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He smiled as he walked to her apartment. 'What should I say?' He thought wondering how he should speak to her.. He remembered last night and how she said she would catch a movie with him. He smiled and figured out what to say. He reached her door and knocked.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 58d 5h 49m 11s
He went out of his apartment and walked down the street towards Natasha's place with his headphones in.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 66d 7h 42m 23s
Natasha woke happily. She put on a dress. She wanted to look good.
  Nastasha / Citlalic / 3y 69d 23h 56m 8s
*time skip* in the morning Zane got out of bed and had a shower and then put on his signature clothes.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 70d 10h 38m 8s
She looked out the window and saw him fist pump and laughed. She went to bed with a smile on her face.
  Nastasha / Citlalic / 3y 70d 11h 20m 5s
He fist pumped the air and jumped with joy before walking back to his apartment with a big grin on his face.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 70d 11h 59m 22s
She smiled "Sure." She said and kissed his cheek and went inside.
  Nastasha / Citlalic / 3y 70d 12h 4m 2s
"Wait." He said grabbing her hand. 'Crap what do I do now.' He thought as he blushed. "Wanna uh catch a um movie or something." He asked her.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 70d 12h 5m 44s
When she got to her house she smiled. "Well. Ill see you later." She said opening her door.
  Nastasha / Citlalic / 3y 70d 12h 7m 8s
They were nearing her apartment and he was trying to think of a way to ask her out but got nothing.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 70d 12h 8m 18s
She walked beside him and looked at the sky while she did.
  Nastasha / Citlalic / 3y 70d 12h 10m 14s
He sighed in relief as he put on his trench coat and walked out of his apartment with her.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 70d 12h 12m 2s
She has clothes under it and she folds her dress up. "Sorry I felt weired in a dress so I put clothes on under." She blushed.
  Nastasha / Citlalic / 3y 70d 12h 13m 4s
"Ah why did you?" He said seeing her dress off. 'Whats she doing?' He thought.
  Zane Cronos / DarkVulpis / 3y 70d 12h 14m 40s
"Um... Sure." She blushed and got up and whipped her dress off.
  Nastasha / Citlalic / 3y 70d 12h 15m 48s

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