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She tilted her head and snorted at his response to her and her own teasing, [+blue "You wouldn't have Master. Plus I'm not that pretty, when you first saw me I wasn't the prettiest thing to walk the streets."] She stated bluntly as she continued to take in bites and hummed in delight at the flavors. She then grinned at him, [+blue "It's very good."] Though her cheeks did have a little more color in them since he gave her the compliment. She's never really been called pretty before. Only by her mother when she used to care and her siblings.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 158d 12h 42m 40s
He blushed as he was called Master then quickly turned away and snakes his cheeks. He then turned back and sighed. "I'm not gonna take advantage of a girl like that. Especially one as pretty as you Mistress." He said grinning wildly in a teasing manner.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 158d 21h 41m 28s
Eponine laughed gently, [+blue "Before we made the contract. I was working remember?"] She brought her hand up to the plate of food. Her eyes bright with excitement for something she never had. She was quite a thin girl and if anyone had payed attention to her, they would notice she was thin. Very thin. She brought the food to her mouth slowly, [+blue "Thank you Master."] She smiled and winked before slowly taking tiny bits so she wouldn't get sick.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 158d 21h 43m 58s
"Rejected when?" He asked curiously then half scoffed at her stomach growling. "Watch this." He said as held out his right hand and concentrated. His right eye became red and a black ball of darkness appeared in his hand. It then morphed into a plate of roast steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables. He handed her the plate and a knife and fork then his eye became normal. "There you go. Mistress." He teased again grinning.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 158d 21h 59m 47s
She sighed and sat beside him, glad to know he stopped bowing at the girl. She shrugged, [+blue "How nice it must be. I'm in the company of royalty now, I might swoon."] She teased as she faked swooned into the couch to sit beside him again. She grinned widely as he tried to tease her, [+blue "Mistress? You've already reject my advantages, remember?"] Suddenly her stomach growled loudly making her blush deeply, [+blue "Do you have anything to eat?"]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 158d 22h 2m 28s
He smiled and sat back down. "I'm a demon. A royal one, I was taught to be polite in a variety of ways." He said as he continued to smile at her. "So what would you like to do. Mistress?" He teased as he smiled teasingly.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 158d 22h 13m 29s
She jumped in surprise as he suddenly bowed to her, something that never happened to her. Her status and everything showed she didn't deserve it. She cleared her throat and shook her head slowly, [+blue "Oh don't worry not your fault...please stand up straight. I don't deserve that kind of treatment."] Her eyes settled on the ground as she sighed gently.
  Vivian Thorne / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 158d 22h 16m 35s
He sighed as he looked at her. "I would have preferred if that didn't happen and you weren't exposed to that unneeded carnage but sadly it couldn't be helped. I apologize." He said bowing.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 158d 23h 30m 36s
Eponine watched in surprise as the blood began to drip on the floor in front of her but nothing as there. She shivered gently as sudden a figure appeared and disintegrated. She closed her eyes for a second to make sure to compose herself before glancing at the man to see him change to normal as he explained what he just killed. She shivered a little before sitting back on the couch in silence as she watched him lick his fingers clean. [+blue "I-I see."]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 162d 9h 7m 24s
Blake sniffed then stood up and thrusted his right hand forward as I he was stabbing someone with his now black claw like nails. Blood dropped from the area he stabbed but there was nothing there. A black chameleon thing on two legs suddenly appeared and had been stabbed in the chest by Blake's hand. It disintegrated leaving behind a red and blue orb. Blake ate the orb and felt revitalised as his claws became normal nails. "That was a demon, a feral one." Said Blake as he licked the crimson blood off of his hand.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 163d 17h 26m 3s
Eponine tilted her head and frowned as he began to speak about the demons that lurked. She wondered how many times she encountered one. [+blue "Well I'm good in a way but I haven't done the best things. I'm a thief and a prostitute. That's not good."] She always thought in the back of her mind that she could never be a good person. Survive was the only part of life for her. And her siblings. She wants them happy and safe. She was only good for them. Though as he perked up, she stood beside him, [+blue "What's wrong?"]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 164d 9m 30s
"Well not many humans are aware of this but, demons and other beings of darkness lurk all around the world, temptin humans to become negative and commit negative actions." Explained Blake. "Demons like me however are similar to these beings except our powers are enhanced through the souls of humans. We receive these souls through contracts." Said Blake. He then perked his ears and looked around his apartment and sniffed. He could smell iron and crimson. "Something's wrong." He said standing up.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 164d 1h 27m 4s
Her eyes glanced at him and smiled for the compliment, [+blue "Thank you. But don't worry."] She then brought up her left hand up in the air. She made her hand into a fist before speaking, [+blue "What do you mean by that, Blake?"] She brought her hand near her and began to pick out pieces of gravel from it while awaiting his answer.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 164d 1h 40m 56s
Blake seemed shocked at her comment and ten smiled. "That is a very rare kindness that is almost never found in a loving being." He said smiling at her. "Make sure you keep being that kind and never be tempted by the darkness of his world." He said as he looked away.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 164d 8h 4m 4s
The girl relaxed a little as her began to pet her but as soon as he spoke Eponine pulled away sharply. She standing up too quickly, she felt dizzy and sat back down. [+blue "I don't want your pity, Blake."] She stood up straight and smiled, [+blue "It could always be worst."] She's been on the streets before, explaining how she knows her way around. She leaned back into the couch, [+blue "As long as I'm the only one getting hit, I'm happy."] She spoke honestly as she thought back to her siblings.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 164d 8h 40m 6s

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