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He smiled at her then rested his hand on her head and stroked her hair. He was lookin through her mind, he found images of her family. He now understood why she wanted her parents locked up. "I feel sorry for you." He said as he let go of her head.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 164d 21h 57m 21s
She slowly relaxed into his hand as her heal the girl's cheek. She smiled thankfully and laid her head on the couch. [+blue "Thank you. I don't know I really like it."] She glanced at the demon, [+blue "Its comfortable."] She then closed her eyes, exhausted from the day she had. It was all so good till her father ruined it.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 164d 22h 1m 44s
Blake looked at herand rested his hand on her cheek. His left eye became crimson colored. He healed her wounds and sighed as his eye returned to normal. "It's not much but it's home." He said looking around the apartment.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 164d 22h 8m 21s
Eponine was surprised at the apartment, it was better than the place she lived in now with her parents. She glanced towards the tv in awe. [+blue "I've never seen a tv up close and no glass would be in front of it."] She didn't touch it but she moved to sit by him in the couch, she winced in pain.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 164d 22h 41m 7s
He led her to an apartment building jut around the corner of where they were. He went to the third floor of the building an entered he door marke 24. It was a rather small apartment with a small couch that turned into a bed. A TV and a fridge and oven. "Welcome to my home Eponine." He said as he sat on his couch.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 165d 2h 7m 23s
She paused as she thought about it before nodding a little, [+blue "Please take me there. I can't stay long be just a little time is all I need."] She sighed gently as she put her cold hand to her bruised cheek.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 165d 2h 9m 47s
"Yep I'm staying with you until I can uphold my side of the deal. And if you don't want to go home I have a place." He said to her knowing she doesn't want to go home.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 165d 3h 5m 55s
Eponine tilted her head to the side as he introduced himself in a normal human body. She smiled, [+blue "So you'll stay around for a while huh?] She then leaned on him as her pain crashed down on her, [+blue "Excuse me. I'm Eponine."] She thought about something, [+blue "Where will you stay? I'm not sure you could stay with me. Or you could see you wouldn't want too."]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 165d 3h 8m 18s
"The deal has been made." He said turning back to normal with a flash. "I shall accompany you until my part of the bargain is made." He said. "Blake's the name." He said as he snapped his fingers and stood on the tippy toes of his left foot.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 166d 1h 16m 0s
She licked her lips as he explained his deal and slowly she thought back to the looks of her siblings face as their father became violent. She didn't want them to see that anymore. She peeked up from behind her bangs and she took a shaking breath of pain. It could have been them. Grabbing his hand without warning, she spoke, [+blue "I wish for my siblings to find a good place. I wish to send my parents to jail."] She smiled lightly, [+blue "Then I'll go with you. But I need a say into the family. I need to help put my parents in there place."]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 166d 2h 20m 46s
"The only catch is once the deal is granted I take your soul. Until I uphold my part of the deal I must stay with you as a loyal servant and guardian." He added as he still outstretched his hand looking at her.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 166d 7h 41m 9s
Eponine looked at the man in surprise at the comment he had given her and he's change of appearance. She wasn't surprised by the reject but him offering something wasn't what she expected. She took a step back from him, [+blue "Any wish? Everything comes with a price. What is it?"] She stand standing tall in front of the man despite her pain. [+blue "And I have business I have to deal with first."]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 166d 7h 43m 49s
Blake was strolling around the dark streets, he was looking for someone to make a deal with. He needed souls to enhance his powers. He ha collected 23 and wanted his 24th. He stopped in an alleway and noticed a girl talking to him. "No thank you." He said as he looked at her. His eyes glew black and red and his hair stood up. "I can grant you any wish my dear, shake my hand." He said as he outstretched his right hand, which now looked like a metal red claw.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 166d 7h 48m 44s
At three in the morning, on a rainy wet street, was a lone girl one hummed a lyrical tune. By far, she looked beautiful in a black tank top, and dark blue ripped jeans, long dark hair sticking to her face and skin. On closer inspection though, you would feel bad, her neck, her shoulders, just almost all of her skin covered in dark blackish, purple bruises. There were part of white you would see but other wise you would see some green healing ones. She walked with a slight limp as she looked forward in determination.

Once again a night gone wrong. Today was a silly little thing that turned out horrible. When she arrived home, 10 pm, she came to the house smelling of alcohol. To her she knew that wasn't a good sign, with her was her younger siblings, Azelma and Antonie, and she would try to get them to their room as quickly as possible. As soon as the door shut, a slurred voice spoke up, [+red "So my children have finally decided to come home."]

She gulped as she pushed the kids towards their rooms, [+blue "I only took them out for a bit. Not there faults, they didn't want to go."] She tried to get it off of them and only on her. It slowly worked as her father spoke up, [+red "Go to bed my lovelies. Except for you Eponine. You stay right here."] He grabbed her roughly as he brought her up to side. She hissed in pain as he grabbed her already sensitive arm. [+blue "Please wait. Go to bed guys. I'll see you in the morning."]

She glanced over to them and they slowly went into their room, the silence was so tense as time went by. As the doors shut, he swung her around and pushed her into the wall. She cried out in pain then silenced herself. She promised herself not to scream she remembered. It wouldn't matter, he would leave you bleeding on the ground or send you out to do your job.

She hissed as her head was kicked and suddenly he stopped and spoke, [+red "Where's your rent money?"] He growled out as he waited for her to bring out money, [+red "I didn't work today, Dad."] She snarled back which earned her a good smack to the face. She whimpered as she fell to the floor.

She looked up from behind her black locks to see her father kneel beside her. She spit red saliva into his face, she wasn't weak no matter how much it hurt. His hands wrapped around her neck in an intense, and she stopped breathing. But before her could choke her unconscious, her mother stepped in, [+green "Dear. We need the money. You shouldn't kill the best prostitute we have."]

She felt a release on her neck and she crumbled to the ground. She tried to catch her breath as she coughed and inhaled as much oxygen she could. She felt numb as she looked at her mother with a harsh glare, [+blue "Bitch."] A nicely manicured hand smacked her already swollen cheek and the rough hand of her father grabbed her arm once again. Bringing her to her feet, she was turned towards her father, [+red "Good thing you wore a skirt my dear. Go to work."] She was then pushed out the door, she tripped and fell as the rain began to hit her skin.

She cried out in pain as her hands, knees, and elbows where scrapped from her fall outside. Looking back towards the door, she saw it shut on her. Her eyes had a fire in them that would scare even the toughest of men. Standing out, she wobbled out of her yard and into the streets.

And now here she was, waiting for a usual customer or maybe a new one as she felt her body ache for her to rest her feet. Her eyes traveled as she stood in an alleyway. Seeing another figure not to far away, she walked next to him, [+blue "Good morning. Would you care for some company?"] She said in a seductive voice as she looked up at the man before her. Then something felt off about this situation.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 166d 7h 53m 48s

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