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[center History]


[center In 2014, a group of explorers in the Siberian mountains discovered an ancient tomb. The Tomb was filled with stone dragon statues and littered with Human and unknown skeletons. As they explored the dark passage they then discovered a massive chamber where a single coffin rests in the center. Being the Curious humans they are, they decided to open it. The moment it was open, a wave of unknown energy engulfed the world. Nearly everyone around the world changed from human to a being form legends and myths! And at the Tomb, the Stone dragons re awoken as their Emperor rose out of his coffin and killed the explorers. The Emperor decided that moment to start the war of all wars. The true World War, and he was determined that his army would win. His Empire of Eternal Fire would rule this earth again like 50 million years ago.]

[center [pic]]
[center Emperor Halthenarlik]

[center [pic]]
[center Moscow 24 hours after the Emperor was re awoken...]

[center In merely two Days, Russia Fell to the Empire. Then it was all of Asia and Europe. Africa was fighting back successfully thanks to the aid of the US, Canada and the South American Union. Then the Empire received supplies from a small collection of kingdoms that took the entire middle east, The Dominan of Shadows. These supplies aided the Empire take over of Africa. It was only matter of time before the Americas would see the Empire invasion...]

[center [pic]]
[center USN and USMC aiding South Africa before the Retreat order was given out.]

[center June 15th, 2014, The Americas were invaded in all fronts by the Empire. Attacking swiftly and effectively, the Empire was destroying the Militarys. The Presidents of the Americas knowing they were left with little choice were approached by a group of scientist calling themselves Templars. They gave the leaders of what was left of the free world one last bit of hope. The Knight Project, Taking a normal human and turning him/her into a cyborg strong enough to defeat a dragon, and repel magic. The Leaders agreed to the project and ordered the first prototype to be built and deployed in 3 weeks. Luckly the Templars had a candidate ready. A man that was blown up 5 days ago from a group of terrorist. He was still alive, but lost 85% of his body. He agreed to the terms of the Templars on one condition. That they let him search for his girl friend who was stolen from him. The Head scientist agreed to the Condition then started the procedure. July 4th, US 1st Armored was pinned down in Las Vegas when an unknown white haired man, standing maybe around 15 feet tall, landed on an Abrams and fired a 105mm cannon off his shoulder. The round killed 5 dragons, instead of running away the man charged in with a sword drawn and a 25mm auto cannon firing out of his shield. The Empire army retreated after suffering 150 thousand dragons lives. This man was only known as the Knight. For 85 combat deployments, the Knight legions were paving away the Empire quickly in the later months. Though that all changed when the Templar organization was betrayed by Wizards loyal to the Empire. Locking away the knights, the wizards helped the Empire destroy the rest of the Americas to form the scorched land as the Banished Lands.]

[center [pic]]
[center [pic]]
[center Banished Lands]]

[center There were two Kingdoms in this new world order, but in the 25 years, a third Kingdom rose to power in the Banished lands. With their advance Technology and their Legions of cybernetic Soldiers. This new Kingdom named itself as, [+blue Armed Republic of Sanctuary.] They made one of the Cyborg soldiers their king. He was given many nicknames like; The Immortal King, the Panzermench Commander, The King of the People, The Dragon Slayer and the Dragon Knight. This king bows to his subjects and listens to their wishes, and one of their wishes is to end this Great War. The king accepted their wish and is now preparing to unleash his immortal legions out and onto the Empire and all its allies. "Sanctuary may have not started this war, but as hell end this pathetic conflict!" quote from the Immortal King, Kyle Aldrich.]

[center [pic]]
[center New New York City]
[center [pic]]
[center New Vegas]
[center [pic]]
[center New Houston]
[center [pic]]
[center New Ottawa]
[center [pic]]
[center New Mexico City]
[center [pic]]
[center New Rio]
[center [pic]]
[center New Washington DC Memorial District]
[center [pic]]
[center New Washington DC Military District]
[center [pic]]
[Center Armed Republic of Sanctuary Castle]

Welcome! If you read all of this, then you are willing to join my rp. This rp is an idea I have been building since 2007. So if I do get a bit bossy, well sorry. There is 3 factions you can join; ARS, DS and EEF. Now there is no post order so just wing it. All I do ask is for you to have fun.

1. No GM
2. Be nice
3. Ask before you kill another rper off
4. have fun.

Factions Species and roles;

[center [pic]]
[center EEF National Flag]

Empire of Eternal Fire:
Dragons- Royals, Nobles, Lords, Knights and Commoners
Dragonarshins- Soldiers and Commoners
Fairies- Slaves
Pixies- Slaves
Demons- Slaves
Hybrids- Banish
Harpies- Slaves
Centaurs- Slaves
Slime- Slaves
Ogres- Slaves
Trolls- Slaves
High Elven- Slaves
Dark Elven- Slaves
Forest Elven- Slaves
Spider people- Slaves
Succubus/Incubus- Slaves
Kitsune- Slaves
Oni- Slaves
Cat people- Slaves
Dog people- Slaves
Dryaids- Slaves
Ints- Slaves
Springians- Slaves
Elves- Slaves
Humans- Food/slaves

[center [pic]]
[center DS 50 clan alliance flag]

Dominan of Shadows:
Vampires- Royals [i Will never fight]
Ghouls- Slaves
Succubus/incubus- Sex Slaves
Undead- Soldier slaves and Guardsmen slaves

[center [pic]]
[center ARS National Flag]

Armed Republic of Sanctuary:
Panzermench- King, Soldiers, Knights, Generals, Commanders, Admirals, Lords, and Recruiters
Hybrids- Welcome
Dwarfs- Welcome and weapon smiths, and miners
Dragons- Welcome
Dragonarshins- Welcome
Fairies- Welcome
Pixies- Welcome
Demons- Welcome
Harpies- Welcome
Centaurs- Welcome
Slime- Welcome
Ogres- Welcome
Trolls- Welcome
High Elven- Corporate higher ups and Welcome
Dark Elven- Welcome
Forest Elven- Welcome
Spider people- Welcome
Succubus/Incubus- Welcome
Kitsune- Welcome
Oni- Welcome
Cat people- Welcome
Dog people- Welcome
Dryaids- Welcome
Ints- Welcome
Springians- Welcome
Elves- Welcome
Humans- Welcome
Vampires- Welcome
Ghouls- Welcome
Succubus/incubus- Welcome

Skelly: [i [b [u Please PM the Skelly to me with the Quote, "The Great war will end!" in the subject box! Thank you!]
Short Bio:

Username: Citlalic
Name: Marie Raine Valentine
Species: Vampire
Faction: Domain of shadows
Weapons: None (Royal)
Abilities: Mind control.
Magic: None
Orientation: Straight.
Relationship: Single
Short Bio: Marie comes from a royal bloodline. Her Father is King her mother died when she was a child due to a stake through the heart. She is the only female child.

Username: KandyKane
Name: Khari Pyre
Species: Succubus
Faction: ARS
Occupation: Infiltration and Sabotage under the rule of ARS
Weapons: Herself
Abilities: Enhanced Physical Capabilties.
Magic: Fire Creation and Manipulation
Orientation: Love is love
Relationship: Single
Short Bio: Khari had been captured to be taken as a slave for the opposing Nation but a raid from the ARS broke her out of the Caravan then freed her to their faction, upon which she pledged her Allegiance and vowed to help crush the Empire and the Dominion. Her race was useful in infiltrating and tearing things apart from the inside as nearly no one could ever deny a Succubus into their world and she had had many successful missions in taking down small colonies of people and sending their integrity into turmoil.

Username: Deathangel16
Name: Gabrielle
Species: Human Dragon hybrid
Faction: Armed Republic of Sanctuary
Weapons: her own dragon claws
Abilities: Flight, breath fire, super strength, swift speed
Magic: none
Orientation: Straight
Relationship: None at the time, maybe later
Short Bio: Being born a Hybrid was almost close to a death sentence even with being half Dragon, Gabrielle would have died with out finding salvation in Armed Republic Of Sanctuary. She is grateful the the king and all his kindness to the so called "Misfits" that were tossed aside like they nothing. She would gladly give her life to protect the only home she has ever known.


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