The Deal with a Demon 1x1 (Girl needed)

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Basically you find a man (demon) that asks to make a deal with you for anything you wish. He must stay with you and serve you until he can grant that wish. When he does he can claim your soul. This is a romance drama but no love at first sight, there may be a crush however.


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He nodded and the aura dissipated as they appeared in a city at night it seemed like the city they were currently in but a little different in small details.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 53d 15h 25m 27s
Eponine took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes. She first imagined her father. The one who hit her over and over. She had a tight grip on the back of his shirt as she buried her head into the crook her his neck, [+blue "Please show me my father first, Blake."]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 53d 15h 31m 32s
"Would you like to?" He said still hugging her. A black aura began to envelop them and the area around them began to fade away. "Just think of them." He said to her.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 53d 15h 44m 52s
She went silent as he complimented her and then asked questions about her parents. They never talked of their pasts often, she was positive her mother was an ex-prostitute/con and her father a con man. She also knew they weren't always so mean. Not until their pasts caught up with them. Eponine still had no clue of her parents past still despite it all. She looked down and sighed, [+blue "I don't know."]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 53d 15h 50m 22s
"That is a very good attitude towards your situation." He said smiling then continued to hug her. "What do you think your parents would have went through as children?" He asked as he smiled at her seeing how she would react.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 55d 1h 14m 33s
She winced gently as he brought her back into his arms and they returned back to his home. As he sat down, she continued to stand, thinking back to what she saw. She was happy that her siblings were happy with the meal. But she had to work. This happiness wouldn't last too long. Glancing over to the man, she smiled sadly, [+blue "I know. But what can I do? I just need to help my siblings from the situation and it will be okay."] She spoke honestly as she gripped her long skirt in her hands shaking in the process.
  Seraphina / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 55d 1h 57m 8s
He sighed angrily and nodded before hugging her. They both reappeared in his apartment and he fell back onto the couch in exhaustion. "They are horrible to you." He sighed.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 59d 12h 54m 9s
[+blue "Don't. They aren't worth it."] she became quiet as she listened to what they were saying, [+green "That hussy better stay out until she brings us our money."] Her father chuckled and drank some more. [+red "Otherwise it's going to be hell for her when she gets back."] She didn't say a thing And just smiled sadly at her fate. Her eyes glanced at him, [+blue "I want to leave."]
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 62d 17h 47m 51s
He hugged her again and they were in the living room. "No problem." He said grinning. The parents were there and it made his blood boil. "Is that them?" He asked angrily.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 63d 1h 43m 14s
Her face and body relaxed as she saw her siblings happy faces. She looked at him and smiled gratefully, [+blue "Thank you!"] She glanced around and then told him to take her outside the room and to the living room.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 63d 1h 46m 28s
He nodded then hugged her. They were now at her house but were just observing. They were in the siblings room. They were happily eating the food and thanking God. "I blocked the room of noise and smell." He said to her smiling.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 63d 1h 57m 25s
She jumped up in surprise right as he snapped his fingers, [+blue "Is it going to pop out of no where? How will it get passed my mother's nose?"] She bite her nails as she thought of what would happen if her father and mother saw the food in their rooms. She glanced at him, [+blue "Do you know how to see what is happening in places when you aren't there?"] She was worried plus a delicate blush was adorning her features.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 63d 3h 37m 28s
He smiled and nodded. He then clicked his fingers and grinned. "I just sent your siblings some of the food." He said then nodded. "And it's true you are pretty." He said grinning.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 63d 20h 44m 40s
She grinned and nodded into happiness, [+blue "Well you are a great chef! I've never had anything like this before. I wis- I would like to share some of this with my siblings. They would love it."] She said honestly as she continue to slow herself on eating. Her eyes were rosy from the compliment from before but she only smiled and gave a quiet thank you.
  Eponine Petrov / TheBohemianSpirit / 3y 63d 20h 55m 32s
Blake smiled and shook his head. "You are extremely pretty both on the outside and in your personality." He said looking at her. He then smiled and then grinned widely. "Oh and I made that food myself." He said proudly.
  Blake Caeos / DarkVulpis / 3y 64d 2h 57m 30s

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