled and stood up, “Well it won’t do for a hero like me to stay at your cafe all day. I’m going to go check on those “androids” you’re talking about.” Michael walked to the front of the cafe, stopping only to mutter a word of gratitude to the blissfully caffeinated Rick. At the door, she turned around, meeting Cindy’s stare. She quickly averted from the shepherdess’ gaze and pulled out a rag to wipe the counter again, pretending she wasn't staring. Michael called out to her, “Don’t you worry about me Cindy. I’ll be right back here later, hopefully with some new friends. See you later.” She closed the door behind her, and looked out at the snowy street.

[tab] Now that she was out, the first thing she wanted to do was to meet one of the androids butlers. It was unthinkable to her that anything not human could move around so convincingly as if it were. She scanned the street for any sign of them, and saw some fresh footprints leading around a corner into an further down the street alley. Settling into her shepherding instincts, she followed the trail, examining their footprints and committing them to memory. However, once she was at the mouth of the alley, the footprints reversed, and began walking back the way towards Cindy’s cafe. Puzzled, she followed a smaller set of footprints in the snow deeper into the alley, which presumably belonged to the young girl she had seen between the two androids. The footprints suddenly vanished. Michael scratched her head. Generally, when she dealt with tracking sheep, they did not fly or otherwise teleport into a different location. She looked around the brick alley, which was blessedly shady in the rather intense noonday sun, and noticed something among the steam rising from the surrounding apartment buildings. Something among the thick clouds was refracting light into all manners of fantastic colors. She followed the veritable disco ball of light out of the alley, and accidentally got an eyeful of the sun in all its glory. After recovering from the blinding light delivered directly to her cornea, she squinted upwards and saw a girl flying around in lazy circles. Barely visible from her wild, windswept hair was a pair of horns perched atop her head. Then Michael noticed the wings. The shepherd gaped in amazement at the rainbow array of glass arranged on the girls back. Lost for words, the shepherd simply stared at the airborne villain for several seconds. Snapping back to reality, the android butlers forgotten, she ran as close to the girl as she could on the ground and called out to her as loud as her lungs would permit.
[tab] “Hey!” she shouted, “Miss! Flying Miss! I want to talk to you about your wings.” Thinking back to the years when she should have been in grade school, she remembered that making friends is easier if you have genuine compliments. Her face lit up, “Your wings are really, really pretty, and your outfit’s cut too!” Michael gave the horned girl her biggest, friendliest smile. Had Cindy been watching, the brawny girl would have been forced to strangle the shepherdess.]
  Michael Shepherd / HomoLord / 3y 177d 18h 57m 29s
Ketto watched as the officer slid his hand down onto his holster. The clones looked at the men in binds against the wall and averted their attention to the two officers. The young man remembered how powerless he felt when he ignored the screams of his fellow captives. Of course there were opportunities to help..but he never did.

"N-O.. No. You go!" yelled the clones as the three of them pressed their index finger onto the first officers face. It wasn't Ketto's best English simply because he was getting a bit worked up. But that was the least of his concerns for the officer planted a fist In the face of the closest clone. Meanwhile the other officer unexpectedly shot the other clones before. Unclipping the radio from his side. "Beta 1, this is Lola 6; requesting immediate backup!"

The men pressed against the shady building cursed the police officers but stopped cold when they witnessed the clones that were shot..when they fell onto the concrete, they exploded I to grey ashes while the last one simply rubbed his jaw, stunned by the blow. "It's one of them freaks!" cackled one of the panhandlers.

Ketto sat across the street, trembling at the grim scene. They were like the men at the testing facility. Tyrants!
The man stood from his bench and watched as they dragged the remaining clone into the police cruiser before talking into their radio for an update on their field report.

"I- am s-sorry." the man mumbled as he continued backing away. Though he didn't know much about anything, Ketto knew that more we're coming and it would be too much bloodshed for these narrow streets.
  Ketto Hara / Spook / 3y 180d 14h 30m 50s
Jack, or Smog as the papers had taken to calling him, stood on a roof top. his hood pulled over his head to hide his hair and skin color incase he was spotted. He was watching a man, a well to do man in a suit walking with a briefcase. why was he watching this man? Because just like everyone else in this city, in this state, in the whole damned world, he was up to the chopping block. This man was under inspection and if he failed the inspection then he would be removed from the equation. If he passed, then he would never see Jack, never know just how close he came to being killed. "Lets see if your piece fits" he speaks softly, his voice muffled by the gas mask.

He would follow him for the entire day, dusk till dawn, for about a week. During these inspection periods Jack would not sleep unless it was unavoidable, just incase he missed something while he wasnt watching. Jack was nothing if not thorough in his methods.

It was on day three that he saw it. The mans flaw. A dependence on narcotics. A shame, drugs had ruined so many lives. "MR. SLAYTER" he called out to the man. The man looked up at him as did other random pedestrians. Jack would step off the building and fall, some people screaming as they watched him fall, but right as he hit the ground he exploded into a puff of thick black smoke. after a few moments the smoke would re solidify into his form once again.

"w-what. who are you?" Mr. Slayter would stammer and back up

"I am the the savior of humanity, the purifier of the gene pool. It is my duty to remove those who would only damage our futures" he draws his knife "And your piece just doesn't fit" smoke seeps from him and clouds everyones vision, clogs everyones throats as they struggle to breath.

a minute later the smoke fades away and everyone looks around in confusion. everyone but Mr. Slayter. He lays dead, nearly decapitated by how deep his throat was slit. Meanwhile Jack snuck away through the alleyways
  Jack / Iroquois / 3y 182d 4h 5m 30s
The moon shone down upon the city, illuminating the streets and alleyways, yet not all was lit beneath the moon. In one such alley, a man was running.

Why was he running? From what? From who?

As he ran, he would look behind him, afraid of whatever was following. When he would look, he would see two pairs of eyes. One was a glowing, vibrant yellow, while the other, a malevolent red. Each step the man took only further sealed his fate, until he back himself into a dead end.

[b "What do want from me?!"]

The man cried as his pursuers closed in. Before long, they stopped just short of the man. One held its hand up, and for a moment did not move, as if he was deciding something. It then snapped, and a loud screech was heard from the other. The man screamed as a large beast came tumbling out of the shadows.

Now cornered, the man could do nothing but await his doom, but the beast did not attack. Instead, two blades flew out from its abdomen. They struck the man's arms, sticking into him and pulling him to the other man, right through the beast, who disappeared shortly after. As he came closer to the man, he could hear a voice.

"You left the gate open,"

The man was confused by the words, but then remembered where he had run from. Before he could say anything, he was being dragged away, deep beneath the streets. His screams faded away as they descended.
  Azrael / MistakenIdentity / 3y 183d 12h 2m 16s
The young Robin hummed as she strolled along the city street, in her arms a few bags with designer names on them. The young girl was in her disguises looking as if she were a good girl wearing a long skirt and a frilly bolus, her horns only being attachments, her wings folded close to her back. Tucked away from the sight of others, her metallic hair tied up in two high pony tails, bright pink ribbons holding them in place nicely. Behind the young Strongarm trotted two android men, both dressed nicely, in black suits and ties, each having the Strongarm cress on their right coat pocket. The men were identical to one another, having the exact same hair style, the same eye color, the same speech pattern, the same monotone expression. They were the newest model of android, created to be better them the last. Their weather tolerance, and strength, self heating everything one needs in a butler. Having been created by Robin's ever so busy father, they severed a seconded purpose, to monitor Henry's daughter, the young villain in hiding having unexplained injuries which worried her over bearing father. She would disappear for hours with out any sign of where she would be then return with scratches and scars. Robin...Or Glass Wing enjoyed the rush of being hunted down by the authorities, the thrill of killing innocents and the joy of being able to fly.

As the trio came to a stop, one of the androids gazed over to his side into an alley. He detected smoke, as he peered into the darkness he spotted bodies laying in the blood stained snow. [i "Ma'am we should hurry across the street and to the closest police station on 47th, there has been a murder here. And I believe we should report it.] The man said in a flat tone, with out any expression or emotion what so ever. Robin looked over handing her bags off to the other android and walking into the alley. Despite her guardians protest she poked down at the bodies, still being able to feel what was left of heat off of them. This brought a smile to the young girls face as she stood turning back to the androids. [#c722ce Sebastian model one, Sebastian model two. I think that the limo is late, maybe we should go to the see the puppies.] An odd frase she would say, Robin was smarter then her father would ever know. She reprogramming them to take dangers out of there memory so that Robin could have her thrills and wouldn't be fussed over about the dangerous things she would do. And most of all her identity as The Glass winged demon would say a secret.

The to Androids stiffened and walked on with out Robin. Going back to the manor. Robin smiled as she walked into the alley pulling out from her bag clothes and horns, though the purse was small it held more then anyone would think possible just from one look. The young girl suited up, becoming Glass wing. With the final touches she opened her multi color wings and took off scanning the area in hopes of making a villainous friend.
  Robin Strongarm (GlassWing) / Kingkazu / 3y 178d 15h 39m 43s
Ketto watched as a few enforcers wrangled up a few panhandlers that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The man couldn't wrap his head around the fact that people should fear someone who wears a certain uniform accompanied by a shiny metal stamp pressed upon their chest. The scene reminded him of the testing facility. Those who opposed the men in white received an unpleasant visit. Ketto heard the screams from behind closed doors but never dared to investigate, for he had a run in with the enforcers once before. It was full on unpleasurable mental and physical torture. Though these men wore a different uniform, did they seek doing the things the men in white did to him and the others? Burdened by the thoughts of the unjust system, the young man decided to investigate.

From across the street sitting upon a worn bench, Ketto sent two clones to confront the bulky officers. After the two clones finished crossing the street, the first officer took notice and nudged his partner. "Excuse me but I'm going to have to ask you..two to take a step back." The first officer chides before taking a step forward and planting his finger in one of the clones chest. Judging by the fellows tone of voice, it was obvious that he's had a hard day.

The clones took a step back before pointing to the four strangers, handcuffed and propped against the wall of a shady building. "My friends." Ketto and the clones chanted in unison. The officer kept his hand outward toward the two but displayed a confused face. "Okay..well your friends are coming with me for possession. If you'd like, you can head to the station on 47th. The front desk will have all the info you're lookin' for. Now imma' have to ask you both to leave..now please."

Instantaneously, Ketto reached within the deepest parts of his mind, remembering the time he disobeyed the men in white. They'd always perform mindless experiments. Muscle memory forced him to almost feel the pain from then.

Unsure if he too should rebuke the officers command, Ketto sends yet another clone toward the scene. And as the third clone crossed the street, Ketto could see the officer slide his hand down until it rested upon his holster. The three clones stood side by side and looked at one another, awaiting ther puppetmaster to take action.
  Ketto Hara / Spook / 3y 184d 13h 59m 27s
[tab] The entire city was smothered in a blanket of snow. On cold days like these, Michael was happy that she had her cloak. She pulled the cowl closer as she watched her breath crystallize out in front of her. The thick woolen garment was one of the few things that she had taken with her from home. The other was her crook. Starting out in New-End with only a stick and a hood was rough, but registering as a Hero helps ease most financial burdens. In some cases, the Heroes are even allowed to sleep at a hotel for free, take whatever they want from a store, or even loot and take shelter in another person's house, provided they can get through the door. While she always felt a little guilty checking into a hotel for free, she made up for by checking into as crummy a motel as she could. The City always provided a little extra on top of the reimbursement for a Hero. Last night she had received a phone courtesy of New-End Hero’s Administration, and figuring out how to use it had taken her several long hours as she tried to get used to the ratty sheets and loud television sets of the other rooms. While she had lived in a technologically backwards family, they were fairly comfortable, and the sheets usually didn’t house cockroaches. Once she had finally figured out how to turn on the phone, she was given a list of names. Not knowing exactly what she was doing, she tapped on a name and was given a picture. It was a picture of a young looking girl who had two distinct features. First, a pair of small black horns seemed to be emerging from her metallic blue hair, and second, from her back sprouted a pair of what seemed to be brilliant stained glass wings. Michael had stared wide eyed at her small screen for several minutes, simply examining each multicolored faucet of her wings. Beneath the picture it read her name; “The Glass Winged Demon,” something which caught Michael’s attention. She guessed that this was some kind of catalog of villains, but there wasn’t too much information on it. Just a picture, name, and the place they were last seen. That night, Michael decided to set out and look for this Demon, and slept as soundly as she could under a leaky roof.
[tab] Her clothes attracted a fair bit of attention, but nothing on the scale an actual hero’s would. They were slightly flashy, while her attire looked more like she belonged in a field, leading sheep along. That wasn’t totally untrue, seeing as she carried a crook on her person at all times. As she walked through the thick snow on the sidewalk, a small child and mother walked by her. The little boy gazed at her brown woolen cloak in amazement. He tugged at his mother’s hem.
[tab] “Hey mom! Look at that lady! She’s got a cool stick with a bell on it!” He frowned as her mother began softly rebuking him for staring. Michael smiled warmly at the boy and gave him a small wave. “But why is she dressed like a hobo mommy?” the little boy asked. His mother jerked him away from Michael while giving the shepherdess an apologetic smile. Michael’s ego slightly hurt, but her attention soon shifted to the city around her. She had never seen buildings so high in person. Towering above the snow filled streets were skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes and fluorescent cars choked the streets. Drunk on the sights, Michael wandered throughout the city, soaking in the sights and smells of the city, from roast chestnuts being sold on the streets to the warm scent of coffee wafting from a cafe. So far she hadn’t had to go get food, as she had brought an unnecessary amount of provisions when she had stormed out of her house. She grimaced at the memory of her childishness, but there were things that were said that were irrevocable. Remembering what her original purpose of coming to the city was, she stopped in front of a pretty cafe with fairly little foot traffic and rummaged for her phone in her knapsack. She leaned her crook against the glass window of the cafe and fiddled with the device she had produced from her bag. Apparently it required an iris scan and a fingerprint scan, and Michael had taken a painful hour to figure that out. She unlocked the phone and began scrolling through the faces, once again finding the “Demon.” She read the street intersection of where the girl was last seen. It seemed familiar. Looking up curiously, she saw a street sign with names corresponding to those on her screen on neon street signs. She began tapping on the picture to see if that lead anywhere or would allow her to zoom in, something she had watched on TV, but instead, the phone began to whirr violently. She dropped the phone onto the snow in panic, afraid that it was going to explode, something that she had also picked up from watching crime dramas. Instead, the device threw up a hologram of Glass Wing. Michael gazed wide eyed at the shimmering blue projection. She bent down and picked up the phone, and the hologram shrunk as she brought it up. She was speechless.
[tab] She turned to her staff, oblivious to the stares the patrons of the cafe were giving her, “Dusty, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Guidance did not respond, but seemed to disapprove of the amount of TV Michael has watched.
  Michael Shepherd / HomoLord / 3y 181d 11h 4m 13s
A single man is being beaten by four individuals. He gets punched, kicked, hit with a bat. After a few minutes he can't fight back and just lays there, groaning in pain.

"Ok, check his wallet, and grab that watch" the ring leader orders. His cronies go about it a thick fog rolls in around them. No, not fog. Smoke. A thick dark smoke wafts in and starts to raise around them. They cough and look around for a fire when one turns and comes face to face with a gas mask. Before he can scream a machete plants itself deep in his forehead.

"You cannot provide, cannot earn your way. So you take. Vultures, leeching on the underbelly of society." The masked man seethes. Yanks his machete free and sets upon the others. Their vision compromised and their breathing labored from the smoke he makes quick work of them.

Almost as fast as the smoke came it goes, being absorbed back into the masked mans exposed skin. He puts his machete away and walks towards the victim.

"T-thank you" he mutters The masked man shakes his head and kneels down

"you cannot fight your own battles. You are too weak to defend yourself." He draws his knife "your piece just doesn't fit" he pushes the blade into the mans heart and twists it before standing up. Turning on his heel he leaves behind the bodies and vanishes into the night.
  Jack / Iroquois / 3y 184d 19h 54m 20s

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